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  1. Julian Assange Rape Investigation*Dropped*by Swedish Prosecutors Over Technicality
  2. The Biggest Android News Came Nearly a Week Before I/O
  3. Cuisinart's Soft Serve Machine Actually Makes Soft Serve
  4. The CIA Runs 'Shark Tank' Competitions Internally For New Tech Ideas
  5. All the Crazy Shit We Learned About the Trump Regime While You Were Asleep
  6. Chris Cornell's Last Tweet Shows Just How Surprising His Death Was Last Night at 52
  7. Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars With a Mashup of Bonkers Footage From Thr
  8. Preschoolers Hospitalized After School Science Experiment Goes Wrong
  9. This Wake-Up Light Is One of Kinja Deals' Top-Selling Products Ever, and It's Never B
  10. What's the Emoji For Treason?
  11. Putin Offers to Give Congress Transcripts of Russia's Chat With Trump in the Oval Off
  12. The First Picture From Star Trek: Discovery*Explores Strange New Worlds
  13. The First Trailer for Seth MacFarlane's Star Trek*Spoof The Orville Looks Perfect
  14. The Past Week Will Probably Get an Entire Wing in the Future Donald J. Trump Presiden
  15. It's Your Lucky Day Because Amazon's Having a One-Day Lucky Brand Sale*
  16. Watch David Fincher Direct an Animatronic Bishop in Alien 3
  17. Outfit Your Bed in Memory Foam Everything With A Mattress and Pillow
  18. First Full Trailer For Bryan Singer's The*Gifted Has Links To the X-Men and Brotherho
  19. Death Row Inmate Asks For Firing Squad After Multiple Botched Executions in the US
  20. Trump's Staff Literally Gives Him Fake News That's Printed From the Internet
  21. Saturday's Best Deals: Target, Digital Magazines, Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts and
  22. Hackers Behind Massive Ransomware Attack Have Made an Embarrassingly Small Amount of
  23. Guess Who Comes Up When You Google The President of the United States?
  24. Renault And Nissan Plants Hit By Massive Ransomware Attack
  25. Facebook Thinks Saying "Men Are Trash" Is Hate Speech
  26. We Asked Jacques Cousteau's Grandson About SpongeBob,*The Life Aquatic, and Pooping U
  27. Today’s Massive Ransomware Attack Was Mostly Preventable—Here’s How To Avoid It
  28. Today's Best Deals: Anker Audio Gear, Adjustable Dumbbells, Thermos, and More
  29. Watch NASA's Glorious 200th Space Walk Live
  30. The Body Is Not a Computer—Stop Thinking of It as One
  31. Agents of SHIELD*and Once Upon a Time Are Both Coming Back Next Season, But*Powerless
  32. Uber Just Lost Its Attempt To Keep Its Court Battle With Waymo Out Of The Public Eye
  33. Correction: Sean Spicer Wasn't Hiding In the Bushes, He Was Merely 'Among' the Bushes
  34. Thirty Three Famous Physicists Sign Angry Letter About the Origin of the Universe
  35. Russia's Flickr Shows Meeting With Trump, While the White House Flickr Has Mike Pence
  36. Put on Some New Pants With Amazon's One-Day Premium Denim Sale
  37. Fox News Got Trump Elected and Fox News is the Reason He'll Stay in Power
  38. Comcast and Charter Just Showed Everyone How to Do Antitrust Violations Right
  39. A Surreal Animated Tale of a Man, a Raft, a Paddle, and a Sarcastic Ghost
  40. Find Out How Dirty Your Carpet Really Is With This*$70 Hoover SteamVac
  41. Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes For Saying All Kids Should Have Health Care
  42. Hellboy Creator Announces R-Rated Film Reboot, Sans Guillermo del Toro
  43. President Trump Deletes Every Old Press Release, But The Internet Never Forgets
  44. Save $20 On the Newest Instant Pot, and Never Cook the Same Way Again
  45. Start a Light Show Anywhere with the Philips Hue Go, Now Under $50 For the First Time
  46. Top Secret Air Force Spaceplane Lands with Sonic Boom After Two Years in Orbit*
  47. The FBI Paid $900,000 to Unlock the San Bernardino Terrorist's iPhone
  48. That Viral Video of a Girl Calling Donald Trump a Disgrace is Totally Fake
  49. One of the Largest Jigsaw Puzzles in the World Made Harder as Video Game Stop Motion
  50. The Last Animals, Photojournalist*Kate Brooks's Poaching Documentary, Is a Quietly St
  51. Amazon's Most Popular Devices Are Back On Sale For Mother's Day
  52. Alien: Covenant*May Be the Biggest Disappointment of the Summer
  53. Re-Experience the Classic Star Tours*Disney Ride in This Amazing 360-Degree Video
  54. Elevate Your Evacuation: Amazon's Running a Rare Discount On Squatty Potty
  55. Deadspin*If Kelly Oubre Jr.
  56. Add USB Charging Ports To Your Wall Outlets For $15 Each
  57. These Are Your Three Picks For the Best Clothes Hangers
  58. Uber Faces Criminal Probe For "Greyball" Program
  59. Palmer Lucky Cosplays As Quiet From Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  60. New U.S. Transportation Secretary Doesn't Seem To Know Anything About Autonomous Cars
  61. The Turds Who Voted to Sell Out Your Online Privacy Get Their Faces Plastered on Bill
  62. Popular YouTuber Gets Arrested For "Prank" Removal of Real Stop Signs
  63. All the Secrets Unlocked by the Dark Tower Trailer
  64. Did Sean Spicer Tweet a Nefarious Bitcoin Address in January?
  65. Melania Trump's Twitter Just Liked a Tweet About How Much She Hates Her Husband
  66. Two Worlds Collide in the Explosive First Trailer For The Dark Tower
  67. Here Are Your 2017 Eisner Award Nominees
  68. Scientists Just Found a Completely New Kind of Symbiotic Relationship
  69. China's Shot at Wikipedia Aims to Be a 'Great Wall of Culture'
  70. Someone Has Turned Every Song on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Into a Star Wa
  71. Back For Wedding Season: The Best Price Ever On Your Favorite Custom Suits [Exclusive
  72. You'll Swear This Macro Photography Universe Is CGI
  73. Sunday's Best Deals: Fitbit, Game of Thrones, Nonfiction eBooks, and More
  74. Video Explores Scifi Trope of Women Who Are 'Born Sexy Yesterday'
  75. Russian Man Facing Prison For Making*Pokémon Go*Video Inside A Church
  76. Oh God, Disney's Avatar Ride Sings Now
  77. Mark Zuckerberg Invited Himself to Dinner With Random Strangers in Ohio
  78. Hackers Leak New Episodes of Orange Is the New Black and Claim More Leaks to Come
  79. Saturday's*Best Deals: Black + Decker, Nest Candles, Minimalist Wallets, and More
  80. Greats is Making Your Next Favorite Shoes, Starting at $49
  81. Sorry, Emma Watson, But*Beauty and the Beast 2 Should Be About Belle Getting Guilloti
  82. Today's Best Deals: Wake-Up Light, Grid-It, Red Bull, and More
  83. New York Times Columnist*Has a Few Thoughts About People Who Believe in Climate Chang
  84. Live Out Your Astronaut Dreams With Lego's Meter-Tall NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket
  85. Marvel Wants More of Sylvester Stallone's Mysterious Guardians of the Galaxy*Vol. 2*C
  86. The Moon Magically Appears on the Post Office's New Total Solar Eclipse Stamp
  87. Patty Jenkins Already Has Plans for a Wonder Woman Sequel, But What Should It Be Abou
  88. When the Hell Will We Find Planet Nine?
  89. The Secret Service Can't Keep Up With the Threats Made Against Trump on Twitter
  90. Hope For the Best, Prepare For the Worst With This Fully Stocked First Aid Kit, On Sa
  91. This Viral Photo of Bill Nye Talking About Gender is Completely Fake
  92. Everlane's Weekender Is The Lowest Common Denominator Of Good Carry-On
  93. How America's Secret Nuke Police Hunted For Dirty Bombs in the 1970s
  94. What Will Stop Uber From Being Just Another Failure in the Sky?
  95. AT&T Launches Fake 5G Network in Desperate Attempt to Seem Innovative
  96. American Media Are Getting People at Home Ready for War With North Korea
  97. Luke Skywalker Might Have Something Surprising in His Possession in The Last Jedi
  98. Not Even The Mars Curiosity Rover Can Escape The Back Seat Driver
  99. Scientists Are Exploring a Strange New Way to Create an Exotic Phase of Matter
  100. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2*Tries Something Different, and Still Ends Up Being Awe
  101. All the Shit That Happened in North Korea While You Were Asleep
  102. Will Amber Heard and Elon Musk Die on Mars Together?
  103. Choose From Nearly 100 Discounted Board Games In Amazon's One-Day Sale
  104. Neil Young's Painful Rebranding of His Music Service Won't Save It
  105. Breaking: The Internet Has Pornography
  106. Upgrade Your Measuring Cups to Pyrex For $13
  107. Saturday's Best Deals: Succulents, Turntables, Contigo Water Bottles, and More
  108. YouTube Makes 12 Million Videos Accessible in Restricted Mode
  109. Alaska's Most Xtreme Dentist Allegedly Pulls Tooth While Riding Hoverboard
  110. Today's Best Deals: Eneloop Batteries, Under Armour Outlet, Mother's Day Gifts, and M
  111. Eneroid's Battery-Recharging Bucket Was The Best Thing At CES 2017
  112. Report: US to Seek Arrest of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange
  113. Grown-Ass Men Denied Entry to Lego Playground, Say It's a Human Rights Violation
  114. New Research Shows Electric Brain Stimulation Can Help Memory
  115. Turn Any Lights Into Smart Lights With $40 Off This Lutron Dimmer Switch Combo
  116. Experts Warn That Trump's Lies About North Korea Hurt America's Credibility
  117. Upgrade Your Tool Collection With This Deeply Discounted DEWALT Combo Kit
  118. This North Korean Arcade Propaganda, My Goodness
  119. Wait For It...
  120. Why Did These Lions Eat So Many People?
  121. North Korea Nukes San Francisco (With Computer Graphics)
  122. There's Never Been a Better Day to Buy a Smart Plug
  123. Julian Assange Tweets About Possibly Running in the UK Election
  124. Wait, Does Donald Trump Know the Leader of North Korea's Name?
  125. Steve Ballmer is About to Drop a Massive Data Dump on How Tax Dollars are Spent
  126. Blade Runner Pistol Is Being Turned Into...A Water Gun
  127. Olympian Declares That North Korea Is One of the Few Countries That Has Tackled Obesi
  128. That Video of a Failed Missile Launch Isn't From North Korea
  129. Sunday's Best Deals: PowerBeats3, Zippo, Adjustable Dumbbells, and More
  130. Police Searching for This Man Who Allegedly Posted a Murder Live on Facebook
  131. This Viral Giraffe is Dead, So Feel Free to Give Up Hope Now
  132. The 'Explosive' Bombardier Beetle Got Robbed by a Dingo for the Title of Most Interes
  133. Saturday's Best Deals: Vacuum/Mop Hybrid, $20 Jump Starter, Lenovo Yoga, and More
  134. Celebrate Another Year of Star Wars Mania*with a Recreation of 'That' Rogue One Scene
  135. Star Wars Battlefront II Will Tell a Canon Story of Imperial Revenge (and Have Last J
  136. Today's Best Deals: Fast & Furious, Activité Pop, Truly Wireless Earbuds, and More
  137. Two New American Gods Clips Talk About the Deities Who Live Among Us
  138. The Best Surge Protector Is APC's SurgeArrest Performance
  139. Save $30-$50 on the Best Smart Thermostats Around
  140. The Republican Plan to Kill the Open Internet*
  141. The Most Attractive Fitness Tracker Is Only $83 Today, No Charging Required
  142. A Major Tragedy Could Be Coming to The Flash
  143. What Time Is the New Korean War?
  144. Women of Star Wars Get Highlighted in New Series of Animated Shorts
  145. An Old Foe and a Familiar Face Join the Young Mutants of X-Men Blue
  146. Rude Tweet at Trump From the Stratosphere Is Quite Poignant
  147. Well
  148. Jeff Bezos Declares No Shitting in His Sexy Spacecraft
  149. This Fitness Tracker Wants to Tell You How Stressed You Are About Not Being Fit
  150. That Viral Sean Spicer Apology About 'Fellow Germans' Is Totally Fake
  151. Even M. Night Shyamalan Thought the Original Ending of*Split*Was Too Dark*
  152. United CEO Doubles Down, Blames Passenger Who Got His Ass Kicked by Police
  153. This Guy Got Wrecked by a Deer on April Fools' and Nobody Believed Him Until They Saw
  154. Game Journalist Slashed With A Knife After Stopping An Alleged Attacker
  155. Upgrade Your SSDs, Flash Drives, SD Cards, and More In Amazon's One-Day SanDisk Sale
  156. Happy Inception Day to Blade Runner Replicant Leon Kowalski
  157. Blacksmiths Use Fire to Make 'Ice,' Ned Stark's Killer Sword from Game of Thrones
  158. Save $10 On The Trimmer Designed Specifically For Self-Haircuts
  159. What Would the Cops Look Like If You Lived in a Futuristic Authoritarian Police State
  160. California Airbnb Host Cancels Woman's Reservation Due to Her Race, Noting That 'It's
  161. Russian-Owned LiveJournal Bans Political Talk, Adds Risk of Spying
  162. Saturday's Best Deals: MacBook Pros, Metal Lightning Cable, GreenWorks Tools, and Mor
  163. A Brain-Invading Parasite Is Believed to Be Spreading Because of Climate Change
  164. Today's Best Deals: Waste Kings, 25% Off Chocolate, JBL Flip, and More
  165. Put Your Olive Oil in a Bottle You Won't Hate
  166. Meet the Hugo-Nominated Author of Alien Stripper Boned From Behind By the T-Rex
  167. Dumbass Almost Hit By Train Because the Future is Too Damn Quiet
  168. One of Michael Crichton's Final Weird Science Stories Has Landed a Director
  169. The Cold War Officially Gets Renewed For a Second Season
  170. A New Ghost In The Shell Anime Announced!
  171. Choose From Three Powerful Waste King Garbage Disposals For All-Time Low Prices
  172. Australia Sues Apple For Bricking iPhones Repaired by Third Parties
  173. The Lego Version of the*Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2*Trailer Proves All Movies Shou
  174. Hundreds of Icebergs Are Disrupting Shipping Lanes In the Atlantic
  175. Facebook's Head of AI Says Not to Worry Because Society 'Prevents Evil From Having In
  176. Hospitals Deny Patients Organ Transplants for Smoking Weed
  177. Raccoons Playing With Soap Bubbles Prove That Raccoons Are Alright
  178. Restock Your Board Game Cabinet With Amazon's Buy Two, Get One Free Sale
  179. We Want All of This 2001: A Space Odyssey Swag
  180. Idiots Try to Ship Venomous Snakes and Spiders to Australia, As If They Need More
  181. Scientists Are Developing a Contact Lens That Tells You When You're Sick
  182. The New Sonos Playbase Is Great, Comes a Little Too Late
  183. The Original Ending of*Alien Was Both Terrifying and a Huge Bummer
  184. Social Media Cries 'Fake News' After Reuters Pulls Story About Jared Kushner in Iraq
  185. Paul Ryan Supports Autism Awareness Day, Ha Ha
  186. Disney's Lego Rogue One Recap Conveniently Ends Before Mass Extinction
  187. Sunday's Best Deals: Fire Tablets, Smart Home Gear, Basketball Hoop, and More
  188. Scientists Find That Mosquito Flight Is Unlike Anything Else
  189. Saturday's Best Deals: Tax Software, Cordless Vacuum, Loose Leaf Tea, and More
  190. More Than 100 Killed In Colombian Mudslides, Hundreds More Missing
  191. IT Trailer Comparison Floats Remake Alongside Iconic Miniseries
  192. Report: EPA Investigates EPA Head Scott Pruitt For His Climate-Denying Bullshit*
  193. Make Brick Oven-Crispy Pizza On Your Countertop
  194. New EpiPen Recall Includes the US and EpiPen Jr.
  195. Procrastinators Rejoice: Amazon's Running One Last Deal on H&R Block Tax Software, To
  196. 9 More Horrific April Fools' Day Pranks of the 19th Century
  197. Store All of Your Photos, Movies, and Even PS4 Games With Amazon's One-Day Hard Drive
  198. How Not to Protect Your Privacy Online
  199. The Destruction of This 200-Ton Boulder Proves That Humans Will Not Be Intimidated By
  200. Here Are The Jobs NASA Can't Fill Because of Trump's Stupid Hiring Freeze
  201. No, The Daily Show Didn't Get Hacked
  202. Australia Hit by Real Life Sharknado
  203. All Of Your Favorite Razer Gaming Gear Is On Sale In Amazon's Gold Box, Today Only
  204. Amazon Wants You To Get Outdoors With This Merrell Shoe Sale
  205. Kid Makes A Cardboard Nintendo Switch Because Mom Won't Buy The Console
  206. North Korean Defector Describes the Shock of Adjusting to a Society With Advanced Tec
  207. The Wonderboom Is a Great Little $100 Bluetooth Speaker With a Familiar Face
  208. A Side-by-Side Comparison of Movies and the Historical Clips That Inspired Them
  209. Two Of The Oldest Video Game Torrents In The World Are Ubisoft Classics
  210. Trump Official's*Lego Batman*Joke Will Be Investigated Because Democrats Clearly Want
  211. 'Immortalized'*Stem Cells Could Be the Key to Mass-Produced Artificial Blood*
  212. Sunday's Best Deals: Star Wars Saga, WeMo Mini, Amazon Luggage Sale, and More
  213. North Korea Preparing For New Nuclear Tests in April According to Experts
  214. What Will Elon Musk and Tim Cook Do For Trump's New 'Office of American Innovation'?
  215. LOL, the Treasury Secretary Says Automation of Jobs Is "50-100 More Years" Away
  216. Supreme Court Printer Cartridge Case Could Be the Citizens United of Products
  217. Report: Uber CEO's Group Trip to Escort Bar Made Female Employee 'Feel Horrible'
  218. Saturday's Best Deals: Seamless Surround Sound, $5 Movies, Burt's Bees, and More
  219. Driver Takes Out Self-Driving Uber In Arizona: Police
  220. Jalopnik*Making $50 Million A Year Can Still Feel Average | Kotaku*The Pewdiepie Fias
  221. Stuff Your Closet With Under Armour Gear During Amazon's One-Day Sale
  222. Streaming Music Services, From Most Screwed to Least Screwed
  223. Reminder: The Chair of the House Science Committee Has Almost No Experience With Scie
  224. Anker's PowerLine II Might Be the Last Lightning Cable You Ever Buy
  225. Theranos Offers More Worthless Stock to Investors Who Pinky Swear Not to Sue
  226. Now That Your School Is Probably Out of the Tournament, Amazon's Running an NCAA Appa
  227. Why the Alien From*Life*Should Actually Scare You
  228. iClever's Surprisingly Excellent Folding Keyboard Is Just $24 Today*
  229. Defeated League Of Legends Player Rams Head Through Computer Monitor*
  230. Switch Controller Cosplays As GameCube Pad
  231. EpiPens Recalled For Failing to Work
  232. North Korea Has a Hard Time Getting One Up
  233. Grab Some Discounted Denim During Amazon's One-Day Levi's Sale
  234. Samsung's New iPad Pro Is Just Fantastic
  235. So Who Is the Mysterious Clawed Mutant Marvel Is Teasing in X-Men: Blue?
  236. US Bans Electronic Devices on Flights From 8 Muslim Countries in 'Muslim Ban by a Tho
  237. Remember That Adorable Turtle That Had 1,000 Coins Removed From Her Stomach? She's De
  238. Paris Climate Agreement Could Bring a Huge Economic Boom
  239. UK Testing Out Drone Army to Beef Up Its Already Insane Surveillance State*
  240. Trump's Crazy British Spy Scenario Actually Happened Before in 1983
  241. Life's Too Short For Vacuuming: Anker's Reader-Favorite RoboVac 11 Is Back Under $200
  242. Jeff Bezos, Aspiring Supervillain, Tests Out Gigantic Robot Suit
  243. Senators Are Tweeting at Trump to Set Up National Security Meetings Because Everythin
  244. Watch How Tom Cruise Pulled Off Zero-G Plane Stunt for The Mummy
  245. Jackass Who Risked Lives Flying a Balloon Chair Fined $26k*
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  247. Pixar's Demo Reel From the '80s Is a Trip to the Digital Dark Ages
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  249. Your Favorite Hoodie Is the Flint & Tinder 10-Year - Barely
  250. Twitter User Accused of Sending Journalist Seizure-Inducing GIF:*'Let's See If He Die