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  1. Astronauts' Veggie Garden in Space is About to Grow a Burst of Color
  2. Climbing the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil is Totally Crazy
  3. Musical Tampon Allows Fetuses to Listen to Your Mixtape in the Womb
  4. How To Control Thermite Pyrotechnics with 3D Printing
  5. New Research Could Improve Artificial Retinas To Help a Blind Eye See
  6. This Giant Squid Looks Like a Robot Missile Lurking in the Ocean
  7. What Are Investors Getting Wrong About Tesla?
  8. China's Dark Matter Satellite Sends Back First Data
  9. The Golden Ratio Holds the Key to This Spinning Egg's Peculiar Behavior*
  10. 13 Story Ideas That Were Dropped from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  11. What Happens When You Mix Coca Cola with Bleach?
  12. The Moon Is A Devastating Mistress In Ian McDonald's Luna: New Moon*
  13. It Makes Us Realize That We All Do Exist On One Small Globe
  14. How Video Games Might Actually Help*Our Brains
  15. Here's How Complicated It Is To Don A Kylo Ren Costume
  16. Inside a WWII Air Raid Shelter Cube That Protected Factory Workers*
  17. A Breathtaking View of the World's Oldest River System
  18. 27 Stylish Airliner Liveries From The Past
  19. Open Channel: What Cool Tech Did You Get For The Holidays?
  20. Hoverboards Are Ruining Christmas*
  21. This Hundred-Year-Old Industrial Gem is Like Jabba's Real Life Palace
  22. These Freezing Drops of Oil Are Hypnotically Beautiful
  23. Gaze Deeply Into the Eyes of This Soul-Eating Owl*
  24. These TWO New Deadpool Trailers Might Just Drive You Totally Insane
  25. A Classic American Lighthouse Is Looking Glamorous This Christmas
  26. How Japan's Bullet Train Is Taking Over the World
  27. This 1882 Patent for a 50-Caliber Mousetrap Is Probably Overkill
  28. New Magnesium Composite Has 'Record Breaking' Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  29. Can You Solve This Beautifully Nerdy Crossword Puzzle This Christmas?
  30. Samsung's New Galaxy A9: Huge Screen, Massive Battery
  31. Hyatt Admits to Finding Malware on Its Payment Systems
  32. From Christmas Eve, You Can Stream The Beatles
  33. The TSA's Full-Body Scanners Are Now Compulsory 'For Some Passengers'
  34. Tardigrades Survive Intense Dehydration By Coating Themselves in Glass
  35. The Beatles Allegedly Hitting Spotify, Apple Music and More on Christmas Eve
  36. A Childish Christmas Picture Is Actually a 5-Nanometer Chemical Catalyst
  37. This Will Be Tokyo's*2020 Olympic Stadium
  38. Apple Formally Objects to the UK's Investigatory Powers Bill
  39. Watch Google's Interactive Rear Window-Style Christmas Thriller
  40. U.S. Health Regulators Investigating Complaints About*Theranos Blood Testing
  41. Toshiba Is Axing*6,800 Staff in the Wake of Huge Accounting Scandal
  42. Engineers*Are Teaching Your Smartphone to Think Like an Autonomous Car
  43. Hillary Clinton Says She Wants a Manhattan Project for Encryption. The Fuck?*
  44. Bernie Sanders Apologizes to Hillary Clinton About Data Breach*
  45. This Physicist Makes Dazzling Snowflakes in his Laboratory
  46. Bud Light's New Can Is Trying to Distract You From the Real Problem With Beer Today
  47. Black Holes Only Go Truly Black if They're Really Big
  48. Fabiola Gianotti Becomes First Woman Physicist to Take the Reins at CERN
  49. Move Over, Graphene: The Latest Super Material is*Borophene
  50. A Dumb Typo Saw Comcast Penalize the Wrong Guy For Heavy Data Usage
  51. Real-Time*3D Imaging Shows How Disposable Lithium Batteries Degrade
  52. This Wonderfully Silly App Translates Your Voice Into Emoji
  53. Fear Can Actually Kind of Curdle Your Blood
  54. Larry King Sure Does Love Old Technology
  55. There's Mercury in Californian Fog
  56. Plans to Issue Stock Using Bitcoin's Blockchain Technology Have Been Approved
  57. Safeway Stores Have Been Hit By Card Skimming Attacks
  58. This Mathematical Guide Will Help You Neatly Wrap Any Gift
  59. Firefox Finally Goes 64-Bit on Windows
  60. Why Doesn't Science Understand the Menopause?
  61. Watching Computer Scientists Recall Their First Computer Is So Adorable
  62. Dumb Human Errors Can Undermine the Security of Encrypted Communication Apps
  63. Watch LIVE as Astronauts Break Free of the Planet in Space Station Crew Change
  64. Julian Assange To Be Questioned by Swedish Authorities in His London Panic Room
  65. Twitter Is Warning Users They May Be Targets of 'State-Sponsored' Hacks
  66. WSJ:*Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Have Pressure-Sensitive Screen, Fast Charging
  67. Apple Won an Exclusive Taylor Swift Concert Streaming Deal
  68. The Real Story Of Apollo 17... And Why We Never Went Back To The Moon
  69. This Stunning Satellite Image Proves Science Can Be Art
  70. This Stormy Star Is Unlike Anything We've Seen Before
  71. Google Now On Tap Can Share Clean, Notification-Free Screenshots
  72. Activists Turned a Busy Paris Roundabout into a Symbol of Hope for the Planet
  73. The Bizarre Reason Earth's Rotation Will Slow Down This Century
  74. Is This California Pier the First Victim of El Niño?
  75. Electron "Lifespan" is at Least 5 Quintillion Times the Age of the Universe
  76. Researchers Have Made Socks That Use Urine to Create Electricity
  77. The Graceful Voyage of a Mountain-Sized Section of Aircraft Carrier*
  78. The Paris Climate Negotiations Will Extend Into the Weekend
  79. Yahoo Mail Now Manages Your Entire Gmail Account Too
  80. Cygnus Looked Suitably Festive For the Astronauts Aboard the ISS
  81. This Sound-Absorbing Modular Wall Lets You Build an Office Anywhere
  82. You Can Now Pay at Wal-Mart Using Your Mobile
  83. In a video published on YouTube, GoPro has revealed that its forthcoming drone will b
  84. These $800 Lightning Headphones Make Your iPhone's 3.5mm Jack Redundant
  85. Watch How One Man Took the Internet to 60,000 People in Rural Nepal
  86. Google Claims to Have Proved That Its*Quantum Computer Actually Works
  87. Apple’s latest version of its Lightning to SD card adapter now supports USB 3.0 trans
  88. This Laser Camera Can See Around Corners
  89. Apple's New*Smart Battery Case*Gives Your iPhone 25 Hours of Battery Life
  90. Peer Inside a Beautiful Model of a Spinning Star
  91. The Most Influential Universities, According to Wikipedia
  92. Everything That Happened on Twitter in 2015
  93. Spotify's 'Year in Music' Tool Tells You How You Soundtracked 2015
  94. City of London's Tallest Building Will Be a Simple Work of Engineering
  95. This Beach Could (Almost) Be on Mars
  96. Photographing Zoo Creatures is Adorably Difficult
  97. The Seriously Wacky Way Cosmologists Say We Could Encrypt Data
  98. These Dogs are Honorary Geologists for Their Early Exploration of Alaska
  99. The return-to-flight launch of the Cygnus spacecraft today was preemptively scrubbed
  100. Here's Why The Brand New Highway Bill Matters To You
  101. Who Needs Stars When You Can Gaze at Spiders Through Your Telescope?
  102. Disney Was Somehow Shocked that Michael Jackson Grabbed His Crotch in Captain EO
  103. Badass Historical Chemists: Alice Hamilton Versus Absolutely Everyone
  104. Sony Has Bought Toshiba's Image Sensor Division for $155 Million
  105. Scientists Have Turned Gum Into a Carbon Nanotube-Loaded Sensor
  106. Court Rules That Breaking Your Employer's Computer Policy Isn't a Crime
  107. Watch This Funny Short About Finding a Phone Number By Trial and Error
  108. How a Simple Wikipedia Edit Got a Guy Backstage Gig Passes
  109. New Nanoparticle Fusing Method Could Put Tiny Complex Circuits on Paper
  110. France Plans to Build an Electric Car for Under $7,500
  111. We Need a 'Space Race' Approach to Saving the Planet
  112. Can Christmas Lights Really Play Havoc With Your*Wi-Fi?
  113. This Is How Astronauts Can Now Drink Liquids in Space
  114. IRS Admits to Using the Same Spy Tech as the FBI to Track 37 Phones
  115. A Canadian Cell Carrier Is Giving Syrian Refugees Free Cell Phones
  116. Christmas Lights Might Slow Down Your Wi-Fi
  117. Websites Are Being Sued For Infringing an HTTPS Encryption Patent
  118. This Timeline Shows the Entire History—and Potential Future—of the Universe
  119. These 3D-Printed Pictures Could Help the Blind Experience Classic Art
  120. Swatch's New Analog Watch Will Let You Make Contactless Payments
  121. Zuckerberg, Gates and Bezos Launch Massive Clean Energy Fund
  122. This Map Shows Just How Long Travel Took 100 Years Ago
  123. Watch the City Melt Into Itself in This Experimental Timelapse
  124. SpaceX's Launch Escape System Looks Totally Badass
  125. Visualization of Flight Searches Reveals Our True Thanksgiving Travel Plans
  126. This Cambridge Chapel's Light Display Is a Glorious Ode to Knowledge*
  127. Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions Or Skylanders: Which Toy-Based Game Is Right For You
  128. Now Your Can Save $100 on Samsung's Gear S2 Smart Watch
  129. #BlackFridayParking Highlights Just How Much of the US Is Wasted on Parking Lots
  130. Here are All the Winners of This Year's Dance Your PhD Contest
  131. Last Call: The Best Remaining Black Friday Deals
  132. Huge Piece of Debris Likely From*SpaceX*Summer Explosion Washed Up in UK
  133. These Amazing Immersive Models Help Scientists Understand the Structure of Forests
  134. Scientists Can Now Establish Your Gender From a Fingerprint*
  135. This Satellite Image Looks Like Some Kind of Impossible Staircase
  136. This Is Samsung's Crazy New 128GB RAM Chip
  137. The Nation's Thanksgiving Flights, Visualized
  138. Fifty Years Ago Today France Launched Its First Satellite, Astérix
  139. There's a New Raspberry Pi That Only Costs $5
  140. Google’s faster-loading search result pages, part of a project known as AMP, are now
  141. 2015 Is Set To Be the Warmest Year on Record
  142. This Tiny Device Can Wirelessly Spoof Magnetic Stripe Readers
  143. A Portable Room-in-a-Box Lets You Move House in an Instant
  144. Earth Could Be Surrounded By Long Hairs of Dark Matter
  145. Hard Labour: The Case For Testing Drugs on Pregnant Women
  146. Russian Fighter Jet Shot Down*on Syrian Border
  147. This Lamp Is Powered By a Plant
  148. All the Military Gear the UK's Buying on Its Defense Spending Spree
  149. This Insane 2-Player Synth Makes the Music of the Future
  150. This New Ocean Simulator Will Test Marine Engineering to Destruction*
  151. Why Is the UK's Intelligence Agency Advertising Jobs With Graffiti?*
  152. Doctor Who: This Was All The Doctor’s Fault
  153. Enjoy an Endless a Day On Charon*
  154. Our Future Space Elevator May Be Built of Diamond
  155. Watching 1,000 Tubes of Go-GURT Get Eviscerated Is Pure Joy
  156. The Fingerprints of Water on Sand Are Like a Living Organism
  157. You Can Recreate This Cool Fluid Dynamics Experiment With a Wine Glass
  158. Become Master of Your Own Little Cosmos With a Space Glass Pendant*
  159. Navy Aircraft Carrier Makes Awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Spoof!
  160. London's Next-Gen Commuter Trains Will Feature*4G, Wi-Fi and AC as Standard
  161. New Case of Ebola Identified in Liberia
  162. Kenya's Suffering a 3-Day, 30-Mile Traffic Jam
  163. How NASA Engineers are Designing the Aerodynamics of Its New Heavy-Lift Launcher
  164. First-Ever Working Vocal Cords Grown in a Lab
  165. If Only These Opinion-Cancelling Headphones Were Real
  166. Moore Foundation Gives Stanford $13.5 Million To Build "Accelerator on a Chip"*
  167. Bacteria Resistant to ‘Last Resort’ Antibiotics Discovered
  168. The UK Is Shutting Down All Its Coal Power Stations
  169. Privacy Not Included: Federal Law Lags Behind New Tech
  170. A British 'Elite Cyber Offensive Force' Will Join the Digital War on ISIS
  171. Watch This Amazing Animation That Imagines Famous Scientists as Superheroes
  172. Can You Think Yourself Into a Different Person?
  173. The ISS Has a (Small) Electrical Fault That Can't Be Fixed Until 2016
  174. Google's Chromebit Turns a TV Into a Chrome PC and Is Selling for $85
  175. Walmart Will Sell You an Android Phone for $10
  176. Your GPS Probably Overestimates Distance
  177. These Paratroopers Look So Peaceful While They're in the Air
  178. How a Bad Hangover Helped Discover Ibuprofen
  179. How Your Coffee Choice Varies With Workload
  180. This Gorgeous Starburst Nebula Will Make You Wish You Had a Spaceship
  181. Watch Fantasy Creatures Dance and Bloom in This Gorgeous, Trippy Animation
  182. Explore the Wonderful World of Tiny Mink Toes
  183. Buildings Around the World Light Up in Solidarity With France
  184. There's a Hidden Connection Between Pi and Quantum Mechanics*
  185. Reports of Robots Stealing 50% of Jobs in the US and UK Are Totally Alarmist
  186. Facebook's "Safety Check" Lets You Locate Loved Ones in Paris
  187. Peace Never Hides for Long
  189. These Water-Filled Condom Raindrops are Art to Raise Water Awareness
  190. This 360-Degree View From a Blue Angel Cockpit Is Amazing and Terrifying
  191. Watch What Happens When You Ignite Methane With a Laser
  192. Microsoft's Amazing Hyperlapse Video-Smothing App Now Available for Mac
  193. This Giant Vending Machine Can Dispense Your Next Car
  194. Bluetooth Will Have Twice the Speed and Four Times the Range in 2016
  195. Report Claims FBI Paid Carnegie Mellon University $1M to Attack Tor
  196. Apple Said To Be Developing a Person-to-Person Payment Service
  197. Microsoft Will Guess Your Emotion From a Single Photo
  198. This Is What a Candy Crush Movie Might Look Like
  199. Three Men Charged With Widespread Hacking, Including Huge JP Morgan Hit
  200. This Is How Congressional Representatives Electronically Register Their Vote
  201. Interactive Visualization Shows How Your Day Compares to Everyone Else's
  202. How Netflix Could've Looked in the 1950s
  203. These Are the Best Architectural Images of the Year
  204. Time Warner Cable Trialling Roku in Place of Cable Boxes*From $10 Per Month
  205. We've Been Using Media to Escape Human Interaction for Centuries*
  206. Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Hit High, Likely to Become 'Permanent Reality'
  207. Pinterest Now Has Visual Search and It's Kinda Smart
  208. Today’s lovely Google Doodle celebrates the 101st birthday of inventor and actress He
  209. Behold the Cosmic Beauty of Two Galaxies Unwinding Each Other
  210. This Graphene-Based Paper Can Walk, Fold and Twirl on Its Own
  211. Watch an Enormous Power Plant Implode Into Glorious Oblivion
  212. *How to Forage for Cocktails
  213. More Nightmare Stories of Your Worst IT Jobs Ever
  214. Architects Say This Apartment Complex Is the Year's Best Building–Here's Why
  215. Think Cat Pics Are Worthless? *This One Sold for Nearly a Million Dollars.
  216. This Christmas commercial is a tear-jerking reminder of childhood space dreams
  217. A Tiny Cage Could Trap Light In But Let Liquids Out
  218. The Pedestrian Fast Lane Is No Life At All—Let’s Slow the Sidewalk Down
  219. Newly Discovered Breed of Android Malware Is Almost Impossible to Remove
  220. Every*James Bond Gadget in a Single 16-Minute Video
  221. BBC Store Lets You Buy Classic TV Online—If You Have a UK Credit Card
  222. Watch These Jetmen Fly Wing-to-Wing With an Airbus A380 Above Dubai
  223. New Zealand's Amazing Trails Are Now on Google Street View
  224. Google's EU Antitrust Defence: Search Is Free So Stop Complaining
  225. Sprint’s parent company, Softbank, is struggling to turn as much profit as it would l
  226. China Burns a Lot More Coal Than It's Claimed in the Past
  227. You Can Finally Buy a Dedicated Hardware Emoji Keyboard
  228. India Is Training ‘Quacks’ To Do Real Medicine. Here's Why
  229. You'll Only Be Able to Buy a Windows 7 or 8.1 PC For One More Year
  230. Edward Snowden’s favored encrypted chat app, Signal, is now available for Android.
  231. Sennheiser's Built Probably the World's Best Headphones—But They Cost $55,000
  232. Today's Google Doodle Celebrates the Genius of Boolean Algebra
  233. This Interactive Visualization Explains If Daylight Saving Works For You
  234. This Rover Isn't on Mars
  235. This Is Why You Scratch an Itch
  236. These Gorgeous Fiery Clouds Show Off the Wonders of Fluid Dynamics
  237. If you’re looking for a healthy dose of spooky science before kicking off your Hallow
  238. What's the Creepiest Thing Your Computer Has Ever Done?
  239. This Turning-The-Clocks-Back Nonsense Needs To Stop
  240. Get Ready For "Spooky," the Halloween Asteroid!
  241. Listen to the Dad Rock Version of The War of the Worlds
  242. Cold Plasma Could Be Used to Freeze Out Toenail Fungus
  243. The Future Is Back: Why The New Cross-Country Tesla Record Matters
  244. Apple's Beats Pill+*App Is Its Second-Ever Piece of Android Software
  245. Canada's*Manicouagan Crater Looks Other-Wordly in This Satellite Image
  246. State Department Decides Not to Classify 'Cyber Products' as 'Munitions'
  247. A New Technique Can Weld Together Un-Weldable Materials
  248. China Is Ending Its One-Child Policy
  249. Huawei Now Has an Old Apple Creative Director on Staff
  250. This Gorgeous GPS Satellite Is Ready for Tomorrow's Launch*