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  1. Russians build a snow plow out of a crappy caróand it works pretty well
  2. These breathtaking videos of starling murmurations defy belief
  3. Holy cow, I can't believe this dude snowboarded down this snow wall
  4. Ecuador's Mountains Sure Look Beautiful From Space
  5. Mt. Gox Is Filing for Bankruptcy Protection
  6. California Court Says It's OK to Read Maps on Phones While Driving
  7. Watch Conan Solve His Own Show's Technical Difficulties
  8. 40 Years of Cellphones in One Minute
  9. Your Phone's Wi-Fi Hotspot Could Act as an SOS Beacon in a Disaster
  10. Here Are Some of the Crazy New Recipes IBM's Watson Has Invented
  11. Google Wants Its Modular Ara Phone to Cost $50
  12. The Time Everywhere, Right Now, Beautifully Visualized
  13. WSJ: Obama Weighing Four Alternatives to NSA Phone Surveillance
  14. The Science of Why You Loved Flappy Bird So Much
  15. The Hijacked $50,000 @N Twitter Username Is Back In Its Owners Hands
  16. Visa is Experimenting With Biometric Payment Systems
  17. Is This the Geekiest Mural Ever?
  18. Inside the Special Effects That Made Gravity Look So Great
  19. Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Disappears, Not Getting Help From Authorities
  20. These Mesmerizing GIFs Show the Shimmering Passage of Time
  21. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 is 2014's Must-Have Mobile Chipset
  22. Nokia XL Hands-On: A Lumia-Flavoured Android Phablet on a Budget
  23. Nokia X Hands-On: It's Android, But Not as You Know It
  24. Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch Ditches Android, Keeps the Rest
  25. This Week's Top Comedy Video: Putin's Local Olympics Commercial
  26. Facebook Might Actually Be Good For Your Brain (If You're Dyslexic)
  27. Cool composite image of a fully armed F-35 doing a 360-degree roll
  28. New Zealand is a magical land with or without elves
  29. Rare photo of two F-16 landing simultaneously in perfect sync
  30. The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: It's Called "Moon"
  31. Behind the scenes pictures of a NSFW Playboy photoshoot are so awkward
  32. How an Arm Wrestle Resolved a Major Airline Dispute
  33. Your Sperm Are Ticking, Mutating Time Bombs
  34. Pronouncing GIF Correctly Is a Serious Matter
  35. How Does Your Memory Work?
  36. The Amazing Antonov A-40: A Flying Tank
  37. Office Web Apps is now Office Online.
  38. Can You Actually Drink Too Much Water?
  39. Bloomberg: HTC Has Three New Wearables in the Works
  40. This 3D Printer Is Big Enough to Make Furniture
  41. Nokia's $30 Tag Could Mean You Never Lose Your Keys Again
  42. Why Donít Commercial Airplanes Have Parachutes for Passengers?
  43. Microsoft's Rebranded OneDrive Cloud Storage Is Now Here
  44. How to Predict the Odds of Anything
  45. U.S. Economic Activity, Split in Half and Mapped
  46. In the latest unsurprising privacy news, it appears that the NSA and the UK's GCHQ sp
  47. The Higgs Boson Particle Explained in 120 Seconds, By Peter Higgs
  48. A Co-Pilot Just Hijacked His Own Plane to Seek Asylum
  49. This Miniature Fishing Rod Catches and Kills Brain Cancer
  50. Watch Bill Nye Debate Climate Change With a Republican
  51. What's the Difference Between Brown and White Eggs?
  52. This Week's Top Comedy Video: Comparing RoboCop With its Inspiration
  53. Turn Your Mouse Into a Weird Noise Factory With This Theremin Webpage
  54. Google Glass Marriage Proposals Show Why Glass Makes Everything Awful
  55. How NASA's plan to capture an asteroid is crucial to human survival
  56. The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Mandelbrot
  57. Is a perfectly symmetrical face actually the most beautiful?
  58. This guy basically destroys all laws of physics and gravity
  59. The hilarious differences between video games and real life
  60. Why Do We Get Headaches?
  61. Under Armour's Suits May Actually Be Slowing US Speedskaters Down
  62. You Can Download Every De La Soul Album for Free Today
  63. Google Wants to Give Us 10 Gigabit Fiber Within Three Years
  64. The Fascinating History of Eugenics
  65. Google has announced that, in collaboration with VMWare, it's starting to port Window
  66. Ten Technologies That Could Enslave Humanity
  67. The Most Common Relationship Advice, Visualized
  68. This Beautiful Patchwork US Celebrates Landsat 8's First Year in Space
  69. Toyota Is Recalling Millions of Prius Hybrids to Fix a Software Bug
  70. Does Stretching Before Exercise Actually Help?
  71. FAA Rule Bans Personal Electronics in the Cockpit
  72. Flappy Bird Creator: I Pulled the Game Because It Was Too Addictive
  73. The AP Deleted Fidel Castro Images Photoshopped to Remove a Hearing Aid
  74. Today Is the Day the Internet Fights Back to Protect Privacy
  75. Why Do We Cry?
  76. How Does the Human Body Create Electricity?
  77. You Could Download and Print This Titanium Bike Frame
  78. Why Do We Get Nervous?
  79. Report: NSA Phone Data Guides Drone Strikes Which Kill Innocents
  80. This Week's Top Comedy Video: Reggie Watts Teaches Science
  81. Even On His 180th Birthday, Mendeleev Is Still Predicting New Elements
  82. Are Olympic Athletes Listening to Performance-Enhancing Music?
  83. No GPS Signal? No Problem: This Little Chip Knows Where You Are
  84. This image showing every second of Jurassic Park looks like dino skin
  85. The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Presenting
  86. Watch an enchanted forest comes to life in a dancing light show
  87. New awesome videos show how mesmerizing that morphing table is
  88. Big Companies Want You to Feel Like an Individual, But You're Not
  89. This Simple Disc of Metal Helped Change Science Forever
  90. This Stunning Picture of the Earth's Atmosphere Is Better Than Sci-Fi
  91. How Blood Works
  92. The World's Most Popular Running Routes, Visualized
  93. Why We Need to Take Terms and Conditions Way More Seriously
  94. Report: The NYPD Is Testing Google Glass
  95. Sony Is Selling Off Its Vaio PC Business
  96. You Can Now Download All of DARPA's Open Source Code From One Place
  97. The Places in the US With the Most Pleasant Weather, Mapped
  98. Why Is Glass Transparent?
  99. The FDA Has Finally Approved This Swallowable PillCam After Nine Years
  100. What Do You Think of the Sochi Olympic Logo?
  101. A 1932 Atlas of the Historical Geography of the US, Digitally Revamped
  102. Facebook's Made You a Sentimental Video to Celebrate Its 10th Birthday
  103. A Crash Course in Psychology
  104. This Beautiful Tintype Portrait of Hoffman Will Haunt Us Forever
  105. How Two Men Made Low-Res Fonts Look Good Forever
  106. The True Pain of Watching YouTube Tutorial Videos
  107. U2's new song Invisible--which featured in a Super Bowl ad--is free on iTunes until 2
  108. Listen to the Purring, Electromagnetic Weirdness of Mushrooms
  109. 20 Years Ago Today, Dookie Made Pop-Punk the Sound of the '90s
  110. This Map Shows How the Internet Travels Across the World's Oceans
  111. Oh Good, This Smartphone Scent Emitter Is Now Available Worldwide
  112. The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Volans
  113. Looking at every synapse in the brain is breathtakingly beautiful
  114. How to crush a soda can without using any physical force
  115. Pranking people into thinking you're an Apple Store employee is funny
  116. Were Footballs Ever Really Made of Pigskin?
  117. This Is What a Ground-Penetrating Nuclear Bomb Impact Looks Like
  118. Why You Actually Use Online Pizza Delivery Trackers
  119. Apple Patent Reaffirms Rumors of Pressure-Sensitive Touchscreens
  120. The Evolution of the Meter
  121. How Architects Use Computational Design to Get You the Best Views
  122. This Beautiful Map of the Internet Is Insanely Detailed
  123. Facebook's New Cold Storage: 10,000 Blu-Ray Discs, 1 Petabyte of Data
  124. Can You Safely Catch a Bullet Fired By a Gun?
  125. The Subtle Art of Time and Space in Animation
  126. Mark One: The World's First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer
  127. The NSA Has Only Just Gotten a Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer
  128. Orbitz 'Labs' Tools Help You Figure Out When and How to Book Travel
  129. Now World Leaders Are Giving Speeches Via Hologram
  130. How the Colors Got Their Names
  131. Maybe It's Time You Broke Up With Some of Your Technology
  132. The rumor mill suggests that Microsoft is planning to rebrand its existing Word and E
  133. This Is What It's Like to Intentionally Crash a Ship
  134. This Is What It's Like to Intentionally Crash a Ship
  135. The Smack-a-Mac: How Early Adopters Busted Computer Stress
  136. How Well 100 Top Online Retail Sites Look After Your Password
  137. Five Scientific Steps to Pouring the Perfect Beer at Home
  138. The Future of PIN Could Involve Color and Shape Buttons
  139. This Week's Top Comedy Video: "Edited"
  140. Watch Soap Bubbles Get Demolished By Frigid Winter Cold
  141. Scary Science Shows Sooty Air Is Even More Poisonous Than We Thought
  142. Wikipedia's Adding Voice Recordings to Famous People's Biographies
  143. The Night Ziggy Stardust Rocketed Back to Mars
  144. Most Beautiful Items: January 17 - 24, 2014
  145. Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week
  146. Using A Centuries-Old Printmaking Technique To Immortalize A New Museum
  147. The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Beam Me Up
  148. Fearless man plays with grizzly bears like you play with your dog
  149. A frozen Niagara Falls light show looks like a magical wonderland
  150. What if all the spam mail you got was actually hilariously true?
  151. This Is What Happened When Google Raced Top Gear in a Street View Car
  152. A Combination of Volcanic Smog and Sunglint Is Breathtaking
  153. iOS 7?s Reboot Bug Will Be Ironed Out... But Not Until iOS 7.1
  154. High-Level Independent Review: NSA Phone Spying Is Illegal, Should End
  155. The World's Biggest Tea Drinkers, Visualized
  156. The World's Biggest Tea Drinkers, Visualized
  157. Facebook Is the New Walmart
  158. Fantastic aerial photos of Botswana make me wish I was there right now
  159. Beats Music Is Now Available
  160. Outstanding images of animals inside the womb
  161. Scientists Discover Water in Stardust and It Suggests We're Not Alone
  162. This Firefighter Is Writing Google Glass Apps to Help Save Lives
  163. Even Fruit Fly Eyes Can Look Beautiful
  164. There's So Much Smog in Beijing You Have to Watch the Sunrise on Video
  165. Did Unicorns Ever Exist?
  166. Report: Lightroom for iPad Coming, With $100 Annual Cloud Subscription
  167. This Week's Top Comedy Video: Sustainable Kidnapping
  168. Scientists Observe Ball Lightning In Nature For The First Time Ever
  169. What's The One Thing You Keep Searching For But Can't Find Online?
  170. Wood-Backed Moto X Gets 3 New Finishes And a $75 Price Cut
  171. The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Waiter
  172. Lightning struck Rio's Jesus Christ statue and broke off his fingers
  173. How ILM created Hong Kong with special effects just to destroy it
  174. Bird steals camera hidden in an egg and films entire penguin colony
  175. The World's Biggest Global Warming Offenders, Visualized
  176. Silent film of old San Francisco before its destruction gets full sound
  177. Is There Any Wearable Tech You Actually Want to Wear?
  178. Actually, You Don't Always Need to Be More Precise Than Everyone Else
  179. Scientists Use Gene Therapy to Stop Six People Going Blind
  180. Impressive video of a falcon hunting its prey is like a WW2 dogfight
  181. Stunning sunset in Manhattan
  182. 100 Famous Movie Quotes as Charts
  183. Blackphone Promises To Be a Cellphone to Beat the NSA
  184. Amazing 1956 Video Explains How Music Went From Concert Hall to Vinyl
  185. Samsung May Start Making High-End Windows Phone Handsets Again
  186. Rumor: Facebook Could Launch a Flipboard-Like Reader This Month
  187. What Happens When Water Freezes in a Box So Strong It Canít Expand?
  188. This fantastic alien planet is actually a star
  189. Sonyís Xperia T2 Ultra: 2014?s First Gigantaphone
  190. This Giant Pin Screen Will Render Your Face at the Winter Olympics
  191. From Dream to 3D Reality: The Fascinating Origins of Pixar
  192. Two Espressos Enhance Your Long-Term Memory
  193. Just four months after its introduction, Sprint is axing its 'One Up' early upgrade p
  194. How Computers Create Convincing Light and Shade in Graphics
  195. This Week's Top Comedy Video: Spielberg Missed The Mark With E.T.
  196. Microsoft's Having a Rough Day Thanks to the Syrian Electronic Army
  197. Do Regular People Actually Care About CES?
  198. This Electronic Sleep Apnea Cure Is Like Auto-Pilot for Breathing
  199. The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Mom Is a Knife Thrower
  200. These pool tricks seem like they're breaking all of Earth's magnets
  201. Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo looks beautiful when it flies so bright
  202. Time traveling photographer adds herself into her childhood pictures
  203. The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Mom Is a Knife Thrower
  204. These pool tricks seem like they're breaking all of Earth's magnets
  205. Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo looks beautiful when it flies so bright
  206. Time traveling photographer adds herself into her childhood pictures
  207. Google's Making It Easy for Strangers to Send You Email
  208. Why You Sleep at Night
  209. China's Smog Is So Bad That Hotels Now Give Guests Gas Masks
  210. Why Is the Solar System Flat?
  211. This Is the Worldís Fastest Thin-Film Organic Transistor
  212. Where the hell did they put the camera in this awesome ski jump video?
  213. SwiftKey Is Embedding Itself in Your Dash
  214. How Many Humans Would a T-Rex Need to Eat Every Day to Survive?
  215. Rumor: Leaked T-Mobile Ad Promises to Pay Families to Leave Rivals
  216. Robins Can Actually See Magnetic Fields (But Only in One Eye)
  217. Gigabyte's Squeezed Amazing Gaming Guts Into a 0.9-Inch Thick Laptop
  218. People That Say Taking Photos Distracts From Living Your Life Are Wrong
  219. How a Team Of Activists Leaked Stolen FBI Documents 43 Years Ago
  220. New bullet expands itself into four connected parts to kill better
  221. This Could Be the Biggest Amazon Package Ever
  222. How to Fossilize... Yourself
  223. Video of a crab trying to steal a camera is surprisingly funny
  224. This Is (Possibly) What 5,500-Year-Old Man Looked Like
  225. Ubuntu is going to add BitTorrent search capabilities directly into its Unity desktop
  226. A Bracelet to Keep You Safe From the Sun and Tell You What SPF to Use
  227. Gyaaaah! This DC-3 Is Flying WAY Too Low
  228. If You Used Yahoo This Week, You Might Have Malware
  229. Scientists Find a Marijuana-Blocking Compound Made by Your Brain
  230. At Least We're Not Alone: NSA Spies on Members of Congress, Too
  231. The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Symmetry
  232. What all the fancy code in movie computer sequences actually mean
  233. That Time Mr Magoo Saved the Earth Using Incandescent Light Bulbs
  234. The Blizzard-Fighting Monster Machine We Deserve But Never Got
  235. This Is the Sticker That Should Really Be on Your New Computer
  236. Watch Mars Curiosity's clever wheels and suspension system in action
  237. DreamWorks Dreamtab: A $300 Android Tab for Kids Full of Cool Content
  238. Move Over, Virtual Reality: Is Mixed Reality the Future?
  239. This Is the Sticker That Should Really Be on Your New Computer
  240. Watch Mars Curiosity's clever wheels and suspension system in action
  241. DreamWorks Dreamtab: A $300 Android Tab for Kids Full of Cool Content
  242. The Science of Chocolate
  243. Is This LG's webOS TV?
  244. The US Postal Service Is Testing Mobile Point-of-Sale Technology
  245. Samsung's Shape M5 Speaker: A Smaller Sonos Clone
  246. 4.6 Million Snapchat User Names and Phone Numbers Leaked (Check Yours)
  247. The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: All the Way
  248. How to Order Fresh Food Online
  249. This clear purple sea creature is proof the ocean is where aliens hide
  250. This Is Londonís Floating Bike Road Dream