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  1. Boston Is Getting Solar-Powered Smart Benches in Its Parks
  2. Researcher: Facebook Psychology Study Breached Ethical Guidelines
  3. How Chillies Can Be Used to Treat Pain
  4. This Week's Top Comedy Video: Infinite Jest
  5. The Aloof Blackjack Player Who Created Our Digital World
  6. Tennis: Origins
  7. What it Takes to Shoot Jaw-Dropping Photos Inside Giant Caves
  8. Terrible machine erases entire trees out of existence in seconds
  9. This liquid burger probably has more calories than a real burger
  10. The world's largest firework fills the sky with hundreds of explosions
  11. This pile of trash actually hides a stunning portrait
  12. This Is What Solar Panels Used to Look Like
  13. Could We Ever Power a Laptop By Recovering Energy From Typing?
  14. Why the Moon Looks Bigger on the Horizon
  15. Walmart is to sell the 16GB iPhone 5c for $30 and the 16GB iPhone 5s for $100, both w
  16. How to Choose a Public Toilet Using Math
  17. Roku's remote control app is now available for Windows Phones and tablets.
  18. This Might Be Adidas's First Google Fit-Specific Device
  19. Cellphones, Then and Now
  20. World Cup Security Team Accidentally Shares Its Awful Wi-Fi Password
  21. This Is What Space Debris Does to the Kevlar Skins of Spacecraft
  22. How Scientists Are Finding New Ways to Treat Pain
  23. WSJ: Google Is Going to Announce an Android TV Set-Top Box at I/O
  24. Soundhawk's Smart Listening System Aims to Make Hearing Aids Cool
  25. Where the Dollar Sign Comes From
  26. According to an FCC filing, Motorola's slick new Moto 360 smartwatch will support wir
  27. This might look like a routine scientific experiment, but you're actually looking at
  28. What Happened to the Flags on the Moon?
  29. The Brightest Star in the Sky as You've Never Seen It Before
  30. Chicago's New Lamp Posts Will Track Pollution and Count People
  31. Neutrality Begins at Home: How Mayors Could Help Save the Internet
  32. All these famous characters look more badass with cool beards on them
  33. This Week's Top Comedy Video: God's Crazy Monsters
  34. ISS Astronauts Make the Best Vines, Everyone Else Just Give Up
  35. Mayer Hawthorne: Maybe So, Maybe No
  36. Funny video shows movie characters taking selfies in movie scenes
  37. I can watch this machine spit out and bend metal tubes forever
  38. Nest Just Bought Security Camera Company Dropcam For $555 Million
  39. 15-year-old prodigy girl draws amazingly well and trains falcons too
  40. New Zealand Just Mistook Google's Project Loon for a Crashing Airplane
  41. Why People Look More Attractive When You’re Drinking
  42. Big Bang Discovery Researchers Backtrack on Original Claims
  43. Why Humans Can't Re-Grow Limbs (Yet)
  44. ?What Harley-Davidson's First Electric Motorcycle Means For America's Future
  45. IKEA Is Backtracking on Its Fansite Shutdown
  46. One of These 10 Designs WIll Become an Actual Moto 360 Watch Face
  47. New Lego Fusion Sets Let You Play Even When You Don't Have Bricks
  48. There's an Arnold Schwarzenegger Programming Language
  49. Google's adding the ability to make a Hangouts call directly to phone numbers that sh
  50. The Perfect Family Work Surface: Three Desks, One Shelving Unit
  51. Dying Sun-Like Stars Contain Molecules Vital For Making Water
  52. Fukushima's Giant Ice Wall Can't Get Cold Enough to Freeze
  53. Why You Should Never Diagnose Yourself Using WebMD
  54. The Science of Building the Perfect Pig
  55. What the Histogram on Your Camera Actually Tells You
  56. These Wireless Earbuds Charge While They're in Your Pocket
  57. How Staring at the Sun Can Make You Sneeze
  58. The Secret Android Patents That Microsoft Forces OEMs to License
  59. This Deadly Snake Is Even More Terrifying in Super Slow-Mo
  60. Is this Dracula's real tomb?
  61. That Time I OD'd on Pot Drugs and Watched Apocalypse Now Redux
  62. Future Islands: Fall From Grace
  63. Behind the Scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey
  64. This is the new larger iPhone 6, claims reliable source
  65. This is the cockpit of the supersonic car that will reach 1000MPH
  66. Extremely rare image of two B-2 bombers refueling at the same time
  67. Insane slackliner crosses 660-meter gorge without safety, then jumps
  68. Peer Into the Cockpit of a 1,000 MPH Car
  69. What Your Email Signature Really Means
  70. Apple has announced that it's replacing European iPhone adapters sold between October
  71. The FBI Is Auctioning Off Its Seized Silk Road Bitcoins
  72. How Much Physical Activity Do You Really Need?
  73. Samsung's Smart Bike Uses Your Phone to Keep You Safe
  74. What Is Space, Exactly?
  75. Amazon Prime Music: One Million Songs, Free For Prime Subscribers
  76. The Most Influential People Ever, According to Wikipedia
  77. The NYPD's Biggest Gang Raid Was Informed By 1 Million Facebook Posts
  78. Why Stepping On LEGO Hurts So Much
  79. Should We Think of Hackers as the Internet's Immune System?
  80. The Devastating Effects of a Supervolcano Eruption
  81. You Can Vote for Man of the Match via Twitter at the World Cup
  82. This dramatic shot is enough to prove that the F/A-18 Hornet fighter/attack jet, whic
  83. Unlocking the Past: How a 19th Century Lock Pick Changed Security Forever
  84. Scientists: 100 million worlds may have complex alien life in our galaxy
  85. Bobby Womack and Shirley Brown: Ain't Nothin' Like The Lovin' We Got
  86. Orange Is the New Black Season 2: The Best Thing on TV This Month
  87. Almost Half The U.S. Subscribes To Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus
  88. D-Day battle images merged with photos of tourists on the same spots
  89. First person video of a 34-foot-high jump on a motorbike
  90. This Week's Top Comedy Video: Amazon's Mystery Product, Revealed
  91. This Is Why You Don't Hide Under A Tree During A Lightning Storm
  92. Calvin & Hobbes' creator has been secretly drawing this comic strip!
  93. This was the last flight of the first female US Air Force fighter pilot
  94. Mystery solved: This is the monster that ate that great white shark
  95. This giant drop of water is actually a cake
  96. As of July 30th, Yahoo won't let you use Facebook or Google logins to sign into Flick
  97. Report: Cable Cos Funding Consumer Campaigns to Attack Net Neutrality
  98. This Is a Star Exploding 12.1 Billion Years Ago
  99. There are two types of people in this world: those that check the weather through a w
  100. This Is Britain's Ultra-Secret Middle East Spy Base
  101. No, this isn't the Eye of Sauron: it's an amazing image of the ringed star HR 4796A,
  102. How Boomerangs Work
  103. A Brief Cartoon History of Planet Earth
  104. Here's a List of Macs Compatible With OS X Yosemite
  105. Conan Shows How Google's New Cars Have No Driver—Or Mercy
  106. This Beautiful Bench Has a Real Sense of Balance
  107. Google Glass Could Let Soliders Shoot Around Corners
  108. Intel's New Broadwell Processor Could Make Your Next Ultrabook Silent
  109. Here's a fun little Google Maps easter egg: ask for directions from Snowdon to the Br
  110. The Five Dumbest Ways That People Defend NSA Spying
  111. The FDA Has a Flickr Gallery of Recalled Products That Could Kill You
  112. This close-up view of the Moon's dark south shows its pock-marked surface, captured b
  113. This Is Samsung's First Tizen Phone
  114. The World's Most Sensitive Thermometer Is Made From Light
  115. What Does the Rx on Prescription Drugs Mean?
  116. A Motion-Stabilized Cloverfield Is Awesomely Unwatchable
  117. Dear and the Headlights: I Just Do
  118. This Blade Runner Art Show Will Hold You Over Until the Sequel
  119. What the Synapses in Your Brain Actually Look Like
  120. This Is the End of After Midnight
  121. Spectacular image of a double rainbow looks like a magic portal
  122. This white guy got plastic surgery to look more like a Korean guy
  123. Secret underground vault contains all Lego sets in history
  124. ?New Bill Threatens to Stop FCC Treating Broadband as a Utility
  125. Watch LeVar Burton Explain How Double Rainbows Form
  126. Is This the Back of the iPhone 6?
  127. This Prosthetic Is Designed Especially For Rock Climbers
  128. This Inflatable Tent Makes the Car Part of the Canopy
  129. Verizon Claims Public Utility Status on Broadband For Government Perks
  130. Could You Get Drunk By Drinking a Drunk's Blood?
  131. How a Slave Had to Build the Freedom Statue in Washington DC
  132. What's Your Favorite Non-Amazon Place to Buy Books?
  133. How One Man’s Love of Urine Led to the Discovery of Phosphorus
  134. Amazon Admits It's Screwing With Hachette—and Will Until It Gets Its Way
  135. The FTC Wants to Save You From Data Brokers That Sell Your Secrets
  136. Samsung Smartwatch Patent Predicts Gesture Control on Your Wrist
  137. Reddit Study Reveals How to Ask For Favors Online — and Get Them
  138. Now, Transport Canada has given the green light for using electronics during takeoff
  139. A pair of research scientists prepare a vacuum chamber for testing at the European Sp
  140. When Someone Posts a Screenshot It's Impossible to Ignore a Low Battery
  141. This Satellite Image Looks Like a Cartoon Landscape
  142. HTC One Mini 2 Review: Premium Looks for Smaller Pockets
  143. Exactly How Do Macs and PCs Differ?
  144. Watch a Barn Get Turned to Toothpicks by 164lbs of Tannerite
  145. An Augmented Reality Made With Hand-Drawn Cartoons and an iPhone
  146. Hacker Turned FBI Informant Sabu Will Be Sentenced on Tuesday
  147. What Would Change If Politicians Wrote Laws Based on Internet Polls?
  148. The Most Awesomest Song About Dreamcatchers You'll Hear This Week
  149. Watch this guy jump over an entire island while kitesurfing
  150. Why the moon landings could have never EVER been faked
  151. Wow, this video makes India look like the most magical place on Earth
  152. The Perfect Desk Could Also Be a Regulation Ping-Pong Table
  153. U.S. Physics Panel Wants to Build Billion-Dollar, 800-Mile Neutrino Beam
  154. Report: Samsung's Working on its Own Oculus Rift Rival
  155. Microsoft has won the right to disclose the FBI's demand for information about Office
  156. Look At Apple's First 1980s Stab at the Smartwatch
  157. Try Your Hand at Quantum Computing With Google's Quantum Playground
  158. If you thought that Samsung's Music Hub media subscription effort was ill-conceived,
  159. Edward Snowden Threw Crypto Parties Before He Blew the Whistle on NSA
  160. Paul Smith's Take on the Anglepoise Is a Brilliant Riot of Color
  161. Look at Where Antarctica Is Losing Ice Faster Than Ever
  162. The Science of Losing Belly Fat
  163. French Lab Forced to Close After Losing Thousands of SARS Samples
  164. These Folding Chairs Are Beautifully Practical
  165. How Bell Labs Is Reinventing the Future All Over Again
  166. Sprint has been fined $7.5 million for violating your 'Do Not Call' requests.
  167. How a Rare Medical Condition Could Help Extend All of Our Lives
  168. You Can Buy These Original Cupertino Rainbow Apple Signs
  169. Smartphone Cameras Can Be Used as Quantum Random Number Generators
  170. This Discreet 3D-Printed Bike Rack Appears to Defy Physics
  171. Celebrate 40 Years of the Rubik's Cube By Playing Google's Doodle
  172. This Week's Top Comedy Video: Mark Zuckerberg vs. Pat Cassels
  173. Meet the Illustrator Who Drew Kids' Books, Anti-War Posters, and Erotica
  174. Just Like Stupid Humans, Fish Get Cocky When They Drink
  175. Outlook users, rejoice!
  176. How You'll Know When It's Time to Grow Up (NSFW)
  177. Video shows the World Trade Center Memorial being built over 10 years
  178. The X-Men try to save Don Draper in this funny ad
  179. Watch a drone fly over the Burj Khalifa and Dubai
  180. This Undulating Desk Top Has Specially Carved Crevices For Your Tech
  181. Samsung Has Convinced Heathrow Airport to Create Terminal Galaxy S5
  182. Peer Through the Window of a Soyuz Capsule Just Returned to Earth
  183. Google Has Most of Your Email, Even If You Don't Use Gmail
  184. Why Can’t You Receive Blood from Someone With a Different Blood Type?
  185. If You Love Sitting on Stairs, This Is the Sofa For You
  186. 20 Day Stranger Shares Your Life With A Random Human Being
  187. So Long, Open Web: Mozilla Accepts Closed Source DRM and We All Lose
  188. Why Your Armpits Smell So Bad
  189. Beware of Skimmers on Postal Service Stamp Kiosks
  190. The World's Heaviest-Drinking Nations, Ranked
  191. These Mice Are Lit Up With Quantum Dots
  192. The European Union Court of Justice has ruled that people can ask Google to delete se
  193. How Aluminum Cost More than Gold
  194. Ka-boom.
  195. Virgin Galactic Might Not Technically Get You Into Space
  196. This Is Possibly, Probably the Moto E
  197. Japan’s Secret WWII Weapon: Exploding Balloons
  198. An Elegant Angular Take on an Old Stick Chair
  199. Black+Decker's AutoSense Drill Stops Itself When a Screw Is Flush
  200. This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Stuff
  201. In Defense of GIFs in Science Writing
  202. Geeking Out on the 20th Anniversary of Weezer's The Blue Album
  203. China's Batty Proposal For an Under-Sea Train to the United States
  204. The power and perfection of a crocodile in one slow-motion jump
  205. This new Simpsons couch gag is most people's life in 40 seconds
  206. Blending movie scenes with real life
  207. More than half of the US population lives in this thin border line
  208. What Could Google's Mystery "Flounder" Device Be?
  209. This Self-Healing Plastic Oozes Goo That Clots Like Blood
  210. You Could Own This Joystick That Landed Astronauts on the Moon
  211. One Day You Might Park Up in a Beautiful Solar Charging Carport
  212. This Extending Table Puts Its Workings on Full Display
  213. Netflix has announced that it'll begin streaming Breaking Bad in 4K and Dolby 5.1 fro
  214. Experimental Color-Changing Fabric Could Turn You Into a Chameleon
  215. Why the Military Should Share Its Information
  216. A Street View Mash-Up Shows Your Neighbourhood After Sea Levels Rise
  217. Your Cup of Coffee Sits on Both Sides of This Möbius Table
  218. Could Jack White's Ultra LP Make Vinyl Innovative Again?
  219. California Wants to Send Water Uphill Through Its State Aqueduct
  220. Wallpaper That Looks Like a Swedish Sunset
  221. 7 Simple, Cheap Photography Hacks You Should Try Out
  222. Why Fingernails Down a Chalkboard Makes You Cringe
  223. AT&T's New Fiber Could Stymie U.S. Disaster Response Communications
  224. New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority has signed a deal that means passenger
  225. Saturn's Rings as a Cosmic Rainbow
  226. DNA Sequences Can Trace Your Ancestors to Within 30 Miles
  227. Why Toenails Turn Yellow
  228. What is this secret code hidden in so many films and TV shows?
  229. Earthling worms can be as disgusting as alien face huggers
  230. This Week's Top Comedy Video: Every YouTube Video Ever
  231. Extremely dangerous lava surf photography is completely worth the risk
  232. Passenger films one of his airplane's engines on fire
  233. Solar jet fuel has been created for the first time
  234. Further Proof that Kanye Makes Everything Better (or Maybe Worse)
  235. This one-cent stamp is 'The Mona Lisa of stamps' and worth $20 million
  236. Would You Buy the XKCD Smartphone?
  237. This Hubless Bicycle Folds to the Size of an Umbrella
  238. Who Invented the Elevator?
  239. Report: Yep, Under Armour's Suits Did Slow U.S. Speedskaters Down
  240. The Wikipedia-Powered Teddy Could Go Really Wrong
  241. Amazon has expanded its same-day delivery service to Francisco, Dallas, and Los Angel
  242. Snapchat Now Does Video Chat and IM
  243. Coding Sucks: Why a Job in Programming Is Absolute Hell
  244. PS4 Update: Enhanced Video Editing, Advance Downloads of Games, More
  245. This Japanese House Is Entirely Clad in Aluminum
  246. DreamWorks: Films of the Future Will Be Paid For By the Inch
  247. When It Comes to Technology, It's Best to Bow Out Gracefully
  248. Science’s Dirty Secret: All You Need to Know About Fecal Transplants
  249. Harper Lee has finally okayed a digital version of To Kill a Mockingbird.
  250. This International Typeface Morphs Flags Into Fonts