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  1. Crazy Hacked Typewriter Is Now a Percussive Printer
  2. Watch The Darkest Planet In The Universe Transit Its Star
  3. This Ice Rover's Descendants Will Explore Europa's Ocean*
  4. This Python Ate a Porcupine, Which Turned Out to Be a Bad Idea
  5. Disneyland and Walt Disney World Officially Ban Selfie Sticks
  6. The Best of Gizmodo This Week
  7. Charter Is Acting Like a Spoiled Brat to Get TWC Merger Passed
  8. Views of Central California From Space Are Amazing—and Troubling
  9. Are Plastics Making You Infertile?
  10. Soldiers on (Virtual) Patrol
  11. Audi's Developing a Moon Rover For Google's Lunar Xprize
  12. America's First New Nuclear Plant in 30 years Is Well Under Way
  13. Landing a Lockheed U-2 Isn't for the Faint-Hearted
  14. This Is How Prosthetic Eyes are Made
  15. This* Full-Color Display is Just Microns Thick and Flexible Like Skin
  16. Even a B52 Looks Serene From This Height
  17. Google's Street View Tour of El Capitan Is Epic
  18. Ford's New Full-Size Electric Bike Tells You Where to Avoid Potholes
  19. Facial Discrimination: What It's Like to Live With Disfigurement
  20. First-Person-View Drone Racing Looks Like All Kinds of Fun
  21. Been eyeing up the Pebble Time smartwatch, but didn’t get in on the Kickstarter actio
  22. Ceres' Bright Spots Continue to Mystify Astronomers
  23. Watch for Incredible Northern Lights From Tonight's Geomagnetic Storm
  24. This Lovely Data Viz of Tornado Hot Spots Was Made in Excel
  25. John Oliver Explains Why the Internet Sucks For Women
  26. These Smart Gloves Use Bacteria-Sensing Silk to Warn of Risky Exposure
  27. The 1TB PlayStation 4 Is Now Official
  28. Gorgeous Mini Lightning Storms Created With Portable Tesla Coil*
  29. There's Growing Evidence of Volcanic Activity on Venus
  30. Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Preview Users Will Get a Free Upgrade
  31. WhatsApp and AT&T Fail to Keep Our Data Safe, New Study Finds
  32. Awesome space videos make water look alive like the Terminator T-1000
  33. The Best of Gizmodo This Week
  34. The Bay Area From 400 Miles Above the Earth's Surface
  35. Yes, We Are in the Early Stages of a Mass Extinction
  36. A QR Code on Heinz Ketchup Linked Straight to German Porn
  37. Stunning Image of Saturn's Moon Captured from Just 300 Miles Above It
  38. An Awesome Modern Take on the Statistical Atlas of the United States
  39. View of the galaxy?
  40. Pepper, the Robot That Reads Your Emotions, Will Be Sold to Consumers
  41. Look At the Incredible Day Dreams of Artificial Neural Networks*
  42. New York City Is Very Pissed About Verizon's Failed FiOS Rollout
  43. My Smartphone Gave Me a Painful Neurological Condition
  44. This Heart-on-a-Chip Uses Gravity to Mimic a Human Pulse
  45. Human Experiments: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  46. You can now order an Apple Watch online then pick it up in-store using the company’s
  47. Watch This Lovely Profile of a TV Repairman Turned Artist
  48. Russia's Testing a 'Microwave Gun' That Will De-Arm Drones at 6 Miles
  49. The Nepal Earthquake Shifted Mount Everest by an Inch
  50. What Does Homesickness Mean in the Technological Age?
  51. A Sheet of Graphene Is the World's Thinnest Lightbulb
  52. Emoji Passwords are Coming: Harder to Hack and Easier to Remember
  53. Cambridge University is hiring a professor of Lego
  54. A New Way to Track Sperm Could Make IVF Easier
  55. Can the Power Grid Survive a Cyberattack?
  56. The Amazon Fire TV Stick Has One Of Its First Discounts Ever
  57. Glorious Night Sky Captured With Nikon's New Astrophotography DSLR
  58. Watching Water Filled Condoms Explode is Suprisingly Mesmerizing
  59. Concept Art from Jurassic World Shows Off*Isla Nublar's Wild Beauty
  60. The Oculus App Store Will Be a Walled Garden, Much Like Apple and Google
  61. This Ballet With Humans And Robots Is Sweet and Slightly Scary
  62. Some Intriguing New Hints About What Ant Consciousness Is Really Like
  63. A Map That May Have Led Columbus To America Is Finally Being Deciphered
  64. This Powerless Pump Appears to Defy Gravity
  65. A Masked Vigilante Dubbed 'Bromley Batman' Is Saving London's Streets
  66. A Soyuz Capsule Returns to Earth—With a Flash
  67. Do You Agree With Google's Android Phone Suggestion For You?
  68. Why Do Other People’s Farts Smell Worse?
  69. The Surface Texture of This Material Is Tuned With a Simple Squeeze
  70. Watch This Beautiful Short About an Old Lady Struggling to Text Message
  71. iPhone users will be able to block ads in Safair running on iOS 9.
  72. Every Satellite Got Into Space Thanks to Newton's Law of Gravitation
  73. Can Gaming Help Renew a Human's Depth Perception?
  74. Apple's Taking Cars to the Road to Add StreetView-Like Features to Maps
  75. Samsung's Mirrored and Clear OLED Screens Are Straight From the Future
  76. Europe's Biggest Infrastructure Project, Explored By Drone And Timelapse
  77. Here's a Rare Chance to Save $29 on a SONOS PLAY:1
  78. Apple Music Hands-On: I Can't Tell You If It Works But It Looks Cool
  79. Your Hand Print Is Way More Interesting After A Few Days In A Petri Dish
  80. This 40W Homemade Laser Shotgun Is Pure Insanity
  81. You Get Just 1.26GB of Free Space on This 8GB Smartphone
  82. Bill Nye's Solar-Powered Space-Sailer Has Woken Up
  83. Yep, Porn Time is Popcorn Time's Very NSFW Cousin
  84. Make Your Own Fury Road-Style Flamethrower Ukulele
  85. New NASA Tool Helps You Imagine a Day on Pluto
  86. Think Twice Before Entering Dirty Words In Video Game Text Fields
  87. This Handy Web-Based Tool is Like Facial Recognition for Birds
  88. The Best of Gizmodo This Week
  89. Farmers Are Pumping So Much Groundwater It's Making California Sink
  90. Chinese Hackers Accused of Two More Huge Security Breaches
  91. Brooklynite Allegedly Mugged at Gunpoint for $1,100 in Bitcoin
  92. Google on EU Antitrust Case: 'We Don’t Always Get it Right'
  93. Presidential Candidate Lincoln Chafee Wants the U.S. to Go Metric
  94. What's the Difference Between 'Party Cloudy' and 'Mostly Sunny'?
  95. Legoizer Makes Free Instructions That Turn Any Photo Into Lego Artwork
  96. Virgin Galactic Pilot Speaks Out About SpaceShipTwo's Tragic Crash
  97. NASA Wants to Track Drones Using Cell Towers
  98. This Test Predicts Your Risk of Dying in the Next Five Years
  99. This Is How You Can Separate Liquids in Space
  100. This Is the Latest Street Art to Appear at the European Space Agency
  101. Virginia's Opening 70 Miles of Roads to Autonomous Cars
  102. Could a Dead Heart Save Your Life?
  103. From Today the LHC Runs at Full Power to Push the Limits of Physics
  104. Now This Is How You Make an Entrance at the Beach
  105. Thunderbolt 3 Has USB Type-C Connector, Drives Two 4K Screens at Once
  106. Do Mini-Packaged Snacks Really Help You Eat Less Junk?
  107. Experimental Households in Seattle Have Their Tech Charged By Wi-Fi
  108. China Has the World's First Facial Recognition ATM
  109. U.S. Vows to Protect Japan From Cyber Attacks
  110. Corsair Bulldog: A Living Room PC With a Face Only a Gamer Could Love
  111. How Helicopters Are Designed to Land Safely When Their Engine Fails
  112. The Original Art Behind Some of the Craziest Star Wars Posters
  113. Stunning Footage Captures Never Before Seen Deep Ocean Creatures
  114. Google's Skynet Drone Crash-Landed in the Desert and Nobody Noticed
  115. Lefties: Does Technology Discriminate Against You?
  116. The Incredible Calculations That Keep Google's Project Loon Aloft
  117. Android M And Chrome Are Doing Something Great For Users
  118. Fact-Checking San Andreas With a Seismologist
  119. US Tried to Attack North Korea's Nukes With a Computer Virus and Failed
  120. Scientists Have Worked Out Why Swiss Cheese Has Holes
  121. How Men and Women Really See Each Other When Online Dating
  122. This Online Font Lets You Write in Instagram Pictures
  123. New Memory Alloy Springs Back Into Shape Even After 10 Million Bends
  124. Visual Shazam for Books and Media Exists Now—To Sell You Junk
  125. Can Open-Source 3D Printing Make Custom Prostheses Affordable?
  126. The ISS Is Being Torn Apart (and Neatly Put Back Together)
  127. This Is a Photo of an Osprey Aircraft, Not a Moody Painting
  128. This Chip Could Analyze Your Blood and Send the Data to Your Phone
  129. Is Your Nervous System Being Hacked by Bacteria in Your Gut?
  130. A Simple Text Can Crash Messages on any iPhone It's Sent to
  131. Why You Crave Tomato Juice on an Airplane
  132. How Scientists Plan to Hack Your Nervous System
  133. New Attack Tracks Subway Riders Using Just Smartphone Motion Data
  134. Charter Is Buying Time Warner Cable for $55 Billion
  135. This Is the First Single-Molecule Diode That Could Actually Be Useful
  136. Drone Captures Incredible Footage of Ancient Nubian Pyramids
  137. A Rare Glimpse Into the Eye of Typhoon Dolphin
  138. The Trillion Fold Increase In Computing Power, Visualized
  139. How Amputees and Engineers are Rethinking the Human Form
  140. A Public Service Warning From Pizza Hut on the Dangers of Selfie Sticks
  141. Snapchat is Hiring Journalists to Document the 2016 Presidential Race
  142. Not Again: How a 1969 Oil Spill Devastated the Santa Barbara Coast
  143. Christopher Lloyd's LEGO Ad Makes Us Want A New Back To The Future Movie
  144. The Best of Gizmodo This Week
  145. Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now
  146. Making Heroin Could One Day Be As Easy As Brewing Beer
  147. The Most Popular Candidates for President, According to Social Media
  148. Facebook Messenger Now Has 'Caller ID' So You Know Who's Messaging
  149. Hardcore Recycling: Using Old MRI Magnets in a Physics Lab
  150. Three Important Things You Probably Don't Know About Diabetes
  151. The Star That NASA Nicknames 'Nasty One'
  152. How Do You Measure a Sea’s Level, Anyway?
  153. A Simple Security Flaw Puts 'Millions' of Wi-Fi Routers in Jeopardy
  154. The Closest Look Yet at Ceres' Many Bright Spots
  155. Amazon’s one-hour delivery service now includes local businesses—including D’Agostino
  156. This 55-Inch LG Display Peels Off the Wall Like a Poster
  157. How a Hacker Could Hijack an Airplane From Their Seat
  158. Can You Solve This Vietnamese Math Puzzle for 8-Year-Olds?
  159. That, and mutter “someone’s gonna lose their jobs over this” under your breath as you
  160. You Can Now Use 'Netflix for Torrents' Popcorn Time in Your Browser
  161. DIY Prosthetics: The Extreme Athlete Who Built a New Knee
  162. This Is the World's Most Efficient Black Silicon Solar Cell
  163. The Difference Between Hard and Soft Wood Has Zero to Do With Hardness
  164. This Could Be the World's Most Efficient Solar System
  165. Look at the Tiny Earthquakes Scientists Make to Predict Real Ones
  166. British Spy HQ Goes Rainbow to Celebrate Diversity
  167. British Submariner Goes AWOL After Leaking UK Military Nuclear Secrets
  168. These Photos Will Make You Want to Drop Everything and Explore the World
  169. Architects Design Wooden Bicycle Frame to Explore Structural Engineering
  170. Watching This Frozen Apple Get Smashed to Bits is Oddly Satisfying
  171. Security Researcher Claims to Have Commandeered a Flight in Mid-Air
  172. The Best of Gizmodo This Week
  173. Climbers Helped a Zoo Make Sure Its Orangutan Habitat Is Escape-Proof
  174. How This Artist Uses a Climate-Controlled Room to Make Indoor Clouds
  175. The Air Force's Mysterious Space Plane is Going Into Orbit Again
  176. This 8 Ball Predicts Your Future in Emojii
  177. Of Course Restaurants Are Designing Meals Just to Look Good on Instagram
  178. Watch the Entire History of US County Boundaries Evolve in 30 Seconds
  179. Google's Prototype Driverless Car Hits Public Roads This Summer
  180. Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone Mutated at a Normal Rate
  181. Why Data Mining Is So Important
  182. Here’s What Baboons Can Teach Us About Social Media
  183. Wolfram's New AI Will Try to Identify Any Image You Give It
  184. This Magnetic Shield Will Push the Boundaries of Particle Physics
  185. In the Dystopian Home of the Future, Robots Have the Search Warrants
  186. This Lamp Was Inspired By Italic Typography
  187. Who Most Likely Makes Your Sandwich, Mapped
  188. Look How Extremely Large Europe's Extremely Large Telescope Will Be
  189. Verizon Is Buying AOL For $4.4 Billion
  190. Why Male Suicides Outnumber Female
  191. How Photography's Changed in the Last Decade, in Three Simple Numbers
  192. This Is the World's First 6TB 2.5-Inch SSD
  193. Where the Male and Female Symbols Came From
  194. Could a Medieval Law Help Govern the Internet?
  195. How to Use the International Space Station's Toilet
  196. VR Soccer Is As Entertaining As Real Soccer
  197. What Tech Terms Need to Die?
  198. Earth's Oceans May Have Crash-Landed via Ancient Asteroids
  199. The Best of Gizmodo This Week
  200. Shooting a Laser at a Planet, But Not To Blow it Up
  201. Scientists Are Racing Across Nepal to Gather Fleeting Quake Data
  202. Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now
  203. Scientists X-Rayed Chocolate To Figure Out How It Gets That White Film
  204. How to Teach an Autonomous Car to Drive
  205. Why Flies May Be the Future of Forensic Science
  206. Wait, Is This River Floating?
  207. This Image Shows Just How Much Electron Microscopes Have Improved
  208. This Is What 15,000 Aircraft Look Like to Satellites in Space
  209. These Neat Animations Show How CMOS and CCD Sensors Work
  210. The Sun Celebrated Cinco de Mayo With This Beautiful Solar Flare
  211. How Nature Can Mummify Your Brain
  212. Apple Won a Design Patent for Its Watch
  213. Watch the SpaceX Dragon Pad Abort Test
  214. What Gives a Decaying Body Its Distinctive Odor?
  215. Wikipedia Makes Life Way Less Fun
  216. This Is What Happens to Your Body After You Die
  217. BAE's New Goggles Roll Together Night Vision and Thermal Imaging
  218. Insurance Types Make a Difference to Survival, For Brain Tumors at Least
  219. The Sun Just Spat Out a Massive Solar Filament
  220. Digital Music Couldn't Exist Without the Fourier Transform
  221. Police Are Beating Card Skimmers With GPS Trackers
  222. This Is a Ridiculously Perfect Shot of a*Chinook Helicopter*
  223. What You Don't See When You Look at Your Favorite Constellations
  224. This Is What It Might Be Like to Fly Through a Giant Space Habitat
  225. The Best Way to Ruin the New*Force Awakens Trailer? Jar Jar Binks.
  226. Everything You Need to Know About Drug Incarceration Rates Across the US
  227. Astronomers Found a Gas Giant Orbiting Surprisingly Close to a Tiny Star
  228. The Best of Gizmodo This Week
  229. An Aging Cold War Policy May Make It Easier to Hack Nuclear Warheads*
  230. Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now
  231. New Urine Test Could Reveal Whether You're Prone to Gaining Weight
  232. The Last Picture Captured By NASA's Messenger Before It Bit the Dust
  233. Watch YouTube's Favorite Videos to Celebrate Its 10th Birthday
  234. Watch 6 Hours of Pro Photoshop Retouching in 90 Seconds
  235. Your Kids Could Be the Worst Trolls of All
  236. We Only Just Cracked a 33-Year Old ZX Spectrum Challenge
  237. IBM Just Cracked One of the Biggest Problems Facing Quantum Computing
  238. Rebuilding Cambridge University's First Computer
  239. Understanding the Nepal Earthquake and Its Effects From Space
  240. This Is What Happens Inside and Out When a Li-On Battery Explodes
  241. The Cockpit of Solar Impulse Is Not For the*Faint-Hearted*
  242. This Pie Chart-Style Coffee Table Hides Mess Quarter-by-Quarter
  243. Evolution Aside, Even Basic Geology Disproves Creationism
  244. These Are the Best Microscopic Videos of the Year
  245. Spectacular aerial photos of Los Angeles shows it like you never seen it
  246. This Kentucky Hydro-Power Damn Is a Beautiful Building Site
  247. How to Save the Planet: An Interview With Two Iconic Scientists
  248. Researchers Can Create Scents that Smell Like Departed Loved Ones
  249. How the Tea Bag Was Invented
  250. Watch an Embryo Turn Itself Inside Out