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  1. Bosch Has a Pedestrian Avoidance System It Wants to Put in Real Cars By 2018
  2. All of James Bond's Travel Destinations on a Single Interactive Map
  3. A Tiny Silicon Disc Is the World's Fastest Nanoscale Optical Switch
  4. 97% Is a Short About Finding Love on Your Smartphone—Wherever You May Be
  5. A Beautiful Scrap of Metal Reminds Us Space Travel Can Go Wrong
  6. George Orwell's Estate Is Issuing Copyright Takedowns for the Number '1984'
  7. Morocco's New Solar Plant Will Cover an Area Larger Than Its Capital City
  8. Watch the First Film From InVisage's Quantum Dot Smartphone Camera
  9. *Can You Cure Bad*Posture?
  10. Video Explainer: The Math Inside the Shape of DNA
  11. Popcorntime.io Has Been Shut Down
  12. A Huge Earthquake Has Just Hit Northern*Afghanistan
  13. NYT: U.S. Officials Worried About Russia Cutting Undersea*Data Cables
  14. Carve Up Some Science With a Physics-Themed Jack-O'-Lantern *
  15. The Practical Chemist Who Gave Women "Kissable" Lipstick
  16. Mysterious Chunk of Space Trash Is on a Collision Course With Earth
  17. The Shells of Former Pizza Huts Continue to Shape Our Cities
  18. LA High School Students Will Help Test the Region's New Earthquake Early Warning Syst
  19. We Can't Stop Watching This Video of Flowing Sand Art*
  20. Steve Jobs Is a Very Entertaining Movie About How It’s OK to Be an Asshole
  21. Fantastically Nerdy Science Humor Magazine Goes Digital
  22. This Miniature Medical Device Measures Five of Your Blood's Vital Signs
  23. How Facial Recognition Uses Super-Simple Patterns to Understand Your Expression
  24. Huge Hack Hits 4 Million British Broadband Customers
  25. At 200 MPH, Hurricane Patricia Is Now the Strongest Tropical Cyclone Ever Recorded
  26. Airbnb Really Screwed Up With Ads About Paying Taxes
  27. Apple Plans to Offset the Energy Used to Make Every iPhone With Renewables
  28. Material Made from Industrial Waste and Orange Peel Sucks Mercury Out of Water
  29. Full-Disk Encryption Is Mandatory on Android 6.0—If the Device Can Cope
  30. Your Self-Encrypting*Hard Drive May Use Encryption That Really Sucks
  31. Garmin's New GPS Running Watches Bring Bigger Screens and Better Smarts
  32. Carbon Nanotubes Found in Human Lungs For the First Time
  33. 23andMe to Resume Giving Health Data to Its Users
  34. Indian Uber Driver Found Guilty of Raping Female Passenger
  35. 1Password's Changing Its Data Format Following Metadata Criticism
  36. How Will We Even Know New Lifeforms When We See Them?
  37. Polar Now Puts Heart Rate Monitoring On Your Wrist With Its New A360 Fitness Tracker
  38. Slow-Mo Footage Reveals How Balloons Burst in Two Different Ways
  39. You Can Buy a Nexus 5X Right Now
  40. This Aluminum Box Is Pioneer's Take on the Portable HD Audio Player*
  41. Can You Solve the Creepy Crypto-Puzzle That's Consuming the Internet?
  42. Scott Kelly Reveals the Raw Beauty of the Sahara From Space
  43. Watch the Laws of Physics Come to Life as Magnetic Putty Devours Everything
  44. This Video Explains the Most Disturbing Fashion Trend in Human History
  45. Why Do We Smell the Change of Seasons?
  46. Scientists Say Lab-Grown Burgers Will Be Available to the Public in Five Years
  47. Rejoice Researchers: Court Rules That Google Books Is Not Infringement
  48. Report: Drone Owners Will Now Have to Register With the US Government
  49. Great Scott! Check Out Some Never-Before-Seen Photos from the Official Back to the Fu
  50. This New Arduino 101 Uses Intel's Tiny, Low-Power Curie Chip
  51. Our Modern Sleeping Habits Are Very Similar to Our Preindustrial*Ancestors'
  52. UK Sidewalks Are Spewing Wifi Into the Street
  53. Microsoft Will Give You $200 For Your Ageing Laptop—Or $300 If It's a Mac
  54. Garmin Now Puts Directions and a Live Feed of Your Baby On Your Car's GPS
  55. Two Sated Warthogs Light Up the Sky in Spectacular Fashion
  56. How the Lego Color Palette Has Changed Over the Last 40 Years
  57. T-Mobile's Also Working to Give You One Phone Number on Multiple Devices
  58. There's No DRM in JPEG—and We Should Keep It That Way
  59. These Are the Best Wildlife Photographs of 2015
  60. This Interactive Shows*How Many People Have a Work Life Like You
  61. Apple Found Guilty of Using*University of Wisconsin Patent in Its Chips
  62. MH17 Crash Report: The Airplane Was Shot Down By a BUK Missile
  63. Is It Possible to Love a Printer? This $50 Brother Will Make You a Believer.
  64. How Oklahoma Declared War on Obesity—and What's Happened Since
  65. Google's Using Neural Nets to Make YouTube Thumbnails Suck Less
  66. Amazon's Offering Big Discounts on RAM and Flash Storage, Today Only
  67. The Placebo Effect Can Make You Enjoy the Same Old Video Games More
  68. Acer's New All-in-One Has a Battery So You Can Use It Anywhere
  69. Every Space Agency Should Have Space Invader Art Like This at Its Entrance
  70. We Saw the First Episode of Marvel's*Jessica Jones and Now We Want More
  71. Grizzly Bear Dips Toes in Water, Provides Reminder of Human Frailty
  72. These Exquisite Bee Photographs Reveal Every Delicate Hair, Antenna, and Wing
  73. Incredibly Disgusting Zombie Mouth Cupcake Looks Like It Might Bite You Back
  74. Here's What We Just Learned About Mr. Robot*Season 2
  75. The Best of Gizmodo This Week
  76. 7 Patents That NASA Is Freeing Up For Small Companies
  77. Sam Raimi Was Working On Evil Dead 4 With This Insane Plot
  78. This Intricate Digital Model of a Chunk of Brain Fires Like the Real Thing
  79. Can You Solve the Math Problem That Stumped Most Scottish Students?
  80. This Beautiful Timeline Lets You Explore Wikipedia's World History
  81. It Took This Robot*10 Days to Learn How to Grasp Objects From Scratch
  82. Internet For All Is an Impossible Dream Right Now
  83. Amazon Just Launched an Etsy Clone to Sell*Handmade Items
  84. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless:*The Big-Ass Blimp of Sound Gets an Overhaul
  85. Adobe's Monument Mode Removes People Walking Through Your Frame in Real Time
  86. This Is the Coolest Place to Control Your Body, Mind and Spirit
  87. The First Private Mission to the Moon Is Planned to Launch in 2017
  88. The FAA Issued a $1.9 Million Fine to a Company for Illegal Drone Flights
  89. SLAC's Upgraded*200-Terawatt Laser Creates Pressures of 2 Trillion PSI
  90. This Interactive Web App Lets Your Play at Being an Air Traffic Analyst
  91. YouTube’s iOS app now lets you edit videos on your phone before you upload them.
  92. Wildlife Is Making a Comeback at*Chernobyl — Now That People Have Left
  93. This Year's Nobel Prize for Physics Celebrates Neutrinos
  94. This Jet Display Is Like Watching a Reflection in a Lake
  95. Facebook Is Going to Send Free Internet Across Africa From Satellites
  96. This Robotic Bee Can Swim (Unlike It's Real-Life Counterpart)
  97. A Moody View of*Titan and Saturn
  98. Maybe Clara Did TOO Good a Job of Becoming Like the Doctor on Doctor Who
  99. An Ancient Volcanic Collapse Triggered an 800 Foot Tsunami Wave
  100. The Best Little Porno Movie on the Internet [Very NSFW]
  101. Our Favorite Images From NASA's Incredible New Apollo Gallery
  102. The Best of Gizmodo This Week
  103. Turn Your Sketchy Nighttime Bike Ride Into a Blaze of Glory with Revolights
  104. A Short Film Shot Through a Water Droplet is Hauntingly Beautiful
  105. That Buzzfeed Article About Autonomous Cars Is Stupid Trolling Bullshit And Here's Wh
  106. This Is the Latest Soyuz-Progress Launch — Viewed From the Space Station
  107. This Crazy Screen Squeezes an 8K Display Into a 17-Inch Panel
  108. These Balls are Mini-Brains, Ripe For Medical Research
  109. I’m a Librarian Who Banned a Book. Here’s*Why.
  110. Study: You Suck at Spotting Fake Images
  111. Samsung TVs Reportedly Use Less Power in Efficiency Tests Than in Real Life
  112. These Microflowers Bloom From Organic Chemicals in 3 Hours
  113. Thousands of Medical Devices Are Open to Hacking Over the Internet
  114. Disappearing Graphene Circuits Could Make Temporary Electrical Devices
  115. Those All-Nighters You Pull May Not Be as Harmless as You Think
  116. These Are the Year's Best Examples of Art in a Petri Dish
  117. This Data Viz Helps Predict Which Homes Need a Fire Alarm
  118. This Trippy Image Could Help Us Treat Meningitis Better
  119. This Art Installation Tests How Much You Value Your Personal Data
  120. Why Standing in One Place Makes Your Legs More Sore Than Walking
  121. The latest version of Skype now supports Android Wear, allowing you to respond to mes
  122. This Trippy Image Could Help Us Treat Meningitis Better
  123. This Art Installation Tests How Much You Value Your Personal Data
  124. Why Standing in One Place Makes Your Legs More Sore Than Walking
  125. The latest version of Skype now supports Android Wear, allowing you to respond to mes
  126. This Ridiculous Gun Was Made to Shoot 100 Birds at Once
  127. This Tiny 4-Gram Robot Jumps and Walks Using Memory Alloy Springs
  128. London Underground Is Trialling Regenerative Braking to Help Power Trains
  129. Is Your Sleep App Keeping You Up at Night?
  130. Watch a Guy Use 90 Instruments to Play a Single Song
  131. Zuckerberg Wants Everybody on Facebook by 2020
  132. iPhone 6s First Impressions: The iPhone for Pros
  133. More Sad Remains Of The Soviet Buran Space Shuttle Program
  134. This totally crazy wingsuit video made me stop breathing
  135. The Best of Gizmodo This Week
  136. 10 really easily optical illusion tricks you can do to fool people
  137. Turn an Old Nintendo 64 Controller Into a Rocket Launching Remote
  138. Take a Look Inside Samsung's New U.S. R&D HQ
  139. iPhone 6S Plus Teardown: Bigger, Heavier, Slightly Smaller Battery
  140. Report: FTC Investigating Google Over Anti-Competitive Android Practices
  141. This Is How Foster + Partners Wants to 3D-Print a Martian Settlement
  142. This Is the Most Beautiful View of Poop You're Ever Going to See
  143. This Is How Science Helped Hollywood Make More Realistic Explosions
  144. This Lovely Interactive Video Explains How Neurons in Your Brain Work
  145. How Starving Cancer Cells of Sugar Could Be the Best Way to Attack Them
  146. Physicists Smash Quantum Teleportation Record With 60-Mile Fiber Jump
  147. Scientists Have Isolated the Human Stench of Death
  148. Samsung's Fastest SSD Reads at a Face-Melting*2,500 MBps
  149. Mozilla has jut released Firefox 41 and it claims that the desktop version is the fir
  150. Volkswagen Admits 'Defeat Device' On 11 Million Engines, Sets Aside $7.2B
  151. Simple Collections of Gold Nanoparticles Can Develop Computational Abilities
  152. You Can Now Order Starbucks via Mobile, Anywhere in the U.S.
  153. 4 Billion People Are Still Without Internet
  154. This Dramatic Shadowplay Marked The Last*Red Arrows–Vulcan Flypast
  155. Just How Safe Is Laser Eye Surgery?
  156. An Acrylic Tunnel Turns a London Museum Into a Sci-Fi Alice in Wonderland
  157. Edward Snowden: Advanced Encryption May Stop Us Communicating With Aliens
  158. New Satellite Images Show Just How Parched the Ground Is
  159. A Campaign to Bring Back Accent Marks is Sweeping the Internet
  160. In a settlement with California, Comcast will shell out $33 million in restitution fe
  161. This is the Best Footage Yet of an Exoplanet Orbiting its Star
  162. Sand Octopus Turns its Body into a Squirt Gun to Burrow
  163. We'll Be Bringing You Google's Marshmallows (and Nexi?) on September 29th
  164. The Last Man On Earth Proves That Survival Doesn't Always Have to Suck
  165. The Best of Gizmodo This Week
  166. These Are Some of the Best Astronomy Pictures of the Year
  167. Samsung's 28" 4K Monitor is All the Way Down to $345, If You Hurry
  168. Do Numbers Really Exist?
  169. This Is How Your Computer Really Works
  170. Do Numbers Really Exist?
  171. This Is How Your Computer Really Works
  172. Can Scientists Create a One-Click Shop For Cancer Treatments?
  173. The Mississippi Swampland Like You've Never Seen It Before
  174. This Warship Looks Like a Scene From Tron
  175. Google's Project Aura Will Raise Glass From the Dead
  176. These Shelves Fill However Much Space You Have
  177. New Russian ATM Malware Can Steal Your Banking Details
  178. Microsoft May Use*Cortana to Control Its Windows-in-the-Car System
  179. Watch the Biggest Ever Drone Swarm Take to the Sky
  180. Look Inside the First Ever U.S. Airbus Assembly Plant
  181. Google Will Match Your Donations Towards the European Refugee Crisis
  182. This Is a Transistor for Living Cells
  183. Qualcomm's New 'Quick Charge' Takes a Phone From 0 to 80% in 35 Minutes
  184. Facebook Is Working With Germany to Fight Anti-Refugee Content
  185. What Is the Molecular Clock, Exactly?
  186. This Music Video Actually Put a Vintage TV Into Space — Twice
  187. MIT Scientists Can Now 3D Print Optically Transparent Glass
  188. Paralyzed Man Successfully Given Prosthetic Hand That Can 'Feel'
  189. This Is How Marines Learn to Overcome Obstacles
  190. This Music Video Actually Put a Vintage TV Into Space — Twice
  191. MIT Scientists Can Now 3D Print Optically Transparent Glass
  192. Paralyzed Man Successfully Given Prosthetic Hand That Can 'Feel'
  193. This Is How Marines Learn to Overcome Obstacles
  194. A Mad Science Experiment Proves a Simple Evolutionary Hypothesis
  195. People Livestream This Guy's Face to be "Healed"
  196. Now You Can Help Scientists Track Animals in Mozambique From Your Sofa
  197. Message to Aliens Needs to Reflect Gender Equality and Diversity, Experts Say
  198. Which iPhone 6S Should I Buy? A Guide
  199. Video: The process of hand making a book the old fashioned way is a lost magical art
  200. LA is Going to Have the Largest Electric Vehicle Fleet in the Nation
  201. The night time view of the Aurora Borealis
  202. This Is the Selfie Stick the Lonely Have Been Waiting For
  203. This Is What Happens When You Turn a Line Drawing Into a Chair
  204. The Fields of Italy Aren't Really This Red
  205. First Library to Offer Anonymous Web Browsing Stops Under DHS Pressure
  206. A New Stretchable Conductor Can Extend to Twice Its Length
  207. What Happens If You Take Frozen Liquids Through Airport Security
  208. Scientists Have Discovered a New Human-Like Species in South Africa
  209. This Website Lets You Study Cell Phone Use In Cities Around the World
  210. Spotify's*'Found Them First' Tool Calculates Your Musical Cool
  211. This Ingenious*Candle Holder Automatically Extinguishes the Candle
  212. HIV Could Be Killing Cells in a Way Scientists Had So Far Not Noticed
  213. Everything About Social Determinants of Health, You Can Learn From IKEA
  214. A $60 Hack Can Fool the LIDAR Sensors Used on Most Self-Driving Cars
  215. This Is the First Official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen, Yours For $60
  216. 23 Facts About Your Eyes (And What Can Go Wrong With Them)
  217. Scientists Can Levitate Nanodiamonds in a Vacuum Using Laser Light
  218. Canon's New 250-Megapixel Camera Sensor is Wonderfully Excessive
  219. Only Smart People Will Understand the FT's Amazing New 404 Page
  220. This Unofficial Silicon Valley Episode Is Better Than the Real Deal
  221. The Alternative Universe Of Soviet Arcade Games
  222. Get Lost in the Swirling Green Seas of a Massive Algae Bloom
  223. Why We Can't Stop Seeing Aliens on Mars
  224. Man Spends 14 Hours Riding the Longest NYC Subway Route
  225. LG's Watch Urbane Luxe Is 23-Karat Gold Bonkers
  226. This Incredibly Popular Antec Bias Light Kit is Back Under $20, If You Hurry
  227. This Labor Day Fitbit Deal Will Get Your Heart Pumping
  228. I Wanna Fly Through This Gate to The Stars
  229. Check Out These Fantastic Urban Makeovers Documented By Google Street View*
  230. An Autonomous Submarine Will Hunt Starfish On the Great Barrier Reef For Science
  231. Google Now Tells You About All the Possible Illnesses You're Suffering
  232. Here's All the New Star Wars Figures You'll Be Fighting Little Kids For
  233. You Can Finally Pilot Your Own Flying Millennium Falcon and X-Wing
  234. Samsung's New Sleep Tracker Liberates Your Wrist By Hiding Under Your Mattress
  235. TomTom Is Bringing Tunes to Its Newest Fitness Watches
  236. Key and Peele's Spoof of Neil deGrasse Tyson*Was Astronomically Brilliant
  237. Android is Finally Getting a Standalone Street View App
  238. This Accident-Recording Dash Cam Will Now Help Prevent Them Too
  239. The ZenWatch 2 Is a Damn Good-Looking Smartwatch For Not Too Much Cash
  240. These Two Computers Get Better When You Dock Them
  241. A Successful Launch Means it's About to get Crowded on the Space Station
  242. Humans Have Killed Off One Less Species Than Originally Thought
  243. A Clever Google Algorithm Could Make 4K Video Half the Size
  244. Once Again, Anonymous Sources Claim Apple Will Produce Its Own Movies
  245. In Kazakhstan, the Soyuz TMA-18M Spacecraft Awaits Its Journey to the Stars
  246. T-Mobile Will Stop Customers Abusing Unlimited Data
  247. An Amphibious Weed-Cutting Boat Is the Only Vehicle I Would Ever Need
  248. Sony's Upcoming Z5 Flagship (Probably) Gets Shown Off On Video
  249. RIP Wes Craven, Iconic Director of Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream
  250. Seamless Is Down and People Are Freaking Out