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  1. Whats your favorite movie?
  2. seen any glass decanter bottles with 4 compartments?
  3. Roast dinner, steak, fish and chips or bangers and mash ??
  4. Do drunk people just speak nonsense?
  5. Why can't you mix alcohol with Red Bull?
  6. Semi-Sweet Chocolate?
  7. Elton Brand?
  8. What r the top 5 cereals?
  9. Why does Food taste Grose when your ill ?
  10. see details....?
  11. Whats your favorite food?
  12. What are the benefits of eating Sushi?
  13. Pills w/ applesauce???
  14. Are animal products still used in gelatin?
  15. Do they still make these products?
  16. hypothetically where is a good place(besides a fridge) to store a body?
  17. vegan baking question: what does non-hydrogenated mean and where to buy?
  18. Recipe Question?
  19. I know its taboo, but has anyone ever ate dog before...and how does it taste ?
  20. what is koumiss?
  21. average Price of UDL?
  22. Vegan egg replacement on the market?
  23. Party ideas??!?!?
  24. how many jell-o shots would it take a person to get drunk??
  25. Wine experts an Bartenders which chardonnays would taste almost the same as Kendal...
  26. what should i make for dinner [from whole foods market] for my girlfriend?
  27. What ingredients can I put in my coffee, besides the usual..milk and
  28. how much acid do orange and lime juice have and wich juice has more?
  29. what 'sweet treat' should i make tomorrow?
  30. Which of these are the top 3?
  31. What are the benefits of drinking green tea?
  32. What is your favorite kind of cheese??
  33. what's the perfect pizza - describe it please?
  34. How to control temperature in an offset smoker?
  35. How do I make macaroni and cheese healthy?
  36. Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Chili?
  37. what kind of wine would you reccomend for someone who never tasted it before?
  38. Three questions: vegan diet?
  39. best ice cream cake ever recipe ?!?
  40. question for brewers?
  41. have been buying organic ingredients for baking i place them in sealed cans?
  42. Does ginger ale stunt your growth like soda?
  43. I was wondering if FRUIT CAKE can be frozen successfully?
  44. Where Do I Get A Free "Sample"?
  45. Did I handle this situation right?
  46. mix bud light with anything?
  47. Is there anybody who doesnt drink alcohol?
  48. How do you use chop sticks?
  49. What spirit is in advocaat?
  50. Do I have to cook ham???
  51. what is the best and cheap champagne to buy?
  52. Anyone know a good recipe for sushi?
  53. How to drink Smirnoff Red Label?
  54. I saw a question about navy frogmen, and it got me to wondering?
  55. What combination of food & drink will make your farts stink THE WORST?
  56. New drinks?
  57. How do you describe a vegetarian who is mostly vegan?
  58. Why does caffeine make one feel happy after consuming?
  59. Where can I buy vanilla coke in Calgary Alberta canada?
  60. what is the song on the crown royal brilliantly black commercial..read more...?
  61. Can you make biscuits with pancake mix?
  62. its official! , im after getting fat!?
  63. good cookie recipe?
  64. Does anyone have a dipping sauce recipe for Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls?
  65. Vegetarian Problem...?
  66. I have horrible french pickles, mustard and salad dress, beside throwing...
  67. Can i use white wine instead of white wine vinegar?
  68. In baking, what's the difference between beating and mixing?
  69. why do poptarts come in packages of two?
  70. Pork Roast Recipe? Maybe apricot glazed?
  71. What kind of beer in beerfest?
  72. what the hell is CREAM??
  73. Compare: Traditional Indian to American Cooking?
  74. "Liquor then beer, never fear. Beer then liquor, never been sicker." Is
  75. I am a party planner and I am trying to make a singing bee party I need Ideas on
  76. Anyone know if the guiness book of records has a phone number?
  77. i left a can of orange juice, frozen concentrate, in the fridge for like a...
  78. Strawberry or Choccolate ?
  79. i need some recipes for diarrhea filled souflee to serve at my best friends
  80. Do you like to experiment with mixing different kinds of foods together?
  81. Microwave an Oven-Only PIzza?
  82. We had prime rib last Monday, today is Sunday... is the meat still safe to eat?
  83. Can I cut up peaches and put it in my blender with yogurt to make a smoothie?
  84. my apple wine seems like its not fermenting as much as the grape wine?
  85. Question about Quality street chocolate?
  86. Can some one please give me the step-by-step process of making alcohol from corn at
  87. Bento boxes in Philadelphia? Or close?
  88. have you ever tried rabbit stew or pigeon pie?
  89. Non caffeine teas that help wake me up or concentrate?
  90. Do Vegans eat parmesan cheese?
  91. Where, near the US border, can I buy Kilkenny Irish Ale in kegs?
  92. i need a reciepe!?
  93. Does Vodka leave a next-day odor on skin?
  94. what is korean food like and is there any dish you would recomend?
  95. Do you guys like drinking cow juice?
  96. I have an emergency!!!! my bestfriend is drunk wasted, what can i do to make her...
  97. What do people in the UK eat instead of Pop Tarts?
  98. Do You Mostly Drink Bailey's Irish Creme In Mixed Drinks or By Itself?
  99. Soup or Cereal 2?
  100. Where do I get the best Wisconsin cheese?
  101. How would I make canned tuna taste similar to Bubble Bee's version of Spicy Thai...
  102. does whiskey hav a expiry date?
  103. Party Ideas! Someone help, please!?
  104. Coke, Dr. Pepper, or Pepsi?
  105. do you think everyone experiments with drugs at least once in there life? and do
  106. Vegetarians , how do you get enough protein?
  107. quick chocolate cake?
  108. What are some good sites for buying hard liquor online? Thanks.?
  109. Freeze Panettone?
  110. Do I still have the right to call myself one?
  111. Olives healthy?
  112. sophisticated sweets?
  113. End of School party?
  114. i have somewhat of a problem with alcohol?
  115. Suggestions for Foods to be served at a book club for Dan Browns "Angels & Demons"?
  116. What are the best kinds of Fruit to put into Hairy Buffalo?
  117. What's best whiskey that is less strong, smoother, and maybe little sweet?
  118. new years party ?
  119. Anyone have a good suggestion for a midnight snack?
  120. Healthy Grocery List?
  121. Does anyone have a good recipe for . . .?
  122. Ideas For A Sweet 16 Birthday Party.?
  123. Wine Chardonnay 2003 from Romania is a good gift for my thesis adviser?
  124. HELP!? Food Question!!!?
  125. what are you eating as a treat today?
  126. Where to buy moka pot in malaysia?
  127. why vegan or vegetarians need 'meatless' meats?
  128. Cutting Eggplant before cooking?
  129. Gorditas recipe wanted?
  130. can guys loose sperm count by drinking only soda when young?
  131. What to have for breakfast?
  132. I stocked up on probably too much rice, pasta, ramen, etc. Will bugs attack my...
  133. Can you freeze chocolate candy?
  134. Spanish christams recipes? i had one for chicken wings but lost it?
  135. Why are my chicken breasts always rubbery and chewy?
  136. What are the different kinds of energy drinks out there?
  137. WTF?! High Frutose. I just ate a sandwich.?
  138. MORE Marshmallow Cream!!! Got a Q for ya...?
  139. What happens if you put cheesecake in a microwave?
  140. should women with fat arrses be banned from Asda? I am tired of walking up the
  141. What is a good cookbook for a beginner?
  142. Buddhists, if my dinner was Beef tonight, i would really like to know what...
  143. What is the best way to make a hot chocolate at starbucks?
  144. What is Golonka (poland)?
  145. is anyone else stuffed?
  146. Are meat eaters who whine about fur coats total hypocrites?
  147. Setting up a home brew kit?
  148. Does Alcohol effect your choices?
  149. i decided to become a vegetarian.........any tips?
  150. whats up--------------?
  151. How to make a good fried rice?
  152. where do beans come from?
  153. New Years Eve Party?
  154. How can I make a good choclate milkshake without hersheys syrup?
  155. Ideas for my sweet 16 dance party?
  156. Hi, what can I do with all the sweets that nobody likes in my tins of chocolates?
  157. how we search food recipes that explain in Tagalog's (version) so that we
  158. Got any tips/websites that are good for a beginner vegetarian?
  159. Do diabetics necessarily need meat in their diet?
  160. what is the perfect humidity level for a cigar humidor??
  161. Would a bottle of Bristol Cream sherry get you drunk?
  162. What is the best JUICE!?!?!?
  163. Anybody have a good and easy recipe with shrimp?
  164. Girl's teen new year's eve?
  165. Where can I buy dry ice in Melbourne, Australia?
  166. What brand of Macaroni Salad is this?
  167. I feel sick when I drink Coca-Cola?
  168. Im a 10 year old turning 11 i need party ideas...?
  169. Cooking subistution ?
  170. I accidentally ate a glass of water?
  171. Where do they sell pocky in Florida?
  172. is a watermelon a fruit or vegetable??
  173. does your oven get hotter the longer you leave it on?
  174. I just bought four gallons of milk, accidentally. how do i get rid of it all...
  175. Hot fudge brownies just came out of the oven. Should i frost them or not?
  176. sauce recipe n sandwhich idea?
  177. Do you put cool whip before or after refridgeration when making better than sex cake?
  178. What's the BEST hot chocolate recipe you can give me the information too?
  179. What is the difference in Martini's?
  180. A protein you need to live, but which your body cannot make, is called a what?
  181. Need advice on defective candy?
  182. Coke Commercial?
  183. Cereal or Soup?
  184. what kind of pizza toppings do you like?
  185. where can i buy goya sazon powder in london?
  186. weed brownies.?
  187. Janet is using a recipe for pasta that requires 1 1/2 cups of flour to
  188. Frozen White Castle Burgers Have Rat Hairs Inside Them?
  189. hi,please answer,?
  190. cuban cigars?
  191. What do you cook for new year dinner?
  192. How do I get rid of the Fishy smell?
  193. drinkin n drivin?
  194. HEY YOU! ya u open this question please!!!?
  195. Need recipe for Chicken Roulade with Cranberries?
  196. Lots and lots of potatoes......?
  197. Did you have the Feast of the Seven Fishes for Christmas Eve?
  198. What kind of beer do you like?
  199. Apple or Pear ?
  200. why did the baker get brown hands.....?
  201. Enjoy cheese but something's not right?
  202. do you know what halal food is?
  203. Is there a creamer lasagna cheese than Ricotta? I love the flavor?
  204. Trying to enjoy alcohol?
  205. Can you help me find a really nice wine that is sweet and fruity?
  206. If you cut an apple and leave it outside for a long time will it become soft? Why?
  207. Can a giggle be giggly with macaroni and cheeese!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  208. Someone mentioned a bar owner mixing diethylene with whiskey. What is it and
  209. what candy do you think i would go for write know?
  210. How do I clean a computer keyboard?
  211. is coconut oil is easy to be found?
  212. are you addicted to gum???
  213. The beat steak you ever ate?
  214. Is there any harm in consuming expired candy?
  215. any particular red or white wines you like?
  216. Can I cook a turkey at home, then drive for 2 hours and reheat it?
  217. What kind of side dish can I bring?
  218. how do you make whole wheat pizza crust?
  219. For African American: What's ur typical diet/meals looks like?
  220. Do you Put Cool Whip After or before Refridgeration when making Holy Cow Cake?
  221. Country Style Pork Ribs?
  222. What veggies would go well with this dish?
  223. How much is one third of...?
  224. egg substitute...?
  225. What's the difference between regular corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup?
  226. What is the foamy white stuff that floats up when boiling chicken ?
  227. ok i sorta have 2 questions.. PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
  228. BEER AFTeR SHOTS..?
  229. Is a pot set that is Hard Anodized like non-stick? What is the difference?...
  230. who is eating soy ? tofu? do you think its good for you?
  231. Funnel Cake and Caramal Apple Ice Cream?
  232. Anybody allergic to shellfish, what happens to you?
  233. does anyone know a great salsa recipe?
  234. Plz help me with a slogan or one liners for this item called "U-n-Me cheesy...
  235. Is baking soda and baking powder the same thing or are they completely different ?
  236. guess what my fave food is?
  237. New years resolution... new weight! please help!!?
  238. Anybody know any good Belgian White Ales?
  239. what are some good drinking songs? (10 points)?
  240. Shrimp Scampi?
  241. can i put whiskey in eggnog?
  242. What is your top 7?
  243. What's your favorite type of peanut?
  244. I just licked a 12-year old?
  245. stomach feels weird after i eat. feels like i can't keep food down.?
  246. if you leave an open package of food in the fridge will it get salmonila or a type
  247. how many people out there are ready to get CRUNK new years???!!!!?
  248. how do you make regular bread stuffing?
  249. has anyone tried a flavour from the mickey finn's sourz range other than the apple 1?
  250. Who invented the watercooler?