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  1. I heard that the FDA allows a certain amount of maggots in peanut...
  2. how do you make crepes?
  3. Why don't you have to cook garlic for pesto?
  4. is the peruvqian puff pepper real??
  5. What is the concentration of Merlot and Shiraz wine?
  6. How many calories are there in a bottle of Kanu white wine?
  7. What region's vineyards would you most like to tour?
  8. What would happen if you drank red or white wine cooking sauce without cooking it...
  9. Australian Wine: Differents between Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon?
  10. Cooking ribeye steak, which red wine will be good with it? Merlot or
  11. i need some good ideas for my 1st son's 1st birthday!decorations,themes,games for
  12. Wine from Pompeii's restored vineyard?
  13. Does New Zealand and Australia have good wine?
  14. Anybody know where i can find work on a vineyard?
  15. Whats a good cookie recipe with white chocolate chips in them?
  16. Is 2006 chardonnay California a good white wine? About how much does the bottle cost?
  17. Bartending schools in New Jersey?
  18. what are the names of some New Zealand wines?
  19. Does anyone know what shops sell Speargrass Shiraz wine in Northamptonshire?
  20. i bought pink salmon in a can. Can i just eat it raw like tuna?
  21. How many gallons is a 1/4 and 1/2 keg?
  22. DESSERTs!!?
  23. Give me a good name for my product?
  24. Do they make white wine from green grapes?
  25. Would anything bad happen if I drank 100 cups of tea in one afternoon?
  26. Where can i buy red velvet cake in QLD?
  27. jazz up steak-ums??
  28. vegan birthday cakes at whole foods?
  29. Party Songs?
  30. Okay...I have a pound of shrimp, a bottle of white Chablis cooking wine,
  31. Is ginger peel harmful if eaten?
  32. If a supermarket is giving away free thawed out ice cream due to Freezer
  33. Winter Birthday Party Themes [1 year old]?
  34. Champagne / Sparkling Wine legal question!?!?
  35. how can a peperonni be 150% pork?????
  36. Is this chicken still good?
  37. Using the Items in my Spice Cabinet?
  38. Fruits with seeds?
  39. i have a wunderbar machine with heineken keg, i cant get it to work can anyone...
  40. ATTENTION BAKERS i need you help!!?
  41. What should I eat for lunch today?
  42. Boy's 18th birthday?
  43. how to crash a party?
  44. Regular apple cider or hard cider?
  45. Can diced carrots be dehydrated using the oven method?
  46. Does vodka age well?
  47. Best Book On Homebrewing Beer?
  48. stick blender spare parts?
  49. Have you got a recipe for "Rabid Pie" that I can borrow?
  50. Do you support you local or nearest vegetarian restuarant?
  51. Shoyu / Soy Sauce?
  52. What would happen if you drank red or white wine cooking sauce without...
  53. has anyone ever gone to a foodbank?
  54. Does anyone know of a good whole-wheat pizza crust recipe?
  55. pocky tocky?
  56. what can i do with 14 apples?
  57. Do you know any recipes for refrigerated cakes? Tnx..?
  58. How do you make tapioca 'pearls' or 'boba'?
  59. Whats the difference between brands over water?
  60. arabica or robusta beans? burnt flavor due to how they roast ?
  61. Peanut Butter addict!?
  62. what is the meaning of single malt or double malt whisky?
  63. where can i buy Fox Brook Zinfandel White Wine?
  64. where to buy a good couscousier????
  65. My parents opposed to my vegan-ness?
  66. Can you pass on your favorite light pasta recipe?
  67. how do i make flower tortillas?
  68. a bottle ojg of ruma nd wine white wine is sooo GODDDDDDD?
  69. you ever drank baileys from a shoe?
  70. can you season brats?
  71. how do you tell how much an ounce of meat is?
  72. i need a good site to learn how to make a wedding cake and birthday cakes.?
  73. What tea is better for boosting your metabolism?
  74. Do black people only enjoy grape soda?
  75. What can I eat for dinner?
  76. Are crushed orange seeds good for you? What vitamins and mineral do they
  77. hiding alcohol?
  78. Errgh! I just drank an iced coffee?
  79. Johnnie Walker Black or Chivas 12yrs?
  80. Does Starbuck coffee help improve your mileage?
  81. What is your favorite brand of cake mix?
  82. MARMITE :-( LOVE or HATE it?
  83. I like beer, but its making me fat, which alcohol to switch to?
  84. how much weight can i loose if i consume 1200-1300 calories/day?
  85. If l make Cocktails, what make Brandy should l use?
  86. where can i party?
  87. How do you make Sticky/sweet rice?
  88. Horton Vineyards?
  89. What kinds of questions do they ask at In-N-Out Burger interviews and
  90. Should you let white wine "breathe"?
  91. Does anyone know the recipe for biscotti in a better homes and garden cookbook?
  92. Can you be a bad girl and not smoke or drink?
  93. How do you play G Pong?
  94. Can I reheat fish?
  95. Is Sushi Despised for it's Taste or the Idea?
  96. What should i make myself for lunch?
  97. hamburger?
  98. whats the fastest cooked meal...im hungry and i dont know what to cook!?
  99. I felt hot and weird after drinking my cabbage juice. Has anyone ever felt this?
  100. !PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! can you make a list for me?
  101. I need good inexpensive make ahead (freeze/store up to one month) finger food...
  102. why do vegetarians for budhism eat yogurt even when its a living organism?
  103. Question on whole grain flours?
  104. Have there been any recent developments regarding research of Scottish farmed salmon?
  105. How many calories are there in a bottle of Kanu white wine?
  106. Decribe your dream salad?
  107. Bananas Foster?
  108. what's your favorite ice cream?
  109. Does anyone try turkish cuisine?
  110. Question about vegetables?
  111. Okay. I'm the person who has hardly ANYTHING for anything.what do i do with a
  112. is drinking beer bad if oyur a christian?
  113. does anyone know how to make the bruschetta from houllihans?
  114. key lime pie?
  115. Which is your favorite?
  116. Lilac Tea, is it safe?
  117. recipes that are fast, cheap and filling please?
  118. Alcohol HELP please!?
  119. Tortilla chips??
  120. Who else loves banana peppers?
  121. why do you eat meat?
  122. how much alcohol do you need to get 'liquid courage'?
  123. Question about stacked wedding cakes?
  124. Is it ok for Gougeres (french cheese puffs) to be served the next day?
  125. How to steam fresh soybeans?
  126. Why Does White Wine Make Pasta Sauce So Much Tastier?
  127. boooozee....?
  128. how many cups of cereal?
  129. recipes for easy to make snacks and sweets?
  130. Does chipotle mexican grill open on memorial day?
  131. What kind of yeast is best for making red wine ?
  132. Someone said that you could buy a cornish pasty that has a savoury filling and a...
  133. substitute for heavy whipping cream?
  134. Summer Food?
  135. me and my friends are going to make a recipe book for the summer...?
  136. Did anyone see me?
  137. coffeemaker turns off at about half done. whats wrong?
  138. if you could eat anything you liked today?
  139. Where can I go to get some good corn?
  140. whitch one?
  141. Why is it called a " Sweet" sixteenth?
  142. Am I working like a slave??
  143. White wine?
  144. A Question About Yogurt?
  145. Drinking (a little)?
  146. Mocktail recipes.?
  147. 15 year old girl birthday party?
  148. What to do with Pitta Breads that you dried out?
  149. What did you have for lunch today!?
  150. Raw Carrot cake?
  151. Trading Cigars--A good deal?
  152. So, uhhh, why're french fries called "french" fries?
  153. i need to plan five dinners please please please help me?
  154. Vegan Diet & Weight Loss....DO they go together???
  155. Too much lemon in butter and white wine sauce?
  156. Refreeze peas?
  157. What should I make for dinner?
  158. How do you cook your fish?
  159. Curry powder recipes. Store bough just does not taste as good as what my...
  160. flax oil where can you buy it?
  161. chocolate milkshake?
  162. Is it O.K. to mix red wine with white?
  163. POLL: Well Done through rare favorate way you like your steak cooked?
  164. I'm vegetarian but I'm worried I'm not getting enough protein..any good recipes?
  165. Anyone know any good recipies using vegetarian alternatives ie. Quorn??
  166. tough one???
  167. Can somebody show me some help on cooking recipes ..?
  168. 2 leftover sirloin steaks.?
  169. Should I use cream or fill evaporated milk in the ingredients for making custard
  170. What makes your Flesh Crawl.... for me i?
  171. Can you suggest a name for this pie?
  172. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
  173. Is it too late... am I in danger... is this damage irreparable?
  174. Trying to find the name of Mexican Nacho cheese?
  175. poll....what do you call bubbly beverages in cans.....around da world or country??
  176. Can anymore help me with Naked brand juice?? [read details ?]?
  177. Should i do it or not?
  178. does target/cvs have red bull?
  179. how many............?
  180. nutrition facts on walmart cakes?
  181. why do i always crave peanute butter and ice cream?
  182. I like white wine better than red.?
  183. What should I eat at a barbecue?
  184. Exactly what is Yeast Extract? (the stuff they make Marmite with)?
  185. When did you become veggie?
  186. why does mixing spirits make you more drunk/ sick?
  187. does anyone remember these drinks??
  188. Can you help me to write a text in my tea box cover - How to prepare a...
  189. Do you prefer red or white wine; have you a country of preference?
  190. What does proof actually mean in the sense of alcohol content?
  191. Fruit tarts in Portland, Or?
  192. Cooking ribeye steak, which red wine will be good with it? Merlot or Shiraz
  193. I want the recipe for original Chettinad vegetable sambar.?
  194. Vegans: Why are you against the Japanese eating dolphins?
  195. Bacardi 151, can you get a buzz off a simple sip of this stuff or even a mixed shot
  196. white wine?
  197. Do you like sushi?
  198. anyone know any good websites to buy ghetto and name brand glothes?
  199. how many apples do people eat each year?
  200. Tomatao Puree-healthy?
  201. What is the most selling candy sold in Candy machines?
  202. Is Chester the Cheetah related to the Pink Panther??
  203. What non alcholic drinks are nice??
  204. I made cauliflour cheese last night?
  205. Pints of beer consumed per second in Britain?
  206. I bought some refrigerated cinnamon rolls, but they did not get put in the fridge.?
  207. Where's the good institute for Bartending course in Perth?
  208. can I use flavoured jelly (jello) to spin into cotton candy.?
  209. is this a healthy breakfast do you think? what do you normally eat for breakfast?
  210. what's the company's name who make danish butter cookies. The denmark product?
  211. where should i celebrate birthday in delhi?
  212. Yummy Vegetables?
  213. I need to bring in a regular food/dessert item from germany or Norway?
  214. Hi, does anyone have any extra coke codes?
  215. please advise what veggies are okay to eat>>>>>>>?
  216. i want to be a vegetarian.how? help please??
  217. how do i cook jamaican-style oxtail?
  218. Potheads I need your help: Is $50 a fair price for 5 grams of weed?
  219. Australian Wine: Differents between Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon?
  220. Chicken breasts for dinner, but how to cook them?
  221. baking cake?
  222. Recipes under 50 cals per serving?
  223. can muslim be a vegetarian/vegan?
  224. brown sauce used for samosa?
  225. Cupcakes or pie?
  226. decorating leftover containers?
  227. ben and jerrys ?
  228. Ways to smoke without having a lighter?
  229. do you feel tired after eating food, or a big meal?why does this happen?
  230. dressing up a plain gem donut?
  231. How many calories are in a small grilled Chicken breast.. (Picture included)?
  232. Monkeys used as meat?
  233. Pork Chops - How long and how hot?
  234. Pie Prices?
  235. How to make rock candy?
  236. Ingestion of to much Diet soda, diet red bull, and fake Sugars?
  237. where can i get the ingredients for purple drank if i live in georgia?
  238. Birthday Cake Ice Cream?
  239. First time griller w/ a charcoal Smokey Joe Weber Grill... Help!?
  240. sourdough hooch?
  241. If you had to cut out a favorite food...?
  242. Is there a substitute for white wine vinegar?
  243. I'm thinking about making a "bananas foster"-style berry dessert...?
  244. In Canada they have 2nd Cup (coffee) found a great energy lo-cal drink.
  245. A message to Lady Rae.?
  246. I have a bottle of wine. It is a 'Batard - Montrachet' from the vineyards
  247. Recommend a good drink for me?
  248. Where can I buy pre-sliced wagyu beef for shabu shabu?
  249. Anybody know where i can find work on a vineyard?
  250. Should i limit my bread intake to twice a week in order to loose weight faster?