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  1. Where can I buy a Mini Hibachi Grill Pu Pu grill in Toronto?
  2. RSA Licence?
  3. does toast have the same amount of calories as a regular slice of bread?
  4. making frosting for brownies?
  5. advantage and disadvantage of candy bars?
  6. Mexican Food in a Wok?
  7. Easy recipe using brown rice and other simple ingredients?
  8. Should I throw away onions?
  9. What is a really nice combo of food?
  10. tomato sauce?
  11. I'm underage but i'd like to try a beer?
  12. what is the best type of wine?
  13. cardboard or plastic tampons?
  14. Why is citrus fruit not allowed in the US from Canada?
  15. why am I addicted to oats?
  16. Where can I watch Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger?
  17. Looking for Cake Pans?
  18. What's your favorite Chicken dish/dishes?
  19. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  20. I'm 20 and clueless in the kitchen. I need easy recipes.?
  21. what do i make him for dinner?
  22. What were those cookies with a chocolate kiss in the middle they used to sell
  23. Where can I buy WASA crackers in Canada?
  24. Wanting make fondant for the first time.?
  25. can cup-a-soup go off?
  26. spinach and feta triangles using filo pastry?
  27. Frozen hot chocolate?
  28. "Buffalo Wings"? Reason of name?
  29. Can anyone recommend a wine that's comparable to newton unfiltered chardonnay?
  30. Food studies prac. Help please!?
  31. How do i make BBQ ribs in a slow cooker ?
  32. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  33. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  34. What is your favorite cold pasta recipe and how do you make it?
  35. what are some things soft and easy to eat when you get your wisdom teeth out?
  36. Anyone have recipe for Longhorn's baked sweet potato with marshmallow and
  37. Get to a Man's Heart Through His Stomach?
  38. how long do you think i will last?
  39. Kellog's or Nestle Cereals?
  40. How do you reconstitute dried mushrooms?
  41. Should I sue the store or the lady?
  42. How do you order Perfect water online??
  43. How long can I leave an uncooked steak in the refrigerator before it shouldn't
  44. what color sparkling wine to serve with white wine?
  45. Eating cereal?
  46. What's your favourite cocktail recipe?
  47. Another baking problem?
  48. whats for tea later?
  49. teriyaki chicken and teppanyaki chicken? which one has more calories and fat?
  50. Wrap help needed?
  51. underaged drinking and what can it do to you?
  52. What do I do if a store is selling lots of items with NO exp. date on them at all,...
  53. I'm a vegetarian but I'm against PETA. Are there Vegan/Vegetarians like me?
  54. non processed food?
  55. Vegetarian Cookbook For Cheese Lovers?
  56. best chocolate?
  57. does anybody have coke points?
  58. Everyone is telling me to quit smoken...?
  59. What is the BEST Salad Dressing --?
  60. Was this a good reason to fire me?
  61. Im having a party.. does anybody know of really gud tasteful liquor under 15 dollars?
  62. Does anyone else hate the special K commercials?
  63. looking for a recipes that has 3 musketeer bar it a chocolate cake?
  64. Bartender?
  65. Where do i get a bento box and what stuff should I put in it?
  66. what are you having for dinner today?
  67. What do you like about coffee?
  68. Does anyone remember the brand of tea called Green Leaf tea for ice tea making?
  69. Marino Brothers DJ?
  70. i left a pint of milk somewhere and found it a couple of weeks later. it
  71. canola oil HELP?!?!?
  72. Where is the expiration date on an Everfresh bottle of juice?
  73. 24-Hour Lemon-Marinated Ahi Tuna Steak?
  74. Could i bring a bottle of alcohol to school?
  75. Why is black caviar so much more expensive?
  76. Have you seen this video?
  77. how do i cook Japanese style rice?
  78. Who does same day beer delivery in Sydney?
  79. Kid cooking competition? Im only 12 i LOVE to cook/bake i even have my own cookbook?
  80. I'm looking for a simple, yet tasty recipe for Zucchini Parmesan. I only have one
  81. So what are your views on avacados? They rock!?
  82. Do English people eat English muffins or are they just muffins?
  83. Something to do with shrimp?
  84. What's the best double crust pie?
  85. I grew okra in our garden this year but have never used it before. Do I need to
  86. whats you favorite way to eat hummus?
  87. Who likes raspberry smirnoff??
  88. What Is The Best Flavor Of Mass XXX????
  89. Is drunk Yahoo answering worth it?
  90. century eggs?
  91. Working at Starbucks?
  92. whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  93. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  94. what is the sweetest candy on world?
  95. When placing an uncooked steak in my vacuum pack machine, what is a good
  96. Which brand of milk tastes the best???????
  97. Can watermelon seeds cause blood poop?
  98. Very curious???
  99. pop tarts or toaster stroodles?
  100. brownie recipe on the back of nestle baking cocoa tin..?
  101. can u seggest some nice summer drinks please?
  102. How much does one week's worth of groceries cost for one person?
  103. Is this good?
  104. how to get a sugar ruch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  105. How to Make Mojito cocktail? How to Use LIME and MINT? Explain In Detail please.?
  106. what does it mean when people go "fruit looping" yards?
  107. vegetarians: how do you tolerate other people eating meat?
  108. Spreads and spreads...?
  109. sweet 16. HELP!!?
  110. What is the downside to coke zero?
  111. Bartenders! Where do/did you make the most money?
  112. What do you recommended for Starbucks Coffee?
  113. Is it true that you can use vodka for pearl luster/pearl dust on fondant icing?
  114. What do you think about the final 3 contestants on Next Food Network Star??
  115. What do you like on you hotdog??
  116. does Milk makes you FART a lot?
  117. Does anyone know what alcoholic drink this is?
  118. Where can I buy a microwave rice cooker in Manchester ?
  119. Is monster energy bad for me?
  120. Today do you have confidence that Anheuser-Busch will remain largely the same?
  121. Wat r teh 4th best foods to eat?
  122. Are there any Middle Eastern dishes which contain pork?
  123. Is bottled drinking water oxygen depleted?
  124. Changing A Cake Recipe?
  125. Where in the UK can I buy a 35cl bottle of malibu?
  126. Looking for something that will help chop veggies for salsa?
  127. anyone who grew up in the 70s, can you help me?
  128. Is Splenda safe?
  129. :)what do your home country eat?
  130. a romantic meal on a budget?
  131. What is a safe way to put out grease fires?
  132. Drinking for the first time?
  133. Drinking in England???
  134. Who's your favorite cook on Food Network? Who is your least favorite?
  135. The best breakfast. . .?
  136. Does anyone know the closest Farmers market to Hayes Valley in San Francisco?
  137. A recipe that showcases flax seed?
  138. What is 1 serving of broccoli?
  139. Your Kids Parties?
  140. need ideas of packing simple lunch?
  141. Very old 1 gallon coke bottle?
  142. What are the dots on cupcakes called?
  143. 1985 Bottle of Dom Perignon?
  144. I am looking for Jelly Babies in the states. I remember having them as a
  145. Vegans and vegetarians - What do you think about PETA offering a million...
  146. Is Monster the Energy drink really bad for you?
  147. Random question but does anyone know off the top of their head if Fanta...
  148. how did i eat today??
  149. Has anyone ever tried making fried Twinkies?
  150. what can i make with sliced chicken luncheon meat besides sandwiches?
  151. What street foods are good in Dijon, Brussels and Amsterdam?
  152. Moonshine making?
  153. I drank a Beer 7 hours before a Piss in a cup drug test...?
  154. Whats a good sweet white wine i can get from a supermarket in the UK?
  155. Fav cinema food?
  156. What to have with tuna steaks on this hot day????????
  157. Arroz con Leche?
  158. Veggie eggrolls?
  159. Can you buy martini mix at a store without being 21?
  160. Why don't they sell corned beef pasties in England ?
  161. Does anyone know how to make a cold spagetti?
  162. Rice help!?
  163. What is the best way to sell chocolate brownies?
  164. What happens if you eat old chocolate?
  165. my hubby doesnt likes onoin & tomatos in his food pls advice indian recepies...
  166. what the law on age in bars in the UK?
  167. why do meateaters not care about animals.?
  168. can i have a taco?
  169. Is propel Vegan?
  170. Which knife set should I buy?
  171. How long does turkey bacon last in fridge?
  172. Creative uses for garden veggies?
  173. Why are all these foods contaminated all of the sudden?
  174. What flavor of Tea is your favorite?
  175. Sour Cream? how to use it?
  176. What stores put photographs on cakes?
  177. Sour Cream?
  178. Does organic food taste different?
  179. what should i do for my 30Th birthday ?
  180. Teriyaki Sauce, What is a cheap wine I could use?
  181. Cabbage without meat is this a purines food?
  182. Is chardonnay supposed to taste carbonated?
  183. Veagan or Vegetarian?
  184. What is your favorite red wine?
  185. Capsaicin and milk?
  186. Before man "discovered" fire, what did we eat? Fruits and vegetables? Raw meat?
  187. is this a good 21st bday gift? any suggestions?
  188. What to do for 30th bday for sister???
  189. Does anyone have any mycokerewards codes laying around that aren't used?...
  190. green tea???
  191. Alcohol Question-What is the difference between a "RED LABEL" and a "BLACK LABEL" ?
  192. Why do directions on microwave popcorn bags always say "do not use popcorn button"?
  193. can you tell me what kind of sweet potato this is?
  194. I tried this hot sauce at my freinds and i was wondering if anyone knew wheer...
  195. Cooking measurements??
  196. whats a good white wine for cooking chicken cordon bleu?
  197. Does my prom outfit look too slutty?
  198. do you have a recipe for a chocolate chip No bake recipe?
  199. Yummy ice cream flavors at Friendly's restaurant???
  200. Does anyone have some good nutrisystem recipe ideas?
  201. why tomato has the least amount of "Guts" or juice?
  202. starbucks, which 1 tastes better?
  203. What benefit is there to toasting bread instead of just eating it untoasted?
  204. Are there any health benefits to eating spicy foods?
  205. does mixing alcohol make it less strong?
  206. can powdered sugar be substitued for sugar when baking?
  207. What Do You Order From Starbucksss?
  208. Do i need a flask?
  209. Is an opened white wine safe still for cooking if its in the refrig for 2
  210. Egg Substitute??? PLEASE HELP?
  211. where in San Antonio Texas can i get fried ice cream?
  212. Heeeelp. ANOTHER Food preparation question. im stuck with this for a week now. i...
  213. Help me!! I have a big problem!!?
  214. calories in one person?
  215. Anyone know why icecubes from automatic maker in my fridge freezer suddenly
  216. How to make vanilla ice cream with fine and smooth texture?
  217. Is it true that our taste buds change every seven years?
  218. Does anyone know of any good Dairy free and Gluten free recepies?
  219. teenage food?
  220. what is this???
  221. Jell-o or Rice Pudding?
  222. Cookie and Cake Sale?
  223. What is the healthiest tea to drink?
  224. Party ideas for 14 year olds. only 8 people?
  225. Cigar Question?
  226. does your throat hurt the next day after you get drunk?
  227. notice any differnce between coke and pepsi vs sprite and 7up?
  228. What is an Ale beer?
  229. Need cheap, easy recipes for an idiot chef please :)?
  230. Raw veggie and fruit diet?
  231. Cake Decorating?
  232. Please try my cocktail?
  233. Can sencha be ground to make a good green tea powder (matcha)?
  234. worth of 1985 harley davidson beer can worth??unopened??
  235. Can chicken stock be used as a substitute for white wine?
  236. whats your favorite snack/junk food? 10pts!?
  237. Why is my applesauce carbonated?
  238. Is it okay to wear wool being a vegan? Like a coat?
  239. hard cookies?
  240. My potato salad doesn't taste right-i think too much celery seed ...any
  241. How do I cook rats to eat?
  242. What do you order at starbucks?
  243. What should I make for dinner?
  244. starbucks order?
  245. Its my in-laws 25th wedding anniversary . I need recipe for 4 different...
  246. which vegetable juice should i have daily???
  247. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  248. what's an awesome chardonnay that would go really well with...
  249. Cookie recipe, anyone?
  250. Has anyone done this at Starbucks?