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  1. I have 17 pepsi stuff pts left-who wants them? ?
  2. What is a really simple and easy turkey recipe?
  3. I am looking for a place that ships Vampyre/Vampire Vodka to Texas..any suggestions?
  4. Does anyone have an authentic...?
  5. Any good sweet sixteen ideas? ?
  6. Wah!?! Can jelly spontaneously turn into wine?
  7. Where can I find some interesting food stuff to order on line in Canada?
  8. How many of you put salt in your coffee?
  9. Good Delicious Cakes?
  10. Do you eat breakfast every day?
  11. Marmite price in the UK?
  12. What can i do with leftover stuffing?
  13. Can you give me some good websites to get authentic German stoneware beer steins off
  14. Have any of you ever had a Pear Pie? ?
  15. how long does the pizza need to rest?
  16. What vegetables go well with pancetta?? (best answer 10 points)?
  17. how to make rice krispie cakes?
  18. cocaine energy drink?
  19. Please, I really need help!?
  20. Can you buy Tofurky in the UK?
  21. What temperature do I use to heat up a Honey Baked Whole Turkey?
  22. Is there a recipe I can make with my leftover orange pulp?
  23. Are more Americans drinking tea because they think being British is "in"?
  24. Does it offend you that a question about cooking MEAT made it to the Y/A home page?
  25. Does drinking wine make you sleepy?
  26. How much do bartenders make in the UK?
  27. Food for a black and white party?
  28. I am a guest, what should i bring? 6hrs till dinner?
  29. whats the most stupidest thing you have ever done when you were drunk?
  30. Help Quickly Please question about a cake I made!!?
  31. has anyyone cooked a turkey breast side down?
  32. my son is 4 months now and i have just started him on single grain rice cereal
  33. Can a double apple crisp be eaten cold?
  34. Can they give O'Doul's beer to a minor?
  35. Is my ketchup still good?
  36. How to thaw a 13 lb turkey out over night?
  37. What are you eating for Thanksgiving?
  38. Is Japanese food healthy?
  39. Can You Substitute Extract instead of Oil-based flavoring for Chocolate Making?
  40. What is a good recipe for taters.?
  41. Spode Christmas Gravy Boat and Stand.. HELP!?
  42. Poll:How much does your turkey weigh?
  43. What are you going to do with you leftovers from Thanksgiving?
  44. What type of dry white wine do you use to cook with? Where do you find it in the...
  45. I feel like its me against the world , i hate school so sometimes i take 2
  46. Help, I need a good dessert.....?
  47. Why do Taco Bells Volcano Tacos have a red shell if the shell isn't even spicey?
  48. how to make chocolate?
  49. What is your favorite food?
  50. are brownish spots on green onions good or bad?
  51. How many Starbursts is in 1 pack?
  52. how do you stop turkey being cooked to dry?
  53. I need a good reciepe for a whole baked chicken for thanksgiving?
  54. How To Make A Oreo COOKIE Pie?
  55. Anyone know a good recipe for ambrosia?
  56. Thanksgiving dish for vegetarian?
  57. Creme Brulee...what cream should i buy..BRAND?? ?
  58. Thanksgiving Question...?
  59. What kitchen scale do you recommend?
  60. I need fruit dessert ideas..?
  61. Does drinking many different beers cancel each other out?
  62. Why do Pillsbury holiday themed cookies always taste less delicious than they look?
  63. How should I make the turkey?
  64. Had Chinese Saturday, Chop sticks, how the hell do you use them?
  65. What foods/drinks can I make from weed that don't involve the stove or waiting
  66. Would this recipe work?
  67. what is alcohol infusing?
  68. Energy Drinks: Why does it make me happy after I drink them?
  69. I have a verticle water smoker. Is it safe to cook a turkey and a ham at
  70. How many grains is in one pound of rice?
  71. does white wine expire? ?
  72. Does anyone have the recipe for making cookies out of cake mix?
  73. What is considered a dry white wine?
  74. If you had one Red Bull to give away what would you do?
  75. How can some one die from taking the pills with alchohol?
  76. Anyone have a good stuffed mushroom recipe?
  77. Rubio's Mexican Grill or Chipotle ??? ?
  78. recipe for potato pudding?
  79. how can i get rid of the smell of cooked crab water/juice?
  80. 14th birthday party ideas?
  81. 1 very ripe banana and wanting to use it?
  82. Since they use fresh egg to make egg nogg is it dangerous to drink it?
  83. rice krispies treats?
  84. How much does Bailey's Irish Creme cost in Houston, Tx?
  85. ELECTRiC DRUM KIT , good or bad?
  86. I need a filling for my thanksgiving cake. PLEASE HELP!?
  87. A good sauce for gnocchi?
  88. Does a man assume a women is "easy" if he sees her having a drink at the bar...
  89. Indian Cuisine: a project.?
  90. Sweet, white wine- what could I have drank?
  91. Can you peel potatoes for mashed a couple days ahead of boiling time?
  92. What type of potato do you use in chowder?
  93. Do you mix beers? Beers only drinks.?
  94. Is gelatin really from the icky bits of cows? ?
  95. Cranberry Fluff Recipe?
  96. When a recipe calls for setting the turkey in the fridge overnight..?
  97. Organic food, what do you think about it?
  98. Billy Beer in Six pack, Value?
  99. Chardonnay of the Month Club?
  100. is apple juice manly used as a carrier of other flavours because of its cheap ?
  101. Nutrition?? Serves a day?? Meaning?
  102. Need some GOOD cupcakes delivered to central US?
  103. Would you buy instant rice meals ? if no why ? what about the product that...
  104. 'Icebreaker' Game ideas for Home Parties?
  105. Restaurants with function room for small groups in makati?
  106. can someone tell me where can custom made a nice cake display showcase like
  107. What is your favourite cuisine and meal from it?
  108. Grocrey bill! help!!?
  109. Alcohol and Anger - Explosive Rage, serious question?
  110. The Richest, gooeyest, sweetest, nicest choclatiest chocolate cake recipe please?
  111. What is some yummy tea?
  112. plz any one have any idea bout this?
  113. Looking for a fatty pastrami at the deli?
  114. who makes a butterscotch brownie mix in a box?
  115. HElp me with my scallion onions!!?
  116. what is a liquor that starts with a d?
  117. if i bake a pumpkin that has doodles on it, will it be good or should i just...
  118. all age / underage clubs :)?
  119. in a donut eating contest, how many could you eat?
  120. I heard fried chicken goes great with a side of watermelon and grape...
  121. How do I know if my turkey is done?
  122. Have you ever had the Sacred Hill 2007 chardonnay? What did you think?
  123. Can these oranges be saved?
  124. Does anyone know how to make the yogurt covering you get on pretzels or raisins?
  125. i have a nice gelatinous, pale kombucha mama. How do I make the babies?
  126. why have i been having drink cravings latley?
  127. What can i use instead of white wine?
  128. Why can't kids drink pina colada?
  129. Is it okay to eat raw cookie dough?
  130. party planning advice needed!!!!?
  131. How long do I cook a meatloaf w/ 2lbs ground beef?
  132. purpose of salt when cooking?
  133. How do I make cookies that stay soft and gooey?!?
  134. what kind of treats for thanksgiving?
  135. visions is a company for in store demos like wines & products i saw a girl
  136. What are good ideas for a sweet 16 party?
  137. Where can I buy the Spanish Beer Voll Damm in the US or Online?
  138. Can you go to an AA meeting drunk if you really want help?
  139. Is it true that applesauce and canned pumpkin are interchangeable in recipes?
  140. Is there a recipe I could use stovetop,groundbeef, and cheese with?
  141. Healthy Pie Recipes!?
  142. Cooking-Dinner tonight with new bf!?
  143. How do I cook hotdogs? (read details)?
  144. What kind of soup is your favorite?
  145. Can you by canned mincemeat pie filling?
  146. where can you buy pocky?
  147. How could I adapt this bourbon pecan pie recipe?
  148. Does anyone need a personal chef?
  149. can i make a smoothie with just ice,milk,and yogurt?
  150. A simple, Argentinian food I can buy?
  151. can you die drinking half a bottle of Robitussin?
  152. Simple meals my husband can make after we..?
  153. I need legal advice I think?
  154. Do they still sell Country Club malt liquor?
  155. How much cheese??????
  156. How long will fudge keep in the fridge?
  157. I'm going to make chocolate covered pretzels to some of my friends/...
  158. can u b vegan and eat bacon?? its too goood?
  159. Know any unique ways to make kraft dinner taste better?
  160. Is jungle juice (mcarthur brand) being made cheaper?
  161. Do any bars sell eggnog?
  162. What is your favourite food..?
  163. I am making a chicken casserole but?
  164. What are the polish common staple ingredients/foods?
  165. What are healthy hamburgers?
  166. Does anyone out there know how to make "Nights in Beirut"? I need the
  167. Is it okay to use sweet potato puree as a substitute for pumpkin puree in a...
  168. TURKEY 101 or TURKEY SOS?
  169. Amish Friendship Bread- how do I bake it?
  170. Best "I love you" meal?
  171. what do you think about smoking pot (teenagers)?
  172. i have chicken and bacon and want to cook something yum!?
  173. Question about baking chicken! need answers quick lol?
  174. Has Someone Invented Candy Suspenders?
  175. If you fart near a meringue, it will absorb the smell?
  176. same amount of applesauce as veg oil?
  177. Vintage Port............?
  178. Finishing a mickey off in 2 days?
  179. COOKS????? meat??? sauces?
  180. seriously, when I eat pumpkin pie-it reminds me of sex?
  181. how do i make soft cookies...?
  182. Cutting boards can be sanitized in a microwave set on high for one minute as
  183. why do people say that they wanna get so drunk that they vomit?
  184. Looking for two recipes?
  185. I have a bunch of pears that are getting too ripe. What can I make with them?
  186. Good dessert and drink to compliment a muffuletta meal?
  187. How To Cook A Hot Pocket On A Stove?
  188. COOKS????? meat??? sauces?
  189. how much is pinkberry frozen yogurt?
  190. Please help! Alcoholic question!?
  191. need ideas for making decorations for a 1st bday party?
  192. Good non-desert things for a food basket?
  193. Help! My son is a vegetarian?
  194. Goat Cheese Chevre left out over night?
  195. Help!!!I need a brownie recipe please!!!?
  196. Vodka?
  197. what does it mean when it says sifted flour or sugar?
  198. What does meat taste like; I'm vegetarian?
  199. Does anyone have any good ideas for dinner meals?
  200. does anyone know where i can buy sobranie cocktail cigarettes and use PAYPAL?
  201. How do Chocolate Candy Companies ship their chocolates without them melting? ?
  202. easy, sweet, couscous recipe?!?
  203. Does the yeast need to be kept warm for fermentation to happen?
  204. dose coffee really stunt your growth?
  205. Can I add green food coloring to a bottle of white wine?
  206. What does it mean when you get a headache when you start drinking alcohol?
  207. i am 14 and i drink and smoke ?
  208. How can I make a quick Gravity Bong and Hash?
  209. in your opinion what is the best chardonnay?
  210. does anyon know the name to the chocolat candies that where made by quacker like 8
  211. Pampered Chef Outlet Special?
  212. Does anyone know, how much of Thanksging Dinner can I cook ahead of time?
  213. How is bread made? When was the first bread made and where?
  214. Unique sweet sixteen party ideas and themes?
  215. Help?!?!???????????????!?
  216. Is frozen food bad for health when meat is also kept frozen ?
  217. hey guys i have a serious drinking problem and im only 14 how can i get sober?
  218. Do you prefer food that is:?
  219. Poll: Eating at a restaurant, or eating at home?
  220. Bananas? Plums? Peaches? Or Apples? Which do you like better?
  221. Dark spots on Chicken?
  222. eggdrop soup recipes?
  223. anyone want some bread?
  224. What is your favorite recipe? ?
  225. What is your favorite recipe? ?
  226. What have you eaten today?
  227. Have any interesting recipes?
  228. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10 points?
  229. Good pot roast recipe?
  230. Rich chocolate pie or cake?
  231. Wine price for achaval ferrer 2004?
  232. i have misplaced my abc permit and dont know how to get another copy of it?
  233. what should i name my cookbook ?
  234. I need some ideas for a yummy Thanksgiving side dish. ?
  235. Question about frozen turkey?
  236. Do You Think This Is a Good Recipe?
  237. Hey Im Keeping 60 Cans Of Beer Under My Bed For A Music Festival Next July Will
  238. How do u become a vegetarian? ?
  239. a simple recipe for fried rice?
  240. sweet 16 party ideas? pleaseeee help?
  241. Where has the bisto cheese sauce gone?
  242. Do you really like Turkey? Or would you prefer another meat at Christmas?
  243. how do you make french toast?
  244. Have you ever drank an entire pot of coffee in less than 3 hours?
  245. whats the amount and price of it?
  246. Which are better for frying use: stainless steel tongs or silicone tongs?
  247. how to make pumpkin roll with pumpkin pie mix ?
  248. I have this plastic cup, is it poison-is?
  249. What type of meat to smoke on the grill on Thanksgiving Day.?
  250. do any of the finger lake wineries make a white wine using a "symphony grape"?