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  1. How do you make your own hard cider?
  2. taffy??????????????????
  3. How long to cook ribs in oven?
  4. Do you believe high fructose corn syrup to be healthy?
  5. What makes freshly roasted, freshly ground brewed coffee good for you?
  6. What would your ultimate 'last meal' be?
  7. Cooking rice so it won't stick?
  8. Can someone recommend a good Chardonnay for a special romantic location?
  9. Ideas for an Alice in Wonderland sweet sixteen party?
  10. where to plan a party?
  11. Spinach and weird feeling teeth?
  12. How many of you have seen your teachers drunk?
  13. Name your Poison! Häagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, Edy's or some other.?
  14. Smokers who won't quit: How much money would it take for you to stop smoking for a
  15. i ate expired cream cheese?
  16. My steak has a slight funk to it. Been in fridge for 8 days?
  17. Where can i find free japanese rice cracker samples?
  18. what did everybody have for dinner tonight?
  19. City of Glass release date?
  20. Any Good Mixed Drinks?
  21. How dangerous is it to drink alcohol after fasting for a month?
  22. I need a little help with recipe?
  23. Do you buy organic foods?
  24. question about drinkingg...?
  25. What flavor is coke.......?
  26. what pink champagne/liquor is in the rap videos?
  27. Need help with cooking eggs?
  28. Vegetarian to Vegan...?
  29. homemade vanilla extract help!?
  30. I am trying to mail a trial sample back to get a full refund, the bottle has to be
  31. Where can I buy hunted meat on the Internet?
  32. I am looking for a recipe for a cake with pudding on the bottom?
  33. I am a cokeaholic and i need help?
  34. i want adver. video of rotato chips?
  35. Oreo Cheesecake Recipe?
  36. My 8 year old will be having her baptism soon, what should i serve after the service?
  37. Why does my throat taste sour?
  38. Is it bad to drink so much that you vomit all over your own computer every nght?
  39. I need ideas for a delicious recipe?
  40. What Foods Go In A Vegetarian Wrap?
  41. What's a Good Alternative to French Fries?
  42. is soy milk considered raw soy?
  43. Do you have a good recipe for teacakes (the sort you eat toasted and buttered)?
  44. Where can I get ajvar (paprika paste)?
  45. I Made to much eggs this morning do you want some?
  46. How long do i bake this carrot cake if i dont want to use a bundt cake pan?
  47. Whats a good Nacho Cheese Sauce Recipe ?
  48. What's a really good, simple recipe I can make?
  49. Garlic white wine butter sauce for pasta recipe?
  50. What foods can I make that doesn't need to be put in the fridge or freezer...
  51. have u ever been to the melting pot b4?
  52. where can i find CENEPAS!?
  53. Why does apple juice contain lots of glucose?
  54. Caster sugar or granulated sugar in cookies?
  55. whaddup! whats your favorite flavor coffeeee?
  56. easy to make pizza dough?
  57. I am a vegetarian and want to go vegan but.....?
  58. How to get my personal licence...?
  59. if you like dr. pepper say haaaaaaaaay?
  60. Sour Foods have bad effect to brain?
  61. I just made jell-o that's four years old, is it safe to eat?
  62. What will be the food eaters called which go the restaurant?
  63. Caught with booze. please help.?
  64. Easiest cheesiest risotto recipe?
  65. Why does spearmint gum seem to make water taste colder?
  66. Cheese enchilada question?
  67. why is it if you make a cup of tea and a cup of coffee exactly at the same time?
  68. Need to find a "Monster" (energy drink) Rogue Status shirt...?
  69. What if I don't prepare my lettuce correctly?
  70. What can I mix with my food coloring gel to thin enough to use in an air brush?
  71. Suggestions for different types of tea?
  72. how do i cook asparagus?
  73. how old do you have to be to be a home brewer?
  74. Do you like Starbucks......?
  75. Can a plus size girl be a bartender?
  76. How do I make Steamed Milk?
  77. can you help me plan a party?
  78. i feel weird? after i drank a bottle of nyquil?
  79. what type of tea makes the best iced tea? I love the tea at the local thai
  80. good jokes? new? old? tell me one that i can use as an opener?
  81. can you make angel delight with water instead of milk?
  82. Doing tacos at a dinner party, need help with what and how much of everything to
  83. Do you like jello!????
  84. do you like granola(extending question because yahoo answers won't post it) lol?
  85. Okay, my birthday is in the summer and i wanna plan now and i dont know...
  86. Can you eat the Stride Gum Wrappers?
  87. Who should I chill with tonight?
  88. why must pasteurized foods be refrigerated?
  89. how do I scale a bread recipe for my breadmaker?
  90. Do you prefer thin, thick or in between porridge? With or without sugar?...
  91. honestly, is soymilk good?
  92. peppermint stuff and products?
  93. Looking for classy dinner ideas?
  94. is there a web site teaching by video clip how to make easy recipe sweets?
  95. Steak mince vs ordinary mince vs lean mince, just a difference in fat?
  96. How can I make a pizza from scratch without using the following ingredients?
  97. Party Planners Please Read I Need Help(:?
  98. Does anyone know how to makes really good sugar cookies?!?
  99. What can I put in french vanilla cake mix to make it TASTIER?
  100. Which red wine for a lamb recipe?
  101. Refrigerate after opening?
  102. Sushi from safeway in pacifica ca 94044?
  103. Liver flush recipe, does it HAVE to be hot water?
  104. Do you notice that self rising flour can act really funny?
  105. should i work out again tonight considering everything i ate?
  106. recipe for creamy seafood tagitelle?
  107. if water is a drink what is water?
  108. Can you drink grape/strawberry jelly?
  109. i have this salad dressing that i have been making for years. people love...
  110. Is there any places on Earth with cannibals?
  111. About how much wax is put into a chocolate candy bar?
  112. What alcoholic beverage pairs well with eggs?
  113. How are Jelly beans made?
  114. How do you tell if canned applesauce has gone bad?
  115. What in coffee gives you panda eyes?
  116. Does it make sense why I do this? Is it justifiable? What should I do?
  117. Coffee in the morning Do you have to have your coffee?
  118. what happens when you freeze milk?
  119. Where in Perth can I buy marsh mellow paper, cheap?
  120. Dinner and Dessert Question?
  121. Can you make lava cake in a lg. metal pan rather than sm. ramekins?
  122. Are you the breakfast type of person?
  123. A bar is very busy and one person did not show for their shift. A guest says...
  124. can anyone help me find me a blood alcohol test online?
  125. Whats the best way to bbq beef ribs?
  126. what can i do, so i wont get a hang over when i drink?
  127. What should I name my small cake business?
  128. Where can I buy Pocky in the Sugar Land/Houston area other than Walmart?
  129. Crown royal vs Maker's Mark!?
  130. DO you prefer Taiwanese, Thai, Chinese, Vietmanese or Korean food?
  131. "yet natures tears are reasons merriment."?
  132. What's your favorite candy?
  133. what kind of seasoning for slow cooked cabbage, carrots, and potatoes? no meat.?
  134. Helppp This Is Real Pleaseeeee Answerrrr?
  135. Are peeps (the marshmallow easter candy) addictive?
  136. why do people turn vegetarian and then turn around and continue to eat?
  137. hey vegans, can you help me figure out what to eat for meals?
  138. Do you drink vinegar?
  139. has anybody ever heard of, chicken pot pie, not being in a pie?
  140. How to plan a family birthday party?
  141. My pasta recipe calls for brandy. I don't have any, can I substitute for white
  142. How would you describe Chardonnay?
  143. what's the cross on top of a hot cross bun made out of?
  144. dessert ideas please?
  145. how do you make the Lebanese dish "lubia"?
  146. are the "health risks" of soy real, and what is "raw" soy?
  147. have i ate too much 2day ?
  148. This question is for the Kraft Kitchen Knowledge team: Why does your company
  149. I'm having a spicey Talapia tonight, whats a good lowfat sidedish?
  150. Do you think Coca cola tastes better out of a glass bottle?
  151. Uncaffeinated Tea lol?
  152. Alcohol Levels- How long?
  153. what is the difference between brown egg and white eggs?
  154. how much can i drink before im drunk?
  155. how much can i drink before im drunk?
  156. "Grown-Up Mac and Cheese" by Rachel Ray?
  157. is my vegetarian friend a hypocrite?
  158. Do you like pancakes or waffles?
  159. Why don't I know about....?
  160. Sweet 16 problems?!?!?
  161. Do you like to try new Products, when it comes to food's & drinks?
  162. Chicken cutlet recipe without egg?
  163. Any recipes for Greek food?
  164. wondering if i can make mini pot pies in a silicon cupcake dish?
  165. Can you help me to plan this drinking event?
  166. What food causes the most bloating?
  167. Why don't I hear vegans promoting awareness of the potential health risks
  168. What are some extraordinary chicken recipes I can make?
  169. How do I convert 100g of Juice to ml?
  170. What should i do for my Sweet 16 ? :)?
  171. What type of sweet breakfast bread can I send to my husband job, just to be nice?
  172. How to sell recipe to a company.?
  173. ...milk....!!!!!!!!!!!?
  174. Why is it that when I put ice - cubes in Coca cola, they crack and then the
  175. I drank some bad homemade wine, how long will the hangover last?
  176. What can I use to color my rolled fondant?
  177. Bar optics work with those bottles that have plastic security tops?
  178. Can you get shelf-stable individual packs of velveeta cheese sauce?
  179. snacks for washington trip?
  180. what can I use as a substitute of red or white wine in cooking some food?
  181. help me in making hashbrowns?
  182. Why is 5 gum called 5 gum?
  183. Amish Recipe on book Cover?
  184. What Cookware is used on the tv show This Morning?
  185. how did you stop drinking?
  186. What is the name of the Thai dish that is like BBQ Chicken?
  187. Is this a good breakfast?
  188. How many drinks/units would it take me to get drunk?
  189. Was this a healthy breakfast?
  190. Is it possible for a blackout to cause loss of memories BEFORE the intoxicated
  191. How do you make an omlette?
  192. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
  193. Blerg... spring break. i love it?
  194. Is vegetarian really healthier?
  195. What are you making/having for dinner/supper.?
  196. Why is there a peanut shell in my bag of Sunchips?
  197. I'm making dinner for a sick friend tomorrow. I get off at 5 and it
  198. Bitter in my coffee STILL?
  199. Bitter in my coffee STILL?
  200. What does royal jelly taste like?
  201. How long will a box of Krispy Kream donuts stay fresh?
  202. Good salad for picky eaters?
  203. Nutmeg......................................?
  204. Nutmeg......................................?
  205. How should I pack cupcakes to give away?
  206. Is it healthy to cook with a cast iron pan?
  207. candy wrapper colors?
  208. What Would You Ask About Pepsi?
  209. Want to satisfy my husbands craving for sardines?
  210. Is there a class in San Diego to learn how to make Italian style bread - hard...
  211. How can I cook a pancake with out it sticking to the pan?
  212. how to make french cheese?
  213. Recipe for dog food, please?
  214. Recommendations for a somewhat untypical birthday party..?
  215. How much can you slim down by simply cutting sugar from your diet?
  216. What is the best alcohol to mix with grape soda?
  217. Can you make beer at home without hop?
  218. Good white wine recipes?
  219. M HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!(suggestions).?
  220. Why is it written "May contain traces?
  221. What is a Parsnip, can you tell me?
  222. Favorite type of liquor?
  223. Is Powerade ZERO good for you?
  224. What is the diffence in taste between rum, whiskey, vodka, and gin?
  225. When Do You Know Tomato Sauce Turned Bad?
  226. Poll: Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc?
  227. How is it that some Slurpees/Slushies are not Kosher? I thought they're just...
  228. Do you think drinking alcohal and drinking wine is a sin?
  229. where can I find an online image of "Eldorado" rich white or old tawny wine. This
  230. What is a good, but inexpensive, white wine for cooking?
  231. How many pounds of tomato sauce can feed 20 people?
  232. Where can I get rubber washers for a beer gas cylinder?
  233. What's a good flourless cake recipe?
  234. Whats a good substitute for Chardonnay in a slow cooker pot roast receipe?
  235. Where can i find Bakers Hot Sauce online.?
  236. V8 V-Fusion juice question...?
  237. Is white wine and white wine viniger the same?
  238. Don't you just want to be in those "Five" gum commercials?
  239. How do I make fake alcohol?
  240. Any wines that aren't white wine or dry wines?
  241. Any good cocktail recipies?
  242. Can you give me an example of a typical French breakfast,lunch and dinner please?
  243. I Need Some Breakfast Ideas?
  244. What are some healthy cookie recipes?
  245. Cost of ice cream in theatres?
  246. Does New Zealand and Australia have good wine?
  247. What is a good white wine for someone likes Shiraz and Merlots?
  248. Where did fried ice cream originate from?
  249. can you get wine labels made up any where?
  250. can you get wine labels made up any where?