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  1. when is the best time to have sex?
  2. I got new boyfriend and we made love as a first time. Do you guys think he...
  3. What movies that are erotic sex but not real porn?
  4. can attorneys use sexual orientation as evidence in a sex crime?
  5. Can you have a log distance lasting relationship?
  6. Would it bother you if your bisexual significant other read romances...
  7. Is anyone in a long term relationship and use family planning as a contreception?
  8. should I accept my relationships over?
  9. I just ended my period, I'm on birth control & am bleeding after sex?
  10. Should I dump her or try making the relationship work?
  11. How do I actually have sex?
  12. If you give the best relationship advice ... CLICK HERE!?
  13. What can I do to make sex AMAZING for him?
  14. Had sex with someone in a relationship but does not want to keep a good hygiene.
  15. Should I carry on with my relationship?
  16. What's wrong with my sex drive?
  17. how do you establish a parent child relationship?
  18. Girls do you feel obligated to have sex?
  19. What should i do (relationship question)?
  20. I am 25years old.i sex with my friend.she was married.i future hiv will
  21. When do you know when a relationship isn't worth it anymore?
  22. Teacher/Student Relationship?
  23. Does he like me or am I just sex?
  24. Analyze the relationship between the U.S. government and the policing organizations?
  25. if wife refuse to have sex with husband can husband can go to prostitute to
  26. We only have sex once a week but he masterbates 1-2 a day?
  27. My boyfriend is scared to have sex?
  28. A Question About Dating A Woman/Sex Related?
  29. how should I feel about my buddy having sex with someone i like?
  30. Continue or end this relationship?
  31. Do guys expect sex in a relationship at a certain age?
  32. is it being EASY or INDEPENDENT, in terms of casual FWB sex?
  33. He wont call after sex? What to do?
  34. Is it better to keep our relationship private or public at work?
  35. My relationship with a coworker?
  36. Ever feel awkward thinking about your boyfriends sex experiences with previous gf's?
  37. Mothers with sons who are in relationships with girls who have a child (ready made)?
  38. Mothers with sons who are in relationships with girls who have a child (ready made)?
  39. I just told my mom and big brother that I had sex with my boyfriend?
  40. Relationship with Asian?
  41. Relationship with Asian?
  42. How to maintain a relationship?
  43. How many days does it take for woman to heal and feel horny again after she have
  44. Teacher/Student Relationship?
  45. Relationship help.. Please?
  46. Is it worth trying to save this relationship?
  47. Will birthcontrol work if you start taking it for the first time the day
  48. Dating recovering sex addict?
  49. How can i make him sex me?
  50. Teacher/Student relationship?
  51. relationship between salonity and temperature in sea water?
  52. my boyfriend an i had sex and the condom breaks and i was ovulating i took a
  53. I cant stop thinking of my crush... is her relationship with her bf bad?
  54. When a guy you like says he's "not big on relationships"?
  55. I could handle a long-distance relationship, but I cant handle a local one?
  56. What does he wants from me ? Are we dating ? Does he only wants sex?
  57. How to tell if a girl has a bad relationship with her boyfriend?
  58. do hot women have casual sex too?
  59. Is premaritial oral sex as bad as premaritial sex in Islam?
  60. I eat bhang medicine for 1 week, it causes movement of my penis up-down...
  61. I eat bhang medicine for 1 week, it causes movement of my penis up-down...
  62. Is it safe to have sex while you are pregnant with twins?
  63. Girl almost cheated on her boyfriend with me until she got caught. Is her...
  64. Will you back in relationship, if your ex comes back to you? And they have...
  65. Ready for a relationship...... Now what?
  66. Anti-Histamines causing a dramatic drop in my sex drive?
  67. why does this girl want to be in a relationship with me on facebook and we...
  68. My boyfriend told me that he has sex addiction and voyeurism?
  69. Can an Asian Guy & White Girl relationship last????!!?
  70. Would you have a relationship against your parents' will?
  71. my boyfriend told me that he has sex addiction and voyeurism?
  72. my boyfriend told me that he has sex addiction and voyeurism?
  73. How to make things more exciting in a long distance relationship?
  74. How Can I Tell That My Best Friend Wants A Serious Relationship?
  75. My boyfriend is eliminating sex?
  76. What should I do about this relationship?
  77. Whats a good site to meet up for sex?
  78. Should we continue our long distance relationship?
  79. Relationship with my parents?
  80. When would you decide to back off in a relationship ?
  81. What's happening to my sex life?
  82. Ok I had my mirena IUD removed after two years. Me and my boyfriend had sex within
  83. Me and my boyfriend have sex but it hurts when I'm on top...?
  84. Help? Relationship issue?
  85. Why do hair stylists think they should have a relationship with you?
  86. Boys steps for having sex?
  87. do most aries have bad luck with love/have trouble getting into relationships?
  88. Foreplay long before sex?
  89. What Is The Weirdest Place To Have Sex For You?
  90. Foreplay long before sex?
  91. What to do when in a relationship with a taken boy?
  92. Girls, do you enjoy long sex? (2-3hours)?
  93. Does she still want to have sex?
  94. she loves and cares about me but doesnt want relationship?? help!!?
  95. she loves and cares about me but doesnt want relationship?? help!!?
  96. How do i find the sex of a golden cichlid malawi fish?
  97. Why do atheists insist that Condoms guarantee "Safe sex"?
  98. My gf is mad at me because i dont want a physical relationship.?
  99. Can having alot of sex make the baby come faster?
  100. College Dating How long do I have to wait to put out if Im hoping for a
  101. College Dating How long do I have to wait to put out if Im hoping for a
  102. Is our relationship just a fling?
  103. Boyfriend's sex drive is completely gone?
  104. Weird clumpy vaginal discharge after having sex for the first time?
  105. Women 18 or older? Bareback sex vs Wearing a Condom? Also how much does size...
  106. Women 18 or older? Bareback sex vs Wearing a Condom? Also how much does size...
  107. How long do girls expect sex with a guy to last for?
  108. Did I ruin a chance at a relationship (long details)?
  109. Do you think long distance online relationship can work out, any personal
  110. Does this guy like me ? Or just the sex?
  111. Teens: can I have some relationship advice?
  112. Where can I go for some real relationship advice?
  113. Manforce Condom Tears at the time of Sex?
  114. Should I have sex in 7th grade?
  115. a guy I like is in a relationship but not with me but when he becomes single
  116. Was religion invented to make women seem like more than just sex objects?
  117. Relationship advise: does this girl like me?
  118. The relationship between my sister and I?
  119. I would like to know is that can you feel anything in the 2nd week when u had sex..?
  120. What is the reason for a man to go soft during sex, when they get hard to begin with?
  121. How do you break off a bad relationship?
  122. If someone could help me do my course work ..... Explore the ways relationships...
  123. Do you start throwing up around 6 weeks after sex when youre preggo?
  124. Can physical relationship changes the behavior of a person with other people?
  125. About to have sex any tips?
  126. What type of relationship am I in?
  127. What is the difference between gf/bf and relationship?
  128. sex question, help please?
  129. Hooking up after a relationship?
  130. Pain after having sex for the first time?
  131. A girl said she wanted to have sex withe me and my friend?
  132. Can a guy completely forget about his past relationship?
  133. I almost had sex in my dream?
  134. My cousin tried to have sex with me, and I think I gave her a roofie, what do I do?
  135. Is it bad to like sex a lot?
  136. Why do I bleed when I use something to have sex but not during real sex?
  137. I need some relationship advice?
  138. How do I tell my girlfriend I don't want to have sex anymore until marriage?
  139. Spouse has new BFF of opposite sex.?
  140. I am in a relationship but I miss the feeling of loneliness and solitude?
  141. Relationship Question?
  142. Relationship Question?
  143. What are the chances of becoming pregnant having sex 14 days before next
  144. How do I get him to want to commit to me and be in a relationship. GUYS
  145. Does she want to have sex or is she playing me?
  146. should I be ok with my sister having sex?
  147. RELATIONSHIP ADVICE! please help me out :)?
  148. How long should I wait to have sex after re-starting the pill?
  149. How can i get my relationship back?
  150. What's the relationship between masturbation and headaches/migraines?
  151. Do all taken men in happy relationships find other women..?
  152. Friction like burn during sex?
  153. My parents hate my boyfriend. How can we maintain a relationship like this?
  154. This girl wants to have sex? or fake?
  155. my brother wants to have sex but i don't know......?
  156. Ten of cups and ace of swords in relationship reading?
  157. Our relationship is over but not officially yet? Dump him on Facebook?
  158. this is a q about my boyfriend and our relationship.?
  159. What's the difference between "having sex" and "makin love "?
  160. Would you have sex with Jesus male or female if Jesus asked of you such a thing?
  161. How many women were in abusive relationships in the years 2012 and 2013? I need
  162. How do I keep me and my boyfriends relationship together? It has become
  163. How do I keep me and my boyfriends relationship together? It has become
  164. Taurus man & Virgo woman romantic relationship?
  165. Relationship crisis? Help me out with best advice on this!?
  166. How can I learn from my mistakes from a bad relationship?
  167. How does sex feel? girls only!?
  168. Hello I'm only 14 so Im not planing to have sex , but I have vitaligo on
  169. What are some possible conflicts in a relationship of a Christian and an Agnostic?
  170. I'm REALLYYYYYY FAT. Which means I'm incredibly unattractive to 99% of the...
  171. List me every possible issue with a relationship between an Agnostic and a Christian?
  172. Is it a good idea to still have sex with your ex after 2 years broken up?
  173. How can I get my mind off girls, sex, loneliness - I am 18 male?
  174. Why do girls always expect guys to do all the work when it comes to a relationship?
  175. Could this long distance relationship work?
  176. Could this ever turn into a relationship? What am I supposed to do?
  177. If I want to be a stripper do I have to perform sex acts?
  178. Would you end a 15yr relationship over a dream?
  179. Heard that the guy I had sex with has an sti?
  180. Do threesomes always ruin relationships?
  181. How do I stop peeing during sex?
  182. Am I ruining my relationship already?
  183. How did dinosaus have sex?
  184. awkward gay sex question???
  185. Any advice on how to handle hearing your parent having sex?
  186. Could England/Germany long distance relationship work?
  187. Help with painful sex?
  188. Could this long distance relationship work?
  189. is this how relationships work??
  190. The Carrie Diaries prequel to sex and the city has their facts wrong?
  191. How can I stop over thinking about my relationship ?
  192. How to keep a relationship intresting?
  193. Is it physically okay for a 13 year old to have sex?
  194. He's too shy, and i feel like im pressing the Relationship, Help please!?
  195. Was she faking sex? please help?
  196. Can I get pregnant after unprotected sex while on depo and taking plan b after ?
  197. Do some Christians seriously believe that sex is sinful and was the original sin?
  198. is it sensible to marry a guy who had multiple relationships before marriage?
  199. Should i continue my relationship with a muslim when i am not?
  200. Anyone else have an "enough" button in relationships?
  201. Phone sex with call girls deserves a second chance?
  202. Long Distance Relationship?
  203. What do you think is average amount of sex for a couple married for 11 years?
  204. How valid is this way of thinking about our relationship?
  205. Am I weird for liking rough sex?
  206. If I have sex with my crush, will I have a baby?
  207. Does he like me or want sex? pleaseee read! [10 points]?
  208. Am I just not a relationship kind of girl?! *kinda long* but I'll...
  209. i am about to have sex for just one night with a married man?
  210. Every married person has days when they feel like ending the relationship?
  211. how can you explain to your girlfriend that men aren't made for relationships?
  212. Americans, do most of you have had premarital sex?
  213. Human-animal relationship?
  214. I had sex three days ago but missed my pill today?
  215. I'm going through an extremely bad point in my relationship, every since I...
  216. Why does my boyfriend suddenly want sex less?
  217. I.need friend most especially female intrested in relationship?
  218. importance of Wedding in islam?
  219. Why do some girls never get married, and let the right time to get married pass by, t
  220. Is this relationship\friendship finished?
  221. Why is wrong to stay in contact with an ex if you are in relationship with someone?
  222. Need relationship help! Fast?
  223. My husband>>>
  224. would a relationship work if a girl is a barca fan and a guy is a real madrid fan?
  225. What is this to him? Should I wait for a relationship?
  226. would a relationship work if a girl is a barca fan and a guy is a real madrid fan?
  227. My wife
  228. i like a boy but i have aboyfriend and he also has a girlfriend n we had sex?
  229. Does it matter how early an argument happens in a relationship?
  230. good for you
  231. just for you
  232. I'm worried that he may have had sex with my friend?
  233. HELP... How can I get over a 6 year relationship!!!?
  234. When will the right woman walk into my life it's been 31yrs so far and I...
  235. Need relationship help!?
  236. Why would a man who is already involved in a relationship try to be a friend
  237. Relationship?? I need help please?
  238. What can I do to help him? *RELATIONSHIP QUESTION*?
  239. Going abroad for a year - what do do about my relationship?
  240. What should I do about this relationship situation?
  241. What does it mean to "take a break" in a relationship?
  242. Should I bother continuing a relationship with an uncommunicative guy?
  243. why are same sex activists hypocritical?
  244. What are the different relationships in the tale of two cities?
  245. What is the best way to make sure I have parental rights in a same-sex relationship?
  246. Should I end this relationship?
  247. Why is there a linear relationship between the mass added to a container
  248. How do I tell if Im bisexual? or its just me?
  249. Is it possible to have a long term relationship without ever moving in together?
  250. Help likes and dislikes in a relationship? ?