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  1. Can someone think of a funny nickname for Jay Meezee.?
  2. A few boob/bra questions? Lol?
  3. What does you look a bit sheepish for living on apple street mean?
  4. How to make my bestfriend laugh?
  5. What is the Medieval Humors Tradition?
  6. this is probably a stupid question but What makes something Funny? Do Animals have...
  7. PLEASE GUYS ANSWER ME ! - IS IT ALEXANDER or ALEXANDRE? xD based on british and
  8. Why don't I have a chance with him? Lol. Someone be nice enough to read my rant!?
  9. Good truths for truth or dare?
  10. Do you ever start laughing hysterically and you can't stop?
  11. What's the funniest Vine profile/profiles.?
  12. TEACHERS - HOw to deal with a group of girls in my class that just laugh and talk...
  13. Expensive wine....lol?
  14. is there any riddles to see if your crazy ( like psychopathic)?
  15. laughing voices in my head?
  16. Why is this girl who i started to like so confusing lol.........?
  17. Do you think it's funny when someone gets a toothpick in the eye?
  18. Had Dream about crush showing his abs lol?
  20. Best humor blogs on tumblr ?
  21. Tell me your best joke and try to make me laugh.?
  22. What is a good comeback in this " what a face"?
  23. Albino guinea pigs lol?
  24. Do people find Australian accents funny?
  25. Was my girlfriend serious or joking?
  26. Recommend me some cynical, snide, offensive comedians that like dark humour.?
  27. why not everyone understand dark humour?
  28. My cat is acting very funny?
  29. What are some good books that will make me laugh?
  30. POLL: Do you find it funny when someone?
  31. The MSNBC host called Romneys grandchild gorgeous. She didnt make a joke...
  32. Just jokes or not about having a baby?
  33. Am I pretty? (Preferably guys lol)?
  34. Are these counted as girlfights?
  35. I am such a stud - decent looking, intelligent, successful in my career, stay...
  36. The MSNBC host called Romneys grandchild gorgeous. She didnt make a joke...
  37. Random Thoughts!!
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  39. New jokes
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  62. How come laughing hurts my hands?
  63. omegle people was laughing at me before they even new me?
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  67. poll- did you see anything funny happen on new years eve?
  68. Another McDonalds question lol?
  69. It was so loud I couldn't hear myself talk.?
  70. Anyone heard any good jokes lately?
  71. I don't want to sound like a fool, lol. I'm apologizing to an actor. 10
  72. What is funny these days?
  73. is humor a good way to get a girl to like you?
  74. Who wants to challenge me? Yo mama jokes?
  75. Isn't it funny that the best Combat Zone card is Best of the Best 6?
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  77. Is it possible to find humor in teenage girls from a Grandma's point of view?
  78. Why did my older friend make jokes about coming out with me?
  79. How to deal get my family/sister to stop making fat jokes?
  80. Is this perhaps the most funny excuse for Christians to not believe in evolution?
  81. Did this story make you laugh?
  82. What are the best yo mama jokes ever??
  83. How to have a separate humor blog on tumblr?
  84. How to get a good scare on a 39 year old man?!?! plz help?
  85. Humor in New Testament?
  86. Am I like sooo short if I'm a 5'61/2 19 year old guy? lol :/?
  87. Do you think people 50-80 years from now will laugh at us because of how we dress?
  88. why do my friends laugh at me?
  89. Zed or Kha' Zix? (LoL)?
  90. Here's a funny joke to cheer u up and make you laugh.:D?
  91. Can anybody think of a funny word that begins with the sound "sir"?
  92. why is my brother wearing a red union seat and drinking a busch light?
  93. Really funny things to say? In real life and over text.?
  94. All jokes aside...can you hear me out?
  95. Girl who has a crush on me is confusing me lol help!?
  96. The MSNBC host called Romneys grandchild gorgeous, to smooth over the joke told by...
  97. What's a funny clean YouTube channel/video?
  98. Can you solve this message (code)?
  99. Why do some people go to comedy shows and not laugh?
  100. Was the 18th amendment a joke?
  101. Can you Answer this riddle?
  102. Help with riddle? Pleasee?
  103. Going to a New Year's Eve Party Tomorrow and need some funny things to say?
  104. Trying to figure out if my best guy friend likes me. He jokes around with me all...
  105. Idea for playing dirty 20 questions?
  106. to solve form what pic?
  107. Looking for some good one-liners?
  108. is it bad to make gay jokes around my bisexual friend?
  109. What makes you laugh? What kind of funny youtube videos could I make?
  110. Why do people even try to compare Pavel 'lol' Nedved to the Amazing Adnan Januzaj?
  111. Why do I laugh During a abdominal examination?
  112. my stepmom thinks it is funny that anderson silva broke his leg.?
  113. Runes for Katarina in LOL?
  114. Have you ever broken silence?
  115. Gamers, which is better Dota 2 or LoL?
  116. How to play Katarina mid in lol?
  117. What does it mean if someone calls someone "Miss Piggy"?
  118. Ideas for scaring my step brother?
  119. why does my chin fall off whenever i laugh?
  120. did anybody else know this lol?
  121. help! my bf cant get off to regular sex :( this isn't a joke please please help!?
  122. What is this quote bit from: "He was a good man, a good father"?
  123. Text my crush to make him feel funny?
  124. Why are their some weird fb statuses right now?? lol?
  125. Am I gay lol? I really need to know.?
  126. Guys I am really confused and please dont take it as a joke and please...
  127. Sex jokes 0_o help please?
  128. I heard a physics joke that i have a question about?
  129. Kissing tips? Lol lots of answers please!?
  130. Gag joke pill, makes foam out the mouth?
  131. Time is money, here on The River Of Many Fish...?
  132. Do you think it's funny when old people get the gas and brake pedals mixed up...
  133. Jokes aside ...............?
  134. I hit my elbow two hours ago and it was tingling I thought I just hit my...
  135. How far would you agree that the humour in A Midsummer Nights Dream is
  136. Are there any other Cleveland Browns fans out there who finally accepted that our
  137. scared to get laughed at at the.gym..?
  138. Captain this? make it funny?
  139. any funny movies for teen girls?
  140. Have you had one of those 'enough is enough' moments?
  141. How do u make the chocolate candy that is inside this good humor bar?
  142. Why do I feel like laughing and crying at the same time?
  143. Do left wingers realize we're joking when we mention Obamaphones - because
  144. Do you like a sense of humour in Y/A?
  145. Toronto RAPTORS are the money ball all business swagger that team that plays no...
  146. What kind of code is this and how do I decode it?
  147. Would using IMITATION Cocaine as for a practical joke be illegal in anyway (UK)?
  148. My parents think I'm a joke?
  149. if i have asthma and do Phenobarbital will i die lol?
  150. \what was the funny song on SNL tonight ? paul rudd hosted it, the
  151. Sarcastic sense of humor?
  152. Why do people laugh when a guy says he has a boyfriend?
  153. Help! comedian story we cant find!?
  154. Does she like me? we make eye contact alot and ive made her laugh but she...
  155. Does she like me? we make eye contact alot and ive made her laugh but she...
  156. What are some examples of dark humor?
  157. People give me a hand?
  158. lol electus did I beat your record for thumbs down spanish football section?
  159. Who is less funny, Ben Stiller, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Tom Green or Steve
  160. Funny/Stupid rap songs?
  161. My mum thinks I'm a joke?
  162. super funny movies on netflix?
  163. Does she like me? we make eye contact alot and ive made her laugh but she never
  164. Does she like me? we make eye contact alot and ive made her laugh but she never
  165. is she interested? or joking?
  166. Really poor use of Q&A and a waste of 5 points but did you feel an itch any where
  167. Lol is she serious!? (video)?
  168. Suggestions for elephant/animal puns?
  169. Do you think it's funny when old people get the gas and brake pedal
  170. Does she like me? we make eye contact alot and ive made her laugh but she never
  171. What's the best riddle you know?
  172. what movies should i watch (similar to Ghost Town+ The invention of lying...
  173. Why do math and science teachers smell funny?
  174. my arm feels funny after being out in the cold!?
  175. A really really funny and dry humor movie?
  176. Why do kazoos sound so funny?
  177. Would you go to a restuarant where waiters try and make you laugh?
  178. Funny/Clever PSN Names?
  179. Americans sense of humor which was already in short supply has now finally...
  180. why do I laugh at pewdiepies videos?
  181. Why are they always joking about my sexual life?
  182. Coffee table flipped no one touched it.?
  183. What does it mean if guys see you work out and laugh at you ?
  184. Do cats emit funny smells?
  185. Can someone explain this joke to me?
  186. Funny Question: Do you or anyone you know doesn't like The Avengers or The Dark
  187. Americans sense of humor which was already in short supply has now...
  188. is she interested? or joking?
  189. lol but he know im a virgin so will he still take it slow (additional details)?
  190. what are some really funny movies on netflix?
  191. Did he write "lol" because I wrote it ?
  192. Does this girl like me? She said she did in a text but I don't know if she is...
  193. I recently covered my bed in jelly donuts and jumped in it, I made a mess...
  194. Lol help !!? Like noone is making since?
  195. Sultan married his 20th wife. Does it sound funny?
  196. how do you initiate a hug lol?
  197. Why do I laugh so much?
  198. I just found out that I have a butthole what should I do with it lol xD?
  199. Poll: Do you agree with the statement, the higher your intelligence the less you...
  201. Do men who think women who laugh a lot are stupid?
  202. A funny Christmas gift about a guy?
  203. I posted a Tasteful funny picture on a girl I like FB Timeline, she then unfriends...
  204. Lol, watch this funny video between 2:34 and 3:04, what do you think?
  205. He jokes bout lovin' me?
  206. Is it a bad thing if a boy writes "lol" ?
  207. Where do I get tech support? Customer care personnel @ 1-800-413-6359 called
  208. Help! I really have to laugh, but can't.?
  209. where should i put my letters on a letterman jacket?
  210. funny disguise movies?
  211. Why do we laugh at Jeff Dunham's "Dead Terrorist"?
  212. What are some best websites for jokes?
  213. do you think? racism is a joke!!?
  214. is she interested ? or joking?
  215. He likes me a lot so is he ever going to ask me out lol!!!!??!!?
  216. Poll: do troll questions ever make you laugh?
  217. I dreamed my guy n I were in back of school bus that swirved off road n started t
  218. For the men again lol.. What is the first thing you notice or thing you like
  219. Ncis a man walks into a bar?
  220. A funny gift to get your best friend?
  221. what does it mean when i boy tells you (lol girl i will break you) and put u in
  222. is she interested? or joking?
  223. please answer this riddle?
  224. Funniest blonde joke?
  225. what does a girl thank about when thanking about her crcrush (lets say hes
  226. Is it dumb to find this funny?
  227. Does my professor want to get it on lol?
  228. y do athiests make yo momma jokes?
  229. I laugh at my schizophrenic voices?
  230. What if you came to know lol stands for....?
  231. what would you do if u have diamond mines?like diamond in the sky lol?
  232. What to say to people that shoot down Helen Keller jokes?
  233. My laughing makes my crush laugh back? Why friends tell me we are a party together?
  234. how many times a day do u stare at a wall and think about moose?
  235. What Is Funnier Than A CM Punk Fan Thinking He Is Going To Win The Royal Rumble .. !?
  236. I don't get Jimmy Carr's joke.. Help?
  237. If you crack a joke to a guy and indirectly ask him within the joke who he is...
  238. Is dark humor ok? If so why?
  239. Poll do you think this picture is funny?
  240. Explain this joke to me (jews, apocalypse)?
  241. Girls:- Muscular tall or Funny BF? Boys:- Hot or funny GF?
  242. Do you consider being humored and amusing others to be a passion/hobby?
  243. why do women value sense of humor so much?
  244. Some advice with grief and my own personal psychi lol?
  245. Help with some broken hand jokes?
  246. The Devil is after me! I can't sleep I hear whispers in my left ear?
  247. how do you give a guy a hug? plz don't laugh....?
  248. lol but im a virgin do u still think he will take it slow based on the description?
  249. Explain this joke to me?
  250. Funny bone like feeling when I exhale...?