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  1. Pirates of the Caribbean songs...?
  2. What song does Cooper Zamorano audition to in So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD)...
  3. so i;m 13 and i'm going to see the trangers which is rated r.buying tickets?
  4. What is the name of the song from Mr Deeds?
  5. Mighty boosh concerts?
  6. Name the movie ...?
  7. On Friends! Who is Your Favourite Friend?
  8. Has anyone seen the movie Less Than Zero with Robert Downey Jr.???
  9. Harry Potter Movie #6....?
  10. BB9: Do u know any of the wannabes?
  11. Big Brother Online Forum?
  12. Are you serious..?
  13. Your favorite movie ever?
  14. Sex and The City fans! HELP!?
  15. anybody know what this movie is?
  16. Are these good ideas for the office?
  17. Who made the top 20 on sytycd???
  18. is cloverfield worth buying?
  19. Im trying to find out the name of a classic t.v. show.?
  20. Does anyone else find jake tucker from family guy hilarious?
  21. which jerry pringer episode?
  22. Two young single mums in the BB house, is that why they got booed? and how can...
  23. whats the 'mark loves sharon' ad on channel 10 (aus) ?
  24. What is Your Opinion about C.O.N: Prince Caspian?
  25. Will apples itunes movies and their movie rentals ever take off.?
  26. HELP! What is the title of this MAD TV skit!?!?
  27. does any one know when auditions for the lightning thief movie are?
  28. some alien movie, can't figure out the name, fairly new, plz help?
  29. Twilight movie question...?
  30. if you got what i like about you on blockbuster (the first season) please read on i
  31. where can i download the full episode of as told by ginger- and she was gone freely?
  32. What is the name of the song from Women's Murder Club closing scene? THE TRUTH
  33. What is the name of that movie.. ?
  34. Does anyone know the answers to the following Army Wives trivia questions for...
  35. Did you watch the movie "the Notebook" ?
  36. Pretty good with movie lines are ya?
  37. Did you like A Perfect Storm? *spoilers*?
  38. Why did Gertrude (Katherine Kaneer's character) only torture Sylvia and not Jenny?
  39. Song name in the first Bring it On Movie?
  40. Batman Movies?
  41. What movie is it?
  42. BB on a Budget... More Interesting?
  43. Will there be another season of phil of the future?
  44. Why are so many people making such a huge deal over American Idol?
  45. Can Someone Help Me With This?
  46. sunset beach?
  47. Big Brother 10?
  48. Why cant ghost rider's flame be put out?
  49. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Does Angel ever come back?
  50. american idol?
  51. which stand up comedian says if your girlfriend wants to date other people she
  52. Do you think Joey from The Real World will relapse? And do you think Greg...
  53. Does anyone else find that commercial annoying?
  54. LOST tv theory, die hard fans only?
  55. Big brother 9 uk question?
  56. will dark angel series be continued?
  57. have you watched the movie Bella?
  58. Why didn't Spider-Man's Spider Sense tingle when The Sandman and New
  59. 10 things I hate bout you sequel?
  60. Who is sick to death hearing about Big Brother?
  61. 90210 anyone?
  62. Why would you let a blind person in the Big Brother house? What about health
  63. Big brother HAS returned?
  64. Which on of these is the best T.V. show?
  65. Does anyone know the song that was in a movie..?
  66. Semi Pro Request?
  67. Tila Tequaila's sean 2 show question?
  68. The 10th Kingdom?
  69. Stay @ home mommy wants to work from home?
  70. What do you think of the new housemates in the big brother house?
  71. What are some really scary movies?
  72. How long is the simpsons movie?
  73. So at the end of Taxi Driver?
  74. the song on the movie queen sized?
  75. "So You Think You Can Dance" question.............?
  76. the 2208 mtv movie awards best villan nomination?
  77. can someone please tell me the name of the song that was played at the end...
  78. Describe Fred in ONE word 10 points goes to the best answer!?
  79. When is the fourth series of Bones starting??
  80. Alladin cartoon Movie?
  81. Sex and the City: The Movie...do they or don't they?
  82. Does anyone know where I can get the movie 'Triumph over Disaster - The Hurricane
  83. Can anyone tell me what movie the music used to advertise Foxtel Box Office is from
  84. Do you think the island in the TV show Lost is supposed to be Lemuria?
  85. Does anyone know the movie of?
  86. pumkin from flavor of love???
  87. Bizet movie?
  88. Where can I go to watch episode 1 of Battlestar Galactica on my computer?
  89. Survey : The Simpsons or Family guy?
  90. Have you ever seen the 1974 movie "The Burning Hell"?
  91. Does anyone know/or have any pictures or stuff of Rose from series 4 of doctor who?
  92. Have you heard of Garth Marenghi's Dark Place?
  93. Unnecesary sequels and some much needed SEQUELS!?
  94. Does anyone like the MOVIE Mulholland Drive? Can you help me out here?
  95. What's the name of Nacho Libre's theme song?
  96. the strangers?
  97. Composer of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)?
  98. Comic books superheroes?
  99. 1980s fantasy movie title help!?
  100. What is the name of that guy on so you think you can dance?
  101. What's the name of the Gospel song sung at the end of the movie First Sunday ??
  102. where can i watch Wanter 2008 for free?
  103. when will the new season of one tree hill start?
  104. Where can I watch full Flight of the Conchords online?
  105. Hampden Tonight ? My Hero ! Neil Diamond?
  106. What movie was filmed in Rockwall, Texas between1979 and 1983?
  107. Bryan Gaynor?
  108. Do you think it's strange for a girl aged 14 to do "Spider-Man 3" for a film
  109. Does anyone have any idea what the title of this movie is?
  110. movie question!?
  111. Name of Song - So You Think You Can Dance - Week 3 Charleston - Jonathan Toronto(sp)?
  112. LOST finale!!!! help!!?!?!?
  113. Hip Hop song from tonights So you think you can dance? (6/5)?
  114. Where can i watch friends episodes on the internet?
  115. big brother?
  116. In the movie Forrest Gump, did Jenny really love Forrest?
  117. Is anyone else dissapointed with the cast of twilight-the movie?
  118. Late 80s/ Early 90s Movie help?
  119. I need the quote from the movie "American Gun."?
  120. Whats the name?
  121. hi im writing a ballad bout the last episode of greys anatomy season 4. If...
  122. Is there a movie where a sister dresses up her brother in girl cloths?
  123. What was the name of the movie that played in Dublin about a guy that was...
  124. what is that song?
  125. why does genre work? why do people like genre?
  126. What would you ask Will Smith about his latest film Hancock?
  127. "The Tudors" Question? WARNING! SPOILERS!!?
  128. The Strangers, Ending?
  129. what is a really good sad movie that makes you tear up??
  130. Daily 10 (6/2-6/4). Sal interviewed a girl(musician) her song was on the hills. Does
  131. Gumus-Noor the television series...is it online anywhere?
  132. Sex and the City trailer?
  133. whats ur favorite movie this year?
  134. Will you be watching Big Brother (UK) tonight?
  135. two nites ago...?
  136. What's your favorite line?
  137. Style of Opera?
  138. what are your top 5 disney movies?
  139. Song Title?!?!?!?
  140. does anybody know?
  141. Deidre Hall question?
  142. Who are your Top 10 favorite A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila contestants?
  143. New Daft Punk movies soon?
  144. do you think big brother should be took off the air?
  145. will you aim at her left breast?
  146. Looking for a movie! It's really old and is kinda like big nursery ryhme.?
  147. Hack (movie) - what happens at the end??
  148. Where can I watch Dog teh Bounty hunter episodes online?
  149. David Lean - a Trivial Filmmaker?
  150. big brother channel 4 +1?
  151. who is coming to wakestock this year?
  152. Music in the movie Just My Luck...question?
  153. Japanese movie "Koizora" download?
  154. Does anyone know the song from senior skip day, like 1/3 into the movie when they...
  155. make me a supermodel or step it up and dance?
  156. Home Improvement Question?
  157. Stay @ home mommy wants to work from home?
  158. Big brother 9 Mario...What has he been on before?
  159. Is adam Sandler in the movie "Benchwarmers"?
  160. When Twilight will be released in Indonesia??
  161. Is this from anything as far as a movie?
  162. Wasn't Dorian also responsible for Jessica's miscarriage?
  163. what channel do they give Death Note and at what time/day?
  164. anyone tell me if any actor/actress has appeared in "all" 3 parts of 3...
  165. FUTURAMA song in episode Devil's hands are idle things...song the kid...
  166. the strangers?
  167. What is your favorite Mae West quote?
  168. How much of a hardcore LOST fan are you?
  169. Dale Jr Unrestricted XM show question?
  170. The movie Juno.?
  171. The Ring and The Ring 2. please answer!?
  172. Did the Alien die at the end of Cloverfield?
  173. where can I watch wow wow wubbzy episodes on what website and songs too and...
  174. Are there any paul rudd movies that are scary?
  175. BB; what notes did you make??
  176. "Batman Begins" or "Casino Royale"?
  177. how do i burn movies on a dvd?
  178. what is kylie xy about?
  179. amc check this out isn't this funny how soap world works jessie is back
  180. the mist's ending...oh my god ,didnt it make u just wanna rip ur heart out?
  181. Who really was the boss?
  182. What can I do to get some lulz?
  183. where can i watch full length season finale episode of dexter?
  184. who thinks the 1980's are comin back?
  185. Sex and the City.?
  186. Can anyone help me get the full songlist with artist's names for the Milwaukee...
  187. why is abc family going to show Camp Rock?
  188. where can i watch free movies online?
  189. One Tree Hill: Season 3?
  190. Anyone know the name of this song?
  191. How to be movie director without college?
  192. Who's your favorite Kardashian?
  193. Saw?????????????????????????
  194. When will this BSG video go online?
  195. In Home and Away, what is it that is on Viv's file at the hospital?
  196. where can i watch new movies on the internet for free legaly?
  197. where can i watch movies online for free, no sign up, fees, or downloads?...
  198. can anyone tell me ???
  199. In the opening scene of I am Legend ...?
  200. Saosin question?
  201. LOST question! HeLp!! who is Jeremy Bentham?
  202. Watch Desperate Housewives online series 1? Im watching episode 4 at the min on a...
  203. whats the movie call??
  204. the movie shrek..did you know?
  205. Can anyone tell me where Joey from " Real World XX" currently lives?
  206. what's the number one movie in america right now?
  207. How old is Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood) in Across the Universe?
  208. what is the name of this animated movie?
  209. WERE CAN I WATCH THE SIMPLE LIFE on the internet for free???
  210. Does anyone know the song that was playing at the end of Season 1,episode 6...
  211. Naruto episodes?
  212. Hell's Kitchen fans, why does Gordon Ramsay want everything even better than perfect?
  213. has any1 seen narnia 2 and if you have can you tell the name of the song near the...
  214. I watch COPS the tv show last night and i cant recall the episode?
  215. recent Daily Show Episode when played clips about success of war in reverse...
  216. Be prepared for another lot of .....?
  217. which of these scary movies should i watch?
  218. good porn(:?
  219. I know I'm copying Yahoo! but what do you guys think is the best animated movie
  220. Blonde movie character costume ideas?
  221. new Superhero film With a Black-guy?
  222. 'The Matrix' ripped off 'Dark city' storyline... agree?
  223. Why was the Nyborg lead in Glengarry Glen Ross?
  224. The Price is right?
  225. Where can I watch Sex and the City Movie online free by using Internet Explorer?
  226. For those of you who saw the Final Destination movies, what happened to Alex Brown?
  227. When is Pushing Daisies Season 2 coming on TV? & Miss Guided Question?
  228. Free Credit Report.com commercial.?
  229. Big Brother - What sort of weeeeeeeirdo's will we be presented with?
  230. Have you seen Sex and the City in the cinema?
  231. Humor me: What's your favorite line from a movie?
  232. Sweeney Todd querie? *spoilers*?
  233. Songs from the movie?
  234. what norbit's wife( Fat one) rasputia, says a lot of times.?
  235. anchorman 2?????
  236. Who thinks that andrew should still be on top chef chicago instead of lisa???
  237. List of songs from DBZ movie Broly The Legendary uper Saiyan?
  238. King and I or Sweeney Todd?
  239. Season 3 The Office?
  240. I have problems searching for an asian movie (jdrama). I want movies
  241. Hell's Kitchen Season 4: Will you miss fruity brain Matt?
  242. Are these pictures really of the Big Brother 9 house?
  243. kung fu panda or narnia prince caspian?
  244. How many of you remember the Cold War TV movie "The Day After" from 1983?
  245. Does anyone know the name of this Sci Fi movie?
  246. who wins tila tequila?
  247. Where can I watch Cruel Intentions for free online?
  248. Are talk show interviews ever staged?
  249. Can someone explain the movie Im Not There??
  250. Apprentice, My arse?