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  1. SCIFI movie or tv show name?
  2. cant remeber this drama!?
  3. How is Gollum tortured in mordor?
  4. What are S.W.A.T codes in films and please explain?
  5. Picture of Monet Mazur (who plays Fiona in Monster in Law) in the pink and black?
  6. what movies have a lot of deaths?
  7. Anybody know about Friends script??? I want to buy it!!?
  8. SYTYCD Australia: Jack & Kate (Hip-hop)- the best routine ever on SYTYCD (even
  9. Family Guy Episode?
  10. Anyone who enjoys American Psycho as much as me?
  11. Are you angry over the fact the new "Star Trek" film won't be seen until 2009?
  12. What do you think about House?
  13. Question about neighbours?
  14. does anyone know who sings clifford puppy days theme song??
  15. what is the name of this Movie...?
  16. when is the Jonas Brothers reality series "Livin The Dream" set to air?
  17. American Idol??
  18. Which ending for I Am Legend was better the theatrical or the alternative?
  19. alternate ending i am legend?
  20. There's a movie coming out, may have already. I think it's called The Orphange?
  21. Glory Days Question?
  22. good websites to watch old shows?
  23. What TV show drives you nuts the most?
  24. Emmerdale!!!?
  25. Where can I get the soundtrack of Prison Break?
  26. Frustratingly Underrated films?
  27. What did Cassie say to Sid on?
  28. Supernatural in Australia?
  29. why is the alternate ending for "I Am Legend" controversial?
  30. how sexy is Draco Malfoy?
  31. What was the theme for American Idol last night?
  32. Any one know the show Reaper on CW? What is the devils pinkey ring?
  33. Where can I download/watch the drama of Taguchi Junnosuke, Happy! and Happy!2 ?
  34. American Idol; David Arroschetta (Sp?), and what's with Paula?
  35. Funny Pictures?
  36. Will Smith movie???
  37. Anyone have seen deleted scenes from Hitman movie? Your opinion please!!!?
  38. How many pet sematary movies are there from Stephen King?
  39. What are the names of the people in th MXC?
  40. prom night a might to die for?
  41. Is there a website that provides recent movies that u can put on a burned CD?
  42. what is this quote from??
  43. can someone tell me the numbers to call for the AMERICAN IDOL contestants... I
  44. On Season 7 Of "Growing Pains", In What Episode Did Bonner Return For An
  45. Where is Bionica from the new Gladiators series from???
  46. What is the most popular/highest rated movie editing software which is 100% free?
  47. Im trying to dowload a movie from iTunes, but I don't want it to be...
  48. did we past the episode naruto shipuuden 32?
  49. Name of 80's/90's kids game show?
  50. what is a really good anime (and is also in manga) with cute characters in it...
  51. Should George Lucas make another Star Wars film?
  52. Can you tell me what was the name of this movie?
  53. Calling All POTP phans.... Any memories you'd like to reminisce about?
  54. When is the next episode going to come out for Pure Pwnage the show?
  55. Anyone Y&R fans?
  56. were 2 downlaod movies?
  57. do u kno any good comedy romance high school movie?
  58. List indian films which has scenes of heroine drunk?
  59. The Biggest Loser (when was all this taped)?
  60. Any New York Fire Fighters Single?
  61. What are your favorite Charlton Heston movie(s)?
  62. Movies like Freaks and Geeks, Scrubs, Boogie Nights, Superbad, Dazed and
  63. Where can i watch free full episodes of the soap operas 'All My Children'
  64. What recent movie was it that had the song "somewhere over the rainbow" in the...
  66. American Idol/David Cook song?
  67. Where is the best place to sell my X-Files collection?
  68. Who do you want off of American Idol?
  69. favorite movies?
  70. What song did David Cook sing tonight?
  71. is my story original or not?
  72. What did you think of Reese Witherspoon as June Carter Cash in "Walk the Line"?
  73. On Rock of Love season 2, Who is going to win Brett's heart??
  74. Has anyone seen the trailer for The Legend of Zelda the movie?
  75. how is lightsaber color determined?
  76. Name of the movie i seen as a kid?
  77. Trailer Park Boys The Movie?
  78. What other film is this music from?
  79. In the movie "CRASH"?
  80. Was a munchkin really hanged in a scene from the "Wizard of Oz"?
  81. where can i download movies for free online without paying?
  82. What song did Michael Johns sing on American Idol tonight?
  83. favorite family guy moment?
  84. whos watching thsi right now??
  85. The Wire in High Definition?
  86. which is better south park or family guy (my vote is family guy)?
  87. wtf south park character????
  88. David COOK?!?
  89. In the movie "Big Daddy", what do Sonny and his father talk about during the trial?
  90. The Biggest Loser (when was all this taped)?
  91. Who likes it when someone spoils a movie?
  92. Y&R Have u noticed??
  93. Why is everyone hating on The mist ending (details, before answer)?
  94. Are there still X-rated movie theaters in America?
  95. accross the universe fold out poster?
  96. rolling at the movies..?
  97. Who was the person that originally sung the "Over the Rainbow" version that...
  98. BBUSA: Do you think Sheila will EVER win HoH or POV....???
  99. There Will Be Blood, not out in Australia?
  100. Is 'Prom Night' playing at Muvico, Rosemont 18?
  101. Does anyone feel like shooting the audience of American Idol?
  102. what was that song they was sing about uncle sam wants you i can find it?
  103. General Hospital?
  104. American Inventor?
  105. Should I see 'Shutter' or 'Prom Night' this friday?
  106. Twilight Movie?
  107. American Idol: What is that thing?
  108. Are they making any more UMD movies for the PSP? Doesn't seem like it...?
  109. Old Nickelodeon government song?
  110. Does anybody know where to watch free online movies without having to download??
  111. Name that cartoon?
  112. raging bull?
  113. which old disney movie was it that a grumpy employee who was gonna quit, put...
  114. Are you watching American idol?
  115. Update me on idol!!!!?
  116. what song did david archuleta sing on american idol tonight 4/8/08??
  117. Could someone find me a detailed plot of the movie "La Misma Luna"?
  118. very easy question. do u know?
  119. chris sligh american idol question?
  120. Jon and Kate plus 8 Kate gets a tummy tuck?
  121. Pirates of Caribbean question!?
  122. TV show::Heroes?
  123. gossip girl? why isn't there a new episode yet?
  124. what songs does everybody sing tonight ? [american idol]?
  125. Who do you think will win ....?
  126. What would you do if Zombies attacked like on the movies? How would you survive?
  127. what would you do if you did what i did?
  128. what is this song???
  129. TV Q For Those 20 & Under?
  130. alternate ending i am legend?
  131. i am legend?
  132. what was the name of tv show in the early nineties that was about a scary
  133. EASY QUESTION if you watch Americas Prom Queen.?
  134. Trying to find the name of an old TV show....?
  135. Enchanted ever ever after, alternate version?
  136. Does anyone know the name of a childrens video about a creatures that were puppets?
  137. Y&R fans.Wha do Amber decide about the money?
  138. If you could define with one phrase , what STAR WARS mean in your life?
  139. What did you think of the new episode of Dr Who on Saturday????
  140. What's Ambre's job (from Rock of Love II with Bret Michaels)?
  141. What is that cyberpunk movie's name, where one guy suddenly can see written words on
  142. What statistics are used in the movie "21"?
  143. Can you watch Smallville Episode 16 online yet?
  144. Please Please Help Me!?
  145. where can you get tickets to see "american idol" or america's got talent, or hannah
  146. The Hills online episode music?
  147. THE HILLS....Spencer's sister?!?
  148. jon and kate plus eight?
  149. me and my bf want to see a movie and we r thinkin about seein shutter
  150. Some Like it Hot, question about this movie?
  151. I need title of this movie..?
  152. when does they best of both worlds concert dvd come out?
  153. when is hollyoaks on?
  154. whats the point of paradise hotel?
  155. is there gonna be a fourth final desenation movie?
  156. so where can i find Will Ferrell's "Anchorman" movie online?
  157. What actor or actress do you think has been the most influential in the movie world?
  158. Chucky versus Leprechuan who would win?
  159. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  160. What movie do you believe has the best twist?
  161. The Other Boleyn Girl?
  162. how do you email john and kate plus 8?
  163. Christian TV show from about 8-12 years ago?
  164. Where can i get a clip of the scene from Bad Boyz II...we ride together...we die
  165. 2001: A Space Odyssey????
  166. Eastenders Whitney?
  167. Someone asked about Felecia Forrester and Nick Newman. How about Brooke...
  168. Why does the it say Letter Box?
  169. who was the little boy who played charles ingles in little house on the prairie?
  170. GH..... Johnny or logan ?
  171. Where can I find the script for Amongst Friends online?
  172. Real Sex Documentary.?
  173. Where can I watch The Tudors online?
  174. Jessi- High School Confidential?
  175. fuse tv question?
  176. Anyone know where to find episodes of Celebrity Poker Showdown to watch or purchase?
  177. Film Buff Attention?
  178. American Idol! Rant 'N Rave time!!?
  179. insect movie?
  180. what does it say on the tardis in doctor who?
  181. MEDIUM, 4/7/08: With Rosanna Arquette guest starring?
  182. horror, a girl carer goes to a house in which the guys killing people
  183. does anyone like Johnny Pacar from flight 29 down or now you see it the movie?
  184. Do you think David Archuleta will win American Idol season 7?
  185. how would u describe brandon lee's character in The Crow?
  186. Some like it Hot, question about this movie?
  187. What is the book Cassie is reading to Chris at the beginning of Skins Series 2
  188. A Laguna/Hills question.?
  189. Nightmare Before Christmas?
  190. what do u think about "21 the movie"?
  191. Anyone heard of the show Private Victories?
  192. Dancing with the Stars on April 7, 2008?
  193. Law and Order SVU?
  194. MTV help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  195. How do you feel about Kate Winslet and Leornado DiCarpio filming REVOLUTIONARY ROAD??
  196. home improvement tv shows?
  197. Is Alan Rickman underrated?
  198. If you've seen the movie "Untraceable," tell me this...?
  199. how long until NBC shows are online?
  200. is there a site i can watch The Simpsons's for free?
  201. The Hills; Why does Heidi and Spencer act like they broke up?
  202. russian movie help please !!?
  203. Does anyone remember this skit from Saturday Night Live?
  204. I have to write a story about this abandoned room in an old house.Tell me a plot...
  205. High school confidential?
  206. How many people think across the universe is the best movie?
  207. Is anyone else offended?
  208. what are your favorite movies?
  209. Is there anyway to watch Lifetime movies on the computer?
  210. what is the name of a song featured on the hills april 7, 2008 first episode?
  211. what's a good song for a spy movie trailer?
  212. whats the one keanu reeves movie?
  213. The Hills question. Living in Australia we are way behind in episodes.?
  214. Does anyone understand the Budweiser commercial, when the guy keeps repeating "Dude"?
  215. Quote from 10,000 BC?
  216. Does anyone have any theories on why House is a jerk?
  217. Does Anyone Have The Video Of The Birthday Surprise Skit On Saturday Night Live?
  218. which movie should i watch first...?
  219. help for movie prom night?
  220. William Fichtner as Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of The Baskervilles?
  221. Anybody know where to download Death Note for free?
  222. does anyone know what type of watch Michel Weston from burn notice wears?
  223. best japanese or korean horror movies?
  224. Where can I rent/get the Vince Lombardi movie "Second Effort"?
  225. online movies?
  226. Anyone ever see the movie Edmond?
  227. What is the name of the song played on P.S. I Love You ?
  228. what's this movie?!?
  229. If your life was going to be made into a movie, who would you want to portray you?
  230. Snapple Bubble Wrap Commerical?
  231. Can someone find me clips of MadTV character Eugene Struthers (ho nutha
  232. Have you been to the taping of American Idol results show? Help!!?
  233. New season of ABC Family's GREEK?!?!?
  234. Across The Universe!:)?
  235. What's the name of this movie?
  236. Movies A Teen Could Watch Tomorrow For A Road Trip?
  237. Will movieforumz come back???
  238. Pearl Harbor FANS ONLY: What's your favorite scene from the movie?
  239. War movie soundtracks?
  240. Prom night or Drillbet talor?
  241. Need help of a movie i saw years ago i think it might be a movie of the 1970s or
  242. Does anyone remember the boy band 2gether?
  243. Guess what my fav movie is!!!?
  244. Question about Zoey 101!!!!!?
  245. what is the name of a song featured on the hills april 7 2008 episode 22?
  246. who watches samantha who on abc?
  247. free mad tv episode download?
  248. who sings the only song in the chipmunks movie NOT SUNG BY THE CHIPMUNKS?
  249. Who is Your Favorite Character in Band of Brothers?
  250. watch this ????????????????????//////////////?