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  1. Can someone please answer the following question about Nicotine?
  2. how can i install .tar.gz file in ubuntu linux?
  3. Do you think this is a cigarette/weed he's smoking in the picture? 10 pts?
  4. Why do women think chewing tobacco is "disgusting"?
  5. if an excise tax is levied on the suppliers of tobacco?
  6. Vampire Diaries fans, what do you make of this new development?
  7. Wanna rid offff Smoking...!!!
  8. Best In Selling Fresh Cc Dumps Fullz Bank Logins Shop Admin And Wu Trf
  9. Delete Passbook Completely from Your iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
  10. Bangalore as investorís pride
  11. Yesterday I drink like 13 beers and smoke MJ and I didn't got quite a buzz Am I
  12. can I get mouth cancer from one time of doing chewing tobacco?
  13. Electronic cigarette question?
  14. My parents know I smoke cigarettes. Can I get away with smoking in my bedroom?
  15. Is nicotine tolerance permanent?
  16. How to quit smoking cannabis?
  17. How much does camels 99 cost at tobacco connection?
  18. Last time i smoked weed was 34 days ago will i pass my urine drug test?!!?
  19. What does nicotine mean?
  20. How would you express the concentration of 5mL of coal tar in 100g of cream?
  21. How long does nicotine stay in the blood/urine?
  22. How can I get my girlfriend to quit smoking?
  23. Parents buying there kids cigarettes?
  24. Are school drug dogs trained to sniff tobacco?
  25. why is smoking bad for you?
  26. Is smokeless tobacco any worse than cigarettes?
  27. What are the health risks of smoking one cigarette a day?
  28. Blackish Stool? Not tarry or tar-like. First time?
  29. Monthly smoking and maintaining a low nicotine tolerance.?
  30. Does smoking marijuana make your arms fall off?
  31. Chewing Tobacco Question!?
  32. Why do some types of cigars and cigarettes make my neck and face itch?
  33. Can I smoke non tobacco hookah?? At age 11?
  34. Have I done a lot of damage to my lungs by smoking weed only?
  35. Can you help solve this linux/awk/tar problem?
  36. Nicotine effects? please help with hw problem. thank you?
  37. Can i sell homemade cigarettes?
  38. Do you think it is wrong to try a cigarette when you are 15?
  39. If you use linux, are you only able to download file with .tar extension?
  40. so im writing a letter to my uncle joe he smokes and i want to tell him...
  41. Is mint non tobacco and non nicotine chew safe?
  42. Quit smoking help !!?
  43. POT SMOKERS & EX POT SMOKERS.... can I go from using weed every day to just...
  44. My man smokes, not for nicotine but the action of lips to hand any ideas?
  45. What's the best tobacco for me?
  46. What is your experience of electronic cigarettes?
  47. How can I cover up a strong cigarette odor?
  48. What is the legal age to smoke a electronic smooth hookah pen. 0% nicotine,
  49. How long until Nicotine and Thc do not show up on a blood or urine test?
  50. Is it illegal in California for a minor to buy a nicotine free E Cig/ Hookah Pen
  51. Is it illegal in California for a minor to buy a nicotine free E Cig/ Hookah Pen
  52. Is it illegal in California for a minor to buy a nicotine free E Cig/ Hookah Pen
  53. how do i take apart an airsoft S&T Tar-21?
  54. How bad is it if you smoke a cigarette just once?
  55. How bad is it if you smoke a cigarette just once?
  56. Helpful methods to quit tobacco use?
  57. What is an electronic cigarette?
  58. why is the tar contained in tobacco smoke so harmful?
  59. Is 18mg nicotine bad? For Vapor cigarette?
  60. I get depressed when alone after I smoke?
  61. Does nicotine age skin?
  62. Since bongs are "For Tobacco Use Only" in a lot of smoke shops, what do
  63. Why do I feel this need to smoke?
  64. Remove tar from dogs feet/paws?
  65. How do you extract nicotine from electronic cigarettes?
  66. Belmont cigarette, similar taste cheaper alternative ?
  67. Ramadan: Is smoking haram...?
  68. how much is the tax on tobacco for entering canada?
  69. Trying to find out about this place that was called the tar heel club?
  70. My father is a tobacco addict........?
  71. is nicotine alone bad?
  72. Why do shops still sell cigarettes if they know the risks?
  73. How long will the Alberta Tar Sands last for?
  74. Some needed questions about growing Tobacco?
  75. Im 14 years old I dip tobacco and my parents dont know I need to know should I...
  76. Does anyone know a lip shade close to Lip Tar's Strumpet?
  77. is smoking HERBAL Shisha at age 16 LEGAL?
  78. Is it ok to have 1-2 cigarettes every 2 weeks?
  79. Does nicotine show up on urine drug tests taken at the doctor?
  80. Does anyone know a lip shade close to Lip Tar's Strumpet?
  81. is smoking HERBAL Shisha at age 16 LEGAL?
  82. Is it ok to have 1-2 cigarettes every 2 weeks?
  83. How much nicotine in a can of dip?
  84. Has anyone bought cigarettes online?
  85. Tobacco limit from Portugal to uk?
  86. Germany: is it normal to see German police smoking in public while on duty?
  87. How is it possible to distill tar?
  88. What are the harms of smoking pot vs the harms of smoking cigarettes?
  89. Where can I find Gum that tastes like Nicorette Cinnamon Surge but w/o the Nicotine?
  90. Will I pass a saliva swab test after not smoking for about a week?
  91. He Said I Look Like A P0rn$tar Do I? [PICS]?
  92. Should tobacco/ weed be legal?
  93. How do I get the tar build up on the oreck cell?
  94. Does the tobacco make a difference to how much smoke i get from my hookah?
  95. Does anyone know a website that sells imperial hookah pens with no nicotine?
  96. Are there any mini speakers for iPods that can plug into cigarette lighter
  97. What do you call when you kill a cigarette?
  98. Does Vaping with any nicotine have any negative affects?
  99. OD'd on nicotine patch. how long before it's out of my bloodstream?
  100. How does one overdose on tobacco and die?
  101. Are nicotine free electronic cigarettes harmful?
  102. I have a 35 year old house that has builder grade vinyl siding and 15 pound tar
  103. Tobacco/Weed & Excuses?
  104. What at he positives and negatives of smoking marijuana?
  105. After applying liquid pine tar to my bat do I need to use a rosin bag?
  106. Why does cigarette filter turn black?
  107. where can I watch james franco movie "tar" at ?
  108. Im 8 weeks pregnant now & my husband smokes weed.?
  109. How to pass a nicotine test in 19 hours?
  110. my mom always smokes around me!?
  111. Do you get nicotine from cigars?
  112. Can you buy cigarettes at target?
  113. How to avoid cigarettes during boredom?
  114. Cigarette like an uncrushed camel crush?
  115. Pot smokers, are you happier when you don't smoke?
  116. Where can I get some cheap reusable non-nicotine electronic cigarettes?
  117. The cheapist tobacco?
  118. Cigarette lighter not working. 05 Ford Focus zx3?
  119. Is nicotine in a hookah pen harmful to your health?
  120. Can the smell or steam from hot tar being put on a road effect passers by?
  121. How much money does it take to cultivate tobacco?
  122. 13 year old smoking pot?
  123. Smoking and dizziness?
  124. if i smoke with the cigarette out of the window, will the room still smell?
  125. Friend of mine smoking?
  126. Do you think they should make tobacco illegal?
  127. My husband won't give me any money? Says he has "none" but always has cigarettes
  128. How long does Nicotine stay in your blood/urine?
  129. Pros and cons of smoking weed ?
  130. what do you say your smoking if you're smoking a cig?
  131. How long after quitting smoking does nicotine show up on blood test?
  132. This girl smokes...and I'm allergic to nicotine...what should I do?
  133. Will a gas station accept a school id to buy cigarettes?
  134. How do you stop a cigarette from being broken?
  135. I have tonsillitis is it bad to smoke?
  136. This girl smokes...and I'm allergic to nicotine...what should I do?
  137. Tea chewing tobacco??????????
  138. Tobacco brands needed?
  139. Arm aches related to pregnancy or nicotine patches?
  140. Can a minor get arrested for smoking cigarettes ?
  141. How do I quit smoking cigarettes?
  142. best hookah tobacco????
  143. Health homework help? Tobacco?
  144. What are the long term effects of smoking marijuana a few times?
  145. Adding big league chew to tobacco?
  146. What is the total damage from smoking a cigarette 2 years ago?
  147. How long is the tobacco/nicotine in ones system?
  148. Who and how to ask someone to buy you a pack of cigarettes? and how much are they
  149. What to expect from first time smoking weed?
  150. New York, New York - How much is a pack of Malboro or Newport Cigarettes there?
  151. What's it like to smoke a hookah pen?
  152. Raw lip after chewing tobacco?
  153. Questions about pine tar?
  154. Hi guys of something wrong with me yesterday my friend rolled up a...
  155. Lynch or tar and feather?
  156. Is smokeless tobacco a drug?
  157. Do they make nicotine free dip? or something like that?
  158. Can you pass out from smoking weed?
  159. If I starve myself,and only consume cigarettes,how long would I live?
  160. Is it ok to use the nicotine patch to stop smoking rolled pipe tobacco?
  161. Can i buy tobacco online?
  162. does anyone know of a reputable place to get discount cigarettes online?
  163. CRAZY anxiety nicotine withdrawls...help?
  164. Is there tobacco that is not bad for you?
  165. My 18 year old step son is smoking weed on a daily basis but denies doing
  166. Certificates needed for working in the Alberta Tar Sands?
  167. What is some good music to smoke...cigarettes...to?
  168. do i have to go to court for an infraction for tobacco paraphernalia?
  169. Why are nicotine gums not available at the counter?
  170. My dad keep on smoking?
  171. Can I smoke a cigarette 9 days after a tonsillectomy?
  172. Why is a tar substance leaking onto the floor of my 2009 Ram 1500 SLT?
  173. Smoking weed during sports?
  174. Is menthol safer than tobacco?
  175. someone stuck there cigarrette in my keyhole and put there cigarette out beside my
  176. Why doe this store say you have to be 21 to buy tobacco?
  177. how many cigarettes would i have to smoke in a day to overdose on nicotine?
  178. whats a home remedy to kill cigarette smoke?
  179. Hey i have a question about Smoking Weed?
  180. How does Tobacco cause wrinkled skin?
  181. I am going to Germany for 3 weeks and I want to know if I can bring a carton of
  182. Im 15 and smoke weed everyday?
  183. Does Motrin increase tobacco effect?
  184. How long does nicotine stay in your system?
  185. Is it weird I love the smell of cigarette?
  186. Why does smoking tobacco give you cancer and not weed?
  187. How can I put pine tar on my baseball helmet like MLB players do?
  188. Best ways to stop smoking?
  189. Why are fruit-flavored cigarettes illegal?
  190. Best way to store, keep fresh chewing/dipping Tobacco.?
  191. Can I smoke one cigarette if im in my 3rd trimester?
  192. I've been smoking a year (about to quit) but it gave me lines/wrinkles under my eyes
  193. Want to stop smoking?
  194. Your Open Question: How long does it take for nicotine to get out of your system
  195. Will stores sell electronic cigarettes to minors if they do not contain nicotine?
  196. tn tobacco laws (minor)?
  197. Is tar and feathers illegal here in the United States ?
  198. Is tar and feathers illegal here in the United States ?
  199. I was wondering is all tar black?
  200. What is a good e cig with no tobacco or nicotine?
  201. What is a good e cig with no tobacco or nicotine?
  202. Blu e cigarette charger needed?
  203. where to get cheap cigarettes/tobacco in dublin?
  204. is vaping safe [without nicotine]?
  205. How do you install tar.gz files in Tiny Core Linux?
  206. Is O.C.C Lip Tar Worth It?
  207. Is it illegal to "smoke" non nicotine E-cig?
  208. Where can I buy a small liquid smoke from?
  209. Are E-cigs without the nicotine bad for you?
  210. Marijuana v. Cigarettes?
  211. Smokers, what does smoking cigarettes do for you?
  212. How do u know when u get used to dipping tobacco?
  213. Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking for real?
  214. Smoking V.S. overeating?
  215. why is my dogs poop black with tar like stain underneath?
  216. Bmw x5 smoking from passenger side?
  217. nicotine free electric cigarettes saftey?
  218. I smoked a 2 cigarettes?
  219. Can nicotine cause agression?
  220. what mobile ways are there to smoke hash without mixing it with tobacco?
  221. Regarding tobacco smells, does a product exist which will extract the...
  222. Regarding tobacco smells, does a product exist which will extract the...
  223. How to unpack a tar file on Ubuntu?
  224. is the e cigarette or bad?
  225. Where do I find a julien macdonald tar candle holder that looks like this...
  226. Approximately how much is one mg of Nicotine?
  227. Has anyone that dips tobacco ever throw up please awencer ASAP?
  228. What is the best website to order clove cigarettes?
  229. Has your enthusiasm for the new season dampened after all pro sport has been
  230. Would a tobacco ban work?
  231. i have no cigarette, just joint ends, and i start my new job in a couple of hours.?
  232. How can you avoid nicotine addiction?
  233. Chewing tobacco, Help please?
  234. My boyfriend smokes weed and I don't know what to do?
  235. Why is nicotine in cigarettes?
  236. What do people smoke to blow rainbow smoke?
  237. My doctor told me to start smoking because I wasn't getting enough tar in
  238. I crave nicotine and want it to stop?
  239. How long after does it take to pass a nicotine test?
  240. Why is bitumen used as road tar?
  241. Should people who get cancer from smoking/drinking be treated by the NHS?
  242. How much passage smoke do you need to inhale for the cancer cells to activate?
  243. Can you pack a pack of cigarettes after opening the pack?
  244. What effect has each of the chemicals in a cigarette?
  245. How to get rid of tar from smoking in my lungs?
  246. How to get rid of tar from smoking in my lungs?
  247. Why don't they fine smokers for tossing a cigarette into the street?
  248. I want to take up smoking, is Blu Cigg the right way to go?
  249. Where could I get no-nicotine e-cigs?
  250. Tobacco across the US Canada border questions?