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  1. premiership predictions 4th/5th October 2008?
  2. I am not in my partners will and feel insecure about my future?
  3. Is there any future to this?
  4. What do you think is the future of artificial intelligence (AI)?
  5. Winter weather predictions?
  6. Can anyone give me REAL prediction of this seasons (08-09) League 1 Finishing Table?
  7. Is a boy using his hands in penis for happy and liquid coming out will
  8. how believable is it to travel trhough time? do you think t his will be invented...
  9. Why are people from the future in movie always dirty?
  10. A psychic who can tell me my past life & future?
  11. christians, Muslims and Jews here a prophecy of a virgin birth a virgin birth?
  12. Whats your predictions for RAW tonite?
  13. how can stem cells benefit human in the future?
  14. !! help me on my future choices please o need some guidance ?
  15. i heard that the ps3;s are going on sale in the near future?
  16. Is it true that windows xp will b obsolete in the near future?
  17. Predictions for Juventus vs Bate on September 30TH?
  18. Is the last 8 years just a conspiracy in favor of Obama?
  19. Does the Bible say anything about people like Nostradamus?
  20. Do you want to know your future president's educational background?
  21. Is the mortgage meltdown a leftist conspiracy designed to bring down the infidels?
  22. do people really dream the future?
  23. How 'bout my predictions regarding the installation of the next US president.?
  24. What do you think about the predictions of Nostradamus?
  25. Please help, I'm scared of web bot's and their predictions.?
  26. Poll Predictions for this morning?
  27. prediction of the course of a disease ?
  28. prediction of the course of a disease ?
  29. Scholarships for Aerospace engineers and future pilots?
  30. I want a future job in media, magazine, career, if I get visible tattoos, will this
  31. Difference between a mystery and conspiracy, and what is Farlap?
  32. Could we be looking at a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Lance Cade?
  33. I have done my ITI in Electronic i want to continue, but i am 27 years old...
  34. What pre-season predictions?
  35. POLL: How often do you see visions of your future?
  36. Future airforce wife with 60k student loans?
  37. Is There An Acne Cure In Our Future?
  38. I have a conspiracy theory with a few holes in it?
  39. do you ever have future dreams. ?
  40. I want to have nice friends in my life who can help me out in my life and...
  41. movie where the guy goes so far into the future that he lands in a place that...
  42. Have you ever risked your future for someone special?
  43. what to do bad life no future ? need help?
  44. What is with the conspiracy that Trig is Bristols baby?
  45. I'm writing a paper for class on conspiracy law.?
  46. predictions for liverpool vs psv..................?
  47. What NBA team has the worst future?
  48. Investment Banking from the Future? ?
  49. 9-11 Question. Terrorism or Government conspiracy.?
  50. What can you say of my future phsycics???? I am sorry to say that i'm desperate!!?
  51. Who else is scared about future warfare?
  52. impact of IT on business in the future?
  53. What is the conspiracy behind the color purple?
  54. McCain v. Obama tax predictions?
  55. How to turn customers away with out losing them as a future customer?
  56. Predictions for Matchday 2?
  57. Offspring prediction?
  58. World Series Predictions?
  59. Should I go to Jamaica for a friends wedding or apply for the masters...
  60. NBA 2008-09 Playoff Predictions?
  61. Now after this weeks LOSERS are out the way predictions on which 2 teams...
  62. How is my line up for the future?
  63. Conspiracy? McCain "suspend campaign" and "Stay in Virginia" coz Palin is not
  64. ladies does she still like me?will she give me the chance in the future to be...
  65. 2008 MLB Playoff Predictions ?
  66. NFL 2008-2009 Predictions?
  67. The Once and Future King?
  68. what do u guys think?... of my future haircut.?
  69. Should i forget the past and move on with the future?
  70. It is not rational arguments but emotions that cause belief in a future life.?
  71. Future stepson's role in wedding?
  72. Is there any website where i can find older chronic future song tabs?
  73. What are your predictions about the NFL Season?
  74. I've entered a competition...will I win? (silly guess the future question)!?
  75. Has anyone heard of Future shows?
  76. anyone in college here? What is your major? what is your future career?
  77. A summary for my future video game that will be even better then WoW. Just read...
  78. gender prediction tests?
  79. name for my future baby....?
  80. Is Rap Music and the N word a conspiracy and scam?
  81. Can I tell people I'm a psychic if I make accurate predictions and what
  82. nfl week 4 predictions?
  83. Would you like to predict my future?
  84. who has came close to their predictions this baseball season?
  85. My parent's predictions, what do you think? ?
  86. No Ba*l out! Now Ron Paul's predictions of economic problems have come
  87. Question regarding my future?
  88. Tell me about my future??? i could use?
  89. we liked each other and talked about a future togther but why would she lie to me
  90. Will Guild Wars Prophecies...?
  91. Please help out with this accounts situation..my future depends on this..?
  92. Citizen With Misdemeanor Can Inmigrate A Future Wife?
  93. New Money Showing Chemtrails? Do u believe in any conspiracies?
  94. How Are The Us Going To Help Israel In Future?
  95. whats the stupidest conspiracy theory you ever heard?
  96. What conspiracies do u find believable,moon,911, U.F.O.'s?
  97. Olympia 2008 predictions? Hows it going there, any surprises?
  98. What's your opinion of Ted Elden do you believe in conspiracies?
  99. College football week 5 poll predictions?
  100. Can this friendship have a future? ?
  101. Open...my future is in your hands!?
  102. Catholics, what do you think of this prophecy ...?
  103. Should cloning be allowed in the near future?
  104. Does past and future exist?
  105. do you also feel to be alone on some days and you don't know what your life will
  106. want guidance for the future as i m on the peak of my carrer?
  107. how do you recognize a conspiracy?
  108. What assurances do you think Google should give about its future use of data?
  109. Christians: can you cite a bible prophecy that has come true?
  110. VP debate predictions.?
  111. Eagles Vs. Bears closet predictions 10 points ?
  112. My future computer game called Hellraiser. Tell me how it is and any ideas you...
  113. Does anyone else find it funny about the conspiracy theorists jumping on the
  114. Do you believe in the Chemtrails conspiracy?
  115. What is your major and what is your future career?
  116. please answer if you read "once and future king"?
  117. Bamboo height and diameter prediction.?
  118. wich console is the future & wich one will die first?
  119. miley cyrus age conspiracy?
  120. Do you think i should say yes to my future boyfriend?
  121. Heroes Predictions. What do you think is going to happen?
  122. Possible Future tag team?
  123. I want to become a gynecologist in future, are there any games related to it...
  124. Do you want to know the WWE No Mercy 08 Predictions? Come Here!?
  125. Does Jim Lehrer have a future as a Marriage Counselor?
  126. What is the future of the Stock Market?
  127. What is the guys name that predicts the future?
  128. is there any fortune tellers on here ? plz if there is i would like to know what
  129. what are short-term and long-term predictions for tornadoes?
  130. Guild Wars prophecies help?
  131. I'm 14 years old, and I am 5 ft 8 :( Am I gonna be like Really tall in the future.?
  132. in what ways does the foundation of floridas hispanic legacy help to...
  133. My future feeder fish pet?
  134. What will the future look like?Better or worse? Considering whats going on now...
  135. Present Value Future Value?
  136. future president. Obama bin laden ?
  137. How funny is this question (Boston Celtics Championship Prediction)?
  138. Future Values Present Values!?
  139. How likely is it that Deion Branch will be the #1 receiver for the Seattle...
  140. Ramadan.According to the prophecies, are Muslims themselves going to be
  141. Animal Predictions And Science?
  142. im 13 years old. In the future i want to study IT and work as a IT man, but i
  143. Do you think this relationship has a future?
  144. Vegetation future colonists ran into?
  145. What change do each of the future presidents wish to bring?
  146. What are some hot careers for the future? ?
  147. Past behavior predicts future outcome?
  148. Future Careers For A 15 Year Old?
  149. What are some hot careers for the future? thanks?
  150. Superbowl Prediction?
  151. What are the 18 FPS (Future Problem Solvers) Catagories?
  152. Ur prediction for TNA's BFG 2008?
  153. In yesterdays debate, which candidate demonstrated the most experience, showed...
  154. Future Girl Baby Name. ?
  155. Will BNP get power and Eastern Europeans dominate London, conspiracy?
  156. Is Osama Bin Ladens prophecy about to come true?
  157. For those who believe in fortune telling, predictions and all that. Please HELP!!?
  158. Should people be "tried for crimes against humanity" for disagreeing with...
  159. Any Serious Predictions for Next Week Gold rates?
  160. WWE Returns In The Near Future?
  161. Find the future value of the originally annuity?
  162. Score Predictions :D?
  163. So what will happen in my immediate future? ?
  164. Help in what career I could take in the future?
  165. WACKY CONSPIRACY OR REAL?what is ORGONITE and does it really work?
  166. Good hackers future question!!! Just a simple one!!!?
  167. What's your prediction for Bama VS GA!?
  168. This Website Says It Sells Something That Protects Your Home For...
  169. Has anyone else noted that Barrack Hussein Obama's names fit into
  170. Help me with my future?? ?
  171. Won't you put your kids to bed tonight feeling better about the nation's
  172. Realistic predictions if the $700 billion bailout DOES go through, and if it
  173. Someone told me...that 9/11 was a conspiracy?
  174. Need help with a future career? ?
  175. Seriously: Conspiracy against OBAMA?
  176. Conservatives, how do you think we should handle the future of this country?
  177. Listen you little whore, death may be in your future?
  178. what is your future career goal?
  179. Everton v Liverpool.....predictions=5 stars! Quick ends 2PM!?
  180. Okay, clearly Obama smoked McSame tonight. What are your predictions for the...
  181. Im terrified of my future and i'm scared I wont get a job because I dropped
  182. How do i tell my future brother-in-law that i dont want his gf at my wedding?
  183. i want to know my near future ?my birthday is april27. 1980 ?
  184. What Are Your No Mercy Predictions Or Spoilers?
  185. Do you like my future wedding dress that my mother-in-law picked out?
  186. Has anyone else noted that Barrack Hussein Obama's names fit into...
  187. You tell me my future career/job!?
  188. cyber sunday fantasy predictions?
  189. vince mc donalds future of tna?
  190. mayorga or mosley? forbs or gana? predictions?
  191. Finding and eBook? Once and Future King?
  192. My NFL 08 -09 predictions?
  193. Need the name of a song ..PLEASE.. from Prophecy 2?
  194. Score prediction for grand final?
  195. What steps to reduce/ prevent future hair loss? ?
  196. how good is MS in business information systems in australia?What are it's
  197. Ryan Howard prediction?
  198. is there and chinese gender prediction that?
  199. Why does McCain talk about the past years in vietnam and not our future?
  200. Height predictions anyone?
  201. Is this a good gift for a future Marine? What should I engrave?
  202. What should citizens do to ensure freedom and the future of the country?
  203. Can someone tell me about my future love life? (No Jokers!)?
  204. The future of Zunes, any help? New Microsoft product?
  205. Will they make a future iPod Touch with 64gb?
  206. tell me what type of hairstyle i should have. and my face shape for future reference?
  207. Have you thought about the future?
  208. what should i name my future kids?
  209. If America's future is an economic disaster what would be the best country to...
  210. Do you think, leptons and quarks will be part of basic chemistry on near future?
  211. America...future economic disaster?
  212. What Are your Predictions for tonight's debate?
  213. ladies please help me we were only best friends who talked about a future togther?
  214. Pittsburgh Pirates Future?
  215. Are ideas construction for future of survival,and prosperity?
  216. randy orton future of tna?
  217. Questions about Future Jobs?
  218. why do people laugh at conspiracy theories?
  219. Everyone: what are your predictions should this 700 Billion be given to wall street?
  220. ATTENTION psychics and those who have a good sense of the future? Which animal
  221. Bourne conspiracy boss help!?
  222. Future Horror Movies?
  223. she sent me these lryics when i wanted her out of my ife also before we talked
  224. Can u tell me the name of a vid/song I just saw.He sings "this is my
  225. Looking into the future to buying my first house?
  226. As for conspiring to be the king, i noticed many of these things well before ten
  227. If you think that the Qur'an is "the past, the present and the future"?
  228. Question about future Alltel phones?
  229. Divesting in the future...Bad idea?
  230. what do you think about the economy of canada in the future?
  231. 2008 election scary psychic prediction...?
  232. Predictions for the LSU vs. MSU game tomorrow? ?
  233. Do You believe that dreams can tell the future?
  234. How can i choose what i want to do with my future when i do not know which...
  235. how to make a presentation on the topic FUTURE GENERATION OF 2050 on power point
  236. WM 25 Predictions for 2009.?
  237. Is there a website that shows NIKKEI 225 futures for implying the next day's open?
  238. What's the worst case scenario if economic keeps fall down? Any predictions?
  239. USC loss obviously changes the outlook of the BCS....Champ predictions? Its really...
  240. Qualitative Solubility Predictions?
  241. i have completed bachelor of pharmacy from india, going to usa in december, what i
  242. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about America's financial future?
  243. I need help with my future... possible High school Education?!?! 10 PTS!!?
  244. I'm am a future navy wife "SOON", what am I to expect?
  245. what would you do if you travelled 10 years to the future and...?
  246. Job ideas for future? Help?
  247. What should I do? I'm not going to graduate on time and I'm messing up my...
  248. will i be able to adopt in the future?
  249. Can cervical cancer vaccines affect reproduction in the future?
  250. What do you think is the future of Classical Music in terms of its