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  1. Which is the dependent and independent variable and how can I know how to choose...
  2. Why all the nutjob conspiracy theories about Senator Obama being a "secret"
  3. How screwed is the future generation of America? I'm scared. :(?
  4. I am trying to apple for a job a Future Shop?
  5. Whats up with the Republican's conspiracy theories?
  6. Can people really predict the future?
  7. TNA Bound For Glory 2008 Predictions?
  8. If God knows the end days, that means he knows our individual futures, so...
  9. What do you think of Nostradamus and his predictions?
  10. Is there a conspiracy to turn the United States into a one world communist...
  11. How can you believe biblical prophecy or any prophecy?
  12. Is the "Conspiracy Theory" supported by the Bible? ?
  13. Will republicans still say liberals are all crazy conspiracy theorists when the dow
  14. Does anyone know any scholarly sources for nostradamus information?
  15. How do you calculate the future value of growing annuities?
  16. Is There a Chance of Us Dating again in the future or Is He Just Playing With My
  17. Is voting for Obama during a recession a self-fulfilling prophecy?
  18. DOW is down to 8755. Will my three week ago prediction of the DOW bottoming out...
  19. Could i compete in MMA in the future?
  20. FIFA World Cup Qualifying Predictions?
  21. Where can u find music that will become big? Or do u have any predictions?
  22. Obama's Radical group ACORN again indicted for voter fraud: A Dem
  23. Does any1 else think that Palin is a democrat conspiring to bring down McCain?
  24. do you think even faith-wise people act out their own self-fulfilling prophecies?
  25. having problems naming my future baby ?
  26. What do you think about the 12/21/12 doomsday prophecy?
  27. do u think theirs a 9/11 conspiracy?
  28. It is common cold season. What works best for you to get rid of a cold?...
  29. How often are prediction markets wrong when it comes to elections?
  30. It's prediction Thursday with Mystic Flange?
  31. Do you see either or both the retail banking market or paper market being...
  32. Survivour Series Predictions?
  33. would cosigning for my friend on a investment propert cost me first time buying
  34. Did John F. Kennedy ever say that communism is the wave of the future?
  35. How do you explain to your grand children that the White House has been bought
  36. Hockey Section Regulars: Let's make sure we save the predictions we ask for now...
  37. can anyone give me data pertaining to predictions made by the game theory?
  38. Do you agree that Nostradamus' 3rd Anti Christ MABUS is a pseudonym for OBAMA?
  39. Is McCain guilty of conspiring with Ronald Reagan to sell weappons to the
  40. Obama and McCain psychic prediction?
  41. Are the Obama conspiracy theorists the same 26% of people who still...
  42. Does anyone have any predictions on how the presidental election is going to...
  43. Predictions on the results of new Iranian law regarding apostasy?
  44. Proof 911 was a Conspiracy and other Proofs! What do you think about this?
  45. Are the big conspiracy's hidden in plain sight ?
  46. Do I need to complete Guild Wars: Prophecies to play Guild Wars: Factions?
  47. Difference between hypothesis and Prediction?
  48. why do the gender prediction want to know the mothers age?
  49. How can I start training for a UFC future?
  50. Best Futures Trading Software?
  51. In the prophecies of Nostradamus, it is translated..........Do you agree? ?
  52. What new technologies can we expect to see in the near future?
  53. As a future army wife how soon/how much/how do you get BAH, insurance, etc?
  54. Special Ed or social work future? ?
  55. My NFC Playoff Predictions?
  56. Do you have to be neurotic to believe in the antichrist prophecy?
  57. Is Nobel Prize recipient Doris Lessing's prediction right about Obama?
  58. do you think wwe is going to compete near future ?
  59. Poll: are there still a vast majoirty of people that dont buy into the 9/11...
  60. Do you think 9/11 was a conspiracy?
  61. Are the Atheati conspiring with underwear inspector # 12 to plant microchips...
  62. Whic side has more conspiracy theories, the far left or far right?
  63. Predictions for this Saturday's FIFA qualifiers?
  64. Is it Prophecy that once Paper Money is gone, comes the Number of The...
  65. Will you vote your past or your future in this election?
  66. Do you believe the current Predictions that Obama will win the election by 4%?
  67. What is my future going to be like?
  68. How can you have free will if God knows and created your past, present and future?
  69. Do you see a second Great Depression in the future?
  70. Since particles age slower the faster you travel,in turn,will this help of...
  71. On Friday, there is supposed to be some 'update' report on Troopergate w/...
  72. What does a romanticized Past and future mean? ?
  73. How did the writters of the Constitution plan for necessary future "plans"? ?
  74. GF left me. Worried about future?
  75. ferret lovers/owners please read,or future ferret owners?
  76. What about my state predictions?
  77. Seahawks record prediction?
  78. Conspiracy theorists, what do you think about the frantic caller that
  79. what do you think about the prediction that the world is gonna end in 2012?
  80. IS MY FUTURE (Finance / Banking) DOOMED w/ a CRIMINAL RECORD?
  81. who do u think will have a brighter future, Miley and Emily or Selena and Demi?
  82. My boyfriend and I would like to rent a property in the near future.... ?
  83. Where can i find images of the World Trade Center buildings without all the...
  84. Loose/Future Sex Love Sounds?
  85. Do you think 9/11 was a conspiracy ?
  86. Why are religious people prone to believing in conspiracy stories?
  87. Would you call this quote prophecy ( see below )?
  88. One bad grade, how will it effect colleges/future jobs and can I make a
  89. Is the real conspiracy that communists such as Ayers became professors in...
  90. In the sentence My future (in) your hands i rest the bracket words is what...
  91. Young & The Restless: Predictions?
  92. What do people think of The Mothman Prophecies?
  93. Fort Knox Conspiracies?
  94. Baseball FA predictions?
  95. Poll: do you buy into the 9/11 conspiracy theories?
  96. Will my future rig run Crysis on Ultra High at a good FPS?
  97. How I should guess the future?
  98. did anyone see espn annalist prediction for baseball?
  99. Uefa Cup 200809 predictions ....!!??!?
  100. How is Nostradamus significant in history?
  101. What do you think about the White Sox season, and the future for this team ?
  102. Does anyone on Yahoo know about THE ARYANS' prophecy ?
  103. Can any theists give me examples of prophecy…?
  104. Meeting your possible future girlfriend's current girlfriend: way awkward, or
  105. Is there any reason that the market will ever go up in the near future?
  106. Are you worried about your economic future?
  107. Any predictions when my twins will come?
  108. what does future Prospects mean?
  109. Do you see yourself boycotting MLB if another strike happens again in the near...
  110. Future NBA Champions maybe?
  111. i have been playing Casandra's journey the legend of nostradamus?
  112. Is it okay to read warriors new prophecy without reading Darkest hour?
  113. super bowl predictions for 08-09?
  114. Why is it i have not seen any 9/11 conspiracy questions on here in awhile?
  115. your predictions week 6 10pts to most convincing?
  116. Chinese gender prediction chart?
  117. Can an employer make an employee sign a contract restricting their future employment?
  118. Point the finger! Who is to blame for the American banking collapse? Is there a
  119. What do you think the Mayan Prophecy of 2012 entails? Do you think it will
  120. What are the benefits of working at a store like a best buy or future shop...
  121. What is the code to the lucian conspiracy theory?
  122. Do people who use the term conspiracy to look down on others understand what it
  123. Any NLCS Predictions?
  124. Predictions for NLCS? I think brewers fans arent't into the games you?
  125. WORTH 10 PTS!! Please Help!! Ehrlich's predictions have not come true on the scale...
  126. What kind of future "Change" will Obama bring? MUST SEE VIDEO....very SCARY?
  127. Can I get a quick and easy legal separation just so I'm not responsible for
  128. Magic eye is a conspiracy...no?
  129. I am thinking about acquiring a new skill to aid a future job prospects,...
  130. California Work Comp Future Medical?
  131. Is there an anti-Obama conspiracy on this web site?
  132. In The Odyssey, what prophecy of Teiresias and Circe does Odysseus withhold
  133. Epiphone Futura Custom Prophecy?
  134. What are the predictions about what is getting ready to happen?
  135. tell me name of laser shown in future weapons which points a place to be...
  136. How similar are the prophecies in Revelations in comparison to our present day and...
  137. Is this the future of America? Are we getting closer to George Orwell's...
  138. Gasoline Futures are at $2.09. Why does Gasoline Still Cost About $3.50/Gal.?
  139. What are some good stocks that are so beaten up right now, that they are...
  140. Have 9/11 conspiracy theorists learned to color between the lines yet?
  141. calling all psychics???wanna give me my future?
  142. The future of Rock and the best moments of the past?
  143. How can I divide Macbeth's reaction to the Weird Sisters' prophecies into 3
  144. a question about nostradamus?
  145. What impact does/might sport hunting have on the vitality and future of the...
  146. MY NFC West Predictions?
  147. ''''World Under conspiracy'''?
  148. I love money - Season finale predictions?
  149. NFL: what is your prediction for ny giants vs. seattle?
  150. Future Career: Psychology ?
  151. futures and options markets?
  152. Predictions for The Office?
  153. Why can't I seem to find a website to buy "The Once and Future King" EBook?
  154. Did Nostradamus Ever Predict Anything POSITIVE?
  155. Fulfilled Prophecies?
  156. where can i watch the mothman prophecies cause im pretty sick of looking
  157. Iliad Prophecy Question...?
  158. Why does it seem that most atheists have a paranoid “conspiracy theorist”
  159. Are these guys future hall-of-famers? ?
  160. Plans for future?????????????
  161. Final No Mercy Predictions?
  162. What do you think of the Celestine Prophecy?
  163. My No Mercy Predictions?
  164. Question about SAINT MALACHY Prophecies?
  165. Do you think psychics are for real, can anyone really see the future of someone else?
  166. Is there anyone you know who should be a future president?
  167. Super Bowl XLIII predictions?
  168. how do you do this voltaic cell prediction?
  169. I'm Catholic and was wondering what others believe in about prophecies
  170. Could You Name The Top 10 World Conspiracies?
  171. What do you think about Nostradamus saying" the black one, irate, will make
  172. Do you believe that a person's actions are influenced by their views of...
  173. What do you think will be the future of F1?
  174. Conspiracy theory. McCain/Palin intentionally losing the election?
  175. Poll predictions for week 6 - OSU, Vanderbilt go where?
  176. christians; what is your single most convincing prophecy?
  177. Does Obama and his followers like talking about hope, the future, change for...
  178. Is there a hidden powerful conspiracy to get Obama elected as president?
  179. What's Your Future Dream Job?
  180. Cubs down 2-0 Bottom of 2nd and my baseball predictions?
  181. At what point do future prostitutes realize the value of their own sexuality?
  182. Epiphone Prophecy EXhttp://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product?sku=515618V or
  183. Is there really a $53 Trillion Federal Financial Hole that will erupt into a
  184. I been goin to some prophecy meetings?
  185. I Love Money predictions?
  186. Do I have to study something I don't like in order to do another thing in...
  187. WWE No Mercy Predictions?
  188. Future relationship opinion?
  189. Has the Watchtower Society ever made any false prophecies?
  190. NFL WEEK 5 Prediction 10 points?
  191. What are all these prophecies in the bible?
  192. How is Nostradamus significant in history?
  193. who ya got? (redskins and eagles this week) tell me your score prediction as well?
  194. Elite XC fight Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock starts in like 20mins any predictions?
  195. Bible prophecy: Atheists explain?
  196. What would be the greatest thing that you yourself can contribute to
  197. future baby names....?
  198. Prediction for chapter 301 in Eyeshield 21?
  199. Can you tell my career future for me?
  200. what r your nba predictions?
  201. Hi, will getting a business degree secure my future?
  202. How accurate are the election predictions?
  203. im going to buy a ps2 game called timesplitters future perfect ?
  204. This was kind of awkward, what should I say in the future?
  205. Do you believe the conspiracy theories that people who have astral projected to
  206. Which 2nd or 3rd Generation wwe Superstar has a Better Future(Pick 2-3 People)?
  207. Is it now 100% official? The Republicans have no ideas on the economy or your future?
  208. Popularity of names in the future?
  209. My Future Needs Guidance ?
  210. Out of all of the future stars of the WWE...?
  211. Futures Question help?
  212. When researchers use future scores from another research, they are
  213. Prediction for naruto manga chapter 420?
  214. Does YHVW/YHWH God allow its alleged organization to make false prophecies?
  215. in the near future will you prefer sleaze or spin?
  216. if your a male, and smoke marijuana, can it mess up your future babies?
  217. Which of the prophecies and their fulfillment concering Jesus as Messiah were most
  218. Why would a guy that claims that he "busts conspiracies" wimp out and block people...
  219. Wamu stocks at .16 ..would you buy in hopes of future bounce?
  220. Will learning Portuguese be worth it in the future?
  221. What would be a good career for me to have in the future?
  222. Does This Sound Like A Future Relationship?
  223. What year does nostradamus predictions go upto ?
  224. I keep on thinking on my career and my future often in negativity.?
  225. How do you feel about this explanation of bible prophecy?
  226. Where do you plan to live in the future or your dream place?
  227. Could some one give me a link to a FREE AREA 51 conspiracy site?
  228. Is there a site where you can see the Future buildings for your City?
  229. Kane vs Rey Mysterio predictions?
  230. Is Doomday 2012 true? Planet X, Mayan Calender, Predictions?
  231. At what point are you honestly in charge of your own destiny? And when...
  232. Do you think that for future vettings for V.P the process will include this..?
  233. whats your prediction for the afl ladder in 2009?
  234. Ohio St. & Wis. Predictions?
  235. Is there any wrestler in their 20s or early 30s, that you would call a future legend?
  236. Conspiracy theorists and sympathizers: Can you (or do you) see Sarah
  237. What is the New World Order Conspiracy?
  238. When will 9/11 conspiracy theorists learn that they are wrong? ?
  239. How will my past affect me in the future ?
  240. Is this one of the miraculous prophecies we hear about? The bible states that
  241. What is Mark May's prediction record?
  242. SPECIFIC name predictions for 2018? Only serious & specific answers?
  243. My bf broke up with because he said he needs space. But he promises that he will be
  244. the future of beirut pictures?
  245. Do any of you believe in the Windows Conspiracy theory?
  246. Humanity, Science and the future?
  247. will our relationship work out successfully in the future?
  248. What to do with an unstable future mother-in-law who is about to make me have a
  249. Future Chiropractor.... should I take the GRE or MCAT? which is easier?
  250. Are Dinosaurs Real or a Government Conspiracy?