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  1. Top 10 poll predictions for week 7. ?
  2. Canadian Election Predictions anyone?
  3. What hat will future hall of famer Corky Miller wear in the Hall?
  4. My prediction is real?
  5. i'm really worried and scared about my future..?
  6. Do you think that predictions in revelation are going to come true?
  7. My prediction is What is yours?
  8. Where do you see Blu in the future?
  9. Future Musician Career?
  10. Im scared of growing up and facing the future?
  11. CIS hockey future for a 15 year old! ?
  12. in the future will drinking coke (the drink) be like smoking?
  13. POLL: What do you want to know about the future?
  14. what teenage guys wanna be a dad in the future?
  15. Could the Bible in some parts Tell the Future? we now live in sodem and garmora?
  16. names for my future children...?
  17. Broadway as my future?
  18. Economic Meltdown? President? What's in our future?
  19. Hardwar: the future is greedy ?
  20. Does anyone have any tips for how to worry less about the future?
  21. How can a women like me raise a strong minded son in the future, where men are...
  22. Do you see any current ROH guys going to WWE in the future?
  23. Please help my future is at stake!?
  24. christians. how can you be saved if you dont know the teachings and
  25. what should be my major/future job?
  26. How does the economic meltdown fit into the new world order conspiracy
  27. armaegedon conspiracy and UFo of the USA?
  28. Please government help! future at steak! :(((?
  29. Obama-bots, if they showed the OMEN III 24/7 till the election would you consider
  30. prophecy concerning the east.?
  31. Do you find that the smokers in your workplace form a clique and conspire against...
  32. What movie(s) do you desperately wanna see right now ( or in the near future ) ?
  33. Any predictions on my Vikings tomorrow?
  34. Are my predictions likely?
  35. How is the future affected by those individuals we decide to mate with today?
  36. If I buy a Mac pro, can I upgrade it in the future? If so what parts can i upgrade?
  37. Does anyone know why Dumbledore is holding a prophecy on the CHAMBER OF SECRETS...
  38. What is the future for Special Education Teachers?
  39. What are some songs similiar to songs from JSRF (jet set radio future)?
  40. what global economic policies best for the future of the world?
  41. How comfortable would you be with This Person as future President of the
  42. How do I be happy? Feel lost, in college, unhappy with future life.?
  43. How is prophecy different from evolution?
  44. What are your predictions for NFL 08'-09' playoffs ?
  45. College Help Needed! Please Help A Future Student In Need!?
  46. If "past life/s " experience exists why not also a "future life/s" one-as in
  47. Wrestlemania in the future?
  48. What is likely the most prominent job in the future?
  49. Are we living in the past present or future? ?
  50. about the UFO PREDICTION on OCTOBER 14th // ALABAMA seen from ONTARIO?... 10 points.?
  51. Bi Polar ex GF. Future?
  52. What team has had the most future Hall of Famers at one point?
  53. Apart from global warming, what things in the near future that could happen scare
  54. symbol for oil future?
  55. help? my future in football!?
  56. What's that one book when a taxi driver keeps a diary, buries it, and...
  57. Im not in a professional music school, can i still be a professional musician in
  58. Boyds international future?
  59. what computers will empower us to do in the future?
  60. Is it ok to take only 3 AS level subjects or will it effect my future and will i...
  61. Why do people always want to find out something from their future?
  62. If Obama will lie to us about his past, why should Americans believe him about
  63. I Need Help With My German Future Coursework!!?
  64. Predictions for Wednesday's qualifiers?
  65. is any one psyicic? cuz i have a future Q 4 my cousin.?
  66. translate it in english - "acha kiya ki tumne mujhe reply kar diya, warna nahi to
  67. what was the domino effect (self fulfilling prophecy) of the credit crisis?
  68. Your top 10 Naruto characters and your predictions for Manga chapter 421-Naruto?
  69. Are there to be any further heavy rain showers in the UK in the near future?
  70. i would like to get a warmblood in the future, what should i know about them?
  71. Here is an economic question for the government conspiracy theorists?
  72. Predictions on how the Palin campaign will make Americans forget about the,
  73. Dog taking prednisolone, would it skew any future bone marrow tests?
  74. my daughter heart is in the wright side of the body ,wat prtection i hav 2
  75. Predictions for day 4?
  76. What are your 2008-09 predictions?
  77. england v Kazakhstan predictions please ?
  78. Sweden VS Portugal World Cup Qualifying predictions..!?
  79. I'm am VERY stuck in career options (and my future) please help!?
  80. Psychics, what are the initials of my future boyfriend..lol i know stupid but..?
  81. we have two lousy presidential candidates and a congress people that only...
  82. future? powers stuff like that.?
  83. If you want to get married in the future.....?
  84. how do you really know if you can tell the future or are you just being silly?
  85. Near Future WWE Question?
  86. Is the "Conspiracy Theory" supported by the Bible? ?
  87. 9/11 and $20 bill conspiracy?
  88. Whats up with the Republican's conspiracy theories?
  89. do christians believe in nostrodamus is he in revelations too?
  90. Poll: If You Could Look Into Your Future?
  91. What do you think about my Obama predictions?
  92. What do you think about Nostradamus saying" the black one, irate, will make him
  93. Mythological Prophecies or Oracles?
  94. What do you think the Squirrels are conspiring against us?
  95. England ? v Borat ? score and goal scorer predictions?
  96. Does this north Korea thing fit into any of NostroDamus Quontrains?
  97. Has anyone else noted that Barrack Hussein Obama's names fit into...
  98. What do you think of Nostradamus and his predictions?
  99. Does anyone on Yahoo know about THE ARYANS' prophecy ?
  100. military and future job ?
  101. Y&R? DO you think Jack will get Adam to run Jabot? How will Jack and Adam...
  102. 8~8~08 a Conspiracy a Group of men and women Conspiring on a Number...
  103. My future love... how will it be?
  104. Do you agree that Nostradamus' 3rd Anti Christ MABUS is a pseudonym for OBAMA?
  105. Epiphone Futura Custom Prophecy?
  106. Was the return to prison for Paris Hilton one of Nostrodamus's prophecies and does
  107. Did Nostradamus Ever Predict Anything POSITIVE?
  108. My Prediction Of The World!!! Muwahahaha?
  109. Future college student. Questions on ACT ?
  110. Fulfilling a nostradamus prophecy?
  111. I just saw this thing on the history channel about Nostrodamus and its not the...
  112. The worlds financial crisis and end time prophecies...?
  113. IS ESPN Prediction that the Nets will be the Worst team in the Eastern...
  114. Is Bush really the Anti-Christ ? Nostrodamus, Numerology & this link ?
  115. Is this a Prophecy that came true?
  116. a question about nostradamus?
  117. Is The Future Face Of America....?
  118. Do you think this october 14th ufo prophecy is total poop?
  119. US economy conspiracy- do you see this happening?
  120. Do I need to complete Guild Wars: Prophecies to play Guild Wars: Factions?
  121. MoD loses driver, conspiracy?
  122. How similar are the prophecies in Revelations in comparison to our present...
  123. How is Nostradamus significant in history?
  124. DOW is down to 8755. Will my three week ago prediction of the DOW bottoming...
  125. Intrade Prediction Markets: Odds of a candidate winning! ?
  126. ““When you want something, does all the universe conspires in helping you to
  127. Why do you think everyone believed although many were skeptical about Nostradamus ?
  128. anyone has any predictions on what the country can look forward too?
  129. Does Nostradamus predict a debt-- economic -- crash ?
  130. Can any theists give me examples of prophecy…?
  131. is it possible that Obama conspired his way to the precipice of the world’s...
  132. Is the current global financial crisis part of a Jewish conspiracy?
  133. Is there a conspiracy to turn the United States into a one world communist...
  134. believers of any faith, a question on self-fulfilled prophecies...?
  135. Technicalities on being arrested and charged with conspiring to attempt drug...
  136. Why all the nutjob conspiracy theories about Senator Obama being a "secret"...
  137. Why do people believe there is some sort of Jewish conspiracy?
  138. Is there a conspiracy by Democrats to wreak the US economy in an attempt to gain...
  139. how should i start my quest to be a network security expert (hopefully to...
  140. Does the universe really conspire with us?
  141. who does Laertes conspire to murder in Shakespeare's play, Hamlet? ?
  142. A good Science Prediction?
  143. psychics- future prediction on relationships....?
  144. Pineal gland conspiracy, using flouride mistake?
  145. back to the future -...................?
  146. Obama & The Nostradamus Prophecies?
  147. Any articles/website that lists predictions for the future?
  148. Is the mighty ''o'' conspiring with the people who charge for air?
  149. Why did Obama drop 4-5% over night? Is this a right wing conspiracy?
  150. Is there a way to know the weather in the future for NJ?
  151. Does anyone know any scholarly sources for nostradamus information?
  152. How often are prediction markets wrong when it comes to elections?
  153. Is it Prophecy that once Paper Money is gone, comes the Number of The Beast? (Is
  154. Are all the missing avatars off conspiring against the rest of us !!?
  155. Old wives tale on prediction of pregnancy-NOT THE GENDER?
  156. Could Michael Dawson be a future England defender. ?
  157. What conspiracy theories do you believe in?
  158. Predictions for Nobel Prize for Economics 2008?
  159. How can you believe biblical prophecy or any prophecy?
  160. Do you believe Nostrodamus wrote a lost book?
  161. What did Nostrodamus have to say about you?
  162. Will republicans still say liberals are all crazy conspiracy theorists...
  163. Has anyone else noted that Barrack Hussein Obama's names fit into
  164. With the Vampires and the Goths conspiring against the fundamentalist?
  165. For those of you who are interested in Nostradamus prediction about Mabus?
  166. Is voting for Obama during a recession a self-fulfilling prophecy?
  167. i read a spy book where usa russia and uk conspire to take over the world but usa
  168. is McCains unwillingness to stand up to obamma and call him on his lies and...
  169. It's prediction Thursday with Mystic Flange?
  170. Nostrodamus?
  171. Conspiracy theory: Is John McCain secretly hoping Obama wins? ?
  172. Obama-conspiracy-theorists, what will happen?
  173. is there people in our government conspiring to turn our country into a...
  174. Superbowl 43 predictions?
  175. What are your thoughts on dreams and prophecy/ warnings?
  176. what states are most likely to allow gay marriages in the near future?
  177. Is McCain guilty of conspiring with Ronald Reagan to sell weappons to the Contras...
  178. Since Hollywood conspired with god to bring about a rapture/batman tie in?
  179. how hard will it be for us to get college loans in the near future?
  180. i have been playing Casandra's journey the legend of nostradamus?
  181. do you think even faith-wise people act out their own self-fulfilling prophecies?
  182. Do you believe in Nostradamus's prediction that on 09/09/09 there will be a...
  183. Are Nostradamus' predictions real? If so, have most of them come true?
  184. Are the Atheati conspiring with underwear inspector # 12 to plant...
  185. Was Nostrodamus a phony?
  186. Is obama running for president a conspiracy by obama, wright and ayers to start a
  187. Does any1 else think that Palin is a democrat conspiring to bring down McCain?
  188. Ok. Many of us have realized how much ignorance there is in this country.
  189. nostrodamus fortold New York city being devistated?
  190. Did Nostradamus accurately predict the problems the US is facing right now?
  191. Is this good time to buy stocks for the future?
  192. Is it okay to read warriors new prophecy without reading Darkest hour?
  193. Is this a racist conspiracy? ?
  194. Do you ever get suspicious when politicians conspire to disarm the general public?
  195. Is There A Bright Future For Jamie Lynn Spears?
  196. What do you guys think of the October 14th prediction by Blossom Goodchild?
  197. Who thinks that Washington's FedEx Filed should be the host of a future Super Bowl?
  198. what do you guys think about nostrodamus' end of the world theory?
  199. What do you think education will be like in the future?
  200. Do you have to be neurotic to believe in the antichrist prophecy?
  201. what is the best career is i want to own a remodeling company in the future?
  202. How should a future Need For Speed game be like ?
  203. is the stock market plunge just another conspiracy?
  204. I am looking for a quote I read from Albert Einstein that said he believed the
  205. What are your predictions for the US within the next 6 to 12 months ?
  206. Would you call this quote prophecy ( see below )?
  207. What do you think about the predictions of Nostradamus?
  208. What do you think about the 12/21/12 doomsday prophecy?
  209. American Idol, Sanjaya.....and Nostrodamus?
  210. No sense of future or past?
  211. Obama's Radical group ACORN again indicted for voter fraud: A Dem conspiracy to
  212. What do you think the Mayan Prophecy of 2012 entails? Do you think it will happen?
  213. Is there a Democratic conspiracy to commit voter fraud thru volunteer organizations?
  214. Messianic Prophecies - is there a time limit to when he will come and will he
  215. the prophecies of Nostradamus, will be truth?
  216. Please explain "Conspire" in Magic: The Gathering?
  217. yahoo 360 is conspiring against me...?
  218. FIFA World Cup Qualifying Predictions?
  219. Y do Repubs think the media conspires against them? (serious answers only)?
  220. Equifax, Experian, Transunion and Creditors conspire to make of consumers
  221. Was Orwell 's book ' 1984 ' correct in its prediction of the future?
  222. what things are needed to open a futures account?
  223. Conspiracy Atomic Theory?
  224. do u think theirs a 9/11 conspiracy?
  225. TNA Bound For Glory 2008 Predictions?
  226. How do you explain to your grand children that the White House has been bought by...
  227. Are there any predictions for 2008 & 2009 by Nostradamus?
  228. Atheists, do you understand why God chooses not to tell us specific years in
  229. was it the bible? or nostradamus?
  230. Predictions for the next 5 premierships?
  231. Where is the mainstream media response to the October 14 space craft prediction?
  232. What idea can i use? I have to write a paragraph using something and
  233. How does clonal selection theory protect against future infections?
  234. WIll community college really affect future careers?
  235. What do people think of The Mothman Prophecies?
  236. what does Nostrodamus have to say about our future president elected? Don't
  237. What year does nostradamus predictions go upto ?
  238. Pineal gland conspiracy, using flouride mistake?
  239. Why do you think everyone believed although many were skeptical about Nostradamus ?
  240. Mythological Prophecies or Oracles?
  241. US economy conspiracy- do you see this happening?
  242. For those of you who are interested in Nostradamus prediction about Mabus?
  243. Old wives tale on prediction of pregnancy-NOT THE GENDER?
  244. believers of any faith, a question on self-fulfilled prophecies...?
  245. Why is the Canadian dollar now lower than US, can you explain the economic...
  246. What was the response of the stock market when the House of Representatives
  247. Messianic Prophecies - is there a time limit to when he will come and will he have
  248. My future in Basketball?
  249. Why did Obama drop 4-5% over night? Is this a right wing conspiracy?
  250. What are your predictions for the US within the next 6 to 12 months ?