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  1. Predictions: Carolina vs. Oakland, Detroit vs. Jacsonville, Green Bay vs. Minnesota?
  2. Have you seen the future in a dream through God's eyes?
  3. Survivor Series my predictions what you think?
  4. How has the passing of Prop. 8 changed your future?
  5. So we told each other that we wanted a future together; how do I keep him interested?
  6. What does the future hold for Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska?
  7. Anyone believe in Nostradamus?
  8. Thought, Does the Obama presidency reflect on the mayan 2012 doomsday prophecy?
  9. 911 Conspiracy possible?
  10. Nostradamus Obama Prophecies?
  11. Nostradamus and Obama?
  12. Have I discovered the REAL conspiracy???????????
  13. Obama won; Conspiracy theory?
  14. Nostradamus said the Antichrist would be an unknown from the west who comes
  15. Is it just me or are 9/11 conspiracy theorists...?
  16. Why do some people believe that future president Barrack Obama is a socialist?
  17. Raptors vs pistons predictions?
  18. Unmotivated Gifted High School Junior Wants Future; Experiences Tragedy?
  19. It doesn't look like A.I. will be making his piston debut tonight. Your...
  20. Do conspiracy theorists get a bad wrap ?
  21. Does anyone actually believe that Sarah Palin has a future in politics?
  22. My future architect career question!!! ?
  23. What do you think about this prophecy? I think i agree....?
  24. Predictions for tonights games?
  25. Suns vs Pacers predictions?
  26. What are some lessons that were learned in the Once and Future King book 2?
  27. Your predictions for North Carolina and Missouri?
  28. What's the Future look like for Biomedical Engineers?
  29. What are your predictions for Bama/LSU game.?
  30. As an American, should I be scared of our national debt, what will happen in
  31. REPUBLICANS: Who should we look to for the future of our party?
  32. Christians, do you believe that God has appointed an evil ruler to america to
  33. Did Nostradamus predict victory for Obama (see inside)?
  34. prediction for today. 12 points for best answer?
  35. Conspiracy, Control and what the @#$% RFID??? [SERIOUS DISCUSSION]?
  36. What does it say for the future of the Republican party when barely more than 30%
  37. I was curious this morning. If anyone had considered the Prophecies of Revelation?
  38. What are all the mean, hate monger, conspiracy theorist, radical...
  39. The World is moving according to Revelation prophecies. How can atheists and...
  40. Suns vs Pacers predictions?
  41. Muslims can you give me prophecies of muhameed that have come true?
  42. Are these 09 nba predictions correct?
  43. Nostradamus predicted that McCain was going to win,anyone believe in this Guy?
  44. Future mother-in-law wants to crash my family's Thanksgiving. How do I tell her no?
  45. Call of Duty 5: Future Warfare?
  46. To all those conspiracy theorist, racist, close-minded, right-wingers who...
  47. Can you suggest any good prediction books for a 2nd grade class?
  48. Did you know in the future will be able to create instantly what we imagine?I
  49. Question to conspiracy theorists or people with an active imagination!?
  50. Do dreams come true? or do have dreams to let us know what is going to...
  51. George W. Bush future speaking engagements ?
  52. what's the future for EIE(electronics and insrumentation engineering)?
  53. Change is not only our future President Obama's responsibility is it?
  54. How do the enemies of a great man look in the eyes of future generations?
  55. In the wake of this historic election, what does the future hold for individual...
  56. say hello to your future.. ?
  57. Eragon-Angelas Prophecy?
  58. Anyone have a PREDICTION, Gut feeling, Psychic Vision or EDUCATED GUESS on what
  59. Indigo Prophecy (European version Fahrenheit) for ps2?
  60. Who is your prediction for the NCAA Football National Championship/?
  61. My prediction was kind of close!?
  62. NBA Predictions 2009?
  63. Suns vs Nets predictions?
  64. I don't think I have a mental problem, But could I in the future?
  65. This is a true prediction from Nostradamus. What do you think of it?
  66. the prophecy of the New Hero.....?
  67. OK, What is all this nonsense about a 9/11 conspiracy?
  68. What do you think the first conspiracy theory (after rigged election theories) The...
  69. Can we hope for a brighter future without prejudice?
  70. Who thinks the Yanks got screwed by an MLB conspiracy thought up to keep...
  71. Can a Prediction be made using a bar graph?
  72. How do you feel about Obama being the new future president?
  73. Your prediction on the gas prices?
  74. Election and prediction have you heard of this?
  75. Nostradamus predicts Obama ends war?
  76. Election Predictions.....?
  77. Anyone thought the AP routers predictions was exaggerated?
  78. Will Lewis winning the WDC bring on early rheumatism and blistered
  79. Nostradamus predicted that Obama is the winner?
  80. I would like to start investing in my kids' future college funds. I have 3.
  81. Should I be worried about the Mayan calendar and their 2012 prediction, and...
  82. FC Arsenal - Fenerbahce SK Istanbul, predictions?
  83. Your 2008 U.S. Presidential Election Prediction?
  84. I have a theory about future presidential races, and I would like some opinions?
  85. future baby girl name - tell me what you think!?
  86. I would like to become a politician (possibly a senator) in the future. I
  87. Prediction: Obama will go over the top at 11 PM?
  88. Do u think it wouldve been a conspiracy if mccain won?
  89. Future President...........?
  90. Anyone care to make predictions on win percentages here?
  91. Will the right-wing drama queens keep up the prophecies of doom?
  92. why does macbeth want to fulfill the witches prophecies?
  93. Ok prediction time! Who's going to win tonight? Obama or McCain?
  94. How many of you think that it's about time that we not only ended 8 years of...
  95. RE: Prediction about Presidency?
  96. is there things in my blog of which might help yur future look brighter?
  97. Is there a site that still shows what CNN's predictions for the elections were?
  98. What do you think the future holds?
  99. predictions; Who's gonna win for real?
  100. predictions for Arsenal Vs Man Utd Game On Sat 8th Nov?
  101. Last minute prediction: Who do you think will win the election?
  102. What do u think Buildings will look like in the future?
  103. Predictions on the winners in the NFL for week 10?
  104. What do u think about the world ending in 2012 an Nostradamus's predictions.Also...
  105. Who's going to win? Obama or McCain? Make your predictions here?
  106. does any one know nostradamus prophecies for obama as a president =( i heard
  107. Wenger's future at Arsenal?
  108. Florida ballot miscount of 2004: conspiracy?
  109. Your Predictions for thePresidential Election!?
  110. What are your National Championship predictions?
  111. What are the future applications in Solar Power?
  112. Who agrees this is the future of America?
  113. Do you think my prediction is correct?
  114. Can anyone tell me of a performance of "Road" by Jim Cartwright that is
  115. The future of the U.S.A.?
  116. How are these making these presidential predictions?
  117. What other names are there for people who can see the future?
  118. my prediction for tonight?
  119. Where can I find a drum tab for the song "Conspiracy" by Paramore?
  120. do i have a future in running?
  121. HELP with future plans?
  122. can you suggest any good prediction books for a 2nd grade class?
  123. Prophecy: Uprising John Riegert in love with allison? and what does he...
  124. Prediction vs. Predication with an "A"?
  125. Anyone know of any other good conspiracy theory and fact websites?
  126. Is there something one can bring to an office 'potluck' lunch that will assure no...
  127. Who believes according to the prophecies in the Bible, that the world is...
  128. What are your New Ideas for a better Future for Egypt ?
  129. Is this an accurate prediction method?
  130. Does an outbreak of shingles mean I will get more in the future?
  131. astro g general prediction...........?
  132. What is your future in life?
  133. Is Barack Obama the future President Robin Hood?
  134. Are you sure about your prediction?
  135. should i worry about future mother-in-law?
  136. I criticized future daughter in law. How do I make things better? ?
  137. Why do the Prediction Markets give McCain only a 7% chance of winning tonight?
  138. Christians and non-christians How do you deal with the conspiracy that the...
  139. Derby v brighton predictions?
  140. Predictions for tonight's election?
  141. 2009 mlb predictions?
  142. Champions League predictions...?
  143. un Christian future wife?
  144. Conspiracy to burglary, Criminal Trespass, And Conspiracy to Theft ?
  145. Republicans Politics Ideology is the best for the Economic and Financial
  146. I had clicked my google ads myself in the past will i be suspended in the future?
  147. on line yesterday-saw an interpretation of Nostradamus predict a McCain win
  148. Play off predictions?
  149. Who stands for the future?
  150. Last minute predictions?
  151. Will we know who the future President is tonight?
  152. so why did nostradamus predict mccain winning over obama?
  153. Is anyone scared that China might launch a secret Pearl Harbor styled
  154. Is there any hope for our (the world's) society in the future?
  155. dog food conspiracy is it real?
  156. Who agree's with this prediction?
  157. prediction for tonites election? please numbers for Senate, house and who will
  158. What's your prediction on the Election?
  159. What are some of John McCains policies or plans for the future in the USA?
  160. Anyone have an election prediction?
  161. Your Survivor Series predictions?
  162. Give your PREDICTION for tommorow's GENERAL ELECTION...?
  163. Nostradamus election predictions?
  164. Why do the Prediction Markets give McCain only an 8% chance of winning tonight?
  165. human future evolution?
  166. i suck at poetry!! the future Shakes pears, HELP!!!?
  167. What's the point of a prophecy that leaves so much open to question?
  168. Should the Govt make all conspiracy theorists get a...?
  169. Are the prophecies of Nostradamus for 2009-2012 likely accurate?
  170. RE: Prediction about Presidency?
  171. champions league predictions for today.?
  172. Who will win? Make your predictions! Easy 10 points!!?
  173. another prediction based on evolution?
  174. Is this true about Nostradamus?
  175. NFL week 10 predictions *REPOST*?
  176. What is the Newberg Conspiracy?
  177. how is this not a valid prediction based on evolution?
  178. Creationists: where is the evidence of a vast conspiracy?
  179. What do you think of my predictions, at-home pollsters?
  180. Where can I get a book that tells of all Nostradamus' predictions?
  181. BCS national championship game predictions?
  182. Will there be a high teacher shortage in the future? help please! 10 points for
  183. Any good ideas what the future will be like in 500 years?
  184. If you feel there is a hidden Obama Agenda and there isn't, Will this
  185. What is the song called that is playing at the beginning of the movie "Back
  186. Score/Prediction of Tonights Game Between Skins & Steelers? ?
  187. Tokio hotel in the future question?
  188. astro predictions...............................?
  189. Free Agent Predictions?
  190. Who wants to hear what Nostradamus predicted for tomorrows election?
  191. Does anyone have a prediction on the gas price in 2009?
  192. Pros And Cons Of Our Future Presidents?
  193. do you think there is a possibility of a future wrestlemania at the new
  194. Has anyone seen what they are saying Nostradamus predicted about the election?
  195. I'm scared of growing up - scared of life in the future?
  196. future in-laws.. need assistance! ?
  197. I dont no what to do in the future. PLEASE HELP.?
  198. NFL Standings Predictions?
  199. How come that conspiracy is a felony?
  200. What are your battleground state predictions?
  201. Future wii channels and contest channel.?
  202. how much do you know about the future of the USA concerning to this election?
  203. Have you ever heard of this kind of prediction for who would win the presidency?
  204. Man U v Arsenal - predictions?
  205. Can You Predict the Future?
  206. What will you choose for your future?
  207. Electoral college predictions. Who do you think will win and what will be the spread?
  208. A future girl friend question URGENT!!! woot thanks man?
  209. IT related jobs for the future?
  210. Can dogs tuck paw under arm without having wrist injuries in the future?
  211. NFL week 10 2008 predictions?
  212. Help! King lear...what does merlins prophecy mean?
  213. Xbox game in the future controlled by voice?
  214. Would an Obama win fulfill Islamic prophecy?
  215. How will Gordon Brown and the future US president get along?
  216. predictions & superstitions of Barack Hussein Obama?
  217. ai traded to pistons. the nuggets will be great in the future.?
  218. How can I get Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy to work on PC?
  219. Im thinking about future stroller use......?
  220. How can I find out what brokerage firm my future ex is using to hide $ in? I...
  221. College classes I should take for my future career?
  222. Future Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Members?
  223. future federal employment! ?
  224. What is going to happen? Election predictions?
  225. Who will in Missouri? Your prediction? And why?
  226. The future with him and the dog seems like it will be bad?
  227. Science and Math future career?
  228. If Obama wins, what will the future headlines read?
  229. I would like to become a politician (possibly a senator) in the future. I am
  230. Here lay my predictions. Your thoughts?
  231. does not my blog entry make perfect sense. we have Zero need for any form
  232. Is there any hope or future for me given the circumstances?
  233. 5 points to whom ever makes the closest prediction on the toss up states. Which will
  234. Do you believe that Obama has anything to do with Nostradamus' predictions?
  235. UFC 91 and 92 predictions? Couture vs Lesnar? and Nogueira vs Frank Mir?
  236. My predictions: What do you think?
  237. What Effect Do You Think Social Networking Sites Will Have on Future Politicians?
  238. What do you make of the Lewis Hamilton conspiracy theories?
  239. My election predictions? What do you think?
  240. Do you find it difficult (and scary for the future of our kids)?
  241. any help?????? plez i need to lose weight b4 it affects my life in the future!!?
  242. Why are conservatives always playing the victim card and boosting their "liberal...
  243. I get tested for hiv+ and the result shows negative, In future can it be
  244. Who is responsible for developing the Bermuda Triangle conspiracy theory?
  245. Easy question regarding commodities futures? HELP!!!!?
  246. Brazil grand prix and future formula 1?
  247. Wedding gift for my dad and his future wife?
  248. Why is any question outside the norm considered a conspiracy theory? Who really
  249. What do we use Tarot cards for? Does it "see into the future"?
  250. future career options?