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  1. Known someone who dreamt they were someone else and ended up telling you the future?
  2. find stock future symbol?
  3. What happened to Conspiracy Buster?
  4. Ok so for the future... Girls NAMES!?
  5. Are my future goals/dreams possible?
  6. If I was a terrorist would it be smart to start a war now cuz the idiots
  7. what are the advantages and disadvantages of being able to see the future?
  8. Career help...........future depends on it ?
  9. Do you think the 2012 prophecy has a good chance of happening considering all
  10. Urgent help.........future depends on it??? ?
  11. Is there a cold one in your not so distant future?
  12. I just want to find out if the child of Alyssa B who has microtia will undergo...
  13. Is the future of Detroit sports, especially the Lions, in jeopardy?
  14. Any Psychics ?? can u tell me about my future, plzz 10 pts?
  15. Now that Obama is President, will he conduct investigations into the
  16. From the movie, The Omen, what is the prophecy that the priest...
  17. Is this hype over FEMA purchasing thousands of coffins a conspiracy theory or what? ?
  18. Will our future be like Star Trek?
  19. What if this screws up my future......how can I convince my mum? *10 POINTS*?
  20. advice please? stuck in a job no future prospects? ?
  21. my girlfriend, well future wife still wants to hang out with some of her ex in-laws,?
  22. What will it be like being a dance teacher in future life?
  23. Will I be blind in the future?
  24. Can I have help with the book "The Once and Future King?"?
  25. Who truley is a future hall-of-famer?
  26. Future Rugby League World Cups?
  27. What will the Effect of te Current Economic Growth be in the Future?
  28. Houston Texans vs. Cleveland Browns Prediction?
  29. hyphenated last names... dropping one in the future...?
  30. Prediction For Honduras VS. Mexico and a few other?
  31. [CEOs/Managers Only] Internship, possible job employment in the future?
  32. Army Girlfriend/Future Army Wife needs serious HELP!!!?
  33. Cardiovascular Surgeon Future career help?
  34. need more experince? future?
  35. Whose portraits should we put on our Canadian money in the future, to
  36. Are there any prophecies in the Bible so vague...?
  37. What is your vision of New7Wonders for the future?
  38. Any ideas when Edge is going to come back? Thoughts, predictions etc?
  39. My future in the military?
  40. How did Washington prepare himself for his future role as a military leader ?
  41. What is the future of fossil fuels?
  42. why does my boyfriend tell me how his grandparents call me his future wife?
  43. Confused about future?
  44. help with my future ?
  45. Conference Champions and superbowl predictions?
  46. Advice on modesty, makeup, etc for future stepdaughter?
  47. prediction for the last book of eragon series.?
  48. What happened to the conspiracy theory that Bush would declare martial law and...
  49. i started reading the book warriors new prophecy/ i dont know if i should read...
  50. Do you believe Gerald Celente's prediction America will become the first
  51. Have you ever read a book written in the future tense?
  52. Did Nostradamus have any predictions that might relate to the current economic...
  53. Why cant 9/11 conspiracy theorists understand simple physics?
  54. Will the side of the moon we see now ever change in the future? ?
  55. Do the 14 to 18 year olds know that these are the best years of their lives to
  56. Does anybody know a way to see our future husband in dream?
  57. I need NFl predictions for my Fantasy Team.?
  58. What Wind Energy Company Has The Most Potential Future Growth?
  59. Is there a future in finance?
  60. Can someone help me with my future?
  61. International Predictions for Tomorrow?
  62. People and cities in the future?
  63. If the San Andreas Fault were to continue its activity, what is the future of the
  64. What are your predictions for Survivor Series?
  65. Is actual writing go to be "extinct" in the future?
  66. would you like to have your future predicted? why or why not?
  67. Need help with projectile prediction?
  68. Has anyone been shown future of the approaching tribulation&second coming of Christ?
  69. What I need to do with my career future?
  70. I think its funny a future president would call a dog hyperallergenic, dont you?
  71. Military Novels for a future marine?
  72. What should i do for a future career ?
  73. new legend of zelda game anytime in the future?
  74. England Vs Germany predictions?
  75. What is one thing you want to make sure happens in your future?
  76. Are you stressed about the future?
  77. Future College Help !Please?
  78. Future Problem Solving Help?
  79. What is my future job?
  80. What year did Nostradamus say the world would end?
  81. What do think the future holds for us? Will it be good or bad?
  82. Unleaded gas futures are $1.10 today. A 20 month LOW. Can one buy a futures
  83. What would you write if you had to send a letter to your roommate at your future...
  84. What do think the future holds for us?
  85. Will Martin Luther King become white in the future?
  86. what's your prediction for the following ?
  87. past,present,future tenses?
  88. Take an ESTIMATE on how tall I will be in the future?
  89. How is future price related to current demand? (economics)?
  90. the future of minority groups in the uk?
  91. What is a site that tells you when future movies are coming out and their times?
  92. College Majors and Future Career with Computers?
  93. Wedding Plans for the Future?
  94. What are some "slogans" for Jimmie Johnson's future championships?
  95. What Wind Energy Company Stock Has the Most Future Growth Potential?
  96. WWE SURVIVOR SERIES Predictions
  97. My past has the best of me is there hope for a future.?
  98. What do you think will be the future of at home laser hair removal?
  99. Who wins this weekends fights? Your thoughts about the future of Rey "Boom Boom"...
  100. Is It Possible She Can Be Pregnant In Future?
  101. future conflict to occur?
  102. How can I decide my future?
  103. In Th White's Once And Future King?
  104. At what age did you start thinking about your future career?
  105. If feminism is a gender war conspiracy?
  106. Was the JFK assassination a conspiracy?
  107. Future Vet Questions...?
  108. Im Anxious about my Future!!!?
  109. What website could I find estimates for future cash flow?
  110. What is your favorite conspiracy theory?
  111. what will you look like in the future?
  112. Can anyone point me to a prophecy about rebuilding the temple a third time. ?
  113. One exam determines the WHOLE future?
  114. what is going to make TD Ameritrade stock price rise in the future ?
  115. A Future Invention :) ?
  116. My Biggest Dream for the future = Runner, please help?
  117. What height would my future child be?
  118. Do you worry about your future? Or take it a day at a time?
  119. How will the GOP adapt itself for the future?
  120. Once And Future King?
  121. Americas' future within 4 years: which scenario will happen?
  122. If you could go to the future what would be the......?
  123. Predictions for the Oilers - Detroit game?
  124. Future plans for military and my life.. (kind of long but pleasw answer)?
  125. How has your vision of your future family changed from childhood vs. adulthood?
  126. POLL: Just make a prediction...What do you think will happen in the future? What
  127. Do you believe in any of the conspiracy theories? Why?
  128. Why is Palin running in 2012? can you see the future and her running from a herd of
  129. In your opinion is John Adams optimistic or pessimistic about America's future?
  130. Prediction for Carolina-Montreal game towmorrow?
  131. Christians, has Jesus been crowned King or will He be crowned in the future?
  132. Why do Christians worship the messiah as Yahweh (God) when that was
  133. How comes the bible folk failed to see Mankind fly in the future?
  134. Future kids names or kids now?
  135. Aldous Huxley's vision of the future?
  136. What would be a good part-time job for a future law student?
  137. I want to work with animals in the future. What course do I study in UNI?
  138. ... The future Sims 3 !!?
  139. Future Problem Solving Help!!!?
  140. Eragon Book IV predictions?
  141. What are the new Meez codes? Future Meez codes?
  142. chloroplast question and prediction?
  143. What conspiracy theories do you believe in?
  144. What happened to 2 women charged with identification fraud and conspiracy in the
  145. UNC vs Kentucky predictions?
  146. What are you going to do when none of the "2012 predictions" come true?
  147. Your Idea about future supermarkets?
  148. Is this a sign of future abuse problem and can relationships be fixed?
  149. Dear Vedic Astrologer.Pls give breif prediction of the boy ?
  150. Future energy and water needs of communities?
  151. Simple, compound, and future value?
  152. What do you want from your future/ what are your dreams ?
  153. high power extremely portable laptops in near future?
  154. was 9/11 a conspiracy?
  155. what are your current nfl playoff predictions?
  156. Are game consoles on the way out (like some people are saying) or is there a
  157. Muslims are you looking forward to the "Golden Era of the World" in future ?
  158. Album sales predictions for 2Pac's "The lost scriptures"?
  159. Would those who know, aide me in facts that Jesus did not fulfill the...
  160. Can someone tell me how Nostradamus effected the world today?
  161. Predict the Future of the American Government?
  162. Can Jehovah's Witnesses give another modern example of a group making a false
  163. give the advantages of alcohol as a future fuel?
  164. If i have settled my work comp case with future medical open, who will be my...
  165. Is there a prophecy that says people will call good "evil" and evil "good"?
  166. Do you believe in the J.F.K. assassination conspiracy theory?
  167. What amazing prophecy did Jeremiah announce against Hananiah?
  168. Finals Predictions? ?
  169. What will Palin's future be now? What will she do ?
  170. Isn't it refreshing to have a future President who is trying to make good on his
  171. Mabus = Mahmoud Abbas (Nostradamus)?
  172. what GIFT can i give to my future husband that will make him feel touched and happy?
  173. My Predictions on two possibly moving players.?
  174. who could be the best Chief minister in future for andhra pradesh ?
  175. Any predictions on how many times today?
  176. Any RAW Predictions for Tonight?
  177. Week 12 NFL Football Predictions?
  178. Wednesday 19th November International Friendlies Predictions?
  179. My future wife impregnated by the tokoloshe?
  180. Chemistry -- Predictions of bonds that will for between pairs of atoms?
  181. Mayans predictions that have come true to back up the 2012 theory?
  182. Catholics, what do you think of the prophecy by St. Malachy?
  183. Do left-wingers feel that there is a vast right-wing conspiracy against them?
  184. wt is the scope of doing MBA in HR?will it help in my future?which is best...
  185. Future education help?
  186. Who's going to the play offs--predictions?
  187. Make a prophecy about the end of the world?
  188. NFL AFC\NFC Championship game in Super Bowl Prediction?
  189. How has the LIHOP/MIHOP conspiracy theory changed the dominant perception of the
  190. Wrestlemania Prediction?
  191. Christians: In what ways do you see fulfillment of prophecy?
  192. Survivor Series predictions?
  193. Help with future career ideas.?
  194. what is your prediction for the NFL playoffs this year!?
  195. Did anyone watch the 60 MINUTES interview of President-Elect Obama and future
  196. NBA-can I get some predictions off you american's please,you're all so...
  197. i need help to pick my future career!!?
  198. WWE Armageddon 2008 Predictions:?
  199. Anele Mda - Could she be the future thorn in Zuma's & Malema's side?
  200. Your predictions: When do you think that the Iraqi government will be able
  201. Do you allow your past to dictate your present and future?
  202. What do you think: future Russian - German border must be along the river:
  203. Do you think Dow futures is manipulated?
  204. What are your first week sale predictions?
  205. What is your prediction on the Twilight movie?
  206. 2 problems with GW Prophecies?
  207. Recommendations to make beach, environments better for the future??? ?
  208. What should i do... with my future?
  209. I'm confused about my future, please help me?
  210. What are the qualities of a man that makes him a good husband in the future?
  211. What GPS system should I buy in the future?
  212. Hello My name is Sahar and i want to know about the suitable job for me in
  213. Growin up with 100s of animals , i think its funny a future president
  214. is exp in Clipper prog language worth for abap in future?
  215. SKIN, HAIR, and NAILS!!!??? the future....?
  216. (jet set radio future) i dont understand what "overpass w/a crane, G,
  217. What would a future surgeon major and minor in?
  218. I'm confused about my future?
  219. Where can I find out what prerequisites I neeed for a certain job, how much
  220. Runescape Future Ideas?
  221. new AMC promo "Future of Classic" song?
  222. Since Cheney and Rumsfeld were almost joined at the hip, did they conspire to...
  223. Is everything a conspiracy,as alex jones would have us believe?
  224. What are the characters in "The Once And Future King; The Queen of Air...
  225. what would you say like if you are 12 years old and you need to do an essay on
  226. past relationship having an effect on my future ones...?
  227. Do you think my future children would hate me if I named them...?
  228. In the future, if you were given the opportunity to relive your life backwards?
  229. In the game Indigo Prophecy how do I open doors?
  230. Rhyno A Future WWE Champion ?
  231. Future Outlook on teenage Suicide?
  232. Are the predictions made by farecast.com accurate?
  233. Poll: Why do 9/11 conspiracy theorists hate being proved wrong?
  234. Compare and contrast our approach to knowledge about the past and to knowledge...
  235. What's going to be the top 5 stable, well-paying careers in the future?
  236. How to start preparing for a life in Japan in the somewhat near future?
  237. For those who believe in prophecy from the bible and that Obama is the Antichrist?
  238. What do you think about this world and/or what it's becoming? Do you
  239. Will Michigan play Appalachian State again in the near future?
  240. So my bf said tonight that he will never get married but in the future i want to...
  241. Finance question-The future value of an ordinary annuity of $5,000 invested at...
  242. Are there any other supplies I should get for my future ferret?
  243. Whats ur predictions on todays game.....?
  244. Is "The Once and Future King" a good book?
  245. Poll: do you believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories?
  246. NFL: what is you prediction for dallas vs, washington?
  247. Poll: Do you believe in the 9/11 conspiracy theories?
  248. If you could live in any time past or future, when would you live?
  249. why does my bf keep talking about the future?
  250. NFL: what is your prediction for san diego vs. pittsburgh?