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  1. Daily Bible Question: Is there any 'Messianic' prophecy in the Old Testament
  2. I dreamed of a robots chasing me? Interpretation?
  3. What does this dream mean?
  4. Dream about ex-girlfriend?
  5. How many so called 'biblical fulfilled prophecy's' are just coincidence?
  6. what are your wwe hell in the cell 2011 predictions?
  7. Jehovah's Witnesses, if God is only dealing with "anointed" spiritual Israel how...
  8. Predictions for Hell in a Cell 2011?
  9. What are your MLB 2011 Playoff predictions?
  10. I saw a guy in my dreams and met him 3 days later?
  11. Is anyone aware of the Mother Shipton prophecies?? I?
  12. Dream about a ghost or telekinesis?
  13. 2011 MLB Playoff Predictions?
  14. Was this a premonition ?
  15. Where is the cheapest place to buy the book series "Warriors:The New Prophecy"?
  16. Does reoccurring dreams of someone breaking in going to happen?
  17. MLB playoff predictions?
  18. Name some Old Testament Bible prophecies fulfilled by Jesus Christ?
  19. Who is your bold prediction of winning the republican nominations?
  20. What does it mean when a dream actually happens in real life?
  21. what are your wwe hell in the cell 2011 predictions?
  22. What do you think of my Survivor Series 2011 main event predictions?
  23. Anybody have predictions for the 2012 NHL Entry Draft?
  24. What does this dream mean!?
  25. What prophecies of christ are in the hebrew scriptures ?
  26. dreams how do i explain them?
  27. What are the definitions of prohet and prophecy? A Jehovah's Witness had this to say?
  28. ATHEISTS, with the oncoming global economic collapse, how do you not see it as
  29. A dream about getting ticked off about a rabid dog and kicking the dog's head in?
  30. Gender Prediction Test question!?
  31. Warriors question about Bluestar's prophecy?
  32. If prophecy exists, doesn't that mean that everything was planned before we were...
  33. Predictions for UFC 136 Main Card matchups?
  34. There have been a good many questions asked on R/S this year about the Mayan...
  35. What's it called when you possibly have a dream of your "future child(ren)"?
  36. Has anyone ever had a dream like this?
  37. Dreaming of a particular person? Why?
  38. black friday 2011 predictions?
  39. Examples of self-fulfilling prophecies?
  40. " The future is bright, the gypsy told me so last night". can you remember the
  41. Atheists!!! Why do you ignore all the millions of fulfilled prophecies
  42. NHL Standings Predictions?
  43. Anxiety, Premonition, or PMS?
  44. I had a dream about my crush?
  45. When sleeping/ cuddling with your partner do you ever have very vivid sexual
  46. what did my dream mean?
  47. How do I tell my mom that Im not a virgin anymore? (Future Reference)?
  48. What's your World Series Prediction ?
  49. Are premonitions real or are they just coincidences?
  50. There are information about Mayan prophecies which tell about year 2012. It's true?
  51. who is your AL/NL MVP Prediction?
  52. what does my dream mean?
  53. "Comet" Elenin A Sign? Alignment Eclipse Earthquakes? HOLY OIL-WAR
  54. Dream interpretation, please?
  55. Do you see the Biblical Prophecy?
  56. Are there any good websites about dream meanings ?
  57. Predictions for biggest upsets in week 3?
  59. What are your predictions for this season of the Mentalist?
  60. Prophecies question please answer?
  61. What does my dream mean?
  62. What kind of Bedwetting is this?
  63. Spiritually speaking, I asked a prophecy question a half hour ago, and it never
  64. What does my dream mean?? Please tell me!!!?
  65. I always have extremely VIVID dreams?
  66. What does this drram mean?
  67. Did I just Astral project... in my dream?
  68. Would you read a story about prophecy?
  69. Why did the prophecy for Jesus say he would be named Emmanuel? He was never
  70. My WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions?
  71. Shouldn't anyone who marvels at ancient prophecies consider the wonders of the
  72. Do you have any predictions for the 2012 season?
  73. WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Predictions?
  74. Predictions for tomorrow's game, Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid?
  75. Packers vs Bears NFL Week 3 Predictions?
  76. What do you think my dream means? Please help?
  77. the jews do not believe jesus was the messiah because he did not fulfill...
  78. Omens/Prophecies in odyssey book 2?
  79. Muslims & followers of Islam, is there prophecy or visions/dreams in Quran or seen
  80. how do tell your future wife/husband?
  81. Please help me with this dream!? Its about a broken arm?
  82. Will somone tell me my future for 10 points!!!! no silly buisness ligit ok!!?
  83. What are your realistic WrestleMania predictions?
  84. Can anyone tell me how to write every saint has a past, every sinner has a future...
  85. why don't christians explain which country these prophecies are talking about?
  86. Missing daughter dream?
  87. Poll : Oh I am bored of these prophecies ! These are not ending ?
  89. Do these dreams mean anything?
  90. Dream control? can you and should you?
  92. Long term recurring dreams. ?
  93. I have heard some prophecies in church start with "Thus Sayeth the Lord.." Does...
  94. Is this considered psychic premonitions?
  95. I am keeping a secret from this girl, that I might tell her in the near future?
  96. Wrestlemania 28 predictions?
  97. September 27 Earthquake predictions?
  98. South Africa vs Namibia predictions?
  99. What Does My Dream Mean?
  100. 2012 and up music predictions?
  101. What do these dreams mean?
  102. What would you say if ur gf tells u that there is no future for the same sex
  103. '' Epimethus was the titan whom the prophecy was envisioned '' does this make sense?
  104. Do Republicans intentionally create a self-fulfilling prophecy by claiming...
  105. can anyone help me with my premonitions? can anyone tell me how to keep them...
  106. BIBLE PROPHECY UN and the statehood of Palestine?
  107. Jehovah's Witnesses, How are the failed end time predictions of the WTBTS any?
  108. is there away premonitions can go dormant?
  109. why did i have a dream of me and a girl holding hands?
  110. Chelsea Vs Fulham Predictions?
  112. Is Nostradamus and Mayan prophecies about 2012 is believable or not?
  113. I got in a car accident and since then I've been having gross/scary dreams?
  114. Any herscop tell me about the my future?
  115. Should we Fear this Prophecy from Mother Shipton?
  116. Any prediction of when the stock market is going to crash?
  117. Prophecy not fulfilled. Why am I not a spiritual leader yet?
  118. 2012-premonition or fact?
  119. Can you figure out my nightmares?
  120. i had a dream and wanna know what it means?
  121. What is the meaning of repeated bad dreams and dogs barking at night?
  122. Any one who tell me about my future?(herscope)?
  123. What's your prediction on Mayweather vs Merchant?
  124. What are your week 4 NCAA Football predictions?
  125. Premonitions and Islam?
  126. a disturbing dream that i would like someones opinion on thanks!!!?
  127. Anyone laughing at my Lions playoff prediction now?
  128. Where is a site that COMPREHENSIVELY debunks or otherwise explains away Bible...
  129. NFL week 3 predictions?
  130. Dallas cowboys season record predictions?
  131. Last minute predictions Cena v. Del Rio?
  132. Which bible "prophecies" cannot fit into any of these categories?
  133. Can anyone tell me how they made Back to the Future in HD, like how do they make old
  134. Books & Authors: Does a prophecy really have to be always "short and
  135. why is it when i lucid dream something bad happens?
  136. two very strange dreams...what do you think they mean?
  137. Where is a CREDIBLE site that discusses the debunking of Bible prophecies and...
  138. I keep having awful dreams about my boyfriend..?
  139. What does it mean when you dream about someone?
  140. how correct are doctors height prediction?
  141. Very scary dream premonition: Please help?
  142. Question About Hopi Prophecy?
  143. Care to analyze this dream?
  144. levante v real madrid predictions?
  145. levante v real madrid predictions?
  146. Ridiculously early NC prediction?
  147. What are your predictions for WWE Night of Champions tonight?
  148. How realistic is the prediction of the "paperless office"? i need the essay for
  149. stories of prophecies in the bible, being fulfilled in later stories in the
  150. Hopi Prophecy, comet elenin?
  151. My grandfather is in hospital and I have been taking care of things and
  152. nfl week 2 predictions?
  153. NHL 2011-2012 season Predictions?
  154. What does the dream I had last night mean?
  155. iCarly Question: What's your predictions for Night of Champions? + BQ?
  156. Night Of Champions Predictions ?
  157. I need a demonstration of self-fulfilling prophecy for a presentation...?
  158. What does this dream mean? O_O?
  159. Why did i have premonition dreams?
  160. Psychics or witches, ae you able to tell my future?
  161. Gameing Help Deadly Premonition?
  162. Christians: What is God's plan for China in biblical prophecy and end times?
  163. I had a dream that I was sliding down a railing and into my ex bf arms.What
  164. If the Hopi prophecy is right, then does that mean Religion is wrong?
  165. feel like i am floating above my bed?
  166. Prophecy Eastcoast earthquake coming?
  167. If this were some sort of prophecy (or something) in a vampire story, what would
  168. Harold Camping's next rapture prediction is coming up on Oct 21st. Will
  169. HELP i quit my job what do i tell future employers?
  170. Spiritual room decorations ideas 'LIKE' dream catchers ?
  171. Some "ultimate" online resources for astronomical predictions...?
  172. Is answered prayer and fulfilled prophecy only unique to Christianity?
  173. Can a prophet prophecy over the wrong person?
  174. Do you believe in premonitions?
  175. Getting premonitions since recording dreams?
  176. How to tell my future mother in law she's not invited wedding dress shopping?
  177. How come I can tell the past but I can't tell the future?
  179. Do these statistics show that Earthquakes are really increasing towards Biblical
  180. Just read my cupcake flavors for my future cupcake shop and tell me which u think...
  181. Super Bowl Predictions?
  182. I had a dream about my ex-boyfriend?
  183. in my dream a very beautiful snake came to me?
  184. Did I maybe have a premonition that came true?
  185. Are there any good books about bible prophecy?
  186. What are your best dreams?
  187. Have you ever had a premonition and reacted on it?
  188. night of champions 2011 card predictions?
  189. When it comes to psychic premonitions what does extremely strong right now mean
  190. Is the guy in my dream real, am I suppose to end up with him because it...
  191. What are your final NFL Season predictions for this year ?
  192. What do you think of the new book called " Catholic Prophecies" by Pope...
  193. What does it mean when a man tells you his plans for the future?
  194. Im trying to figure out what my dreams means....i dont find answers?
  195. NCAA FBS Conference Predictions?
  196. Why do I have these dreams?
  197. What does my dream mean?
  198. Playoff predictions and who is better, Rivers or Vick?
  199. serious premonition/dream?
  200. A demon made me stuck in my dream last night.?
  201. Are there any Jani Lane prediction concerning the 2012 elections?
  202. Predictions for some games tonight?
  203. Why am I having bad dreams so vivid, and possible? ?
  204. I'm Afraid Im Going To Die Soon.. Premonition Or Anxiety?
  205. In the film premonition where is the road that jim dies ?
  206. What Does it Mean when you dream of people diying or have died ?
  208. Tell me about my future... Serious answers only please.?
  209. France vs Nigeria U20 score prediction?
  210. What kind of "When I was your age" stories will you be telling your future
  211. How can i tell if i have had my growth spurt or if i will have it in the future?
  212. Apple iPhone 4 32GB/Blackberry Bold Touch 9900
  213. List ten cultural predictions that you think of Middle easterns?
  214. Predictions: Who will win the AL cy young? Who SHOULD win it?
  215. bible prophecy state about end of the word. it's true?
  216. Who is this prophecy talking about? Do you also know of another one...
  217. lost my job 2 months ago. what do i tell future employers?
  218. I had a death premonition.?
  219. Does anyone know of a good book that goes into detail about Biblical prophecies?
  220. Somebody Please Help! Im Afraid Im Going To Die Soon... Premonition or Anxiety?
  221. anyone wanna make a prophecy as to the next several years/decade?
  222. How to tell a future employer?
  223. Have a psychic ever told you something about your future that came true?
  224. The Bible says that uncircumcised people will never enter Jerusalem again?...
  225. Can i trust my positive premonition?
  226. What is the interpretation of the very last verse in the prophecy of Isaiah?
  227. i need a prophecy for my creative writing tragedy?
  228. Atheists, how can you ignore various bible prophecies that came true why...
  229. what does it mean if you dream about someone?
  230. Creepy recurring dream help???
  231. Obama and Biblical prophecy?
  232. What is a power nap and how do i do it?
  233. (NFL) what is your predictions?
  234. What song is this? "We can't tell what the future may be but you need to
  235. Christian's, what prophecies have been fulfilled?
  236. what's the term of something similar to premonition but its not?
  237. I had a dream what does it mean?
  238. My 2011 NFL Prediction for the season?
  239. My 2011-12 NFL NFC predictions?
  240. What does it mean when you dream of someone you like, but are currently in a fight?
  241. What Do You Think of my Summerslam Predictions?
  242. PLEASE please tell me what should I do ? feeling very scared of my future ......?
  243. bible prophecy state about end of the world. it's true?
  244. Would you like me to tell you your future?
  245. Why do I keep on having premonitions?
  246. My 2011-12 NFL AFC predictions?
  247. Just beat Deadly Premonition, now what?
  248. Can anyone please tell me differences between Prerecogition, premonition,
  249. what do you think of my 2011-12 nfl afc predictions?
  250. Are these premonitions or am I sort of a psychic?