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  1. I was born on 21-November-1988 at a monday at around 8 'O'clock.I want to know
  2. Would consuming Kit Kat bars and Chocolate Chip cookies on a daily basis lead to
  3. Would it be a problem for you if your partner/future husband is less educated...
  4. NCAA basketball predictions?
  5. Sequel to Man Made Global Warming Question: What would you do if the dire
  6. Do anybody know the links for downloading Leo Gold (Cracked) Astrology...
  7. WWE Storyline prediction?
  8. what are your economic plans for the future?
  9. What is your prediction of veterinarians' salaries in the future, say 20
  10. Which prophet got the most predictions right?
  11. The Evolution of Marriage, going into the Future, What will Change?
  12. DMX Settings for Abstract Future Scan Disco Lights?
  13. Is there any way to possibly get an email to future president Obama?
  14. Can anyone show me how to play the back to the future theme?
  15. what about my future and my jobs?
  16. Can a psychic give me a free reading ? something about my future?
  17. What will my future be like within 5 years time? DOB included.?
  18. Hi my date of birth is 10th January 1986 can u tell me my near future?
  19. The Future of Computers?
  20. how do you activate the future power up in cake mania 3?
  21. What does my future hold for me?
  22. will blond hair and blue eyes become extinct in the near future? ?
  23. What are your kids names? Or future kids names?
  24. do you think drew brees and mcnabb are future HOF?
  25. is there a "Back to The Future Part 4"?
  26. What will intelligent life think of you in the future?
  27. Were you ever interested in dodging a draft or want to know how in the future?
  28. Once and Future King?
  29. future technology rate of increase is doubling per year? what inventions by then?
  30. Conspiracy theory book readers?
  31. Are people inclined to believe the mainstream media because they think...
  32. does anyone Know for sure if there is going to be a call of duty 6:Future warfare?
  33. Early predictions on majors next year?
  34. Am i the only one on the planet who is tired of arguing with psychotic 9/11
  35. Why do the conspiracy theorists on YA have 30 different accounts?
  36. Qualitative Solubility Predictions?
  37. Do you think we will see China hosting the FIFA World Cup in the near future?
  38. help with future girlfriend?
  39. Do you have any good websites for future vetrinarians?
  40. Superbowl 2009 Predictions?
  41. WWE Survivor Series Predictions.?
  42. wat is "future" and "hope" in japanese?
  43. Espin codes: love horoscope and love predictions?
  44. when is the Santorini volcano,Greece expected to erupt again in the future?
  45. Who made this prediction or is it made up ?
  46. Will they be making Eclipse and Breaking Dawn into separate movies in the future?
  47. predictions on survivor series?
  48. will my detention effect my future?
  49. survivor series predictions? ?
  50. What feud do you want to see in the Future?
  51. In Heroes why does future Peter Petrelli have a scar?
  52. Want to know about my future? My near future? please?
  53. predict my Future???????????>>>>>??
  54. Could a potential distruction of the dollar start another world war in the future?
  55. I'm having trouble in deciding my future career?
  56. future teacher scholarships in Massachusetts?
  57. What to get for a future chef?
  58. Surviver Series Predictions please view and rate. ?
  59. what can i do in my future? midwife?
  60. Help with my future... ?
  61. Will My Xbox 360 Die In The Future ?
  62. love in the future based on stars? psychics please?
  63. Make a prediction with some words, help please?
  64. Do you think christ will come in the very near future?
  65. How do we really know it's going to be warmer in the future?
  66. Is the minimum drinking act act up for reconsideration in the near future?
  67. Team Predictions for 2008-2009 season?
  68. Should Obama pay attention to to both Mayan and Biblical Prophecy ?
  69. Tell me what you think of my WWE Wrestlemania 25 card predictions?
  70. What do you see the south as in the near future-politically?
  71. what should i do in the future?
  72. Who are the future NBA MVP's?
  73. Award Predictions for 2008-2009 season?
  74. What would you do if you found out that in the near future, you will be
  75. In referring to Camus' The Plague, explain "duped by our blind human faith in the...
  76. What will the Obama birth certificate conspiracy theorists do when the Supreme...
  77. What do you think of my predictions for wwe survivor series 2008?
  78. Will we see FDR-type "make-work" projects in the future?
  79. Help me write a prediction for a story please?
  80. Is Sarah Palin the future of the Republican party?
  81. Help a Future singer?
  82. Please help me i want to become something in life and not waste my future!?
  83. What will be the effects of running out of oil in the future with all the cars and
  84. 2011 predictions who made them?
  85. Seeing the future, how to make it stop?
  86. I'm writing about my ideal trip using the future tense in spanish.i don't know
  87. Nostrodamus mobile phone?
  88. was nostradamus a false prophet?
  89. How do astrologers predict the future looking at the Birth Chart?
  90. Help......about future education?
  91. I want a link, that give me details about champions league matches and
  92. Please tell me what you think of my wwe royal rumble 2009 card predictions?
  93. Survivor Series 2008 Predictions Now.?
  94. is dbz in the past or future?
  95. I need advice on how to deal with the future?
  96. Want to know about my future? My near future? please?
  97. What is the future of William Gallas at Arsenal?
  98. Which Bible passages are prophecies of the Second Coming?
  99. How do I do a trend prediction?
  100. Do you think they may get along well in the future?
  101. Who will win survivor series matches tonight,whats your big predictions?
  102. do you think this is true and will happen in the future?
  103. WWE Royal Rumble 2009: Predictions:?
  104. Should I invite my future mother-in-law to my wedding?
  105. Do you ever think some people don't believe prophecy, because they
  106. Where can I find used bride shoes for my future wife?
  107. Tell me what you think of my WWE Armageddon 2008 card predictions?
  108. who will be argentina's successor in future.??
  109. How can I make a prediction of what my aid package will be?
  110. I have an online relationship with a girl do you think we have a future?
  111. Will the governments of the world build giant prisons to house all the wacky...
  112. What does the future hold for Natalya Neidhart? + BQ?
  113. Nfl Week 12 Close Prediction Easy 10 Give The Score?
  114. Would you rather travel into the future, or back in time, if you could?
  115. do you think about the future?
  116. What are you predictions for Survivor Series ? ?
  117. Who Will have a better future Miz or Morrison?
  118. Alabama v/s Auburn next week. predictions?
  119. Are having visions of the” near future” “almost like watching a news clip”?
  120. What are your predictions for the SF 49ers? ?
  121. Am I the only Christian that believes in the 112 Pope Prophecy?
  122. not to start any conspiracy theory, but...?
  123. what are your Bcs game predictions? ?
  124. lakers' future is set?
  125. Is college in my future? Please Answer!?
  126. Will the obama presidency help or hurt blacks in future elections?
  127. Is Chris Osgood a future Hall of Famer?
  128. what do you think of my predictions for wwe survivor series 2008?
  129. what do u think of my survivor series predictions?
  130. Republicans, what will you do to get the youth vote in future elections?
  131. Will nurses salaries drop in the future?
  132. I could use some comfort & encouragement. Will I be all right in the future?
  133. Does this happen to anyone else? Regarding knowing the future?
  134. That AMC promo Future of Classic SONG?
  135. Who would be a great Jane for the future New Moon movie? ?
  136. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction?
  137. What is your idea of a future city?
  138. Manchester United v Manchester City predictions.?
  139. Tell me what you think of my WWE Wrestlemania 25 card predictions?
  140. Prediction: Do you think we are going to have a cold winter?
  141. Will there be an increase of engineering jobs in the near future?
  142. If God can see everything then that means the future is determined. So why
  143. Is there a website where I can look at future raider,drill meets. So i can...
  144. i'm a conspiracy!!! how, how do i get proper help?
  145. What do you feel the future of Sarah Palin is? ?
  146. *Spoilers** Predictions for Naruto Manga 426?
  147. Make Your Predictions NOW :]?
  148. what games do you recomend me for my future xbox 360 elite?
  149. Anyone heard of this prophecy?
  150. in the future Saw movies, who do you think should put an end to Jigsaw's legacy?
  151. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the USA Economy?
  152. Will penis transplants be the future for FTMs?
  153. did future president Barack Obama use symbolic interaction on his speeches?...
  154. Would conservatives trade the birth certificate conspiracy for the
  155. what the current fact that would be soon a myth in future?
  156. Do you refuse to believe 9/11 was an inside job because the conspiracy hasn't been...
  157. Im trying to find a good song that says my life will get better or something...
  158. Whats the future for arsenal?
  159. X-factor Bottom Two Predictions?
  160. Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling champion predictions?
  161. Was President's Kennedy Assassination a Conspiracy?
  162. Tell me what you think of my WWE Wrestlemania 25 card predictions?
  163. are you a conspiracy theorist? (nov 22nd the perfect day to ask this question)?
  164. Is there a possibility in any way to communicate throughout our solar system in...
  165. Why don't future mothers or current mothers breast feed?
  166. Does taking Lactaid cause problems in the future?
  167. Is there any truth to the JFK assassination conspiracy theory?
  168. Do police consider your warnings when deciding what to do about a future offense?
  169. NBA 08-09 Award Predictions?
  170. US imposed Anti-China Policy? Coincidence or Conspiracy? What's next?
  171. What is the most believable conspiracy you have read/heard about?
  172. i am a conspiracy victim. where do i get proper help from??!!!?? (delilah)?
  173. Want to know about my future?
  174. i'm a conspiracy. where do i get proper help etc from?
  175. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction?
  176. Future step-daughter? what to do?
  177. Is a genital hsv type 1 infection something that needs to be disclosed to...
  178. If you look into the future, what do you see 10 years from now?
  179. these are my future kids names do u like them?
  180. I'm a 15 year old girl who is absolutely confused about my future?
  181. prophecies: The identity of the Antichrist revealed?
  182. What is the future of Arsenal?
  183. prediction premier league?
  184. Weather predictions for new years eve in the uk?
  185. Which president had a father who died in a car wreck before the future president,
  186. What is the KOREA'n sign for 'Good Luck' or 'Happy Future' ?
  187. Armageddon Predictions? What You Think?
  188. will i regret it in the future?
  189. How can i stop being so obsessed over 9/11 conspiracy theorists?
  190. Is it strange to dream or think of the future and then have it happen?
  191. Where do I go to find every wii virtual console future releases?
  192. Week 12 predictions ?
  193. Any great april fools prank?(for the future)?
  194. Approximately how many professional retail futures day-traders are out there?...
  195. has our marriage got a future?
  196. timesplitters future perfect cheats?
  197. What would communication in the future be like ? Like what kind of devices ?
  198. I am a science graduate. I have 5 years exp. of official work. Give me any
  199. What are your predictions for the Superbowl this Season? Who will be the 2 Teams in
  200. What is the future of England, racially?
  201. My Survivor Series 11/23/08 Predictions & Winners!!!!!?
  202. Will hockey still be popular in Canada's future?
  203. Why did obama have to screw up my future ?
  204. survivor series 2008 predictions?
  205. Would you like to hear my prediction about the Corrie storyline?
  206. What is your prediction for the result of one of today's premiership matches?
  207. Future career, how do I get started?
  208. Christians, since you deny God has any responsibility for creating a person who will
  209. Arsenal (and footie) fans...will fergies prediction come true??
  210. What future liberal democracy?
  211. How many Jet set Radio future games are there?
  212. What do you think of this article stating from intelligence that nuclear weapons...
  213. What is my future, nothing lasts for more than 9-10 months?
  214. The conspiracy theory --- can you add to this list ?
  215. How Many Future Hall of Famers are Currently Playing?
  216. What do you think of my future wedding idea?
  217. i really need help for my future.. :(?
  218. What is the future of AI (artificial intelligence)?
  219. could i have a seizure in the future?
  220. In Florida, for the Bright Futures Scholarship, where do I get the volunteer...
  221. WWE Survivor Series Predictions?
  222. How to find out your future career? (which you love)?
  223. is Jet Set Radio Future just a game?
  224. Need the formula to determine future number of subscribers to a service?
  225. If God knows everything, past, present, and future, why would he create gays
  226. Middle school? Futures careers? help!?
  227. Do I have to take the TOEFL exam in the future?
  228. would you help me?my future is in your hands!!!!!?
  229. 28 with no future, What should I do?
  230. How does the some trillion dollar debt affect people's lives (especially...
  231. How soon into your relationship was marriage, kids, or a 'future' ever brought up?
  232. Is this what our fore-fathers envisaged for the future of America?Bail out the
  233. Is there going to be a new Zelda Wii game in the near future?
  234. Do you think there is a conspiracy in the NBA to boost superstar's stat?
  235. IF Brady Quinn starts to TANK: Could a HUGE QB CONTROVERSY Erupt since BOTH he and
  236. What is the endgame of the Obama birth certificate conspiracy?
  237. Is South Park able to predict the future?
  238. Are These Good Names Fo My Children Of Da Future!!?
  239. Future prospect... a virgin dude going out with an experienced girl?
  240. Does anyone know the in the future movie John Goodman played in?
  241. Survey:: Do you ever look to your past to help dictate your future..?
  242. Will my future be full of pain?
  243. What exactly is the distant future? And near future? ?
  244. We rented Mario Strikers Charged. Will my son's level stuff be saved if we use a
  245. Should the BIG 3 borrow the business model of Wal-Mart to succeed in the
  246. do you think Obama or our future presidents should take over the world?
  247. Isn't it great to see Barack and Hillary together, both planning for the
  248. do i take this to courts. againts the board of directors past, now, an future?
  249. How will i look in the future?
  250. Back to the Future One of the best movies ever made?