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  1. What two states were the leading powers in the German Confederation ?
  2. x-factor!! Predictions?
  3. Can ibuprofen make you feel numb to pain in the future?
  4. Psychic: Another love prediction PLEASE?
  5. I have a royal rumble prediction?
  6. Do you think America is headed for a great depression in the future?
  7. What prophecies from "Planet of The Apes" have already been fulfilled & which
  8. i want information about indian agriculture-past, present & future. ?
  9. predictions please: black and white cheaters VS red and black cheaters?
  10. Do some dreams tell what might happen to you in the future?
  11. Questions about college Pharmacy, admission, and my future?
  12. A short story set in the future where the government tries to make everyone equal by
  13. What to make for a guy who is always talking about conspiracy theories?
  14. What would you do to change the future of this country and its people?
  15. what are your superbowl predictions?
  16. DO I have any chance of having any kind of succesful future?
  17. Why are Conspiracy Theorists Only Ones not Dumb enough to Build an...
  18. Jesus knew that his dying would save billions of people, was Judas aware of the...
  19. Bright Future, am I losing it?
  20. What shall our future behold?
  21. Naruto Shippuden Manga Chapter Predictions?
  22. I'm a conspiring author - what's your opinion on my book so far?
  23. Did your professor say goodbye to your class using the term, "future endeavours"?
  24. Is Prophecy possible?
  25. NFL: what is your prediction for new york at dallas?
  26. Are there any bands coming to Miami in the near future? Where do bands usually play
  27. What is an appropriate reaction to a racist conspiracy type?
  28. brothers and sister, what is that special something u look for in ur future...
  29. XtraFactor Judges Predictions?
  30. What are some conspiracy theory fears of the past that never played out?
  31. FedEx Air and Ground predictions?
  32. Can you make prediction/tell about the person for these birth chart details?
  33. My Predictions for end of Season Standings?
  34. how to tell my best friend i can see the future and read minds?
  35. Concerning 9/11 and the conspiracy people and thire evidence/Facts.?
  36. Did Joe Dumars screw up the Detroit Pistons franchise and future by drafting Darko
  37. i had dreams about the future when i was little, but not anymore =[?
  38. What Are Your Predictions For The WWE Draft In 2009?
  39. When do you make your World Series predictions?
  40. Your future children and their names?
  41. What events in the old testament were prophecies of JESUS?
  42. What are your WWE Armageddon predictions + 2 Bonus Questions.?
  43. What is the future tense of these words?
  44. Predictions for Utah vs. Orlando?
  45. Spurs vs Man Utd Predictions!!?
  46. What is an appropriate reaction to a racist conspiracy type?
  47. past decisions effect my future?
  48. Are Investment Bankers and Washington Politicians conspiring to commit...
  49. What takes more bravery traveling to the future or the past?
  50. Will I have one nice thing to say about G.W. in the future?
  51. If I fail a college course will I be screwed for the future?
  52. started reading them.... so why do nwo conspiracy theories have so many...
  53. What are your predictions for wwe Armageddon 2008?
  54. AFL predictions for 3 teams ('09)?
  55. whats the worst thing your future EX-wife can say to you during Divorce.?
  56. What's the future of rock? What modern band will endure through the generations?
  57. Does anyone miss the Back to the Future Ride? ?
  58. Do you beleive in any Conspiracy theories?
  59. 10 points if you can guess what i'll name my future baby!?
  60. What is Zionist-cum-CIA conspiracy?
  61. Prediction: Emmanuel will be gone this time next week?
  62. Could a robot from the future kill you? Remember Terminator?
  63. How do you write this paragraph in past and future tense?
  64. will i get compensation for future medical bills?uk?
  65. which prophecies do you believe?
  66. future of web designers?
  67. Anyone who believes in 9/11 Conspiracy is mentally challenged . Agree or disagree?
  68. Where will today's stars be in the future?
  69. Why isnít Bible Prophecy considered logically, is it too deep for shallow minds?
  70. Recurring dreams of the future.. is this normal?
  71. whats about my future?
  72. Premier League Prediction Game?
  73. Is There a Better Answer to What's the Difference Between a Conspiracy Theorist and
  74. Is it true that there might be a war between India and Pakistan in the future?
  75. Why is it Impossible to Debate the American Forefathers, Just as it is...
  76. Will micronations become real nations in the future?
  77. Arsenal - Middlesbrough. Any predictions.....?
  78. Again who was speaking this prophecy about Christ? King AHAZ?
  79. what's the term for someone who always thinks there's conspiracies?
  80. Christians & Muslims: Which scriptures do you think give most insightful...
  81. R&S: Do you think any of these predictions from 1900 have come true
  82. NFL PICKS week 15...Help... PREDICTIONS?
  83. What are your 09 season predictions?
  84. Does anyone know any christian biblical prophecies i can look up?
  85. Does anyone know what the people at hot topic look for in a future employee?
  86. Do you think tests that determine your future should be timed to be rushed?
  87. conspiracy theories - ?
  88. I am one of the Meek, can I use a promised future ?
  89. XMAS PROMO FOR SALE Nokia N97..........$450usd
  90. Early Prediction - Brownlow Medallist 2009?
  91. Will depression affect my future?
  92. The trend of zinc industry in the world in year 2008 and it's future.?
  93. is "Film and Media production" promising future course to choose for a...
  94. What happened to this? (Prediction for 2008: the housing market will...
  95. study Nano Tech in university is a secure way to find a job that is good
  96. Poll: do you believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories?
  97. Help me ID a TV Show about 3 Girls fighting Robots in a Post-Apocalyptic Future?
  98. 2009 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture ?
  99. What is the future of Sikhism ????!!!?
  100. serious Link to the Mayan prophecy?
  101. If I was charged with conspiracy and attempted burglary will it affect my
  102. automatically display a date into the future in excel after plugging in a...
  103. From where does the conspiracy theory that Islam is a product of the Vatican come?
  104. Just found out i am pregnant, future husband in the navy! HELPP!!?
  105. Is this Obama conspiracy # 1?
  106. My family now or our long term future? (taking a full time job or staying
  107. What Van Halen song is in Back to the future?
  108. Where is Peavy's future?
  109. So what you think about the 9/11 conspiracy thingy?
  110. does the bible speak of a Prophecy of Jesus?,,,or ?
  111. Predictions about 2010 world cup? Del Piero make it?
  112. Poll::Do you believe in the New world order conspiracy?
  113. Ohio State Vs. Texas Predictions!!!no Haters!!!?
  114. What do you think of my Genesis predictions?
  115. How does the 8th Amendment relate to today's society, and how does it relate
  116. Are conspiracy theories real or fake?Name some.?
  117. Man Utd v Spurs (tough game) predictions for the weekend...?
  118. Do you believe the prophecy concerning an attack on America by Russia and China?
  119. best career for future (with perks/fringe benefits)?
  120. Why do you think God gave the entire world the Sabbath for future generations?
  121. What is the difference between Guild Wars , Guild Wars Factions ,...
  122. is watching too much p*rn creates any problems in future?i watch 20 hours a week?
  123. What is Detroit's future?
  124. Why do SOME people scoff 9/11 conspiracy nuts...?
  125. what is the connection between science fiction writing and the future?
  126. Any predictions on tonight's game?
  127. In the Movie: The Conspiracy Theory...?
  128. Ghost of Christmas future in the Christmas Carol.....?
  129. Why are the NeoCon conspiracy theorists trying to create a link between
  130. What are your predictions for the US economy in 2009 ?
  131. Are there any predictions for usd against euro please?
  132. Which of the bible prophecies are true?
  133. I have been challenged to look at fulfilled prophecy in the Bible.?
  134. Predictions on BCS bowl games?
  135. RPI: Retail price index trend/predictions.Likely to go up/down? Max/min in next
  136. Are there any predictions for another snowfall in Iraq?
  137. 2009 Hurricane Prediction Suggests Above Average Activity?
  138. Predictions: Raiders vs. Texans?
  139. What do you people think will happen in the future in the next few years...?
  140. 2009 Playoff/superbowl predictions? ?
  141. Will my son be gay IN THE FUTURE?
  142. Is it possible in the future for Nicaragua To Snow ?
  143. Best friend getting married and her future husband asked for my advice?
  144. Is it true that there might be a war between India and Pakistan in the future?
  145. What are stem cells and their future possibilities?
  146. Help trying to decide what to do with my life in the future?
  147. 9/11 and conspiracy theories?
  148. Which of these will the Sun probably become in the very distant future?
  149. Is it normal to fall 5 or more inches short of the prediction?
  150. Can be expect Iraq or Afghanistan to be stable democracies in the near future?
  151. Have you ever thought about how you would turn out in the future?
  152. what is the future of art?
  153. am I included in your Future Plans ?
  154. What if this whole Santa thing was just a big conspiracy?
  155. Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies?
  156. Horoscopes predictions for scorpio and aquarius?
  157. Do you think that resumes will be outsource in the future?
  158. My Future?? Wat can i Do?
  159. Help with Senior Predictions for Yearbook? Any Ideas? Please Help!!?
  160. What are your predictions for the big match on Dec.14TH Juventus VS Milan?
  161. Do you think time travel will someday be possible? If so why isn't there anyone...
  162. What are some funny conspiracy theories that you have heard?
  163. I need help on what wii game i should get in the future?
  164. What American Girl movie do you want to see coming out in the future?
  165. Predictions for upcomming WWE Armageddon 2008?
  166. Is there made a conspiracy by white america to keep black women single?
  167. how might the rise of methodism and workplace reforms alter Marxist
  168. 09 hip hop predictions?
  169. September 11th - conspiracies?
  170. why don't people like conspiracy theories?
  171. Am I really a stupid person with no future?
  172. if you had ever say no to a guy, should you say yes in the future?
  173. Can you tell someones future by looking at their hand?
  174. What religion has a prophecy concerning the keeper of the seven keys?
  175. Why do conspiracy theorists on YA...?
  176. predictions for December 10th, bruins vs caps, NYR vs atl, blues vs ducks?
  177. 2008-09 NFL season and playoff predictions?
  178. Lets just be friends but who knows what will happen in the future?...need spiritual
  179. Do you see China eating up its neighbors in the near future?
  180. Is The Arbitrage Conspiracy a Scam?
  181. When it comes to prophecies, christians most viable peice of evidence, why...
  182. Poll: Nostradamus....do you believe? Yes or No?
  183. I would like to move to Japan in the near future. Jobs are not to easy to come by....
  184. What are predictions for another chapter in The Girl Who Owned a City?
  185. America is slipping from superpower status. Will it atleast remain as regional
  186. prophecies in torah? new testament?
  187. i want to buy cds for a future grad 3 year term what is safe?
  188. gender prediction at 13 weeks?
  189. Are you ready for a future with Barrack Hussein Obama?
  190. About college and my future....?
  191. What are current and future trends in psychology?
  192. Is Nostradamus any good? I'm not into Priest but do like metal?
  193. Can someone help me with an OP prediction?
  194. Fahrenheit indigoy prophecy launch problem?
  195. Future NHL expansions...?
  196. My colleague told me that I have the chances to get bipolar in future. Is that...
  197. conjugate future tenses?
  198. canada's future sustainability in the offshore oil industry ?
  199. Golden Globe 2009 predictions?
  200. What are some hip-hop songs that talk about predicting the future?
  201. Which would you rather see in the future with Orton?
  202. CONSPIRACY:In Britain cannabis was declassified to C but cannabis oil was still
  203. How do you deal with the real conspiracies not the ones cooked up by a paranoid mind?
  204. So will we one day be able to travel into the future...?
  205. hey i just wanted to know for a school assignment 3 jobs that have to make a
  206. so, if the other 200+ doomsday prophecies failed, what makes the 2012 one...
  207. Nostradamus about Obama?
  208. Women for me in the future?
  209. Had a miscarriage (chemical pregnancy) Will I have healthy babies in the future?
  210. NFL Playoff Predictions 09?
  211. Predictions Real Madrid v Zenit, Celtic v Villareal?
  212. sap doubts!!!pliz help!!!what is the future of sap,erp in india?
  213. learning german as future senator?
  214. psychic...give me some general predictions?
  215. Could I have a future doing portraits?
  216. please read my conspiracy therorei its not true but sounds true what do you think?
  217. From canada and thinking about buying a car from the states in the future...?
  218. Does "Conspiracy Christmas" get some kind of revolting satisfaction from...
  219. Predictions for tonight's episode of House!? House fans?
  220. Since the Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested for conspiring to sell Barack...
  221. Why does "Orchard 42fu" Aka "thomas sr six feet u..., Conspiracy Buster...
  222. I quit watching FOX News, will someone please update me on the latest conspiracy
  223. the future scares me?
  224. is this a good plan for my future?
  225. Is everyone else tired of wasting time and money on right wing conspiracy theories?
  226. Size and weight predictions?
  227. Christians: Matthew refers to a prophecy that Jesus would be a Nazarene, where
  228. Govenors who illegally conspire to place Senators in Washington...?
  229. Do you know anything about the Maya Calendar? And do you think the predictions are
  230. Help Me With My Future?
  231. the yahoo conspiracy!!?
  232. Women for me in the future?
  233. Right its prediction time again..10 points to correct one?
  234. Prophecies 2 continued from previous questions.?
  235. Did the Fed & banks conspire to get real wealth bailouts from US workers to...
  236. Predictions for title game..?
  237. I feel scared about my future.?
  238. would the democrats be unstoppable in future elections if they weren't for gun...
  239. Are conspiracy theories our main protection against "Biblicans" from
  240. The 'War on Drugs' Conspiracy?
  241. Is there a bible prophecy about technology?
  242. The Once and Future King?
  243. Do you believe in Hawk-eye prediction for LBW?
  244. Juande Ramos Real Madrid prediction?
  245. What do you think of the video on youtube: Penn & Teller 9/11 Conspiracy Theories?
  246. How does the Warren Report show there is a conspiracy in the JFK assassination?
  247. predicting gm and ford's future?
  248. Do you think people (in a particular place or throughout the world) will work
  249. Can dreams tell the future?
  250. Is There Any Way the Conspiracy Theorists Can Stop Further Wars to End All...