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  1. Gators or Sooners?!?!?! Any Predictions? ?
  2. Is thinking about the future with my boyfriend a bad idea? ?
  3. Is there any hope for my future?
  4. Future Relationship with...?
  5. I'm so scared of the future! Is this normal? I'm working on college and un-sure...
  6. Psychics out there, predictions for 2009?
  7. Superbowl Predictions?
  8. Myspace tracker future?
  9. What would you put in a time capsule to explain 2008 to future civilizations?
  10. What is your prediction about the quality performance of Obama as president?
  11. I want to save my folders from yahoo mail to a cd for future usage?
  12. What is my future? how many children will i have? a good life or bad?
  13. Do you think Lady Gaga is the future of pop?
  14. astrological predictions for Leo in 2009?
  15. Conspiracy theorists answer this pl0x?
  16. what are my love predictions in 2009?
  17. my bf wants to start planing for the future?
  18. People call 9/11 Conspiracy people such as myself traitors. Why, based on...
  19. Aries 2009 predictions?
  20. What do you think of my future childrens names?
  21. Cotton Bowl predictions?
  22. Will changing my last name change my future [numerology]?
  23. Love prediction for 2009?
  24. What will be the names of my future boyfriends and my future husband?
  25. Legends of WrestleMania Roster Predictions?
  26. Superbowl Predictions?
  27. Are HD channels going to be offered on standard tv in the near future?
  28. Aquarius; predictions for 2009?
  29. Are dreams visions of the future?
  30. Predictions for 2009...?
  31. Can you make one prediction about 2009?
  32. Predictions for 2009 International domestic economic etc?
  33. If I get a new T-mobile account but pass on the free/discounted phone, can
  34. Spanish Future Tense?
  35. Does anybody know any good techno or future related songs that is danceable to a...
  36. Poll: Would you rather live in the past than today and in the future?
  37. 2009? What will happen? Can you predict our future?
  38. Is this SAT score an indicator of future success?
  39. my future life,study,job,love life and all?
  40. Can you make predictions for the 2009 year?....../?
  41. Can you give a prediction of the future of the couple above?
  42. Would you be upset at your significant other changed there mind about future plans?
  43. Old Faithful prediction formula?
  44. Do you think this is our future?
  45. FA Cup 3rd Round Predictions TOTAL GOALS ?
  46. what is your prediction for each wildcard game in the nfl?
  47. any predictions on who is going to win the BCS Championship?
  48. The Future Champions?
  49. NFL Prediction....Who will win?
  50. does any body know in the movie wanted there was a song saying "i believe i...
  51. In what age do you see yourself in the future having a baby?
  52. my boyfriend does not like to talk about a future with me in it....?
  53. Do you think " Children of men" could be a true representation of our future ?
  54. How do I solve for the rate of return in a future value of annuity formula?
  55. What are the chances of a laser as a weapon in the future?
  56. does anybody know any good techno or future related songs for a medium...
  57. I need help!!! I stutter when i speak and it seem, I'm going to have a
  58. What's all this conspiracy about a one-world government, New World Order,...
  59. What do you think life will be in 2050?Do you think the future will be better
  60. My Wrestlemania 25 Predictions?
  61. Don't care about America's Global Reputation? What about Global Analysts
  62. did anyone believe to Sylvia brown predictions 2009?
  63. Future Careers, What do I take for my options?
  64. Why does there seem to be a lot of wing nuts and conspiracy theorists on youtube?
  65. How's this for a New Year's prediction for 2009?
  66. got any tarot card readers or a daily horoscopes sites from which we can...
  67. "Conspiracy Theory" for Libs to love to hate.?
  68. hi my bday date 27/07/83 studing going to give exam in march 2009 i want to...
  69. Christians, Is it strange to feel like God has a very special mission for you to
  70. Past and Future Accomplishments ?
  71. Conspiracy theory..........?
  72. What are your world predictions for 2009? categories..?
  73. Super Bowl predictions?
  74. I remember seeing a music video playing a long time ago in future shop. any...
  75. If time travel is possible, then how come we don't have people from the future
  76. I was born with heart problems and I worry about the future? Worried about
  77. Best PS3 game to date??(And future)?
  78. The New Testament says it fulfills prophecies of the OId Testament but
  79. Your Predictions For 2009?
  80. What classes should I take in 8th grade and in the future, if I just moved
  81. What are your predictions for 2009?
  82. Why doesnt the government stop throwing money at companies who cant make a simple
  83. can somebody tell me my future for the year of 09?
  84. Can you predict my future?
  85. How do I get, and retain for future use, those cute symbols..?
  86. Do you wonder where your life will in the future? 09 is an important year for...
  87. With the U.S. economy in the shape that its in, what are some
  88. Do you where you will be in the future? 09 is important for me. it's a...
  89. Will Neural Implants be Part of Our Future Evolution?
  90. my predictions,what do you think??
  91. Is it time for the minority that call themselves "9/11 Conspiracy nuts"...?
  92. My is my Future height?
  93. I am looking for someone who has knowledge of the sacred
  94. What are your tennis predictions for 2009?
  95. Future of the Detroit Red Wings?
  96. A Future Best Selling Author Needs YOUR Advice ASAP?
  97. Rate my website's future name, please?
  98. Because Conspiracy Buster keeps on posting a question concerning what is our
  99. I need some assistance with choosing and locating my ideal future career?
  100. what do you think the future holds for body cloning. ?
  101. show my future using dob .my name is mahendra singh meena,dob is
  102. Psychic, What is my career future for 2009?
  103. Your predictions for 2009?
  104. Royal Rumble Predictions?
  105. Is it possible for scientists to invent time traveling machines in the future?
  106. do you think self delusion is bad pertaining to my future career? like
  107. Astrological Predictions for Leo in 2009?
  108. playoff predictions for NFL 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  109. Does anyone else think that 2009 sounds like a date in the future?
  110. ideas for the future?
  111. What age do you think will be the best(happiest) in your future?Why?
  112. Future doctor...A few questions...?
  113. What do you think of Prof. Panarin's prediction?
  114. Predictions for '09 ?
  115. SuperBowl Prediction?
  116. I need to determine future GPA?
  117. What is your 2008-2009 NBA Finals prediction?
  118. Do dreams show future and past?
  119. 2009 predictions ?
  120. When you were little what did you dream of being in the future(career)???.....?
  121. What s the future going to be in 2009?
  122. Politically speaking, what are you predictions for 2009?
  123. What jobs will be in demand in the future?
  124. What are your Dreams for The Future?
  125. Why do people bother answering the Obama conspiracy questions?
  126. JBL and shawn michaels storyline prediction?
  127. Can bible end time prophecies be changed?
  128. the best college's for a future in f.b.i. or c.s.i.?
  129. Are these good prediction for the nba awards? ?
  130. How many of you believe that september 11 2001 was conspired?
  131. whats does the future have in store for us?
  132. Superbowl predictions?
  133. Since Hell is not real, what will future Christians have to do to scare people into
  134. 2012 the prophecy...?
  135. Today's Game Predictions?
  136. why does everyone think Jordan Jeferson is the future of LSU?
  137. What will the Fundamentalist be doing 100 years from now when their prophecies...
  138. What will the children of the Future be like?
  139. Why do people name their kids crazy names? Don't they think of the childs future?
  140. What will the Orioles future be like?
  141. where to go to tell me my future?
  142. How far in the future do you think there will be...?
  143. How will Obama protect the USA in the future from further attacks?
  144. I've been a loner my whole life, and I'm at the peak of it right now, is...
  145. Will the San Diego Chargers leave San Diego in the hear future?
  146. The Montreal Screwjob Pt2 Prediction/Fantasy?
  147. Does anybody besides me believe Revelations were prophecies about Adolph Hitler and
  148. Can anyone tell me my future?
  149. Can you say this in English -> Well, this is exactly what the future is! ?
  150. Should I kick out my slacker future brother-in-law?
  151. What is the process of getting a guild hall in Guild Wars- Prophecies?
  152. What is the future of Hinduism !!!??? ?
  153. Height Prediction Calculator help?
  154. Nostradamus 2012: Your beliefs?
  155. When he says these things does it suggest that he sees a future for us?
  156. Is there a patch for Indigo Prophecy, aka Fahrenheit, that will unblock the sex...
  157. if i have a hysterectomy, could i get a surrogate mother to have a baby for me in
  158. Help! I'm confused about what to do about my future career in the British...
  159. My DOB 27th May 1974 Time 14.10pmPlease analyse my Future, Carier and Money matters.?
  160. lets say if i wanna join some insurance company in the future what kinda
  161. The Future of Scotland........?
  162. When is it okay to talk about a future together?
  163. My Friend Is Havign Death Dreams And Future Dreams..?
  164. 2009 Playoff Predictions?
  165. If ice keeps melting off eastern canada and greenland will the uk get...
  166. Why is the future in God's hands.?
  167. the future or the past?!!?
  168. How many bible prophecies have been fulfilled so far: 200, 2000, 4000, 5000 ?
  169. psychic please tell me... about my future,health, love life, children... ?
  170. Is getting a new puppy/kitten a smart way to see if you'll be a good parent
  171. The future of work...........?
  172. Is this normal to visualize your future to a "T"?
  173. Why do people claim that "fulfilled" prophecies prove the Bible...?
  174. future and past???????????????????
  175. Is it possible to have Future Shop assemble a computer for you?
  176. Do you think that Condoleza Rice has a future in the NFL?
  177. I made a big mistake over my Vacation!! is my future Ruined?? PLEASE...
  178. Will it cause a problem in the future?
  179. Will there be such thing as too much technology in the future?
  180. Three examples of quantitative predictions applied to industry?
  181. Dealing with possible future heartbreak? ?
  182. Which is a better Superbowl prediction: Colts vs Panthers or Miami vs. Atlanta?
  183. Will humans in the future survive from super nova?
  184. psychic question - I would love to know how many children i will have in
  185. Question about my future?
  186. once you hit your limit of patience, can we still forgive in the future?
  187. Early WWE Draft Predictions...?
  188. examples of prophecies coming true?
  189. Vegetarian ....Future Mom?
  190. Superbowl Predictions?
  191. Will humans in the future survive from super nova?
  192. Could I have twins in the future?
  193. jets future scenario?
  194. Im looking for the title of a book about a dystopian future where the sex...
  195. My Future Set Up Custom PC?
  196. Predictions Predictions ?
  197. future and now job advice please?
  198. Poll: Why do yahoo answers conspiracy theorists answer questions and then go to
  199. "your past is your future" is this a real quote if yes then who is it by n...
  200. how do you imagine the future? everyone please answer.?
  201. Worried about my future marriage...?
  202. who is better Family guy the future-ma?
  203. My future or the girl?
  204. Can you give a prediction of the future of the couple above?
  205. I need help with my future. Will you please give me some advice on this?...
  206. I really need help with my future. Please help? thanks?
  207. how to pass conspiracy level on second sight?
  208. Holiday Bowl prediction?
  209. Predictions please...?
  210. I really need help with my future. Can you please give me some advice on this? Ten...
  211. Could my hair fall off in the future if I straighten it too much?
  212. hypothetical question about dems, repubs and future 3rd party?
  213. Can anyone tell my future?
  214. Predictions | Will the Economy get Better in 2009?
  215. Do you think they will ever have fast food places actually on the plane in...
  216. In the future i would like to make a pc just want to know if these parts
  217. what do you think of my future sons name. It would help if you was familar with
  218. Is this the future for America?
  219. what do you think will happen in the future?
  220. Do you think my super bowl predictions are correct?
  221. ask any question about your future.....?
  222. i can see the future in my dreams and i think i can do more stuff like that.?
  223. Has anyone heard of " Future Funds Lottery"?
  224. Sarah Palin is Smart, Hot, The FUTURE!?
  225. Tell me what you think about my future sons name. It helps if you are familar with
  226. i do not know what to do i think i can see the future in my dreams?
  227. Superbowl Predictions?
  228. Video Card Advice For A Future Gamer?
  229. Would you want your future husband to have a shaved pubic area?
  230. Is There A Future For Us?
  231. Is it possible to see the future in your dreams?
  232. nfl playoff predictions 2009?
  233. Does Timesplitters Future Perfect have nudity?
  234. psychics, do you think this guy that I am visiting in a couple weekends will
  235. Did last night's Northwestern vs Mizzou game change anyone's predictions about...?
  236. Would you rather time travel to the past or the future?
  237. To psychics, what can i look forward to in 2009? Do you see any children
  238. will the store (example Walmart ,staples and future shop) call the cops
  239. NFL playoff predictions?
  240. I really need help with my future. Can you please please give me some...
  241. How's my college future looking?
  242. time travel....ever been advented in the future?
  243. My Mom is Blackmailing me and ruining my future.?
  244. How do I determine future GPA?
  245. FA Cup Third Round Predictions 08/09?
  246. Epiphone EX Les Paul Prophecy Guitar Playing Styles?
  247. How much is BAH for ohio, army? and Question about future wifes kids tricare?
  248. Is the Big Show a future WWE Hall of Famer?
  249. Psychics, can you read my future?
  250. Should Joe the Plumber change careers and become a construction worker to...