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  1. Did you or your fiance worry or stress about the future before you got married?
  2. I wanted to know what courses I should take in college if I want to write
  3. If you died today..........What would happen to your families...
  4. NFL Playoff predictions?
  5. ok! im a little freaked out by this 2012 doomsday prediction?
  6. French Future Tense.....?
  7. do you think iran will try to attack israel in the near future?
  8. I need help with my future career path?
  9. Psychics: I need to know the future between this girl and me?
  10. girls would you like your future husband to be a handy man?
  11. Spiritually speaking, I have lost contact with my atheist conspiracy?
  12. Are goling injuries more likely in the future?
  13. A Brief synopsis of india's past,present, and future?
  14. Royal rumble and WRESTLEMANIA25 predictions.?
  15. planning for the future?
  16. Do you believe that prophecy that if the giant in Jesus in Rio de Jainero is...
  17. future in laws, break up or stay with her?
  18. Jailbroken iPhone 3g future unlock?
  19. Royal Rumble Predictions?
  20. What extra curricular activities should I take up so in the future I might
  21. is there gonna be a quantum prophecy movie?
  22. Future of lakers???????
  23. Will the pharmacy profession be good for my future family and me?
  24. Parents doubting my future?
  25. i got suspension in 7grade for 3days,is this got to affect my future
  26. Is anyone scared about the future as I am? ?
  27. i have2 decide what alevels totake, i wt to study law inthe
  28. How to get over this fear??? Kinda effects my future?!?!? 10 points best answer!?
  29. would you want to live in the future or be famous?
  30. Will my Gibson Les Paul guitar increase or decrease in value in the future?
  31. Today's NBA predictions & game previews?
  32. What senses will we have in the future?
  33. What do we think of these names for my (very) distant future children?
  34. Could this really happen in 2010 or any time in the future?
  35. Is FWB (Friends With Benefits) the way of the future?
  36. Superbowl predictions? Who's going?
  37. Will he ever come back in the future?
  38. do you think that the predictions of 2012 will come true ? If so, why?
  39. question about my future!?
  40. Volatility for stocks, Index, Futures?
  41. Do you know what prophecy means?
  42. psychic please tell me about my future love life....?
  43. Who sings the song 'No one knows what the future holds' Its in Angus
  44. I want to tell you that I am fed up trying to contact you direct and will
  45. In the future, what kinds of superhuman abilities could be possible through
  46. predictions for nba matchups tomorow? correct answer will be chosen ?
  47. I'm 16. I just thought about my future, and I'm thinking what should I be when I
  48. Poll: Are our destinies or futures preordained/inevitable?
  49. want to find an online future game massively played try this ?
  50. I really want to become a vet in the future as I love animals however I do...
  51. Predictions for Celtic v Dundee Utd?
  52. what are the best laptops for a future college student?
  53. what is your favorite conspiracy theory?
  54. Is it wrong of me to expect my future wife to wear a GPS tracking bracelet
  55. How tall will i be in the near future?
  56. "I need to tell u something bad." "I saw the future, I made it up." ?? sounds like
  57. What are some future bowl game match-ups you would like to see?
  58. i just turned 16. should i be thinking about my future career?
  59. Want to know about my Future?
  60. This a story about the future titled tested tell me what you think!?
  61. What do you think about conspiracy theorist's, strange or might they be on to...
  62. What is the movie where the guy looks into the future where a guy can see into the
  63. Thinking about my future career..?
  64. I need a prediction...?
  65. am finish n+, ccna now what i do study linux or mcse which future valuable ?
  66. I am a new Marine (just going now to MCT) getting divorced and wants to get
  67. Which NBA team has the best future?
  68. I'm so confuzzled about my future!?
  69. Randy Orton The Future Of WWE?
  70. I need help on names for a story in the future?
  71. psychic question - I would love to know how many children i will have in the
  72. What will happen in the future?
  73. Scared for the future?
  74. Is OK for Celtic fan make prediction, not Rangers fan ?
  75. Helping Future Wife Plan Wedding?
  76. What areas of technology will be facing growth in the coming future? ?
  77. Helping Future wife with wedding plans?
  78. Could Mubarak be Nostradamus's Mabus, 3rd antichrist?
  79. Could future American solders face water boarding by another country, and it...
  80. What do you think of this conspiracy theory?
  81. I have some ideas about the future, but not too sure...?
  82. How to prove I want a future with my girlfriend?
  83. which will be better ps3 or xbox 360 in the future? and what will have more 1080p...
  84. NFL playoff game predictions ?
  85. Another Crusade/Holy War In the future?
  86. Career Future realistic?
  87. can a teenager become a future formula 1 driver if he starts now?
  88. Life conspiracy or not?
  89. The future looks hard but it looks so sweet, wont you taste it with me?
  90. What Does God Apollo Think, Hears, Says, Sees, Feels , Thing He Did, Where He Has
  91. Will you need a degree in counseling to train as a counselor in the future?
  92. Who do u think will be the icon of WWE in the near future, Randy Orton or...
  93. Is Tony "the Tiger" Lopez going to bring back boxing in Sacramento in the...
  94. Calculate the future value of the following investments.?
  95. Got a dream future I want to live...any suggestions......?
  96. The future/College/Living on my own?
  97. as future teacher,how will handle this situations?
  98. What areas of technology will be growing in the future? ?
  99. How do I keep my future inlaw from causing more family drama?
  100. Future of Oil and Gas?
  101. Is it possible to go to the past and alter the future?
  102. what will the future hold for the field of Neuroscience?
  103. What is the future of America?
  104. Utah or Alabama? Predictions?
  105. Super Bowl 2009 Predictions?
  106. If winners write history, do loosers write the future?
  107. What is the First Prophecy in the Bible?
  108. is there any good sites to learn about nostradamus ..?
  109. Anybody can answer this question but Gooners in particular what do you think...
  110. Every NBA team is playing today, make predictions?
  111. Am a business owner (franchise restaurant) and planing to apply to law school...
  112. Fear of the future and suicide?
  113. I need help with my future. Please please give me some advice. Thank you
  114. Why do most Republicans blame Bush's failures on past and future...
  115. What are your predictions for 2009?
  116. I need help writing a persuasive cover letter! please help my future depends on it?
  117. In the future project A is expected to have a return of 17%, and project B is
  118. NFC playoff predictions?
  119. Superbowl Predictions?
  120. what does this mean~~Amended Stipulation in Support of Joint Petition w/Future
  121. Is this prophecy also found in the Bible? Where?
  122. What is the future of Tvs?
  123. Nostradamus..........?
  124. Do you think The miz and john morrision have a bright future in the wwe?
  125. What would you like your future spouse's height to be? ?
  126. Do you think it's possible to know your future?
  127. future of the property market in australia?
  128. Future growth in the medical imaging field?
  129. is exploring the old testament, for prophecy, a good place to learn about Jesus ?
  130. I'm getting divorced in california. How do you calculate the value of future
  131. Which language should I learn to have a good future?
  132. Have you ever seen future? ?
  133. ok bottom line which is better or which will be better in the future the PS3 or
  134. Is tough love the only way to make my boyfriend stop harming his health &
  135. Has anyone used the Chinese Conception Chart (gender prediction) before?
  136. When is a hypothetical conspiracy to commit a crime considered unlawful?
  137. Does anyone outside of Russia believe that the US will split into several...
  138. Jest Set Radio Future?
  139. bad past, good future?
  140. what are your wild card predictions?
  141. Predictions: what will be the first major scandal of the Obama Administration?
  142. what should i expect at futures?
  143. how do I get over this fear of the future and take that leap into starting my own...
  144. What are some early symptoms/signs that you will be blind in the future?
  145. Should I quit college for a future in martial arts?
  146. Survey | What is my future?
  147. why do people think Palin's daughter and future son in law are drop outs?
  148. Does Creationism/Intelligent Design make any verifiable scientific predictions?
  149. 2009 MLB Predictions with Awards Predictions?
  150. atheists, how do you explain God's prediction of Abraham picture perfect?
  151. Im having trouble deciding what i want to do in the future. ?
  152. I want to prepare on a future for myself?
  153. NHL Playoffs????? (Predictions)?
  154. Why is it that when my boyfriend talks about the future, i.e. living together
  155. Is the term "civilian defense force" the latest fad for right wing conspiracy
  156. Nike Mercurial : Future Colours?
  157. Nike Mercurial : Future Colours?
  158. 2008 nfl wild card predictions?
  159. Fantasy Prediction Websites?
  160. Why did the conspiracy theories feminists produced get so much respect ?
  161. IS this a possible future?
  162. A few questions about the future when we have space travel etc.?
  163. I need help with my future. Can you please give me some advice? Ten points...
  164. What does the future hold for Mike Conley?
  165. If gay marriage is ever allowed in the future.....?
  166. any future music award shows where fall out boy is nominated?
  167. ?What do you want to be in the future? ( Seriously!)?
  168. FASHION INTERNSHIP? for my future sake?
  169. FASHION INTERNSHIP? Pliz i'm begging u help me. this is for my future?
  170. what is your opinion about the last day prophecies and the rapture ?
  171. What happen to my future wife?
  172. Will "Future Phone" make their come back?
  173. What are Sylvia Browne's predictions for 2009?
  174. Is this a prophecy about a volcano eruption in America?
  175. what can the future look like if americans partner with middle eastern reformers?
  176. My future has been ruined, help?
  177. Ezekiel Jackson future world champion?
  178. if you could name the future Camden's in 7th Heaven what would you name them?
  179. Need help with my future and education!(Really need your help guyz now more...
  180. I need help with my future. Can you please please give me some advice? Ten points...
  181. predictions on saturdays nfl games?
  182. Give a detailed idea about the future of Indian MNCs?What they are doing to
  183. scared for my future life?
  184. Predictions for the BCS games?
  185. Your prediction for Darren Sproles next year?
  186. how i can have hope to find a job in future?
  187. Wild card predictions?
  188. is the yahoo's future good or bad?
  189. Future shoe model or no ?
  190. Do you think about the future sometimes?
  191. My local blockbuster has used blu ray movies for 19.99, hancock is one of them and
  192. what do you think the future will be like?
  193. MOST believable Government Conspiracy website?
  194. who agrees with my playoff prediction for NEXT YEAR?
  195. What are your predictions on the bailout and the future of the US and world economy?
  196. what can I do to minimize any future ache due to my pregnancy?
  197. What is considered "Futuristic" to the people of the future?
  198. Do you feel desperate about your future?
  199. With my current school standing, what does my future in college admissions look like?
  200. Wireless Earphones in the future?
  201. Is it all just a conspiracy to make me the last North American virgin?
  202. Why do any people believe Jewish conspiracy theories ?
  203. If gay marriage is ever allowed in the future.....?
  204. Is it ok for me to draw a future tattoo with sharpie on me? --my skin--?
  205. What does my future hold?
  206. My Future!!! Girls only please!?
  207. which is better? Future U or my SAT coach for the nintendo DS?
  208. Wwe Royal Rumble 2009 Predictions?
  209. are there any sites to see how you will look like in the future.?
  210. Lest predicts the future of iraq?
  211. Im thinking about investing in the near future, but I am new to it. which is
  212. what about the future?
  213. New COOL invention that would help us in the future or maybe not?
  214. Having minor panic attack about future husband's ex moving back to town?
  215. Does working as an adult webcam host show up on future background checks?
  216. What are some good songs about a bright future or life's journey?
  217. What did I do wrong to make him treat me differently? And does anyone...
  218. Should anyone that conspires against Roland Burris be arrested immediately?
  219. Im 16 and SO confused about my future..HELP..?
  220. We all know the wii is a big hit now, but what is in the future for nintendo?
  221. Im a good looking guy, smart, bright future, super nice, yeah straight. So why
  222. In future,Kollywood or Bollywood , which will give a full entertainment film...
  223. Having trouble deciding what to do about the future.?
  224. Is there a religion that Embraces the Future and not the Past?
  225. Does anybody see a bright future for the OKC Thunder?
  226. Am i the only one annoyed with Future Shop?
  227. My Future in Baseball?
  228. Can data plan for iphone be cancelled later in the future?
  229. Can data plan for iphone be cancelled later in the future?
  230. Is this the future of the Lord's Prayer?
  231. who yall think goin to leave wwe to join tna in the future?
  232. If you could decorate for the White House for the future president and his
  233. Is there a new tabletPC coming from Fujitsu in the near future, an incremental...
  234. what is the future of ocean ridges?
  235. Predictions about movies coming out summer 2009?
  236. is Alcatraz prison a conspiracy ?
  237. What is the future for John Morrison?
  238. how do you see the future unfolding in the world?
  239. did you know that these cards can see the future?
  240. I planned my future around him, now I'm distraught?
  241. Career,School,Psychology,Future kinda question.?
  242. Need help determining future GPA - ASAP very important, help.?
  243. My new woman is a SEX ADDICT IN RECOVERY! Whats that mean to our future?
  244. Can someone help me please. Its about jobs and my future.?
  245. is jordan jefferson the future of LSU football?
  246. Is Major General Smedly Butler and the Business plot another conspiracy theory ?
  247. Would you say that believing in the Illuminati conspiracy is comparable to...
  248. Fa Cup Prediction Game?
  249. What should my future job be?
  250. how do you see the outlook for future events in the world?