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  1. Dreamed of being with my teacher?
  2. Super Bowl predictions...?
  3. Do you think this prophecy will come true? anytime soon?
  4. Convert DVD and video files to iPod with one tool
  5. Had a dream about dating my cousin?
  6. my friend had a weird dream im wondering if it means anything?
  7. I had a premonition about somebody that I don't even know?
  8. Who likes my prediction, Boston Bruins make history repeats itself by becoming the...
  9. if you have mental problems do you haeve to tell future employers?
  10. Premonition? Or Just weird? Help!?
  11. Predictions on Dave Warner's innings?
  12. Check out cracked.com
  13. Do you think God is calling me into prophecy?
  14. I keep having dreams of an ex from 6 years ago, Please Read?
  15. Is there a meaning to smelling fresh flowers as a premonition to death?
  16. Actually, who likes this prediction, the Canucks lose to the Blues in the 2nd round
  17. Why does everybody disagree with my prediction with the Sharks beating the
  18. Dreaming about looking for someone but never finding them?
  19. 66-0 My Ass, so prediction for Heat record?
  20. Super Bowl Predictions?
  21. what does it mean when you have a recurring dream about a baby boy with blue eyes?
  22. Predictions for tomorrows games ?
  23. my boyfriends violence and supposedly psychic predictions are terrifying me-I'm
  24. Is the BBC right? Can researchers tell us that the next Ice age-1500 years in...
  25. What could this dream mean?
  26. So what do you think this prophecy means?
  27. Have you ever had a dream that came true? Premonitions? How often?
  28. Predictions for Derby Della Madonnina?
  29. Dreams in which my life plays out in sequence?
  30. 2012 What are your predictions for our World?
  31. how could jesus be the messiah when the prophecies were not filled read on?
  32. What's the connection between CME blasts from the sun, crop circles and...
  33. Prediction: Who wins the Saints-49ers game next week?
  34. Ok guys tell me if this is a good or bad idea for a future Winter Classic?
  35. Reoccurring Dream, everyone is pregnant but me!?
  36. What if you had a vision, a surefire premonition of the last 40 years of your life?
  37. I had a flying dream last night?
  38. What are your fair winkum predictions for the next two tests?
  39. Anybody here have any experiences or tips with lucid dreaming :)?
  40. What are your thoughts on the NWO, The Mayan 2012 prophecy and the Illuminati
  41. I had a flying dream last night?
  42. What does the New Testament say about tarot and prophecy? NOT the OId Testament...
  43. Your Playoff Predictions?
  44. 2012 Predictions, will we be worse off, better off, fearful?
  45. REM sleep? Weird dreams? Really real feeling and paralyzed? Anyone else?
  46. If I'm 13 right now and my bra size is 34-A what(prediction)on average size
  47. if the maya prophecies are false then where it comes from the idea of
  48. How do I tell this girl i have feelings for her and i want a future relationship?
  49. my daughter continually has bad dreams. she has had a cleansing with sage. she
  50. ENG:would you tell me the meaning of the sentence below which starts with So and...
  51. Interpret a Dream about my fears?
  52. What movie is this, told in past present and future?
  53. 1-2-12 questions(not predictions)?
  54. Your opinions on 'Christians' who believe the prophecies of 2012?
  55. NFL week 16 predictions?
  56. Score predictions for Lions vs Raiders game?
  57. What is the Best software for iPhone users on their Macbook -- iPhone Converter Suite
  58. Dreaming of being waken up?
  59. My dreams are haunting me. What do I do?
  60. I've dreamed of killing my teacher?
  61. Anybody have any input on my premonition dream?
  62. True or False: You can tell a 1 month old baby's future personality by
  63. Man City vs Dunfermline. Predictions?
  64. What could It mean...?
  65. help me make a prophecy? its very important to me!?
  66. write a short note to tell your friends about your future expectations?
  67. Been having this dream lately what can it possibly mean?
  68. How to select a DVD to iPad Converter for Windows and Mac
  69. is it right for a parent to tell you what to do and plan your career and future?
  70. Who are famous people who left home to follow there dreams?
  71. Are people fascinated with prophecies?
  72. What are some of the prophecies from Prophet Muhammad(saw) that have come true?
  73. Tell me about our horoscope how is our future according to horoscope Job,...
  74. I had a dream but I can't remember what happend.?
  76. Dreams about being trapped and saving people?
  77. predictions on Oakland/Packers game tomorrow?
  78. How accurate and informative have the prophecies of Nostradamus been?
  79. Am I legally obligated to tell future employers I'm pregnant when applying for jobs?
  80. Can you tell me my future?
  81. Football predictions.?
  82. Can demonologists tell the future?
  83. Why are there only 256,492 fulfilled prophecies in the Bible?
  84. Dream Interpretation (Pool, Women, Sex, Music, Tiger, Creature)?
  85. What does it mean if I have a dream about one direction?
  86. What is the point of biblical prophecy?
  87. Any Good Prophecy Ideas?
  88. Playoff predictions and final records?
  89. I need a warrior cat prophecy thingy?
  90. So a friend of mine had a dream... whats your interpretation?
  91. what does my dream mean?
  92. Men: if you could tell your future or present wife?
  93. machida vs jones predictions?
  94. There is a bible prophecy that tells of a war that will destroy 1/3 of the...
  95. i Have dreams about work all the time?
  96. IPhone 5 prediction. anybody agree...?
  97. Have You Ever Had A Nightmare...?
  98. El Clasico Predictions?
  99. Helter Skelter prophecy coming true?
  100. I've had this same dream 2x's in a row.I was trying to leave work but the...
  101. How do Christians respond to these failed Bible prophecies?
  102. Please comment on a dream....Is it a premonition?
  103. I Had A Dream I was Getting Married?
  104. What word(s) can we use to call the person who has the ability to tell things
  105. Who agrees with my prediction, Pens beat Florida in 4, Boston in 7, Philly...
  106. Anybody have WWIII predictions ?
  107. What do you think about Jesus' false prophecies?
  108. Would u tell the future genaral behaviour of a kid while oit is still in the womb?
  109. Anyone else having premonitions & dreams of assassination of US or
  110. How do the prophecies in Isaiah say Egypt will fall?
  111. would you believe someone if they told you that they could see the future?
  112. What does it mean if you hear a song in your dream?
  113. would this dream mean anything?
  114. In North Carolina, can a former employer tell a possible future employer that you
  115. Where can I find scientific relationship studies and predictions?
  116. What does it mean to dream my family getting kidnapped?
  117. Need a good prophecy for Warriors?
  118. Is the band Mystic Prophecy satanic or anti-christian?
  119. dream meaning about a car crash?
  120. dream about my grandma?
  121. Is it possible to tell the future in dreams?
  122. What does it mean to be murdered in my dream?
  123. Would you get in to a time machine and go 500 years into the future and tell the
  124. Fish dream interpretation?
  125. premonitions or gut feeling?
  126. I've received 3 prophecies that indicate I will be a millionaire within the next...
  127. What are your predictions for week 13 in the NFL?
  128. I had a dream that i..cut my wrists?
  129. Can anyone tell me my future? based on Astrology?
  130. Can anyone explain this weird dream I just had?
  131. NBA ALL Star Predictions: When will these players make there 1st All Star Appearance?
  132. What do Pentecostals mean by "self fulfilling prophecy "?
  133. If the messiah came in modern time how would he fufill the prophecies?
  134. Can dreams be a look into you mind?
  135. Your Art Ross predictions thus far?
  136. I had this weird dream that i was beating you. What does this mean?
  137. how do i tell my bf, that my future housemate i use to hook up with?? (in the past)?
  138. NBA Rookie Predictions: Which NBA Rookies Will Start From Day 1?
  139. In Deuteronomy 33:2, Muhammad fulfilled Prophecy. Did you know this?
  140. Is it a coincidence or can humans have premonition?
  141. Ok I had this dream before but now a little different?
  142. Can someone interpreted this dream of mine?
  143. two people dreaming about each other?
  144. my boyfriend told me he can 'see' the future?
  145. Is the Arab Spring and Osama bin Laden part of a bigger prophecy?
  146. What are your predictions for every game in week 13 in the NFL?
  147. christians, do you believe that The Bible "prophecies" and the signs of
  148. Dream Interpretation, coach and drowning?
  149. can de ja vu be used to tell the future?
  150. Weird ass kitty dream?
  151. about dreams why am i getting these?
  152. I had a dream and my boyfriends dead brother was telling me to be patient with
  153. do you believe that horoscopes can really tell who you are and about your future?
  154. do you believe in the prophecies of 2012 by maya culture?
  155. NFL Playoffs Predictions?
  156. how do i stop having my dreams mixed with reality? :(?
  157. Dreams, what does this mean??????!?!?!?
  158. I have had dreams about my ex for almost 2 months straight?
  159. How does God work in the real world through prophecy ?
  160. Can you please tell me if a lady is being dishonest to her partner by
  161. Next Sunday Predictions?
  162. What to say when a future employer asks, "tell me a little about your self"?
  163. anyone see the Mothman Prophecies?
  164. Upcoming 2011-2012 NBA Season predictions and trade ideas?
  165. Who has fullfilled this prophecy the best: Luke 21:8?
  166. What does this dream mean?
  167. Very weird dream... I dreamt of Jesus?
  168. why do christians exist when they learn christ did not fulfill the old...
  169. im in tenth class and interested in sc. stream in whole plzz tell me future scopes...
  170. Poll: Can you tell the future?
  171. deadly premonition life is beautiful piano score?
  172. I have a sex dreams every night about different woman.......but I'm married
  173. In the game Indigo Prophecy/ Fahrenheit, is this a real secret?
  174. I keep having dreams about zombies - can you interpret them for me?
  175. Any dream interpreters out there?
  176. Predictions for this weekend's Serie A fixtures?
  177. Should i buy a new CAR on a loan -considering the 2012 Mayan prediction?
  178. I had a dream that i was raped?
  179. Can dreams tell the future?
  180. whta do i have to do or buy to put a empire prophecy on a invert mini?
  181. What does this nightmare mean?
  182. Is this text in Isaiah a Prophecy - referring to the new name "Christians" -...
  183. My friend dreampt I " got a part in a tv show after auditioning , and Nicholas...
  184. JWs what is your latest doomsday prediction?
  185. Expendables 2 and Bullet to the head box office predictions?
  186. I just had a dream that my "friend" stole the girl of my dreams, what does this mean?
  187. Atheists, explain away these SPECIFIC prophecies from the Bible. Can you?
  188. Should I tell my future employer I have autism?
  189. Can a future employer find out I collect unemployment? Will it tell them I got...
  190. Should I tell my future employer I have autism?
  191. I miss my ex-gf but I had a dream about another girl last night?
  192. Predictions for gold price over next few years?
  193. what does my dream meann?
  194. I had a dream about my Ex & daughter screaming?
  195. Mark my words :Here's my specific NHL prediction?
  196. Can you tell me about my future ? Need advice from an Astrologer.?
  197. Interconnecting dreams with my boyfriend.?
  198. Do you believe this counts as a valid "prophecy"?
  199. Keep having strange dreams?
  200. I dreamed about a snake?
  201. Can somebody give me a website that can tell you what is the current
  202. Can someone tell me if this relationship has any future?
  203. i need my current time prediction can any body give me?
  204. Does the Conservative landslide victory in Spain over a pro-Obama Socialist...
  205. Why does the Bible alone, of all of the world's holy books, contain such
  206. i had a dream that i was trying to run away from my boyfriend because he admitted
  207. Predictions on the Thursday Thanksgiving games. GB at DET. MIA at DAL....
  208. Dreams abt somebody ...?
  209. What has Muslim's God told them what is Man's and the Earth's future to be?
  210. The Mothman Prophecies?
  212. Does the Qur'an contain any prophecies about the future? Have any of these
  213. Weird trippy thoughts at night?
  214. I was married twice before but I wish not to tell my 3 future husband. After I
  215. NFL Playoff seeding predictions?
  216. How to dream more lucidly?
  217. Winter Weather Predictions for Richmond, Virginia?
  218. What does it mean when you dream of the devil?
  219. What page was this prophecy in the Son of Neptune?
  220. What does my dreams mean?
  221. Ever have a weird premonition.?
  222. Could it be that this prophecy concerns the Imams of Islam? All being
  223. i dreamed about white wolves turning black ... and a dog?
  224. I had a dream I killed a baby? Could someone please help me? :(?
  225. can any one tell me my future?
  226. What does this dream mean?
  227. can any one tell me my future?
  228. Does the fact that America is in economic trouble show Biblical prophecy today?
  229. Premonitions?.. helpp.?
  230. Dream Interpretation?
  231. Survivor Series Predictions?
  232. Prophecy: Islam the fulfillment of 2 Corinthians 11:14-15? Proof enough for Atheist?
  233. What are your predictions on how Obama could win?
  235. Shes a woman and so am I.. She asked me if Iiked her and I said in your dreams..?
  236. How can you tell if your future mother in law likes you or not?
  237. Ballon d'or world XI predictions?
  238. I have dreams of the future quite often? And I remember dreams from 10 years ago?
  239. What other religious book besides the Bible tells us where we came from,...
  240. Okay, I need a great prophecy that an oracle would predict for two twin...
  241. Pitch black dreams and I stopped breathing?
  242. Plz tell me my future with my girl friend?
  243. Score Predictions: Swansea City vs Manchester United?
  244. Can someone please help me interpret my dream into a Sigmund Freud interpretation?
  245. POLL: Can you tell me my future?
  246. Does his premonition mean anything?
  247. I was The Dark Knight/Batman in my dream, but what does it mean?
  248. When I dream, I dream without sound.?
  249. Do You Believe in Self-Refilling Prophecies?
  250. Atheist's opinion on the 2012 'prophecy'?