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  1. What are your NFL week 2 predictions?
  2. my empire prophecy is not turning on???
  3. Please answer! I really don't get what any of it means!?
  4. What are your week 2 predictions?
  5. The vampire diaries... prophecy?
  6. I had this weird dream..no rude commets please?
  7. Did you ever have a premonition or had a dream that later came true?
  8. Warrior Cats (by Erin Hunter)- What did you think of Bluestar's Prophecy
  9. Predictions for the world in 50 years???
  10. Auburn vs. West Virginia Predictions!?
  11. Anyone interested in interpreting this for me?
  12. Any Vampire Academy Book 4/ Spirit Bound predictions?
  13. Can anyone interpret my dream?
  14. Steelers at Bears prediction. Both are missing their star defensive player?
  15. is this a weird dream?
  16. Is the prophecy already among us?
  17. Future employer asked for my university transcript,my school marks wasn't...
  18. Queensland OP Prediction Help?
  19. Which prophecy do you consider to be paramount amongst all other
  20. What do Nostradamus' writings speak of after the 2012 premonitions?
  21. Whatis the weirdest thing about your dreams?
  22. what were your ladder predictions for 2009 in the AFL?
  23. weird dream. what does it mean?
  24. What does this dream mean, about a lack of freedom?
  25. Panthers at Atlanta this Sunday, your predictions....?
  26. Ok, so i had this weirdest dream?
  27. What does it mean if you dream about someone in your past?
  28. What are some good sites that give daily predictions of the stock market?
  29. Giant spider webs in dream?
  30. what does seeing a '' police station'' in a dream mean?? plz heellpp!!?
  31. I decapitated myself in my dream?...?
  32. Explanation of Thetis' prophecy in Iliad.?
  33. Is there any solid evidence for the 2012 prophecy.?
  34. theres a magical centipede in my garden he hides in my rosemary bushes and
  35. How can I foresee premonitions regarding my family?
  36. can anybody tell me my good and bad times in future? when I can get a better job?
  37. I had a nightmare about vampires?
  38. How do you get rid of a dream about anime?
  39. My BF just told me he is 95% infertile. What are my chances for the future,...
  40. I need help interpreting a dream?
  41. What did Paul mean by prophecy?
  42. What do these dreams mean?!?
  43. What do you think about this prediction for a possible 2010 double recession?
  44. Please tell me my future?
  45. What do you think about this prediction for a possible 2010 double recession?
  46. My DOB is 06/Nov/1983 India Sagar - Karnataka time: 12:40 PM. Please tell me
  47. God and prophecy....?
  48. DO you think Edgar Cayce prophecies are true ?
  49. What does snakes hatching from eggs mean in a dream?
  50. 2012 prediction true or not?
  51. Fishtank and egg dream in pregnancy? I am currently 15 weeks pregnant.?
  52. tech - good or bad?
  53. What does a reoccurring dream of the apocalypse mean?
  54. My friend had a dream. She thinks its a premonition?
  55. i am having strange dreams about my grandfather who passed.?
  56. weird dream, need help interpretation?
  57. I've dreamed 3 times this same dream, what does it mean?
  58. What does this nightmare mean?
  59. how is my prediction of the 2009 season?
  60. are there any fortune tellers out there that are willing to tell me my future and...
  61. I dreamt the alignments of planets.?
  62. Percy Jackson and The Olympians: What is the prophecy?
  63. your nfl bold predictions?
  64. In the future should I tell my professor how I feel?
  65. In the future should I tell my professor how I feel?
  66. WWE Breaking Point Predictions?
  67. recurring dream and a dark hole?
  68. hey guys need help interpreting my dream?
  69. Rate my WrestleMania 26 Card prediction (1-5 Stars, 5 being the best, 1
  70. Does anybody know of any good online commentaries about fulfilled
  71. can you tell me if this is good and I may have a possible future?
  72. Who has premonition ?
  73. Anyone able to tell someones future or something similar?
  74. I dreamt of a pair of eyes covered over by two black crows (one on each
  75. Why do we only remember some dreams?
  76. yes, I have ANOTHER question. lol Does anyone one here have the gift of prophecy?
  77. weird dreams please help?
  78. What if we all had premonitions of our own death(s)?
  79. What's the difference between prophecy (such as those by prophets in the
  80. burnt by water in a dream...?
  81. early prediction of baby's sex?
  82. Should i buy Raging battle booster 3 pack or ancient prophecy booster 3 pack?
  83. PLEASE interperate this dream for me, PLEASE?
  84. Can i see the feature threw my dreams?
  85. I had this weird dream, any idea what it means?
  86. What do you think of the idea that the Hebrew Bible foreshadows Jesus
  87. dream from passed grandfather?
  88. Do dreams tell the future?
  89. Prediction for the Steelers vs. Titans game tomorrow?
  90. What does this dream mean?
  91. Nostradomus 2012 prediction?
  92. Why do people wake up during dreams?
  93. Prediction: Calling Obama a liar makes bigger news?
  94. does anyone know what my dream means?
  95. what is the difference between the book avalon high and the book avalon high...
  96. is there a good website to see weather predictions for the upcoming winter?
  97. Good Fire E/ME Prophecies build?
  98. my name is abha sharma. my date of birth is 28-03-1990.tell me something about my...
  99. The economy in 2012? Predictions?
  100. Why do people take Mayan 2012 prophecies seriously,when they couldn't even...
  101. how to reverse a self fulfilling prophecy?
  102. Anyone care to interpret my dream?
  103. I just got back from the future celebrating Mexico's win over Honduras...
  104. How and when do I tell a possible future employer I'm preggo?
  105. dream help and assistance?
  106. Do you believe in premonitions ?
  107. premonition about a terrible national or global disaster? the letters J N have
  108. Tell me something about my future...?
  109. what dose it mean when you are the White wolf with crystal blue eyes?
  110. what has building the alter in Israel got to do with bible prophecy?
  111. has anyone seen the movie Premonition?
  112. How and when do I tell a possible future employer I'm pregnant?
  113. did you ever dream this?
  114. WWE Breaking Point News (Predictions,Explainations,more)?
  115. i had a dream that drake was cooking some good chicken naked?
  116. Famous premonitions,..................?
  117. Had a dream i was going to court to determine my excution?
  118. Premonitions. SERIOUS issue happening on the 9th!! HELP?
  119. If the Bible is fake than why has most of its prophecies been fullfilled? (Written...
  120. get rid of bad dreams?
  121. The return of: "If the Bible is fake than why has most of its prophecies
  122. Your Prediction on Jornada 8? (FMS)?
  123. top 10 predictions anyone?
  124. top 10 predictions anyone?
  125. What to do when my future mother in law tells her son that our bridal
  126. I had a dream about dying and coming back as an alien and woke up completely
  127. I had a dream about dying and coming back as an alien and woke up completely
  128. Christians, what prophecy or sign is left to take place prior to the rapture?
  129. Christians, what prophecy or sign is left to take place prior to the rapture?
  130. I Have Wierd Dreams ( Dream People Physics?)?
  131. predictions for ufc fight night 19?
  132. What makes us only remember some dreams?
  133. Reoccurring Violent Dream?
  134. what does it mean when i dream about someone morw than once?
  135. premonitions gone??????????
  136. Are these verses prophecy, Acts 2:27-35; Matt.22:42-44; Heb.1:1-13; is
  137. I had a dream............?
  138. Winter predictions for this winter?? Chicago area, I heard 2009 winter going to...
  139. Dream of wedding but I can't remember my grooms face?
  140. Prophecy for 2012, fact or fiction?
  141. Can anybody tell about future growth for Application engineer for Autodesk and
  142. Have your Big 12 predictions changed after week 1?
  143. What does my dream mean?
  144. Last night i had these short unsatisfying dreams and after each i woke up
  145. What does premonition mean?
  146. could this dream mean anything?
  147. What is the prophecy and science between December 21, 2012?
  148. Had this really disturbing dream 3 times? GRAPHIC?
  149. Dream: Spider involved, help please?
  150. there is no skill under the soul reaping?in prophecies guild wars?
  151. Are my dreams actually telling the future?
  152. Help see mine please dream?
  153. is this a premonition, Please help me?
  154. Can someone please interpret this dream?
  155. Have you ever had like..i don't know a sort of premonition?
  156. What are your final NCAA football predictions?
  157. Is this a premonition or is it cuz i hav a fear of going to my country?
  158. In California is a former employer allowed to tell you they cannot be...
  159. How does history play a part in telling the future?
  160. how is the dreams related to ones life?
  161. Are therse premonitions? Or the future..?
  162. Argentina vs Brazil - Football match live Online? World Cup 2010 Qualifying??
  163. Anyone ever tried the drano gender prediction test?
  164. What do you make of this scientist's apocalyptic prophecy?
  165. prophecies of fatima?
  166. What do my dreams mean? they scare the crap out of me sometimes part 2?
  167. Me and my sister had the same dream ?
  168. YuGiOh! Ancient Prophecy question(easy 10 pts)?
  169. 2010 Predictions - All Categories?
  170. What does it mean to dream of Archangels?
  171. Can you help me find out about predictions for future technology and technology...
  172. Am I experiencing premonitions in my dreams?
  173. The majority of the population in the world are Young people, why are we
  174. Non-believers do you realize the end times prophecies in the bible have and
  175. Did Michaela Garecht have a true premonition before her kidnapping?
  176. Did Trunks prophecy really came true?
  177. Dreams about this guy? HELP!?
  178. Psychics tell my future........?
  179. WEIRD Dream! i dont know?
  180. what do u know bout me?can u tell the future?
  181. Your predictions for week 1 of the regular season for your team!?
  182. NFL standing predictions?
  183. Is the Celestine Prophecy worth the read?
  184. Is the Quran's prophecy about the Jews true?
  185. Premonition of Anna Sophia Robb, or de ja vu?
  186. what do dreams about anger and fighting mean?
  187. what do dreams about anger and fighting mean?
  188. Are there any other films like Donnie darko and the mothman prophecies?
  189. tell me an ABSURD future event?
  190. 2009 NFL predictions?
  191. Bible prophecies that have come true?
  192. Okay how do i know if i have premonition?
  193. namaste pandit ji, 28:05:1983 friday 10pm dehradun..tell me something aboutmy
  194. 2009 NFL predictions?
  195. Is ther anything paranormal about the Fatima Prophecies?
  196. Last night I had a dream that me and my girlfriend were on another planet in space.?
  197. Attention all psychics Please help me! I need a free reading please. tell...
  198. gender prediction test ?
  199. please tell me about my future career and finance?
  200. what does it mean when you have a dream about your dead best friend?
  201. How can I beat Fahrenheit/Indigio Prophecy's L-R sequences?
  202. Are premonition dreams real and could mine come true?
  203. How can I beat Fahrenheit/Indigio Prophecy's L-R sequences?
  204. What does that dream means?
  205. can you interpretate my dream (nightmare)?
  206. can anyone tell me my future , i am so afraid?
  207. Christians and Premonitions?
  208. my dreams ALWAYS tell the future?
  209. 2012 prediction compared to others.?
  210. why do i have such bad dreams?
  211. Can people have premonition dreams?
  212. Can people have premonition dreams?
  213. Can people have premonition dreams?
  214. Need serious input about a logical form of premonition and prediction, please.?
  215. According to watchtower society, what's the latest prediction for when the world...
  216. 2009 - 2010 nfl season predictions?
  217. Real psychics??? can someone tell me my future that's a REAL physic?
  218. Need input about a logical form of premonition and prediction, please.?
  219. What could this dream about this boy mean?
  220. I have dreams that come true, does anyone else?
  221. I have dreams that come true, does anyone else?
  222. A man I never met, had a dream/premonition that I was a two-headed snake.
  223. does anyone else find my dream really weird?
  224. In the prophecies don't say the end as the finish they say the end as we...
  225. Ring prediction test!!?
  226. How should I react to my future husbands family calling and telling his Ex
  227. In what year did Daniel make the prophecy concerning the daily sacrifice?
  228. How can you stop recurring dreams and what do they mean?
  229. SuperBowl Prediction?
  230. If you was told you could go in to the future or in to the past, what...
  231. Is it correct that Jews believe that the messiah never walked earth since...
  232. Atheists: What do you think about fulfilled Bible prophecy. How is that done
  233. Atheists: What do you think about fulfilled Bible prophecy. How is that done
  234. tell me about my future my birthday is Mach 9th 1979 at 12:30 pm at
  235. Have you ever had a premonition in a dream come true?
  236. I had a dream about spiders coming from my finger- help?
  237. Just woke up from a horrible dream?
  238. Prediction Reqd.Born - 17/05/1968,Time -04.15 PM.Place - Chennai.Job or Business or
  239. some1 tell me what i can do ? i'm a philosopher. i can be a great man in future?
  240. is the Prophecy of the Sister by Michelle Zink a series?
  241. Premonitions ? Seeing The Future , Past & Feelings !!?
  242. WWE Summerslam 2009 predictions?
  243. WWE Summerslam 2009 predictions?
  244. Who wants their future to be told?
  245. So... what predictions does intelligent design "science" make?
  246. I had a dream where i was looking at a dead snake and my dad killed...
  247. what are two prophecies in wuthering heights?
  248. Upsetting dream about my little sister, please help!?
  249. Predictions for the following players and teams?
  250. I predict you gonna say you know me