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  1. Why do so many seem to believe in the so called 2012 prophecy?
  2. What does my dream mean?
  3. bad premonition..how would you deaL?
  4. Mnf predictions: The patriots vs. The saints?
  5. What is your recurring dream theme? What does mine mean?
  6. Hey people i would just like to know everyones supurbow predictions?
  7. I got shot in my dream? what it means?
  8. I got shot in my dream? what it means?
  9. If you were to be asked to draw a "Premonition", how would you do it?
  10. Smokey faces in dreams?
  11. Smokey faces in dreams?
  12. Is there any more prophecies expected in future?
  13. The next call of duty prediction ?
  14. What would be somethings that you would tell someone if you read there future.?
  15. i want to do automotive eng and i dont have chemistry so can i do in my...
  16. College Football Predictions/Picks this week?
  17. Commodities price prediction?
  18. Can someone who UNDERSTANDS prophecy please help.?
  19. Was this a dream or a premonition?
  20. Do you ever have premonition dreams?
  21. How do i remember my dreams?
  22. Where can i watch Legend of the Seeker - Prophecy Free Online?
  23. Is there really such a thing as a premonition?
  24. My wrestlemania 26 match card....agree/disagree(1-10) with your predictions?
  25. Can you tell me what my future holds? Serious Answers ONLY Please.?
  26. How did Jesus become the messiah if he did not fulfill the prophecy of world peace?
  27. Dreamt of eating bread?
  28. What is "The Celestine Prophecy" movie all about and is it a true story?
  29. What could this dream mean? Nothing at all? REPOST?
  30. What does this dream mean?
  31. predictions for Texas vs. Texas A&M game please?
  32. What is the Self-Fulling Prophecy in Human Communication ?
  33. Do you belive some people can tell the future?
  34. extremely repetitive dream?
  35. What if the 2012 prediction is real.?
  36. What does her dream mean?
  37. How come it's mostly Christians who believe in the 2012 prophecy?
  38. Can you interpret this dream: of a combat MASH unit rolling giant stones* & throwing
  39. "spirit of glass predictions" is it true?
  40. Can you define this dream? A dead classmate and a party at my house?
  41. WWE TLC predictions.heres mine.whats yours?
  42. where do i find a cheap car of my dreams?
  43. What does this dream mean?
  44. If the 2012 prediction is real?
  45. What does this dream mean?
  46. What does this dream mean?
  47. A dream about snakes,I dreamt that I was cleaning my fish tank when a black
  48. A dream about snakes,I dreamt that I was cleaning my fish tank when a black
  49. Dream interpretation...bells, men in suits?
  50. Predictions For WWE TLC 2009!!!?
  51. Does anybody know what this sentence means? "Annanah hi kattah" or spelled...
  52. Interpret dream please!!!?
  53. Did you think you were going to get to explore Rome in Assassin's Creed
  54. what do you think of these two dreams?
  55. in naruto ccg, what is the pack trick for foretold prophecy?
  56. Premonition Dreams: Two persons with the same premonition dreams... is it...
  57. Anyone ever been 2 a psychic & been told if they will be successful & rich in...
  58. Can premonition come true?
  59. do you have premonitions?
  60. Did those gender prediction tests work for you in determining your baby's gender?
  61. Can someone tell me a thesis statement that adresses the fact that Merlyn from The...
  62. If Jesus the man never existed, why did Luke make up lies to crowbar a...
  63. help creating a prophecy?
  64. Did this dream mean something?
  65. Did this dream mean something?
  66. What should you tell a prospective future employer about why you left your last job?
  67. Deja vu turned into a premonition?
  68. wwe Survivor Series predictions ?
  69. wwe Survivor Series predictions ?
  70. How often would you say you have a peaceful dream?
  71. wwe Survivor Series predictions ?
  72. I'm in-love with a serial killer and it makes me sick.?
  73. What were Nostradamus' predictions that have come true? How many have not?
  74. Can you tell the future from your dreams?
  75. preston v newcastle predictions.....?
  76. Can you tell the future from your dreams?
  77. What kind of premonitions did malcolm X mother have?
  78. I've had this dream twice in one night, can you interpret it for me?
  79. How can you respark "premonition"?
  80. Your last predictions for Survivor Series..?
  81. I had this creepy dream last night. Help?!?
  82. what does it mean that you dream that your house is on fire?
  83. What does it mean if you have dreamed in black and white?
  84. What was my dream about please help?
  85. pl. tell jatakam with chakra and janma kundali chart and pl. give all details...
  86. Warriors-The New Prophecies Books- PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
  87. I just had a dream i killed someone innocent!? what does this mean?!?
  88. dreame ....bedroom sky-blu????his the boyfriend?
  89. i'm not afraight of hight but i get those repeated dreams?
  90. Why Did The Watchtower Make False Prophecies About Armageddon?
  91. Do you believe in premonitions?I see things before they happen.?
  92. Do you believe in premonitions?I see things before they happen.?
  93. WWE Tables, Ladders, Chairs 2009 Predictions?
  94. If u dream that u got shot and facked ur death?
  95. Did I tell the future in my dream?
  96. my daughter had a dream about...?
  97. What can you psychics tell me about my future?
  98. How does it feel to know that all of my important predictions involving the
  99. What do you think I have? Psychic abilities, premonitions or just a coincidence?
  100. What do you think I have? Psychic abilities, premonitions or just a coincidence?
  101. Your prediction for the "LOLiver Marathon"/NEW episode of "Hannah Montana"?
  102. Yankees are up 2-0. Predictions!?
  103. I am a psychic! Want me to tell your future?
  104. dreams about dead family members?
  105. Are there forms of premonition?
  106. Who, what and where...story or prophecy?
  107. what do you think about my dream?
  108. Is there a website where they can tell my future?
  109. Freddie Roach has been spot on his last predictions, what about this one?
  110. help please with this dream?
  111. Tell me about the inventions of this time and how they impacted the future of...
  112. Are these physic dreams, visions, or premonitions?
  113. For sale NOKIA N900 32GB Smartphone --$405
  114. What prophecies in the bible have ever come true?
  115. Premonition, spirit making contact or freaky coincidence?
  116. I'm 18, she's 22. I really want kids in the future, and she's told me she
  117. I'm 18, she's 22. I really want kids in the future, and she's told me she
  118. How do you find a 95% prediction interval of an equation?
  119. How do you find a 95% prediction interval of an equation?
  120. Dream interpretation please!?
  121. What are your predictions for the India vs Australia ODI Series Cricket 2009?
  122. something crazy. Please help me interpret this?
  123. can anybody tell me about future of robotic and mechatronics engineer?
  124. How might economic forecasts become self-fulfilling prophecies?
  125. NFL week 6 predictions....?
  126. For current, veteran or future military member; Do you support the removal of Dont
  127. Any idea what this pregnant dream could mean?
  128. could this be a scientific explanation on premonitions?
  129. What did everybody think of Isaac Newton's prophecy for End Time on the History
  130. can someone tell me any job that have higher demand in the future?
  132. i saw goddess durga last year , this year i saw lord ganesh in my dreams what...
  133. Can somebody tell me my future love life?
  134. Your predictions for the 2009-2010 season.???.?
  135. How can I increase my premonition ability?
  136. Dreams in words, not images?
  137. Christians: how do you refute the islam objection to genesis 37:9 being
  138. i cant solve it....help plz??? an tell me how to do it so i kno for future reference?
  139. what does this mean in a dream?
  140. Best Animated Picture 2010 predictions?
  141. Doomsday predictions?
  142. I had a premonition about the H1N1 flu shot?
  143. what is prophecy what is a covenant?
  144. do you have any funny sleep talking stories?
  145. Atheists do you think premonitions, presentiments and other forms of extrasensory...
  146. your predictions on boston angels series?
  147. Can anyone expound on this ancient Tibetan/Indian prophecy?
  148. Please tell the characteristics, future and life's destiny of person 31-03-1987...
  149. what does this dream mean??.kinda long?
  150. is schizzophrenia actually a demonized version of the gift of prophecy for modern...
  151. Am I psychic? I think I'm having premonitions.?
  152. What does it mean when you dream the same dream after you wake up?
  153. Is Kundli prediction valid always?
  154. Can anyone tell about my future ?
  155. Are the 30 pieces of discarded silver in Zechariah's prophecy the same silver...
  156. Can someone tell me my future within two years and I mean actually..?
  157. Does anyone believe in premonitions?
  158. Florida vs LSU what are your predictions?
  159. What does sexual dreams mean?
  160. Has anyone else noticed that the next election comes just over a month before
  161. If you ask a woman out and she tells you she has a boyfriend, should you
  162. why did this dream bother me so much?
  163. Was it a premonition of a warning?
  164. Was it a premonition of a warning?
  165. Has this prophecy in Daniel ch9v26 came to pass.....?
  166. what are some of your guy's dreams that you have had recently?
  167. can you tell what size of baby you'll have in the future by your period flow?
  168. what could this scary dream mean?
  169. I had a premonition that my nephew would be knocked down and killed,
  170. What are your NFL Predictions?
  171. Was there proof in this prophecy concerning corruption...........Micah 3:9, 11, 12 ?
  172. My bf dreamed i had a koi pond?
  173. What does my dream mean, I'm curious because it was so vivid and I still remember...
  174. bj penn vs diego sanchez predictions?
  175. Did I have a premonition about the tsunami?
  176. I Keep Having Deja Vu In My Dream?
  177. Do you think it's likely that some people would get impatient enough to self...
  178. wierd future telling dreams?
  179. Please tell me what's your understanding of this dream (censored)?
  180. WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions?
  181. Do Roman Catholics Take Seriously The Prophecy Of Saint Malachy Of Only...
  182. 2012? Is it possable, and some weird dreams!!?
  183. Does anyone know what dreams/nightmares mean?
  184. Books & Authors: Are my dreams telling my past or my future?
  185. Have you seen this video? Possibly the greatest baseball prediction EVER?
  186. My friend has been having recurring dreams about a guy?
  187. Can you canel a prophecy?
  188. Do you believe in premonitions?
  189. What about the "doomsday prophecy" of 2012 compels people to ask it in R&S?
  190. I think i had a premonition?
  191. so i had this weird dream?
  192. What are every ones predictions on University of Tennessee's next 4 games?
  193. Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins, Score predictions?
  194. What do dreams of running to people's homes in search for help mean.?
  195. What do dreams of running to people's homes in search for help mean.?
  196. how do i tell her i was planning for our future?
  197. Why don't I Dream? Help please?
  198. Doctor Who 'The Waters of Mars' predictions?
  199. The Bible has fulfilled prophecies?
  200. do I have premonition.?
  201. is the prophecy fulfillment of Jesus crucifixion proof?
  202. What are your current 2010 NBA Playoffs Predictions?
  203. is there a site that can tell me what games are comming out in the distant future?
  204. I keep finding heart shaped objects, rocks, leaves, trinkets, food and more. What
  205. Where can I find information about the prophecies of the Antichrist in the...
  206. If I assasinated someone in the future but told you about it now, can I be arrested?
  207. Dream of Dead bodies hanging from attic ceiling beams?
  208. what are your NRL grand final predictions/ Clive churchill winner?
  209. Why do I dream about my ex?
  210. What are your predictions for Liverpool vs Hull City?
  211. Has anyone pregnant taken a gender prediction test?
  212. one time i had a dream?
  213. about clairvoyance, dreams, and premonitions?
  214. Can some solve the prophecy of the Night World Series by L.J.Smith?
  215. What are your predictions for this weekend's games?
  216. NFL Week 3 predictions?
  217. NFL Week 3 predictions?
  218. Nostradamus prophecy's??
  219. can anyone tell me if I have a future with this woman?
  220. If there's no such thing as premonitions, how do you explain a dream coming true?
  221. This girl is breaking up with me. How do I tell her that she's welcome to come...
  222. Dream about Death of parents and crying?
  223. Brakes aren't working right?
  224. Is my brain lazy or does this actually mean something?
  225. what does runes of magic 'elven prophecy' update go to?
  226. weren't all the predictions that the mayans made came true?
  227. playing deck of card's?cant it tell the future?
  228. NFL Playoffs predictions this year?
  229. Dream about the world ending!?
  230. Are premonitions possible? I had one yesterday and something terrible happened (not
  231. Have you ever had a real premonition?
  232. what if you dream your little brother (13 yrs. old) is kidnapped?
  233. When I woke up, I could see an image from my dream clear as day! Any thoughts?
  234. Dreaming about dead step mother?
  235. lyoto vs shogun predictions?
  236. Use equation to make a prediction for the april mean high temp. at the equator?
  237. Boyfriend tells me that I will be his future wife....?
  238. What does it mean to dream that it's raining fireballs?
  239. when did the first time you really hate the zodiac signs future telling.?
  240. dream interpretation?
  241. is normal to not dream about your future?
  242. Anyone gifted with fortune telling, mind telling me something of my future?
  243. i am writing a book but i am having trouble writing a prophecy.?
  244. What should I tell my husband to do, in order to dodge any future draft?
  245. What is the difference between deja vu and a premonition?
  246. Were there any Predictions on the Earth rotating or anything of the Sort when
  247. Ravi shankar (art of living) & Jesus in my dream?
  248. I have a prediction to make. Do you think this will happen?
  249. empire prophecy loader isnt turning on?
  250. How is this possible? (Dream told the future)?