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  1. Could my recurrent nightmares have been premonitions for the catastrophe in Madeira?
  2. Who's the cat on the cover of Warriors book#2 or the first series, and...
  3. Jesus isn't the Jewish Moshiach (explanations with prophecies to back it up)?
  4. Who's the cat on the cover of Warriors book#2 or the first series, and...
  5. Anyone Ever played Deadly Premonition?
  6. What does it mean to dream I am locking a door from the inside?
  7. What Does This Dream Mean?
  8. What does it mean if In my dreams I don't see faces?
  9. Wrestlemaina 26 Predictions?
  10. USA World Cup 2010 soccer predictions?
  11. How's my WM 26 prediction? what match you think will most likely happen?
  12. This week's Raw and Smackdown Main Event Predictions?
  13. Can anyone not say that the bible has prophecies that has stood the test...
  14. On a scale of 1 to 10, how impressed were you by Paul "Muad'Dib" Atreides
  15. Bible prophecy yet to be fulfilled?
  16. I had a dream about ... Dream Meaning?
  17. Interesting/Unusual Dreams?
  18. Psychic dreams? Information or personal experiences?
  19. I kept on dreaming of my dead dog?? (5 stars for best answer)?
  20. Can somebody translate my dreams, thanks (5 stars for best answer)?
  21. another nightmare, what could it be?
  22. Why do dreams have such a bad reputation?
  23. Why do dreams have such a bad reputation?
  24. engineering labor market predictions?
  25. Do Jews believe in end time prophecy?
  26. Predictions on USA vs. El Salvador?
  27. which prophecies were true from the bible?
  28. What is this movie - set in the future with a machine that can tell if you're...
  29. Wasn't it prophecies that in the ends lots of people would not believe in him and
  30. How do I get my boyfriend to tell me what he sees in our future?
  31. Deadly premonition anyone?
  32. Weird dream I had when I was younger?
  33. I had a dream a few weeks ago. The exact scene replayed in real life.
  34. Can you tell me what my future would be like and what kind of person I am?
  35. My gf friend has what I would call visions or premonitions. Some have came true.
  36. Should i tell my Girlfriend that i really don't want her making future plans of...
  37. I had a dream a few weeks ago. The exact scene replayed in real life.
  38. Predictions for Man City v Liverpool..?
  39. does this dream mean anything? naked on an empty bus at night?
  40. Predictions for Man City v Liverpool..?
  41. Predictions for Man City v Liverpool..?
  42. does the EMPIRE PROPHECY fit on the ETEK 3...?
  43. Tell me about my future ?
  44. John Morrison or Christian who will win Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania 26 any
  45. I have a question about dreams?
  46. what are your predictions for the elimination chamber tonight?
  47. Do you think dreams are actually premonitions or just fictitious events in
  48. someone tell me my future and what may happen to me by my birthchart please...
  49. Who will win the fight if the prophecy of revelation were true?
  50. What does my dreams mean? Who did I see?
  51. What does it mean when a friend dreams about you getting shot and being
  52. Found the Transformers Emblem
  53. The dream that tells my future?
  54. Help with a dream question?
  55. what are some love predictions for geminis this 2010?
  56. Wrestlemania 26 predictions?
  57. what are some love predictions for gemini this 2010?
  58. I often have premonitions that come true?
  59. I often have premonitions that come true?
  60. Can anybody tell me about my future?
  61. do you believe that the detailed motion picture"2012" is the prediction of
  62. Can someone please tell me what this means in my dreams? (Two different...
  63. Is the House of Yahweh in Abilene, TX, spoken of in prophecy? Isaiah 2:1-3?
  64. Dream/Nightmare Interpretation?
  65. What does this dream mean? (Its really weird.)?
  66. Your Royal Rumble Predictions?
  67. Your Royal Rumble Predictions?
  68. How do we tell our future roomate (friend and teamate) that we don't
  69. My friend and I had the same dream/nightmare...what does it mean?
  70. Extremely violent dreams?
  71. Your WM 26 Predictions?
  72. i keep dreaming my dead grandmother. what can it mean? PLZ HELP?
  73. Do you really believe in the 2010 prophecy?
  74. I had a dream that i got pregnant with my ex?? please help?
  75. Biblical prophecies that came to pass in the 20th century?
  76. tarot card predictions..........?
  77. do you think these would be good possible tag teams in the future + tell me
  78. Despite predictions of science & education ending religious beliefs, why
  79. How do we tell our future roomate (friend and teamate) that we don't
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  81. what actually goes on in the movie premonition?
  82. UK: It's often said that bad things happen in 'threes' - predictions please
  83. Saints at Panthers: predictions?
  84. How can you tell if a prophecy from someone is real?....?
  85. What does my dream mean ?
  86. hi friends i hav finished my Be,not placed yet....my friends told me to
  87. hi friends i hav finished my Be,not placed yet....my friends told me to
  88. Poll: Psychic told me future... How do I handle it?
  89. was this dream my mom had a premonition (miracle?)?
  90. Indigo Prophecy - Does anyone know how I can install the 1.1 patch?
  91. how to know if u have Premonition ?
  92. Marriage Prediction: Will I ever get married and when?
  93. I had a weird dream last night?
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  95. Do you know any baby Gender prediction myths?
  96. Will I ever go to sleep?
  97. I had a dream about my deceased dog and........?
  98. Superbowl predictions?
  99. What is a good dream interpreter online?
  100. Steelers vs Dolphins Predictions?
  101. What does this dream actually mean?
  102. Christianity and 2012 prophecy?
  103. how can they be prophecy's of jesus's coming.... if they were written in 50 A.D.?
  104. rashad vrs silva predictions?
  105. Earliest recorded doomsday prediction?
  106. Does this mean anything?
  107. i cant dream or cant remember my dreams?
  108. Prophecy behind 2012?
  109. Can someone tell me if this is a glitch in the Ecco Defender of the Future PS2 game?
  110. Is it possible my dreams are preventing me from waking up?
  111. Aren't weathermen/girls predicting the future and giving prophecies?
  112. Naruto question and predictions?
  113. Can anyone tell me how to get Visa Letter from Futures College London without
  114. What does it mean to have a dream about a ghost that looks like you ?
  115. why do i dream this girl so much?
  116. Can Someone Please Tell Me My Future Please :D?
  117. Deuteronomy 18. If a prophet dies, you need not fear him or his prophecy....
  118. Why do I keep going to school in my dreams?
  119. stanley cup predictions?
  120. If a prophet = servant = know not, what does that say about prophecies of a
  121. im from the future I have to tell everyone something!!@#@!?
  122. Keep having strange dreams of UFOS and aliens?
  123. Guni Goel, DOB: 07/11/2008@12:07 PM, Patpar Gunj, Delhi --> Career Predictions?
  124. AFC Wildcard Predictions? Who Will Take The Two Spots?
  125. dream about a dead relative?
  126. Finding good bows or necro staffs?on Guild Wars Prophecies?
  127. Hello Dear Jai mata di,to get predictions and remedies for disturbances and hurdles
  128. Why Arent I Having Any Dreams?
  129. Why Arent I Having Any Dreams?
  130. I had a dream about other people having sex?!?
  131. How can I make my dreams more cool / interesting?
  132. what should i do im sorta scared?
  133. 10 PTS for closest prediction...Who will win tomorrow's game? Titans or Chargers?
  134. NBA Christmas game predictions?
  135. St.Malachy Pope Prophecy question...?
  136. Everybody! I have a new end of the world prophecy!!!?
  137. Are Christians aware of the sign of Jonah as Prophecies by Jesus?
  138. how do i transfer from prophecies to nightfall?
  139. Why does propheSy edify-->exhort-->to comfort only, but propheCy fears with
  140. So now that the bill on healthcare has passed, what will be the next
  141. Weird/Strange/Disturbing Dream... What?
  142. Weird/Strange/Disturbing Dream... What?
  143. Horrible dreams or possible premonitions?
  144. Re; dreams n premonitions -- ok sometimes i have dreams about people i know, n...
  145. My 2010 nba draft predictions?
  146. My 2010 nba draft predictions?
  147. Ramadan - When they ask you if Muhammed SAW ever has prophecies, what do
  148. my mom keeps having this bad dream! Help please!?
  149. Dream Interpretation please?
  150. What is the best site for exchange rate predictions?
  151. Need help interpreting this dream please?
  152. Where can you get a legitimate couple prediction by a *qualified* psychic?
  153. Do prophecies tend to become self-fulfilling?
  154. Does Anyone Know When Will The PC Game Black Prophecy Will Come Out?
  155. What does pony's premonition about the rumble means?
  156. Is it possible for dreams to tell the future?
  157. World Cup Games (the 3 games of Mexico Prediction?)?
  158. What do you do if I have dreams that are more along the lines of
  159. Can someone help interpret my dream.?
  160. No blanket = dream????????????????
  161. I see my friend's decapitated head in my drawer in a dream!?
  162. Is it true that milk really does make you have dreams?
  163. Do premonition dream images manifest in the awake state in opposite mirror images?
  164. poetry - the foreboding or premonition(name) tryna find a poem?
  165. Those of you in Islam, Have you noticed the Mahdi's prophecies parallel those of the
  166. Why dont I dream about my boyfriend?
  167. new super bowl predictions?
  168. i have been having weird dreams etc... and feelings?
  169. i have been having weird dreams etc... and feelings?
  170. Week 16: Predictions for NFL?
  171. I had a dream about my ex boyfriend that was murdered. Is he trying to tell me...
  172. i had this dream? what does it mean, if anything?
  173. Who will will win Monday night, Redskins or Giants? score prediction?
  174. have i been having premonitions?
  175. how do I control premonitions?
  176. How do you go about telling someone that you're from the future?
  177. How can I sleep at nights ?
  178. Christians, how do i understand and learn about the "gift of prophecy"?
  179. Has anyone else ever had weird vibes/premonitions about things ?
  180. What biblical prophecies have actually happened conclusively?
  181. I keep having these reaccuring dreams?? duno what they mean?
  182. If World Government is a prediction from the Bible why are so many Christians...
  183. why is nostradamus prediction?
  184. OK... I know this sounds a little creepy, but have you ever heard of......?
  185. dream interpretation help?
  186. how can a person get dreams in which they can see the future?
  187. being shot in a dream?
  188. can dreams turn real?
  189. odd dream/nightmare help interpretation.?
  190. Ever felt the sensation of a dream upon waking?
  191. Christians, you say that some bible prophecies have already
  192. Atheists: Here's a few fulfilled prophecies of the Bible I think you should look at.?
  193. Nikita Khrushchev once told the U.S. "We will bury you". Was he referring to a
  194. WWE Draft 2010 Predictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  195. my dream about a marble stuck in my ear! gross help!!!?
  196. my dream about a marble stuck in my ear! gross help!!!?
  197. How do you tell if a dream of the possible future will come true?
  198. What could this possibly represent?
  199. i dont understand my dream?
  200. what is the meaning of my dreams?
  201. i had a dream of kittens bitting my right hand. what does it mean?
  202. How do you get over truly terrifying dreams?
  203. this might sound really wierd... its about my dream?
  204. What if the 2012 doomsday scare becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.?
  205. GIRLS ONLY! NO BOYS! Help please?! With my dreams?! Can anyone please help...
  206. D.O.B. 5/13/1996 Time:6:35... Could you tell me plans for Future such as...
  207. I cant find a techno band by the name of Prophecy?
  208. ????????super-bowl predictions????????????????????
  209. Is it true that Palm reading tells the future?
  210. my wrestlemania predictions?
  211. Dreaming of being chased by a growling wolf?
  212. i saw my dead partner in my dream last night and it felt so real.......?
  213. Plz tell me abt my future ,and change due to guru coming in khumbh?
  214. Relating all the rumors, is this a good Wrestlemania 26 prediction card (inside)?
  215. How can you control your dreams?
  216. how can i stop a recurring dreams about the death of my brother?
  217. There is an old troubador prophecy that "the laurel will bloom again in 700 years".
  218. Does Bible prophecy predict that there will be a World War 3 (III, three)
  219. Tell me Honestly how many of you had Helped Stray Dogs in your Life or Planning to...
  220. What are your predictions for the Minnesota Twins in 2010 so far?
  221. What are your predictions for the Minnesota Twins in 2010 so far?
  222. End of the world dreams, Bad? I'm 16 btw?
  223. My DOB 20-oct-1987, TOB 04:40am & POB is Meerut. pls, tell about my...
  224. Dexter season 5? What are your predictions?
  225. My boyfriend keeps having dreams in which he is fighting the devil. What...
  226. every bible prophecy has come true and the bible has explained the last 2000...
  227. Can someone please tell me what these two dreams mean. They are very short in
  228. Chargers vs Bengals! Predictions?
  229. Continuous story-like dream?
  230. Do you believe premonitions still exist?
  231. what results gives when mars in 1st house in capricorn ascent. my analyse my
  232. Wrestlemania 26 Predictions? Predict Winners and Rate?
  233. I keep having a feeling that something is going to happen to me when I go
  234. I think I have the spiritual gift of prophecy but I'm not sure how to use it...
  235. Did the prophecy of Hollywood & Rome came true: Jesus is a white guy with...
  236. I just had the weirdest dream. Really unsure of what it means?
  237. Recurring Dream........... ?
  238. I had a dream involving Yvonne de Carlo. Interpretation help?
  239. A dream of Pink centipedes?
  240. premonition dreams flash backs im confused?
  241. Prophet Muhammed Prophecies?
  242. week 15 nfl football predictions?
  243. College bowl predictions?
  244. I saw a black 'figure' almost shadow at the end of my bed?
  245. did i have a dream of my past life???
  246. anyone can tell me something interesting about my future? HELP PLZ?
  247. Can Lil' Wayne tell the future?
  248. Can Lil' Wayne tell the future?
  249. Prophecy: U.s. Economy?
  250. why dose the bible lie about full filling its prophecies.?