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  1. If your child(or future child) told you they were gay, how would you react?
  2. WWE Extreme Rules (Predictions): Rate Card and Give Opinions?
  3. What does my strange nightmare mean?
  4. What fulfilled prophecy has been told by God or the bible?
  5. Horrible dream interpretation?
  6. Need help with the meaning of my dreams?
  7. My friend told me that she heard in news i don't know where of a future...
  8. Is it true when you dream about someone they are thinking about you?
  9. Have you ever had a premonition?
  10. Christians, if your child(or future child) told you they were an atheist, how...
  11. which is the best astrology site in India in terms of prediction quality?
  12. Who will win the stanley cup 09/10? your predictions?
  13. Is there any prophecy told by the bible or God that is not vague or can be
  14. what is a self-fulfilling prophecy?
  15. on the game deadly premonition?
  16. The Rapture (Biblical Prophecy)?
  17. Strange dream... Fall asleep thinking about one guy and keep on dreaming...
  18. What do you think of this premonition dream?
  19. I was wandering if any of you theists had the gift of insight / intuition / prophecy?
  20. what is your prediction of the world series this year?
  21. Premonition help -sensing plane crashes-Is it normal?
  22. What are your world cup 2010 predictions?
  23. Any theists with the gift of intuition, prophecy, or insight?
  24. Do you believe in psychic visions or premonitions?
  25. What is your predictions for 2010 Playoffs ? Eastern Conference only!?
  26. What is your predictions for 2010 Playoffs ? Eastern Conference only!?
  27. Do you know any true, without a doubt psychics that can tell the future? Sorry for
  28. Is there any way of knowing whether you are having a dream or premonition?
  29. Can dreams tell the future?
  30. So I've been dreaming about this mysterious man... [EXTREMELY LONG]?
  31. Has anyone else played Indigo Prophecy?
  32. Predictions for the 2010 MLB season?
  33. Wonderful dream about holiday at water park and perfect fruit?
  34. Is believing in prayer to God to show me my future through my dreams...
  35. Interesting dream about my cousins and aunt?
  36. tell mi my future plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
  37. Is there a reason why I've had several dreams about the same person?
  38. Will the building of The Third Temple in Jerusalem trigger End Time Prophecy?
  39. What does this dream mean?
  40. Horoscope Please tell me About my Future(SERIOUSLY)?
  41. Continuous dream abt giving birth to a baby boy?
  42. So i had a picture in my head telling the future ?!?!?
  43. If your dreams are premonitions, do you try to make sure they come true?
  44. need dream interpation immedeaty?
  45. AFL: Three-Predictions contest Round 2?
  46. OMG, What if Bible End Time Prophecy is coming true?
  47. OMG, What if Bible End Time Prophecy is coming true?
  48. I just woke up from a very bizarre dream. Does it have any meaning whatsoever lol?
  49. Interpret this dream?
  50. my recurring elevator dreams?
  51. why don't i ever dream about my son?
  52. Does the 2012 End of the world prophecy have any religious predictions?
  53. Nadal vs. Roddick predictions?
  54. always have dreams about the guy who likes me?
  55. What are your predictions for your team this year, and what do you think their
  56. What procedures are taken out on a buccal swab to extract the DNA profile ?
  57. Had a horrible dream. Totally random and I woke up feeling miserable,
  58. What can I do about her nightmares?
  59. Do you agree with this prediction for the Bravesí pitching?
  60. Is the Bible End Time Prophecy coming true?
  61. I need advice for dream interpretations.?
  62. Premonition - Man made cross buried in premises?
  63. predictions for shawn to go to tna?
  64. What does religion tell you about our future?
  65. I had a dream that the guy I like was gay?
  66. what does dreaming about pick and mix/sweets mean?
  67. What does my dream mean?
  68. Was this a dream? Should I be concerned?
  69. if there is no God then why are the bible predictions came to past?
  70. Dreaming about this guy?!?
  71. Has anyone truly experienced a premonition?
  72. Bible End Time Prophecy is coming true every day it seems?
  73. My brother is having a bad dream but thinks it is real? Please help.?
  74. Premonition of death?
  75. tell me my future through astrology?
  76. What is your desktop os prediction for 2010 - 2013?
  77. I married this guy in my dream?
  78. What if the book of revelations changed and it's prophecy?
  79. Please tell me what this dream can mean;I have been having this dream for...
  80. strange dream.....red wind?
  81. Prediction..................................?
  82. Do some people really have visions or premonitions of the future?
  83. dream about being pregnant?
  84. What is the name of the middle eastern man who wants to fufill the mayan prophecy
  85. a reoccurring person in dreams?
  86. is it odd that i dreamed a killer was after me and now we are going to the
  87. what page number is the prophecy in the lightning theif?
  88. "Early" predictions will Gary Ablett leave Geelong?
  89. Paranormal? Have you had a premonition?
  90. My brother got upset because I told him I knew that his son would end up
  91. Does it mean anytihng in particular if we always see someone we know...
  92. Why does Isaiah say in the Bible in his predictions of the Messiah like it already
  93. dream of fighting with sword for someone means wht i really need help it have...
  94. I dreamt I was instant messaging and couldnt type right what does it mean?
  95. Predictions made before 1980 Mt St Helens eruption?
  96. What does this dream mean ? im so confused btw my real name isn't Kayla lol ,...
  97. Atheists, how do you explain bible prophecies that are happening today?
  98. Dreams (premonitions) become true but backwards?
  99. I've been having this weird dream...?
  100. Do you believe in the predictions made for the date 21st of December 2012?
  101. what could be a dream with a baby?
  102. In the 5th Harry Potter Book (Canadian version) what page is the prophecy on?
  103. Wuttup with my dreams?
  104. dreams about killing werewolves what does it mean?
  105. Night Terrors and dream interpretation?
  106. strong de ja vu in the city past life? premonition dreams?
  107. Guys, I know its a little early but whats your predictions for The champs vs...
  108. What can I tell future employers?
  109. What does the covenant of Abraham have to do with Jesus' prophecy?
  110. Will the movie V for Vendetta end up being a prophecy?
  111. In Oedipus the king, when the oracles prediction comes true does this make...
  112. Tell me my Future Plz?
  113. What are dreams meanings?
  114. Do you think psychics tell some truth about your past,present and future life?
  115. What do you think of these crazy upsetting psychic predictions?
  116. OMG...Now that historic Health Care Bill will be passed against predictions
  117. Can someone help me create a prophecy?
  118. FACE READING: What can you tell about this person and her future based on just
  119. Sometimes i see things in the future, but i can't tell when i see them.This
  120. Predictions for matches of Wrestlemania 26 ?
  121. New World Order and Bible End Time Prophecy?
  122. i had a dream that needs desperate interpretation?
  123. i dreamt i locked my dog in the sunroom?
  124. Why did my friend have animal ears in my dream?
  125. After looking at the track record do you trust conservative predictions?
  126. What does it mean to dream of locking my dog in a room?
  127. Was this a premonition?
  128. Interpret My Dream Please?
  129. This is so weird......?
  130. Where it comes from the Mayan prophecies? and what did mayas say about the last days?
  131. Could please someone look at my chart and tell me what will be my future
  132. Face reading, anyone? What can you tell about me and my future based on this picture?
  133. where it comes from the Mayan prophecies?
  134. Any ones ultrasound gender prediction wrong?
  135. World Cup Printable Bracket to Make Predictions?
  136. I had a weird dream just now, I dreamed about becoming friend's with one of my
  137. i had a dream i ate rocks?
  138. Do you believe that I could predict the future in my dreams?
  139. Dreams that make you emotional?
  140. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction for xbox 360?will it be a better
  141. If a fortune-teller told you that your future husband/wife's name is this.......?
  142. If a fortune-teller told you that your future husband/wife's name is this.......?
  143. Does anyone have the occasional dream that they are walking the streets in the nuddy?
  144. Do you believe people can have premonitions?
  145. I had this dream last night that made me cry?
  146. how is heavy rain compared to indigo prophecy?
  147. WrestleMania 26 Predictions?
  148. what is the fourth book in the quantam prophecy?
  149. My 13 year old daughter is having recurring dreams of a child running in a forest
  150. 2012 Prediction Question?
  151. Can you give prophecies about Jesus life (not birth or death) in the O.T.?
  152. dreams about dead gray cats?
  153. anyone else suffer from lucid dreams if they go to bed before 4-5 am?
  154. Please watch my video and tell me what you think and how I can improve in future?
  155. march madness Kansas vs. Duke score predictions?
  156. Fellow atheists, what is your take on prophecies?
  157. What does it mean to dream of elevating a couch?
  158. Atheists..If Bible Prophecy was rightly predicting the future?
  159. Christians: Do you ever listen to Hal Lindsey's predictions about the unfolding
  160. something just cant be interpretted?
  161. comment on my world cup predictions...?
  162. should i tell my future employer I have another job offer after they have already
  163. anyone have a fear of going 2 bed at or before 3AM?
  164. has anyone used the chinese prediction calander?
  165. What does it mean when you dream about somebody you dont like?
  166. Wrestlemania 26 Predictions?
  167. A rabbit punched me in the face?
  168. Extreamly vivid dreams "day-sha-voo" later in life?
  169. Lo and behold, the fifth prophecy, how widda who a dudesun52 now why is
  170. Has anyone here played Deadly Premonition (or is playing it) on the 360?
  171. What does this dream mean?
  172. General Future Predictions required.?
  173. labeling people causing self fulling prophecy?
  174. labeling people causing self fulling prophecy?
  175. premonition/psychic dreams why do they happen?
  176. should i tell my future wife about my past relations?what if i ask her past,will
  177. Predictions for Wrestlemania 26.?
  178. Any one know the hopi lyric in philip glass prophecy?
  179. Can Lil Wayne tell the future?
  180. Can a barber tell if you gonna start going bald in the future just by the way
  181. WrestleMania 26 Prediction?
  182. What is a person who has premonitions called?
  183. I dreamt I was putting really extravagant mascara onto a male friend of mine?
  184. What does this dream mean?
  185. What is the name of a movie similar to premonition?
  186. Where can I read Prophecy of the Bane online for free?
  187. Dream interpretation help?
  188. Odd dreams that seem to have a message?
  189. i had this dream in my sleep, i saw a mentally ill naked lady wandering in the city
  190. What does it mean to dream of static noise?
  191. Man u vs fulham predictions?
  192. Man u vs fulham predictions?
  193. Man u vs fulham predictions?
  194. Dreaming the famous but dead celebrities........?
  195. Preseason Predictions:?
  196. Cavs vd celtics predictions?
  197. Cavs vd celtics predictions?
  198. An old man told me about my past and predicted my future?
  199. poet material? tell me if you think i have a future?
  200. Where in the Jewish prophecies does it say.....?
  201. Is there somewhere I can legally download the song Pruit Igoe and Prophecies by the
  202. Dreams oh dreams....?
  203. What biblical references can i use to dispel Harold Campings claim of May 21,
  204. I have dreams of being tickled and I can't fight back. Especially in the
  205. Do you get premonitions and do they ever come true?
  206. What happpens in the game deadly premonition for 360? Please answer?
  207. What happpens in the game deadly premonition for 360?
  208. What could my dream mean?
  209. Help! Cant stand the screams in my ear while sleeping!?
  210. Help! Cant stand the screams in my ear while sleeping!?
  211. Help! Cant stand the screams in my ear while sleeping!?
  212. Dunfermline v Queen of the South score today-what is your prediction?
  213. Wrestlemania 26 predictions.?
  214. ESP LTD EC-1000 VB vs. Epiphone Les Paul Custom Prophecy EX?
  215. Paclottey fight prediction time. Whoevers right get best answer, i promise. If...
  216. ex told me he liked me still and wanted to get back together in the future, but
  217. Has anyone ever heard of the St Malachy prophecy?
  218. what could my dream mean?
  219. I had a dream that I walked over water.?
  220. Does scientific knowledge of the cause of earthquakes disprove Jesus'...
  221. Dream of terrible explosion? Future warning?
  222. Does this mean anything?
  223. Can someone translate my dream?
  224. What does my dream about marriage proposals mean?
  225. Why am I having dreams that me and Mila Kunis are doing it?
  226. WWE Extreme Rules 2010 Predictions?
  227. Presidential candidate predictions?
  228. Dreamed that I died? Felt so real?
  229. Extreme Rules Predictions...Please Rate overall card?
  230. Poll : Premonition or Supposition ?
  231. Since I have been told I'm cancer free, don't you think I should still
  232. Christians- Are you aware of this end prophecy ? I would say that it is a Miracle!?
  233. When Israel is attacked, what happens next in relation to the last days prophecy?
  234. what is the meaning of this dream?
  235. what is the meaning of this dream?
  236. what is the meaning of this dream?
  237. What does this really wierd dream mean?
  238. What do you think of my dream..?
  239. What are you prediction on the remaining CL fixtures ?
  240. Anybody have any E3 2010 predictions for Nintendo?
  241. Dreams of getting hurt ?
  242. Dreams of getting hurt ?
  243. Dreams of getting hurt ?
  244. Extreme Rules Predictions...Please Rate overall card?
  245. I'm sick of Christians telling me my future is to be flame broiled on a BBQ...
  246. Dream interpretations??Please, help...gotta know what my dreams mean..?
  247. who can tell the future?
  248. i have premonitions that have/are coming true?
  249. Atheists...How could these Bible prophecies come to past?
  250. Is it true that the special relationship between Britain and America is in