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  1. keep having this dream?
  2. gender predictions need help with this?
  3. Lakers Celtics 2010 Finals predictions?
  4. i want to do mba 3 year program in correspondence can someone plz tell me...
  5. Do you think premonitions are possible/real?
  6. roland garros 2010 predictions? mens?
  7. I keep having dreams my boyfriend is cheating on me....?
  8. Can someone tell me whats going on WITH* my dreams?
  9. I need help with this dream.?
  10. Lakers Vs Celtics an easy matchup & prediction?
  11. Christians, what do you think of these biblical prophecies?
  12. I dreamed 2 of my best friends died. And they actually did about 5 months later.
  13. Tell me you think about the Future of Kota Ibushi?
  14. Do dreams really tell you about the future?
  15. I as able to tell the future for a week?
  16. DO U BELIEVE in nostradamus predictions....?
  17. Does prophecies actually prove the bible is from god?
  18. Disasters dream......?
  19. I Was Bitten By a Spider in My Dream?
  20. I had a dream that I went on a trip with my crush?
  21. I recently got a misdemeanor. Do I have to tell my future employer what happened?
  22. Lesnar vs Carwin predictions?
  23. i want to join a cricket academy in goa for making my future.tell me where
  24. I had the freakiest dream....about women getting abused?
  25. Religious poll: What do you think about the 5 independent 2012 prophecies?
  26. Do Dreams Tell You Your Future?
  27. Did you know dreams are nothing special?
  28. Poll: What do you think about the 5 independent 2012 prophecies?
  29. dream meanings to dream of a snake?
  30. ADULTS ONLY *Can some help me with my dream*?
  31. How can you tell if a futures market is in contango or backwardation?
  32. is it normal to be able to think in your dreams and can you pass out?
  33. Do you think that the BP oil spill will be the cause of the 2012 prophecy to come...
  34. My Summer Transfer prediction?
  35. I dreamed 2 of my best friends died. And they actually did about 5 months...
  36. I am nearly 15.. and I have these dreams?
  37. Do you have lucid dreams? What do you do in them?
  38. What was Martin Luther King's prophecy?
  39. do u have to tell ur future husband how much u make?
  40. do u have to tell ur future husband how much u make?
  41. dead lover, sarcastic family dream?
  42. What does it mean if he dreams about me?
  43. What does it mean if he dreams about me?
  44. My friend always have these weird dreams and I think she's just making them up?
  45. self fulfilling prophecy example in a book?
  46. Isaiah 53 tells the future of the man to come, is there any expert on this.?
  47. Do you think a healthy Celtics team will beat the Lakers? What is your
  48. The meaning of this dream?
  49. what could this dream mean?
  50. Need help defining this odd dream i had?
  51. What does a dream about glass mean?
  52. What are your predictions for the USA 30 years from now?
  53. How many "Jehovah" prophecies are fulfilled by Jesus?
  54. What does my dream mean?
  55. Tell me about my past & future?
  56. NBA predictions on Celtics-Magic game tomorrow?
  57. Dreams of pregnancy and giving birth?
  58. What does my dream mean?
  59. What does this dream about this girl that is in college mean?
  60. Had a dream I was a sex addict; what does it mean?!?
  61. Do you believe the prophecies for 2012?
  62. My dreams..? I hope someone would believe me..?
  63. ok help me please with a dream?
  64. What does this dream mean?
  65. What does a little girl in my dreams and other's dreams mean?
  66. Why do so many people ignore the Mayan Prophecy of 2012?
  67. Sacrifice Predictions?
  68. Christians, what do you think of this video on end time prophecy?
  69. Despite some predictions showing it to be a bad year for Democrats...?
  70. what could you tell me about my future?
  71. what could you tell me about my future?
  72. Can anyone help me with this dream i've just had?
  73. What does a dream about an old abandoned house and some random people mean ?
  74. What Can A Previous Employer Tell A Possible Future Employer Regarding Your
  75. What is the Bible Code? End Time Prophecies?
  76. Message To All NBA FANS DO NOT ANSWER JAMICIAN MAN QUESTION 99 percent of...
  77. What does my dream mean (short description)?
  78. can some one help me in these dreams?
  79. can some one help me in these dreams?
  80. I've been having this weird dream about what I call "The Light"?
  81. Confusing Reoccurring Dream?
  82. DO you believe in self for filling prophecies. Relationship Help?
  83. Do you think premonitions are possible/real?
  84. Nba free agency predictions !!!!!!!!!!?
  85. Would you be surprised if in the near future they tell you that an Iranian is one...
  86. Why do I keep dreaming about my bf a lot?
  87. What does it mean when someone you like appears in your dreams?
  88. Am I having premonitions ?
  89. Before my mom died, this lady gave her a prophecy that said she will have 4
  90. If I get married in about 5 years from now, should i tell my future wife then...
  91. Why did I dream about my stepsister and my mom?
  92. superstition question regarding birds!!?
  93. my predictions through NBA finals. whats yours?
  94. Are reoccuring sexual dreams about a friend a reflection on what a person really...
  95. What can you tell about my future?
  96. Was there anything in the prophecies that stated the Messiah had to be a guy?
  97. Dream Interpritation - Sitting in a field in the rain!?
  98. Is this dream a premonition?
  99. Weird dream / premonition!!!!?
  100. Any predictions of the oil spill?
  101. help!girl stabbing my heart in my dream,balloons...?
  102. What is the contrast between Macbeth and Banquo after hearing the witches prophecies?
  103. what does these dreams mean?
  104. I dreamt about 4 giant elders, what does it mean?
  105. I have premonitions/see the future..please someone tell me I haven't lost my mind!?
  106. Baby prediction...when will he enter the world?
  107. Predictions..............?
  108. Is this dream a premonition?
  109. do adventists of seventh day are christians and follow the prophecies of Ellen G....
  110. what does it mean when you die in your dreams?
  111. ap biology 2010 frq prediction?
  112. WWE Over the Limit Predictions?
  113. How to stop premonitions from becoming true?
  114. ive had dreams involving people before they passed away. ive experienced it with my
  115. ive had dreams involving people before they passed away. ive experienced it with my
  116. Is there someone who's able to tell me the future of my relashionship
  117. Atheists, what do you make of the Euphrates river prophecy?
  118. How can i remember my dreams?
  119. Indigo Prophecy/The Fugitive mission help?
  120. WWE 2010 Predictions (For the rest of 2010 anyways)?
  121. Last premier league gameweek predictions?
  122. DREAM od COPS, what could it mean?
  123. Indigo Prophecy help?
  124. Weird dream about justin bieber?
  125. What is the lesson/point of the movie Premonition with Sandra Bullock?
  126. what does my dream mean?
  127. umm... am i a person who can who can tell the future?
  128. AP Psychology 2010 Essay Predictions?
  129. This is My late NBA playoffs prediction?
  130. Indigo Prophecy or Fight Night Round 3?
  131. When you tell your future grankids stories of the past obesity epidemic in...
  132. i often have some vivid interesting dreams. but there is one that stands out alot.?
  133. Future prediction messing up the present :(?
  134. Do you have a premonition the occultic world are trying to project their own Jesus?
  135. what did this dream mean?
  136. Nostradamus the Last Prophecy.?
  137. How does this college football prediction look?
  138. I had a dream that my mum shot me. What does this mean?
  139. I had a dream that my mum shot me. What does this mean?
  140. Whats your prediction for the UK General Election?
  141. Really weird dream 10 points going?
  142. Is this a true prophecy?
  143. Doesnt It Seem Like The END TIMES PROPHECY Is Here ?
  144. Does anyone know how to find out weather predictions for July?
  145. Two recurring dream themes?
  146. NBA Playoff predictions?
  147. I had a wierd sleep paralysis?
  148. Does anyone know of psychic earthquake predictions?
  149. What this dream possibly means?
  150. What does this dream mean about my ex?
  151. What does it mean when someone tells you your future in your dream.?
  152. How do I remove prediction in text messeges?
  153. HELP ! why do i always dream of water? big waves, tsunami :[?
  154. Can anybody possibly tell me my future? My date of birth is 11th October 1991?
  155. Am I gay, bi or straight? Is this a self fulfilling prophecy?
  156. Waiting on the rapture? Want to know true prophecy? part 1?
  157. What does this dream mean?
  158. 20 years before WW2 is this the earliest Jewish prediction of 6,000,000
  159. very disturbing reoccurring dreams. what do they mean?
  160. Does this dream mean anything?
  161. What does this dream mean? 10 points best answer!?
  162. can anyone help tell me what my dreams mean and make sense of them please?
  163. can anyone help tell me what my dreams mean and make sense of them please?
  164. Waht are the predictions for Citigroup share price for next 6 months?
  165. Using Playing cards for telling future ? What is behind tis all ?
  166. Black Widow Dream interpretation?
  167. Re; The Movie Premonition (2007)?
  168. End of the world dreams.?
  169. Using Playing cards for telling future ? What is behind this all ?
  170. what prophecies does Daniel make, when he refers to: the four beasts and
  171. How do you feel about Nostradamus' prophecies and the world ending in 2012?
  172. dream interpretation?
  173. what does walking mean in dreams?
  174. I had a weird dream regarding obsidian and my teeth?
  175. What do these dreams mean?
  176. What do these dreams mean?
  177. Here are my Predictions for the upcoming NFL season. let me know what you think?
  178. dreams.............???????
  179. Can dreams mean anything?
  180. Is the Book of Revelations a premonition of an interplanetary war between...
  181. A dream that seemed like a premonition about doomsday?
  182. predictions for tomorrow's games?
  183. I had a dream and I would like some interpretation?
  184. Can you give me a prediction of what would come next?
  185. The rivalry is gonna grow even deeper starting Monday. Predictions for Suns-Spurs...
  186. Fahrenheit / Indigo prophecy PC game help needed please !?
  187. How come fundies try and push off the lie that "All of the prophecies in
  188. As an future Addiction Counsellor I was told that...?
  189. Dream Interpretation Please?
  190. when you dream about a person, that person went to sleep thinking of you?
  191. t20 world cup 2010 super 8 predictions?
  192. 2010 NFL season Division Champs and Conference Champs and Super Bowl XLV Champs
  193. The Prediction of Islam, in Hinduism ? info,?
  194. One of my dead grampas called me?
  195. I can't have normal dreams?
  196. has anyone got told by those people who tell your future that you are going to die
  197. Do you Believe The Bible's END TIME PROPHECY?
  198. Can anyone interpret my dream?
  199. Ive been with my gf for over 3 years and now she tells me she thinks were too...
  200. Any books on self fulfilling prophecy?
  201. I keep getting these weird dreams please help me!?
  202. Heard loud clear very dominant voice say in my sleep?
  203. Are there any prophecies concerning the prophet Muhammed (pbuh) in the Old Testament?
  204. Fellow Christians: ‘Love never ends; as for prophecy, it will pass away;...
  205. I've been having these dreams of becoming a wolf and murdering people, what do they
  206. what did i my dream mean? :-(?
  207. what prophecies of Christianity have came true? HOW CAN CHRISTIANITY HEAL MY MENTAL
  208. does the dream pill "Brilliant Dreams" work like it says? only open to people who
  209. Predictions for the 2010-2011 mets?
  210. Predictions for the 2010-2011 mets?
  211. What do you think about jehova witnesses and their fake prophecies?
  212. 1]can i edit my photo as i am in future. how can i change my age in photo....
  213. I had a dream my **** was smaller than in reality!?
  214. Prediction on the Western Semifinals?
  215. Okay predictions? (help me out lol)?
  216. NBA Playoffs 1st round predictions?
  217. what do you think fish dreams mean?
  218. I had a dream of a mass massacre and someone took my cousin's soul and...
  219. Phoenix Suns or San Antonio Spurs Semifinals Series Predictions ?
  220. My boyfriend had a dream he killed me , what does this mean?
  221. I was gay but.............?
  222. Question about an intense dream and the words zen con sau?
  223. 20 years ago if someone told you that people in the future would think...
  224. What prophecies were fulfilled in Luke's gospel?
  226. SL vs NZ ..predictions..............?
  227. A prediction before about 5,000 years, just an info, your opinion ?
  228. Christians, how does it feel knowing your Bible is full of contradictions,
  229. I had a dream and it came true?
  230. 20 years ago if someone told you that people in the future would think men...
  231. How'd ye like to interpret my dreams?
  232. is it possible to have premonitions or ?
  233. Why does God give us premonitions....?
  234. How would YOU react if your (future) child came and told you they had converted?
  235. Naruto 493 mangga spoilers and predictions ?
  236. If I get Deadly Premonition or Red Seeds Profile from Japan will is be in english?
  237. Vikings Schedule Prediction?
  238. AP US history Free response / DBQ predictions?
  239. plz interprete this for me?
  240. does anyone have more info on the 2012 doomsday prophecy?
  241. If Your A First Nations/Americans Indians. Do You Still Believe in the Prophecies of
  242. Are dreams a gateway to other dimensions?
  243. recurring dream (since childhood)?
  244. In 99% of my dreams, something absolutely ridiculous is happening?
  245. Do you ever get "feelings" or premonitions, I guess... like you just know that
  246. 2010 nba playoff predictions?
  247. Christians, What do you think of this prophecy for America?
  248. What is your prediction for the arrangement of electron pairs for
  249. Dream of a falling bird, what does it mean?
  250. Dream Interpretation?