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  1. Having possible premonitions?
  2. Am I having some kind of premonition or am I just crazy.?
  3. Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy Crashing Need Help?
  4. What does these numbers tell people in Chicago, and can you foresee USA
  5. I was a ghost in my dream.?
  6. Someone who is in my dreams all the time?
  7. March 2013 Banlist Predictions? (yugioh)?
  8. So any predictions for the weekends Scottish Cup games?
  9. I had a premonition. Am I Psychic ?
  10. A friend of mine said that Jesus rising on the third day was a prophecy
  11. Could someone give me good examples that would help me tell apart Future
  12. What is the exact difference between an inference and a prediction?
  13. Can anyone interpret dreams?
  14. Is it bad i told my gf i do care about her past but let worry about the future?
  15. Do you think 2012 prophecy is actually going to happen?
  16. My deceased grandma appearing in my dreams?
  17. What's your prediction for Chelsea - Man City?
  18. NRL 2013 Predictions!?
  19. predictions of the champions league winner?
  20. Passed over relative came to me in my dream? :/?
  21. Dream of Egypt, the Sea, a strange building in the Alps... HELP!?
  22. dream about 2 deaths?
  23. isnt there an ancient prophecy about a werewolf?
  24. Where is America mentioned in Bible prophecy ?
  25. Manchester United vs QPR : Your Predictions?
  26. What did this dream mean? (premonition)?
  27. When the 'Mayan prophecy' spectacularly flops (and it surely will)...?
  28. I had a terrifying nightmare. What does it mean?
  29. is it bad i told my gf i dont care about her past let worry about the future only ?
  30. CHRISTIANS does this prophecy apply to now?
  31. Packers vs Giants predictions?
  32. Help me plz,relationship nd dream interpretation...plz plz plz need your help?
  33. What Your Prediction for this game?
  34. How come people don't realize that Biblical prophecies were meant for that...
  35. Future bra size prediction?
  36. Dream about a Snake. Kind of terrifying?
  37. Should I Tell Him Right Now or Should I Just Take A Bet For The Future?
  38. Crazy ass dream felt so real does it mean more then a dream?
  39. If a fortune teller tells your future can you change it or thats the destiny?
  40. Weird dream! Please help me understand?
  41. Prophecies in fiction?
  42. Build Your Own NBA Franchise + East playoff seed predictions?
  43. If a fortune teller tells your future can you change it or thats the destiny?
  44. Weird dream. what could this mean?
  45. TLC predictions?????????????
  46. where can i play indigo prophecy?
  47. bible prophecies? are christians that dumb?
  48. some kind of main loan companies
  49. possibly not in reality people
  50. Question about premonitions?
  51. Since every generation claims the Bible prophecies are coming true in their
  52. George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial predictions?
  53. Dreams-what does mine mean?
  54. First Sandy, now war in Gaza. Is this the beginning of the Maya Prophecy coming true?
  55. Since every generation claims the Bible prophecies are coming true in their time,
  56. How do I tell my future sister in-law I have already picked my wedding
  57. Disappearance A Premonitions Mystery 1-10 Questions?
  58. what does this dream mean?
  59. Had a dream I was surrounded by corpses and dead Marilyn Monroe?
  60. What are your predictions/guesses for the next Marvel movie phases?
  61. Astrologerss plzzz tell abt future?
  62. вакансия помо
  63. Feeling guilty? SIDS? Premonitions?
  64. EPL predictions this week?
  65. Israel going to war? Bible prophecy?
  66. How to tell my future father in law that I basically have no future...
  67. What does it mean to dream that you are in an abusive relationship?
  68. NBA western conference predictions?
  69. Would this be proof enough of Prophecy in the Scriptures, the Bible?
  70. How seriously would you take a premonition about your marriage?
  71. How seriously would you take a premonition about your marriage?
  72. Why did I spaz out when something happened in a dream like stage?
  73. Apocolyptic dream? or a prophecy?
  74. Hi. I want to be a corporate lawyer. I wanna know what is its scope in
  75. Do you believe in premonitions?
  76. i keep dreaming about my ex please help?
  77. What does this dream mean?
  78. can people really tell he future?
  79. Lab report: difference between hypothesis and prediction?
  80. Is this a Prophecy being fulfilled - as we speak, today - from the Scriptures?
  81. What does it mean do dream you are a girl?
  82. Predictions about the election outcome this Tuesday?
  83. What is my future prediction? to Astrologers?
  84. I had a really weird dream about Eminem?
  85. How to Deal With Windows Won't Start
  86. Did NASA make such a prediction about 2029 (End of world?)?
  87. Are there any online communities go those with premonitions, empaths, etc?
  88. Is my dream a premonition?
  89. Do you that massive computers like Google's will be able to tell the future
  90. Can my dreams tell the future?
  91. Is it logical to break of the 70th week from the 70 week prophecy and defer it
  92. Constant dreams about me and my ex getting back together ? Way of telling future?
  93. Will I be right about my prediction?
  94. Isn't belief causing belief a self-fulfilling prophecy or a foregone conclusion?
  95. Is this dream a...sign?
  96. Dreams of unfaithful girl friend?
  97. Premonitions- Can I change it?
  98. How to Retrieve Deleted Photos From Memory Card
  99. Do you think lindsey Williams predictions are correct?
  100. what is the term in the bible for one wioth or the presence of premonitions?
  101. I had a dream that I was pregnant and so was my twin sister?
  102. So I fell asleep in class the other day and I had these "visions"?
  103. It sounds crazy but i think i can tell the future?
  104. Can God tell you who you will marry in the future?
  105. Which set of prophecies would you choose and why?
  106. Eagles vs Falcons Prediction?
  107. he said this..does it tell that he sees me in his future?
  108. What new bible predictions are coming up for 2013?
  109. Prophecy of the Sisters Audio book??
  110. There is a biblical end time prophecy that says the whole world will be made to...
  111. I'm getting what seems to be premonitions in my dreams, is it a gift i have?
  112. He told me he doesn't know what he wants and doesn't know where his future lies?
  113. Dream ....i had a dream, can you interpret it?
  114. sometimes i can tell the future?
  115. I'm afraid that i'm having premonitions?
  116. Early debate predictions: Who will win the VP showdown tomorrow?
  117. I had a dream about kissing someone last night?
  118. why do i get premonitions?
  119. Will Mitt Romney attempt to fulfill the White Horse Prophecy?
  120. Will Mitt Romney attempt to fufill the White Horse Prophecy?
  121. What does dreaming about baby girl twins mean?
  122. What do sex dreams mean?
  123. My dreams tell me the future...?
  124. I'm having premonitions that something big is about to happen... and some of my...
  125. Is the USD strong over the Japanese yen right now? Predictions for next 2 years?
  126. What do you guys think about prophecies from men of God? This question is ONLY for
  127. My dreams tell me the future...? I'll answer yours if you answer mine!?
  128. Hello! Can someone please give me a reading (future, past, present or just what
  129. Horrific dreams help?
  130. Super Bowl predictions?
  131. 2013 Sprint Cup silly season predictions.?
  132. dying of cancer premonition?
  133. Would Romney's ascendency to the Presidency fulfill Joseph Smith's...
  134. Is prophecy fulfilling itself or what?
  135. How can you tell why you received a violation so you can avoid it in the future?
  136. Oakland A's Vs. Detroit Tigers Predictions?ALCS?
  137. In The Future, When A Moderator Tells Obama His Time Is Up, Will He Give The
  138. If the 2012 prophecy did happen, which one of these would you rather want to deal...
  139. Do i have visions and/or premonitions?
  140. Does everyone remember their dreams?
  141. What does this dream mean?
  142. 2012 MLB Playoff Predictions:?
  143. Can someone help me with a Warrior fanfic prophecy?
  144. Cotto vs Trout predictions?
  145. If a real physic can tell the future, why don't they hit the lottery with their
  146. Pregnancy dreams, every night..?
  147. how can the prophecy not be true someone just had a question on here about
  148. Premier League Week 6 Predictions?
  149. Why is it that i cant run in my dreams?
  150. Wierd dreams and I sleep talk?
  151. If Muhammad is the final prophet, then why did God tell the future through an Eskimo?
  152. is the 2012 prophecy about to come true?
  153. Dream of cult forcing me to join? (repost)?
  154. What are you boxing predictions for Saturday?
  155. Is the unprecedented influx of bullying, cyber and otherwise, a
  156. is the prophecy of 2012 about to come true with all the wars and tensions?
  157. Why are some people so closed to premonitions and telepathy?
  158. tell me about warranty module and it's future in sap field.?
  159. what are the dangers of getting your future told to you? D:?
  160. USD 2012-2013 predictions?
  161. Can you tell me some title movie the story about a premonition?.example:final...
  162. Do you remember having a premonition about something, what was it?
  163. Deadly Premonition on the Xbox 360?
  164. Half a dozen Sigma Discolored Belt Idea - Half a dozen Key Skills
  165. Are Dreams Premonitions?
  166. A premonition without actually knowing what's the future, but just a feeling that...
  167. Females Developer Totes The actual Advanced Glimpse Involving Today's Classy Women
  168. premonitions coming true?
  169. Can a pharmacist tell if a baby is going to have sickness in future ?
  170. Can someone please tell me these french verbs in the perfect and future tense?
  171. Why am I never in my dreams?
  172. Why do Christians and most religious folks say the bible prophecies have been
  173. Ok the top 8s set. How close were your prediction?
  174. What do you think?(Summerslam).MY Predictions. Give me yours!?
  175. Will Obama be re-elected? (Opinions not prophecies)?
  176. What are you Western Conference predictions?
  177. Do you want Bibical Prophecy of the Nov. Election?
  178. Don't you agree, Biblical prophecy says Obama is going to win the Election?
  179. Roy Halladay predictions for the rest of 2012?
  180. Is it just a lucid dream or an imagination?
  181. Meaning of this really odd dream?
  182. Bibical prophecy ya/no?
  183. "My prediction was correct" ?
  184. The number 224???? anyyy info? thnks?
  185. Predictions for Isaiah Thomas' Stats Next Season?
  186. Do you think i am right that Biblical prophecy says Obama is go to win the Election?
  187. i got a dream that my dad is no more...?
  188. Will some of you please give to me some of the bible prophecies which science has
  189. Any predictions for this upcoming NFL Season? ?
  190. What does relaistic dreams mean?
  191. I keep having bad dreams about my boyfriend ?
  192. What are your top 3 traits exactly matching the astrology prediction the most?
  193. who should i talk to about my premonitions?
  194. what is your prediction about india vs netherlands field hockey match in olympics?
  195. What are your predictions for the 2012 / 2013 Barclays Premier League season?
  196. Do Dreams really come true?
  197. Early height prediction?
  198. Use your wildest imagination and tell me, how will schools be in the future?
  199. Christians, how do you explain my accurate prophecies that there'll be
  200. What do my dreams mean?
  201. Broner/Escobebo? Prediction time...?
  202. If I could tell you your future and be 100% accurate what would you pay me?
  203. Would Jehovah's Witnesses like to understand the true 2520 year prophecy?
  204. Do you think my predictions will be right or wrong & are you willing to...
  205. What does it mean when a woman tells you i don't know what future holds?
  206. Premonitions about impending death... is there a pragmatic explanation?
  207. Third person dreams? Could it mean anything?
  208. Prediction: Lakers will have a better record in games without Kobe next year?
  209. How do atheists explain how Allah told Jesus people in the future would say they
  210. If I have migraines and back trouble, should I tell my prospective future employer?
  211. are there prophecies in the Quran?
  212. What sort of dream would you like to have about this guy based on his pics?
  213. do guys mean it when they tell a girl they will marry them in the future?
  214. Having dirty dreams about ex?
  215. a job for the future ...please tell me?
  216. Do you believe in fate or premonitions?
  217. Help I had a Premonition?
  218. Career, Health, Family, Marriage Prediction - Abogi - pls help?
  219. Fahernheit (indigo prophecy) (PC) crashing?
  220. Has this Old Testament prophecy been fulfilled after a generation of failed,
  221. Fortune Tellers : Tell me the name of my future husband?
  222. what does this dream mean?
  223. What prophecies in the bible cannot fit one or more of the following categories?
  224. I had a dream about my cousin saying child support; can someone interpret?
  225. Pitbull weight ok? adult weight prediction?
  226. Can people really have premonitions in their dreams?
  227. If you have the gift of Prophecy does that mean you can use it at any time?...
  228. Atheists: How do you explain the fact that Jesus perfectly fulfilled 425 prophecies
  229. Why would I dream that my boyfriend is pregnant?
  230. Question about a premonition?
  231. How to tell your girlfriend they are rubbish at their future career?!?
  232. What's the Israel that God refers to in the last days prophecies?
  233. What "exactly" do you believe, or not believe with regards to the Mayan
  234. Was this a prophecy by Thomas Jefferson?
  235. Having a lot of duels, fights and battles in my dreams lately?
  236. Have you ever had a premonition ?
  237. What did this dream about having new coworkers at my firm and being scolded by a
  238. Please give a detail Vedic/jyotishi prediction...PLEASE?
  239. VCE Atar prediction anyone?
  240. Premonition or coincidence ?
  241. If there is a prophecy about the Jews 2nd temple being destroyed, where is the
  242. How many "end times" prophecies are you seeing reported in the news these days?
  243. strange things happens to me when I wake up :/?
  244. My parents are telling me that my future career is USELESS, need help!?
  245. Had a very lucid dream recently, and an awesome experience.?
  247. Why is there a White wolf in my dreams?
  248. Can premonitions be thoughts?
  249. How do I delete individual url predictions in safari?
  250. I dreamt I was about to get raped?