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  2. what do youre dreams mean?
  3. If God can't find Satan, what's that going to do to all the prophecies in...
  4. wake up in cringing pain from dream?
  5. say that one could see into the future. and could tell you every thing
  6. hearing strange things that are half dream?
  7. Slightly weird dream?
  8. your opinions on a prophecy?
  9. Having weird dreams. someone who can interpret a dream, help!?
  10. Analyze this dream please? Very odd?
  11. Who are your predictions for the playoffs?
  12. Any similar movies like premonition?
  13. I've been having dreams about the same woman?
  14. What do you think of my young QB stats prediction!?
  15. Deadly premonition// who to shoot?
  16. Deadly premonition// who to shoot?
  17. A Prophecy for my Warrior Cats Fanfiction?
  18. Predictions for Nationwide race at Bristol Tonight?
  19. Evil spirts in dreams ?
  20. what gcses could i get with these year 9 results? prediction?
  21. can trying to wake someone up make nightmares worse?
  22. AFL Trade Week Prediction?
  23. What does my dream mean I'm confused about it?
  24. Are my Week 5 College Football predictions good?
  25. The Forsaken One prophecy?
  26. Is this premonition and how can I relax?
  27. Rape dream. Help pleasee.?
  28. Can you help me with my confusion regarding Biblical Prophecy?
  29. Why do I keep having dreams about bombs?
  30. How should I tell my future employer that I was "let go" from my cashier job?
  31. Do dreams have meanings?
  32. Do dreams have meanings?
  33. Christians:Has this Prophecy come to pass?
  34. ATWT Finale Predictions?
  35. Can you help me find Messianic Bible prophecies that would be really
  36. What is your prediction for the Detroit Lions this year?
  37. How can I tell if there is a future between us?
  38. Premonitions of death.How do they feel?
  39. 365 fulfilled prophecies by Jesus…why doesn’t this proof the divinity and the truth
  40. Is it true? No one really dreams like this?
  41. What do you think of my 2010-2011 nfl season prediction!?
  42. can a psychic tell me my future?
  43. give your prediction for possible matchups in the national title this year?
  44. Is "The Prophecy of the Stones" by Flavia Bujor a movie yet? Will there be a movie?
  45. Was this movie a gender prophecy?
  46. What does this weird dream mean?
  47. Early 2010-2011 NFL playoff predictions?
  48. whats the meaning of my double dreams?
  49. struck by lightning in a dream?
  50. Degrassi New promo predictions?
  51. My dream. decipher??
  52. 2 people in the same dream at the same time?
  53. How is a prophecy made?
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  55. Dream about my boyfriend's deceased best friend?
  56. Crazy Dream.........?
  57. who is the author of science fiction book called "the masonic prophecy"?
  58. OUT of these teams which ones will have a good year !!!!! your predictions?
  59. Ouija board tells the future?
  60. Have you ever watched yourself having sex in a dream?
  61. What could these dreams mean?
  62. I got raped..........?
  63. Spurs v young boys predictions.......?
  64. where can i find predictions for the 2010 season for the big ten football season?
  65. Didn't you think the premonitions from the Final Destination movies were...
  66. murder dream.. what do you think?
  67. is this bad?..some1 told me this is mean for me to do to my future kids?
  68. I've been having dream troubles for about a year and a half.?
  69. Liverpool v. Arsenal predictions?!?!?
  70. Disable word prediction on BLACKBERRY CURVE 8350?
  71. Does anybody have premonitions if you do please tell me how you cope with...
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  73. What does this dream mean?
  74. What does this dream mean?
  75. Premonition Of The Fearful?
  76. Is it just me, or are the Jehovah's Witness prophecies a little too JW-centered,
  77. Predictions for Portuguese League?
  78. Dream of being trapped in water barely breathing?
  79. Future mother-in-law mad I told her it was rude to ask me if I planned to...
  80. Future mother-in-law mad I told her it was rude to ask me if I planned to...
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  82. Can someone tell me what my dream is about?
  83. I'm really scared! What could this dream mean?!?!?
  84. what do these dreams mean?
  85. what do these dreams mean?
  86. WWE SummerSlam Predictions?
  87. Has anyone had any dreams about a "Black Shadow"?
  88. WWE Summerslam 2010 Predictions?
  89. Is Flash technology the way of the future? Tell me.?
  90. nba 2011 eastern conference playoff prediction?
  91. Baseball Predictions, Awards, Playoffs, Who's Better?
  92. I had a dream about the new school year?
  93. What does my dream mean?
  94. Dream about falling in love with a stranger?
  95. Death Premonitions about yourself?
  96. Does the oil spill fulfill the Bibles prophecy of the "end times"?
  97. do you believe dreams can tell the future?
  98. did you ever have this dream?
  99. Will 2010 be the 5th consecutive year of mild hurricane activity following the...
  100. I'm sick of Christians telling me my future is to be flame broiled on a BBQ grill...
  101. Why does Islam only recognise great scientific prophecies in Koran AFTER they have...
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  103. Should I tell anyone about future wifes past modeling?
  104. Can u help me interpret this dream?
  105. Are premonitions good or bad?
  106. 2010/2011 iPod predictions?
  107. What if the the Native American prophecy of the birth of the White Buffalo is a
  108. what does this dream mean? its really got to me?
  109. Forget the "prophecy", Will we survive the 2012 HYSTERIA?
  110. How do you feel about this "2012" prophecy?
  111. Does this mean anything?
  112. Alberto Del Rio..... whats your opinion on his promos?Predictions?
  113. Can anyone tell me what this dream means?
  114. what does my dream mean? can someone help!?
  115. Want to join my Premier League prediction league?
  116. dream interpretation, dream of kissing a crush?
  117. Help me understand this dream I had thats haunting me now.?
  118. Y would a random person have premonition dreams? And suffer from lucid dreaming?
  119. premonition dream (shorter)?
  120. Bible discussion on bible prophecy for the open minded and the uninitiated?
  121. The Prophecy Of The Next Dark Stormer?
  122. Can you help me figure out what 911 in my dream means?
  123. What does this dream mean?
  124. predictions, who will win bcs, super bowl?
  125. Did you know the Bible prediction we have blood even thousands years ago?
  126. If I keep having dreams of people of a certain religion, Does that mean...?
  127. Question about Premonitions? (This might sound a bit strange :/)?
  128. My aunt told me my future...?
  129. Does it say somewhere in the messianic prophecies that messiah will make two
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  132. What was Isaiah's prophecy concerning Sennacherib?
  133. Is there a good source of prophecy news?
  134. Wow I am fascinated...?
  135. Can dreams tell the future?
  136. Dream about vampires and sharing blood?
  137. Can someone help interpret this disturbing dream of mine?
  138. Can someone help interpret this disturbing dream of mine?
  139. Flying and killing dream?
  140. anyone have any paper games that can "tell your future"?
  141. Where can I talk to a physic online that can tell me my future for free?
  142. Anyone else having dreams of a little girl with loud footsteps?evil?
  143. really weird dream last night?
  144. Where can I get pundit's predictions for the coming football (soccer) season?
  145. Dream interpretation please?
  146. Why is Weather Underground daily high temperature prediction consistently
  147. I dream about the same thing EVERYDAY non stop!?
  148. I keep dreaming I think I'm pregnant?
  149. I discovered this week that I have the gift of prophecy and the gift of intercession?
  150. Is TV Guide a holy book? How do you explain the THOUSANDS of prophecies it
  151. 2010-2011 NBA Finals predictions. Who wins and who is runner up?
  152. Wrestlemania 27 Predictions*!* :)?
  153. Recurring Theme in My Dreams?
  154. What does measuring tape around a friend's neck in a dream mean?
  155. Sri Lanka are down 39-2.....Predictions.....?
  156. What are your thoughts on prophetic writings? Divination? Premonition?
  157. lucid dream fail& how do I have more successful lucid dreams?
  158. Can anybody help me understand what this means?
  159. What are your predictions on UFC 117?
  160. What are your predictions for the top 5 names for 2010?
  161. What and who is Nostradamus talking about in this prophecy?
  162. Has anyone heard of the Parravicini prophecy of the oil spill? and What are your
  163. Predictions for summerslam?
  164. ECW reunion again Hardcore Justice will it be any good...(My Hardcore Justice...
  165. Constant nightmares about tornadoes, now gone?
  166. i had this weird dream about my ex what does it mean?
  167. i had a dream I got shot in the stomach?
  168. Have you looked at the prophecies concerning the Jewish people? Have you seen how...
  169. What is a good book about premonition?
  170. Can anyone help me with this Dream Analysis?
  171. what does my dream mean?
  172. I think I'm having outer body exp.?
  173. Chivas vs. U de Chile, what are your predictions?
  174. What are some prophecies in the bible that was fulfilled outside the bible, in
  175. I need help with Indigo Prophecy. Badly.?
  176. Strange dreams (Long)?
  177. is "The Celestine Prophecy" based on an actual manuscript in Peru?
  178. Does anyone have an informed prediction on Dollar to Euro Exchange rate trend?
  179. Two very strange dreams?
  180. Prediction: When do you think Brett Favre will make his come back (...again)?
  181. what does my dreams mean?
  182. Do you think dreams really are instructing us on how to survive?
  183. How did my dream tell the future?
  184. I left my job of 5 years on bad terms. What do I tell my future employers
  185. How do you tell a future boyfriend you don't like kissing..?
  186. Dead relatives in my dreams?
  187. I had a weird dream can anyone translate it for me <3 thank you!?
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  189. What "Holy Books" contain prophecy?
  190. Has anyone bought a 2010 connelly prophecy water ski (enzo boot)?
  191. Unfulfilled prophecy of Bible!!?
  192. I end up depressed after these dreams I've been having?
  193. im having dreams with demons... wat can that mean? please help...?
  194. Can anyone help me dream?
  195. I had an odd dream that I killed my family?
  196. Had a dream....within a dream, within a dream.......?
  197. What Does This Dream Mean?
  198. WWE Summer Slam 2010 Predictions?
  199. Wanna hear my big prediction for the Laker's future?
  200. summerslam predictions?
  201. Strange nightmares almost every night. Meanings please?
  202. NHL 2010-11 Predictions!?
  203. How has the prophecy industry in the US related to the foreign policy of the US?
  204. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. What are all those silver glass ball
  205. What are your predictions on the Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen Fight?
  206. What can you tell about my future?
  207. wouldn't it be great if at least ONE prophecy came true?i mean really?
  208. If the Koran is Allah's Word, does it have prophecy like this, involving time and
  209. Hi can sum1 plz tell me when I will get a job?My DOB
  210. what can you tell about my future?
  211. Would you be able to tell me something about my future?
  212. 2in1 Question. Is there no Map Pack 4 coming out for CoDWaW and if anyone...
  213. How come I had a dream that I was justin bieber and I'm popular?
  214. The meaning of my Dream about pregnancy? I am only 16 years old this is not
  215. Whu do I keep having vivid dreams?
  216. Green Bay Packers Season Prediction?
  217. Nascar Sprint Cup 2010/2011 silly season predictions?
  218. Washington Redskins Season Prediction?
  219. Predictions for Saturday?
  220. What are your predictions for tonight's Versus card?
  221. Question About A Dream I Had Once?
  222. could this be a past life dream?
  223. does anyone know what these dream mean?
  224. Recurring dreams about random strangers? Any thoughts?
  225. Criss Angel episode Billionaire Predictions?
  226. I've been reading dire predictions in bible. I'm filled with dread and dismay.
  227. NBA 2011 predictions playoff and standing?
  228. What do you think my dream means?
  229. Give me your prediction for Rose next season?
  230. I think i had a Premonition?
  231. what does my dream mean?
  232. NBA seed predictions?
  233. 2011 Chicago Bulls Predictions?
  234. Dreams that coem true the next Day?
  235. Was it possible for the prophecies of God's prophets to have been overturned?
  236. How do I do the mission Debriefing (Carla) in Indigo Prophecy?
  237. How can a phylogenetic tree be used to make predictions?
  238. a prophecy that came true (mainly for jews)!!?
  239. A Prophecy in the Bible come true ?
  240. want to become a documentary producer?
  241. Do many women, at least occasionally, fantasize about....?
  242. The prophecy of sisters by michelle zink?
  243. how to beat "demolishers prophecy" on transformers 2 "revenge of the...
  244. Interpretation of a chasing dream?
  245. Dream dream dream********?
  246. I have dreams that actually happen?
  247. How do i control dreams?
  248. Yu-Gi-Oh September 1st Banlist Predictions?
  249. Yu-Gi-Oh September 1st Banlist Predictions?
  250. Baby Gender Predictions?