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  1. what does it mean if i dream about having a girlfriend?
  2. HELP!!!! my dreams are crashing down?
  3. Can someone interpret this dream i had?
  4. this morning, i had a dream that i was peeing...and?
  5. Girl from my dreams that I have never met or seen in real life?
  6. according to christians what are the prophecies that jesus fulfilled from the...
  7. list of messianic prophecies jesus did not fulfill and where they are in the bible?
  8. What way can i tell if i am sesitive to spirits?
  9. what does this dream mean?
  10. Dream interpretation 1920s/1930s?
  11. What does this dream mean?
  12. Is is bad to like and want to have nightmares?
  13. Reoccurring Dreams about a Killer?
  14. I WANT to have a dream about someone who was special to me!?
  15. Does this count as a Lucid Dream?
  16. i have dreams that im drowning alot?
  17. what does it mean if you dream you are going to eat but all the food is gone?
  18. I've had this dream about a girl arguing with me?
  19. Real fortune teller needed to tell my future fortune!?
  20. What does my dream mean?
  21. Super Bowl Predictions?!?
  22. Is the increased knowledge of the 20th century A.D. (from the horse to the moon)...
  23. why do forecasters are so inaccurate with weather prediction?
  24. Dream about spider going inside body?
  25. Predictions for 2010 NFL season?
  26. can anyone list the verses in the bible that prophecies the messiah (messianic
  27. your prediction of Fifa 11 five star teams?
  28. I had a dream of my boyfriend getting killed by a group of guys?
  29. Hi I just want some feed back on a strange dream I keep having?
  30. Can you read in dreams?
  31. Dreams linking people together?
  32. Can anyone tell me what my dream means?
  33. Is it true that a person appearing in your dreams meaning they wanna see you?
  34. Can someone interpret my dream?
  35. I can kill people in my dreams?
  36. had dream about a boy... in it he had baby hands?
  37. What does seeing a wolf in a dream/vision mean?
  38. premonitions help meh please !!?
  39. Could my mom have gotten a warning or premonition from her dream?
  40. Logical Depression/Dreams?
  41. Dream about a baby that might have been my nephew.?
  42. dream about using telepathy to move a door or a ghost moving the door.?
  43. dream about using telepathy to move a door or a ghost moving the door.?
  44. Could my mom have been sent a warning or premonition from her dreams?
  45. nightmare, rly scary?
  46. Having dreams about breaking in my house?
  47. Having dreams about breaking in my house?
  48. Having dreams about breaking in my house?
  49. Lost ability of lucid dreaming. How can I regain this ability?
  50. How weird is this dream (Dumb 20)?
  51. How weird is this dream (Dumb 20)?
  52. What does my dream mean? :S?
  53. new psychic prediction?
  54. Has the bible prophecy that Egypt will become uninhabitable for 40 years
  55. Has the bible prophecy that Egypt will become uninhabitable for 40 years
  56. Can any of you democrats/liberals that predict/see the future tell me the lotto...
  57. Fertility friend calendar... automatic ovulation prediction?
  58. Dream interpretation. And my dream lucidity turns on and off? Possible explanations?
  59. Prediction and discovery of the top and bottom quarks?
  60. Christians: Can't man use his Free Will to fufill the Prophecies in The Bible?
  61. Your predictions on the NFC North?
  62. what does this weird dream that i had last night mean?
  63. What was the main prophecy in Bradbury's book Fahrenheit451?
  64. Who will tonight Brewers@Phillies with score prediction?
  65. what does my dream mean?
  66. Can I make myself have good dreams?
  67. what is the best way to fall asleep?
  68. College Football Predictions (week 1) closest gets 10 pts.?
  69. If Jesus did come back to earth like the prophecies predict, would our modern day
  70. Apple MacBook Pro (MA600LLA) Notebook$500usd
  71. where can i read Nostradamus predictions?
  72. Spain v Portugal exact prediction ?
  73. Career prediction please?
  74. I've thought of a name for my future cake shop, but my dad tells me it has
  75. Can you dreams tell you stuff in the future?
  76. ps3 HELP please!!! (prediction box in the search)?
  77. What are your predictions? 10 POINTS FOR THE MOST CORRECT?
  78. Lithuania v Scotland score tonight?Your predictions?What kind of match do
  79. What are some predictions do you guys have on the 2010 NFL season. Who do you...
  80. The Mayan Predictions?
  81. Dream interpretation...what does this mean?
  82. What do these violent dreams mean?
  83. Coincidence or Premonition?
  84. Falling Elevator Dream - Almost?
  85. i had a weird dream a couple days ago, i dont know what it means can someone help me?
  86. help me decode my dream?
  87. Can anyone help me interpret this dream please?
  88. Does My Dream Mean Something. Please Help?
  89. What does this dream mean? sort of like a nightmare?
  90. what does it mean to have frequent dreams where you're in a motel?
  91. What does my dream mean?
  92. Why does the phone always go dead in my dream or doesnt work?
  93. I've been having dreams come true lately...anybody else doing this?
  94. I had a dream I purposely killed 2 people?
  95. Could this dream mean something?
  96. Can you interpret this dream - A black lake and rope bridge?
  97. is it possible for your mind to make a sub world?
  98. Dreaming about babies?
  99. I keep dreaming of my grandfather?
  100. With the Euro 2012 qualifications, what are your early predictions for who
  101. What are your playoff predictions?
  102. Predictions for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Season 2010-2011 NFL?
  103. What is your postseason predictions?
  104. FIBA championships predictions?
  105. If someone figured out how to tell the future, would insurance companies lobby...
  106. predictions for tomorrow night smackdown?
  107. Crazy cat, chicken and pitta bread, Grandmothers house?
  108. How best is nawal ganni predictions?
  109. tell me about my future...?
  110. What does my dream mean?
  111. Seemingly ordinary dream?
  112. Was the midwife's weight prediction correct?
  113. How do I find out my boyfriends future? Is astrology accurate with such predictions?
  114. What is your prediction for Boise State vs. Virginia Tech?
  115. Super Bowl Prediction? Jets VS Packers?
  116. Help with my dream of drowning death.?
  117. Super Bowl Prediction? Jets VS Packers?
  118. My ex had this dream when we were together?
  119. dream about kittens (20 characters) ?
  120. blurry dream in field?
  121. I had a dream about kissing someone =)?
  122. What does it mean to have the same person in your dreams every night?
  123. if you are pregnant what dose it mean to dream you are having a girl?
  124. i dont understand my dream about my grandpa, help?
  125. some major league baseball predictions?
  126. Prophecy of the sisters medallion?
  127. Atheists: What do you think of all the Book of Revelation prophecies coming true?
  128. Explain the difference in hypothesis and a prediction and what is their role...
  129. world war 3 and predictions?
  130. Super Bowl Predictions?
  131. When will i get my period?Prediction?
  132. nba 2010-2011 predictions?
  133. premonition meanings?
  134. Could they be premonitions?
  135. Could they be premonitions?
  136. NHL 2010-2011 Standing Predictions?
  137. College Football Predictions?
  138. Brand new shoes for my husband in my Dream?
  139. I'd like to visit Obama's America in the near future, can someone tell me?
  140. NHL 2010-2011 Standing Predictions?
  141. I've been having weird dreams Help!?
  142. Football predictions - England Vs. Bulgaria on friday final score guesses!
  143. Football predictions - England Vs. Bulgaria on friday final score guesses!
  144. dream about my ex-gf?
  145. Roman Catholics, have you ever heard of the prophecies of Saint Malachy?
  146. I always see the same old friend in my dreams?
  147. Help, My dream!!!! Please?
  148. Help, My dream!!!! Please?
  149. What does this dream mean when the guy became a reality? (Please read)?
  150. Football predictions - England Vs. Bulgaria on friday final 90 mns...
  151. Mexican football:What are your predictions for the Guadalajara vs Union match?
  152. Is there false prophecies in the Quran?
  153. Is there false prophecies in the Quran?
  154. Comments on my novel's prophecy?
  155. Have you read The Celestine Prophecy books about The Fear, a force building up
  156. Who studies Modern prophecy, and how it relates to End Times prophecy?
  157. Mac AVI to iPad converter , play AVI files on iPad on Mac
  158. Nia Long premonition film dress?
  159. My mom had a premonition, what does it mean?
  160. having loads of dejavu/premonition type of occurances..info on this please?!?
  161. WWE night of champions 2010 predictions?
  162. wrestlemania 27 predictions?
  163. What are your predictions for WWE NXT Season ?
  164. What do you think of this e-mail I got "Top 10 Predictions for 2011":?
  165. The Best Video Game of 2010 (predictions)?
  166. What are your NFL predictions?
  167. Stalker dream, please help!?
  168. Comments on my novel's prophecy?
  169. I've had this dream over and over once every few years since I was a kid. Can it
  170. Why am i Dreaming these Night mares?
  171. A dream about cheating?
  172. What Does This Sex Dream Mean?
  173. weird dream about wife and step kids?
  174. I had the most scary but weird/ chaotic dream, what do you think about it?
  175. Does sleeping with or without certain articles of clothing affect dreams?
  176. I saw a turtle in a dream?
  177. Anyone had a dream within a dream, like a loop?
  178. Does anyone in the Scottish Football Section. Know what the new Septic...
  179. Any Superbowl predictions?
  180. 3 similar nightmares in one night?
  181. Why is it that popular prophecy teachers can't read and understand the
  182. Should I tell my future roommate I snore?
  183. 3 similar nightmares in one night?
  184. 3 similar nightmares in one night?
  185. Should I tell my future roommate I snore?
  186. can i tell the future?
  187. My sisters reocuring dream?
  188. What did this dream mean?
  189. Weird end of the world dream?
  190. Weird end of the world dream?
  191. tonights football predictions...?
  192. Comments on my novel's prophecy?
  193. Christians: Can God tell you who your future spouse is?
  194. Name of the movie where guy leaves himself clues and ends up winning the lottery...
  195. What does it mean when there's a hidden playroom in my dream?
  196. Precognitive dreamers.......?
  197. baby gender predictions?
  198. Climate change predictions from the United Nations were not based on...
  199. soo... do dreams tell the future?
  200. please tell my future details and my lifestyle my activities and my studies?
  201. What does my Dream Mean?
  202. Please please help me to interpret that dream plz help?
  203. Dream Definition please... Quite weird?
  204. can anyone interpret this dream?
  205. Keep having dreams that my car is being stolen..?
  206. What does it mean to be wearing a kimono in your dream?
  208. Books written about bible prophecy and end times?
  209. Comments on my novel's prophecy?
  210. Comments on my novel's prophecy Pt.2?
  211. Is the weather prediction in Jesus time still correct today?
  212. 2010-11 NFL Predictions?
  213. Transfer window closes at midnight tonite folks, would you care to make...
  214. Can someone help me understand the prophecies given to me?
  215. I need help writing a prophecy for my story? Anyone good with poetry mind helping me?
  216. Tonight a hot derby game : HELLAS- TÜRKIYE game at Basket-Ball World Cup!!!
  217. What is your prediction for the u.s. economy?
  218. MLB Playoff Predictions?
  219. Best Video Games of 2010 Predictions?
  220. Predictions for Mexico vs Ecuador?
  221. Bones:Unrequited Love Episode After Episode Eroding Other Aspects
  222. What do my dreams about teeth mean?
  223. Is this a premonition or is it just me?
  224. how to determine if you realy have premonitions?
  225. Did you ever have a premonition?
  226. Where can I listen to the Premonition soundtrack? (Japanese version)?
  227. anyone want to help interpret?
  228. Sucidal dreams.. What do they mean?
  229. What dose this dream mean ? a.s.a.p?
  230. is it ok to have dreams about pengiuns?
  231. How do I lucid dream?
  232. i beat up a mugger with a loaf of frozen garlic bread in my dream last night....?
  233. How do I lucid dream?
  234. How do I lucid dream?
  235. i beat up a mugger with a loaf of frozen garlic bread in my dream last night....?
  236. should i pick my mom or my dream?
  237. What could my dream mean?
  238. Serious question about OBE's and Astral Travels?
  239. Please can someone help me right now it is urgent!!?
  240. August pitcher of the month predictions?
  241. Where in the New Testament is the prophecy 2 Samuel 7:12 fulfilled?
  242. need help with this dream about a girl ive never met before?
  243. Are there any psychics here that can tell me my future?
  244. If someone could tell your future would you want to hear it?
  245. Can someone interpret my recurring dream? Its killing me, literally.?
  246. Prediction: NY Jets record this season?
  247. can anyone tell me about my personality,looks,career, and about my future wife?
  248. What could mean if I have dreamed of a forest like this?I have dreamed about
  249. City vs. Liverpool Predictions?
  250. Want to read my prophecy of the SHADOW OF POWERS TO COME?