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  1. What does this dream mean?
  2. POLL: How many of you believe in mayan 2012 prophecy......? :)?
  3. do you think i should tell my future roomates i'm gay?
  4. do you think i should tell my future roomates i'm gay?
  5. do you think i should tell my future roomates i'm gay?
  6. Can anyone please tell me what I can expect from this Past/Present/Future tarot
  7. dont believe that horoscops tell the future?
  8. Are my dreams telling me the future?
  9. My birth date is 18th dec 1968 time 5.40 morning please tell my future?
  10. I want to be a male model look my videos!! and tell me if i have future?
  11. Is the Prophecy being fulfilled?
  12. What does this dream mean?
  13. what are your predictions for ALCS today and NLCS tomorrow?
  14. Whats your prediction? My prediction is that The Rangers will win world series!?
  15. Was Michael Jackson's life a Prophecy? And isn't he way more fashionable and...
  16. What does this dream mean? Jesus healed my scars?
  17. Argentina vs Brazil November 17 2010 predictions?
  18. Who wants to tell me future? Lol?
  19. Who wants to tell me future? Lol?
  20. premonition thoughts?
  21. can someone tell me my future please? serious answers only?
  22. How should I take this dream?
  23. prediction about my future?
  24. Atheists: have you ever had a premonition or a 'spiritual' experience that
  25. prediction about my future , please?
  26. What do these dreams mean? I dont get it?
  27. ok.... whats your predictions?!?
  28. The Mayan prophecies predicted the end of their civilisation. Will there be
  29. I always dream of talking to spirits or friends who have passed.?
  30. celtic fans keep prediction our european results please?
  31. Anyone have Nostradamus's book of future prophecies? Can you tell me the...
  32. How do I tell my future mother-in-law that I only want my mom there to pick
  33. I had a weird dream last night (includes my ex, old people, and a truck?!)?
  34. What does it mean when a guy tells his mother about a girl and what she plans to...
  35. Bragging Rights Predictions?
  36. i need predictions?!?
  37. I have dreamed 3 times about cars being stolen in the past 2 weeks, what do
  38. Spartak Moscow vs Chelsea predictions.?
  39. can you interpret my dream please!!!!!?
  40. 2010 NFL Week 7 Predictions?
  41. Why does this happen with our dreams?
  42. what does this dream/premonition mean? help me its freaking me out!!?
  43. Should I tell the future husband?
  44. Should I tell the future spouse?
  45. Only Stalin and McCarthy BOTH have near perfect predictions fulfilled thus far?
  46. Do dreams mean anything in real life or connect with anything in reality?
  47. Dreamed of rain, the ocean...?
  48. Odd dreams, is there a reason behind them?
  49. 2011 prediction bottom 4 cubs?
  50. I hope this is not inappropriate or anything, but I have unusual dreams.?
  51. Interesting but not so famous legends, myths, fairly tales or prophecy's?
  52. Can a psychic or tarot card reader please tell me my future? serious answers please?
  53. Were there any "psychic" predictions of 9-11?
  54. What is your top 25 prediction?
  55. So Sakib's prediction about the whitewash came true.he became best
  56. Nfl week 6 predictions?
  57. AFL 2011 Ladder Prediction?
  58. what prophecy states that life as we know it will change in 2012?
  59. What is my dream/ vision telling me?
  60. what does a dream about snakes mean?{10 pnts}?
  61. Predictions for NLCS matchup?
  62. Can you please tell me my future? serious answers?
  63. can someone please tell me what the tab is for futures- sal paradise?
  64. NLCS predictions (Giants-Phillies)?
  65. indigo prophecy ao vision download?
  66. Can someone explain self full filled prophecy means,?
  67. Oct. 26, Celtics vs. Heat predictions?
  68. I was forced to buy charcoal lighter fluid!?
  69. what do having sex dreams mean?Read description.?
  70. Oakland Raiders vs San Fransisco 49ers predictions?
  71. Can someone explain what a self full filled prophecy is?
  72. can anyone tell me my future?? serious answers only!?
  73. Tell My Future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  74. My dream?! super strange? i'm not sure what it means.?
  75. why would an 8 ball be able to tell the future?
  76. Need help. my wife and I have been receiving disturbing premonitions about my...
  77. Barclays premiere league matchday 8 prediction?
  78. To dream of giant boxes in the sky?
  79. Is the movie 2012 a prediction of what will happen in 2012?
  80. Weird premonition that I'll die tomorrow?
  81. the mothman prophecies?
  82. my name is naveen kumar tell me my future?
  83. How do Jehovah's Witnesses explain their many false prophecies?
  84. What Harry Potter FILM has the most reference to "the prophecy" and free will
  85. What are your predictions?
  86. May I revise my previous ALCS prediction ?
  87. Whats The Easiest Way To Have A Lucid Dream?
  88. Whats The Easiest Way To Have A Lucid Dream?
  89. What causes talking in dreams?>?
  90. why do i always dream that i have huge boogers?
  91. Everton vs Liverpool Predictions.?
  92. can any one tell what does "furure reserve" mean for HR. in my interview one HR
  93. Empty eye sockets in hallucinations?
  94. ah but again mormons, who do you explain isaiahs prophecy that the house of the
  95. What is your prediction for the Canucks game tonight?
  96. I have this weird recurring dream?
  97. Why Bible have so much unfulfilled Prophecy and Historical error?
  98. Barnsley vs. Nottingham Forest, score prediction?
  99. how can i tap into my third eye,and have premonition dreams/visions?
  100. What are some economist predictions for the future of Australian trade?
  101. How to burn QuickTime (.mov) to DVD on Mac
  102. How to burn Video_ts to DVD Mac
  103. Examples of Self-fulfilling prophecy?
  104. Based on this prophecy, I think God wants me to open a christian orphanage or bible
  105. why were predictions about the HURRICANE SEASON so terribly wrong?
  106. nba 2010-11 predictions?
  107. Anyone have a premonition about when baby would come?
  108. Dream interpretation needed?
  109. I also had mount kailash dream what does it mean?
  110. Does anyone know what this dream means. (ps the kid and I barely know each other)?
  111. how do i tell my future Daughter in law she is not good enough to marry my son.?
  112. Stranger comes up to you and tells you your future, do you believe them?
  113. I can tell your future?
  114. what are the statistics for outliving a doctors predictions?
  115. Please tell me I'm right on this! Hypothesis and predictions of a research
  116. What does a cat with chopped legs and paws mean in a DREAM?
  117. Can dreams predict the future, or tell you something?
  118. What do you think this dream means?
  119. Dream about killing machines and kids being sold?
  120. When the 5 Suns fall?
  121. Dream meaning! Helphelp?
  122. What could these dreams mean?
  123. I have been having premonitions about something, should I tell the people involved?
  124. dreams about feeling's?
  125. What was Michel de Nostredame's (nostradamus) exact prediction on the end of the
  126. Notre Dame predictions?
  127. What does this dream mean?
  128. i had a dream that i was pregnant with twins... what could it mean?
  129. Did all of the bible prophecies come true before or after they were written?
  130. 60 visions: a book of prophecy?
  131. how to get a reacurring dream i had when i was a child back?
  132. Interpret my dream please?
  133. My Empire Prophecy Hopper is stuck to the feed neck of my Autococker feed...
  134. does my 4 year old see my unborn children?
  135. My dreams are coming true. And my dreams are giving me hints with problems and
  136. Explain how self-fulfilling prophecies and incorrigible propositions help...
  137. Explain how self-fulfilling prophecies and incorrigible propositions help...
  138. Recurring Dream Interpretation?
  139. What does it mean if you have a dream that your at the dentist with this
  140. what does it mean to dream of a secret passageway in your uncle's basement?
  141. Astrology and Prophecy can you tell me a little about this?
  142. Astrology and Prophecy can you tell me a little about this?
  143. Astrology and Prophecy can you tell me a little about this?
  144. What does my dream mean?
  145. Astrology and Prophecy can you tell me a little about this?
  146. what are ur elimination chamber 2011 predictions?
  147. What do you think is going to happen at TNA'S PPV tonight(your predictions)?
  148. What are ur wm 27 predictions?
  149. dream interpretation?
  150. When you have a seemly real life dream will it happen?
  151. Weird premonitions. I guess that's whats you'd call it...?
  152. Predictions of future developments for airplanes?
  153. Whats your predictions on who "They" are?
  154. What points about the Mayan 2012 Prophecy are interesting?
  155. Prediction for final score of Phillies-Reds NLDS Game 3?
  156. What is your prediction for the Phillies/Reds series?
  157. WEek 5 predictions for me?
  158. BCS poll predictions?
  159. 2012 Predictions: How do you think these 10 states will vote?
  160. Super Bowl predictions?
  161. Hardstyle Songs Similar to Deepack - The Prophecy?
  162. Do you think Global warming is God's way of fulfilling the end time prophecy?
  163. What are the books of prophecy in the Bible?
  164. Check out this gender prediction chart....is it right for you?
  165. What are your series predictions? Make them now!?
  166. UFC 120 Bisping vs Akiyama predictions?
  167. UFC 120 Bisping vs Akiyama predictions?
  168. I had sex with my grandpa in my dream?
  169. what does it mean to dream about a snake and a lion?
  170. At least sometimes when I have a lucid dream...?
  171. Could some one tell me what this dream MIGHT mean? What do you think about it?
  172. Dreamt I was being forced to have a needle?
  173. I would like a Pickguard for my Ephiphone SG Prophecy?
  174. Your 2010 World Series Champion Ranking Prediction?
  175. If accounting information has relevance, it is useful in making predictions about?
  176. Empire prophecy issues and questions?paintball hopper?
  177. Empire prophecy issues and questions?paintball hopper?
  178. why was i dreaming about finn from GLEE???!!!?
  179. are there any ppl with premonitions out there?
  180. i need help trying to understand stuff about dreams?
  181. Last Thursday's Impact review & BFG Predictions (THIS IS GONNA BE LONG,...
  182. Bound for glory predictions the person who gets the most right gets 10 points?
  183. is the japanese premonition movie good?
  184. Bragging Rights 2010 predictions?
  185. marriage prediction- 5 december 1985, time about 12.00 noon (not very much
  186. London Irish vs Munster bet ,odds & predictions where?
  187. Can anybody tell me what my dream means?
  188. Who is this woman in my dream and why does she keep appearing in or after a
  189. Premonition during sleep paralysis?
  190. dream with a familymeber that has died?
  191. Can someone tell me my future plz?
  192. Atheists: What book would you recommend that destroys Biblical fulfilled prophecies?
  193. Jesus fulfilled hundreds of prophecies?
  194. Atheists: What do you think of all the Book of Revelation prophecies coming true?
  195. What does my dream mean?
  196. what does my stairs dreams mean?
  197. what does my stairs dreams mean?
  198. Why did my Elevator fly out of control? It went 90 miles an hour, sideways.?
  199. Can someone interpret my dream?
  200. Help! Strange dream, see detials for more about the dream.?
  201. 2010 NBA playoffs prediction?
  202. Naruto Chapter 512! Ch. 513 predictions!?
  203. Predictions.. What Record?
  204. FIFA: Honduras vs All Whites tonight, what's your prediction?
  205. world series predictions anyone from now have a guess?
  206. Is it possible to have a real feeling like some major change is about to...
  207. What does it mean to see roses in an outer body experience?
  208. What psychological issue can cause recurring dreams about flies, spiders,
  209. Extremely weird dream/experience?
  210. Did those dreams mean anything?
  211. Been dreaming about a black dog, who is always at my side?
  212. just wondering what this dream means?
  213. just wondering what this dream means?
  214. My Strange Premonitions?
  215. discover my dream of confusion?
  216. What does this dream mean?(please read all the way through)?
  217. Weird Dream??Can someone interpret?
  218. Exchanging guile wars prophecies account for a nightfall one?
  219. Are there ominous Apocalyptic predictions for the upcoming 10/10/10 date?
  220. Could anyone tell me a bit about my future?
  221. is there any physics here? someone who can tell me my future?
  222. How do you tell the future by the lines on your palm.?
  223. Prediction for Blake Griffin this upcoming season?
  224. AP CHEMISTRY equation prediction help!!!!!?
  225. Chemistry equation prediction help!!!!!?
  226. Week 6 College Football predictions?
  227. Week 6 College Football predictions?
  228. GB Packers @ KC Chiefs predictions?
  229. what are yoru predictions for the?
  230. what are yoru predictions for the?
  231. Chicago Fire roster predictions?
  232. What is the exact meaning of Premonition?.Have you ever had one or read it happened
  233. What does this dream possiably mean?!?
  234. Would you believe me if I told you I was from the future?
  235. Why do i keep haveing these visions?
  236. lucid dreaming question?
  237. Has any one else had a bad dream that was so real?
  238. 2010-2011 NHL standings predictions?
  239. period prediction!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  240. What does this dream mean?
  241. yankees twins predictions who will win the AL DS series?
  242. Atheists do you realise you're presence is the fulfillment of one of the...
  243. So, does anyone think the whole St. Malachy prophecy is about to crash down on us?
  244. Does anyone have information on this Aztec Prophecy?
  245. Do you think Obama is the child spoken of in the prophecy? The one that will bring
  246. When is Black Prophecy really, actually, going into closed beta?
  247. Christians, when you get a word/prophecy from the bible, could it be a warning?
  248. Please Help Me!!!
  249. Kissing Dream, Very Hot. What does it mean?
  250. What does this dream mean?