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  1. I need help understanding a reoccurring dream?
  2. i keep having dreams about the world ending and floods and bad things happening?
  3. I had a dream tht my son had passed away.?
  4. How can i receive premonitions of the future ? please help?
  5. Is this weird? (premonition)?
  6. Need Help, Dreams or Premonitions?
  7. how can i have premonitions? i wish to unlock this ability please help
  8. premonitions or something wrong to me?
  9. How to convert DVD to MOV on Mac?
  10. How come I am having dreams of war flashbacks, even though they aren't mine.?
  11. Bleh, someone interpret my dream?
  12. What Does This Dream Mean?
  13. How come I am having dreams of war flashbacks, even though they aren't mine.?
  14. Does my dream mean anything?
  15. Can someone please share their nightmares with me?
  16. Why do i have weird scarey dreams?
  17. Following my life long dream?
  18. I need to know if this prophecy that was uttered over my life still stands?
  19. Giants fans - do you agree with my predictions for the pitching staff of
  20. when does it mean when im always dreaming of a great guy?
  21. premonitions or something wrong to me?
  22. How to tell the difference between imparfait, imperitif, conditional and...
  23. What does my dream mean?
  24. What do you think of my Playoff predictions?
  25. How do you find a prediction equation to show a relation?
  26. Need Help, Dreams or Premonitions?
  27. can anyone tell me my future?
  28. AFC/NFC/Super Bowl predictions!?
  29. Wat do u think of my nba playoff predictions?
  30. Was Chris Jericho telling the future about the current WWE product when he made his
  31. With all the flooding going on worldwide does this make you concerned about
  32. Could an advanced Alien Civilization trick us using Biblical prophecy?
  33. This is a prophecy that God spoke over my life for the year... Is it normal if...
  34. so in the future will it be inpossible to tell whos male or female?
  35. what do you think my dream means?
  36. If we are all going to heaven what is the point of Isaiah's prophecy of...
  37. Formula 1 2011: predictions?
  38. Why are there ultimate rares in packs like Ancient Prophecy(yugioh)?
  39. Did I tell my future in my dream?
  40. Seeing we are all going to heaven or hell what point is there to this bible prophecy?
  42. What are some historical or infamous prophecies and predictions for the future?
  43. Predictions for this Playoff weekend?
  44. Does anyone have any Biblical prophecies in which says that lots of Birds are...
  45. Whats the most terrifying dream you've ever had?
  46. Can a physic tell my future?
  47. NHL mid season trophy predictions?
  48. What are the prophecies the bible has predicted?
  49. help interpreting a dream?
  50. Weird dream I had that someone was trying to kill me help please?
  51. I had a dream about dead bodies?
  52. Christians ! Do any of you know about Bible Prophecy !?
  53. Heat vs. Clippers (Predictions)?
  54. Has anyone read about three antichrists in "Three Temporal Kings - Nostradamus...
  55. I wondering the meaning behind this dream?
  56. Small analysis / prediction on WC 2011?
  57. green hornet tv series discussion or prediction?
  58. I had a dream about someone..?
  59. why do christians claim jesus was the prophesied messiah when he fulfilled nearly
  60. Any predictions for The Bachelor Season 15/Brad?
  61. In the video game Deadly Premonition, how do you solve the apple puzzle in the
  62. I thought the fulfilled prophecies were part of the strength of the...
  63. What could my dream mean?
  64. Are the birds and the fish dying part of the end time biblical prophecy?
  65. Pars v Montrose tonight?Score predictions?I reckon 4-1 the Pars?
  66. Would you like to make a prediction for 2011?
  67. can you give me three old testament prophecies concerning Christ's life on earth?
  68. do you think the world is going to end, what is your opinion on the 2012 predictions?
  69. Is my prophecy correct?
  70. What does my dream about me being naked mean?
  71. Royal Rumble Predictions?
  72. My ex girlfriend told me she still loves me and wants to get back together in...
  73. What are your predictions for the Auburn Oregon game?
  74. I had a dream of a co-worker who recently passed away a week ago.?
  75. Auburn vs Oregon bcs championship predictions?
  76. What does it mean when I eat ice cream all the time in my dreams?
  77. Tell my future ..plz..:-(?
  78. Predictions for the falcons packers showdown?
  79. Christians, do you know about the hidden prophecies in Psalms ?
  80. Is this weird? (premonition)?
  81. What does this dream mean?
  82. THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Auburn vs. Oregon Predictions(Jan. 10,2011
  83. where to buy parts to make a prophecy lightsaber?
  84. Is this "Pole Shift" prediction by Edgar Cayce indeed proof of psychic abilities?
  85. Any idea what this means? 10 Points for best answer?
  86. What is the most recent false prophecy by Jehovah's Witnesses?
  87. How does the Feast of Tabernacles prophecy God's future reign? Need specific Bible...
  88. prediction: Liverpool vs Man u?
  89. NFC Divisional Round prediction?
  90. What is the most recent false prophecy by Jehovah's Witnesses?
  91. I'm from the future. I must tell you this very important message straight away?
  92. Mentalism prediction trick?
  93. What does my dream mean?
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  95. Help me interpret my dream?
  96. How accurate was the ultrasound prediction of your baby's weight?
  97. How accurate was the ultrasound prediction of your baby's weight?
  98. Dream interpretation - can you interpret this?
  99. Where can I buy Nostradamus' book, The Prophecies or his 9 'centuries'? ?
  100. OLTL: Any baby predictions?
  101. Surgery Dream Appendix Help?
  102. is there a way that i can tell if i will go bald in the future?
  103. How to make this prophecy I'm writing for a book better?
  104. 3. How was the Jeremiah’s prediction of the 70 years of captivity fulfilled...
  105. What did Peter mean when he said that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private?
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  108. can i just say your all crap at predictions ?
  109. new and improved wm 27 predictions?
  110. Am I going crazy~~~~~?
  111. Premonition or Just a dream?
  112. Need Marriage prediction. Please help ?
  113. Bad dreams and pregnant help?
  114. Why May 21, 2011 Why Predictions?
  115. How to you tell your friends what you want to do in the future?
  116. If a Christian told you a whole lot about your life that they should know...
  117. what Bible verses support the May 21st prophecy of doom?
  118. Why do most believe a bunch of human sacrificing false god worshipping Mayan
  119. What does this dream mean?
  120. What are your political predictions for 2011?
  121. next year Lions schedule set .............. PREDICTIONS?
  122. What does this scary/totally weird dream mean?
  123. About dreaming the same dream 3 times?
  124. What Do You Think of My Wrestlemania 27 Main-Event Prediction?
  125. Jehovahs whitness's please help me understand this fasle prophecy?
  126. Car accident dream, possible premonition?
  127. someone keeps coming up in my dreams?
  128. Can someone tell my future please?
  129. in "arthur becomes king" what type of effect do Merlin's prophecies have?
  130. could someone interpret this reoccurring dream for me?
  131. Does this prophecy of blessing make sense structurally, semantically and
  132. Dream Interpretation?
  133. Pars v Raith Rovers today at Stark's Park-score predictions?
  134. Should I follow my dream?
  135. Is the application on facebook love predictions real?
  136. very strange vivid dreams any ideas?
  137. What Does My Dream Mean ?
  138. my aunt dreamed that i was drowning?
  139. What is Your Prediction for the U.S. Economy in 2011?
  140. Premonitions. What are they. How do you get them and are they normal. Can
  141. How can you tell if cards are going to be valulable in the future?
  142. When is our next prophecy?
  143. Can dreams really tell me my future?
  144. What does it mean that the Spirit of Prophecy is the Testimony of Jesus?
  145. Future...Have you ever had yours told and it came true? Fortune tellers?
  146. Clay Guida vs Takanori Gomi prediction 10 points for closet result?
  147. How do i make my dreams happen?
  148. I told my mom about my decision to be a vegan in the near future....?
  149. Do you agree with the idea of "The Law of Attraction"?
  150. NBA Finals Predictions?
  151. Weird dream, possible premonition? Or am I thinking into it too much?
  152. Premonition that Prince William will be killed?
  153. Should i do what my dream's tell me?
  154. Can jinns tell the future?
  155. Grade predictions for university - ruined.?
  156. Christians: Hinduism has prophecies, miracles and a long history too,
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  160. can wells fargo change their policies with out telling me. like now my account is...
  161. How do I easily get into sleep paralysis?
  162. What did this guy mean about this? (prophecy)?
  163. Top 3 boxing predictions for 2011?
  164. Royal Rumble Predictions any one?
  165. Premonitions..visions pastlife ?? Or just crazy?
  166. Does this have a name or am I just odd?
  167. How to say "no one can tell what future keeps for us" in any other foreign language?
  168. Can 4 Ur olds have premonitions?
  169. Predictions for the Lakers and Spurs matchup tonight?
  170. Man Utd vs Birmingham prediction?
  171. Do report-monkeys tend to remind you of the soldiers who blindfolded Jesus &
  172. Your 2011 Predictions?
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  174. wrestlemania predictions?
  175. Christians, isn't it ironic that all of the end times "prophecies" could only be
  176. What does it mean when you have a boyfriend in your dream but never having one
  177. I'm feeling like making another prediction.....?
  178. Need advice: It may seem quite peculiar to hear this but, sometimes I...
  179. I had a alien bizarre dream read on...?
  180. Wrestlemania Predictions?
  181. Do I have to tell my current and future boyfriends I'm bisexual?
  182. Premonition dreams? Help!?
  183. What are your prediction for Arsenal V Chelsea?
  184. Christians: End of the world bible-based prophecy?
  185. Lucid Dreaming...What did you dream?
  186. What are your predictions of 2011?
  187. Arsenal vs Chelsea PREDICTION!?
  188. What does my dream mean?
  189. I had a dream I came out of the closet????????
  190. 49ers v.s Rams Predictions,niners win = playoffs?
  191. 49ers v.s Rams Predictions,niners win = playoffs?
  192. Froch vs Ward predictions...if they reach the final.?
  193. Do you think this dream means anything?
  194. Atheist: What do you think about this fulfillment prophecy of Quran?
  195. i am interested in programming..please tell me some good computer languages
  196. With all the stupid false prophecy in bible, how is it you people still use...
  197. Are there any REAL predictions that modern science backs up?
  198. Which OT prophecies actually matched Jesus as the Messiah?
  199. I have dreams where I seem to be conscious during the dream and I realize that
  200. What is the Newest Bible prophecy?
  201. please tell my future?
  202. I m geithaarun born 1960/16/oct @karur6.03am tell me future?
  203. Help with these dreams....10 points?
  204. What does my dream mean?
  205. Can someone please tell me what they think this dream means?
  206. Premier League predictions for tomorrow?
  207. Royal Rumble Predictions Also ...?
  208. What other prophet, teacher or religious leader has as many (or ANY) fulfilled...
  209. Please help me to take a decision, can you please completely read my story and
  210. Is not fulfilled prophecy is one of the great proofs of the Bible’s trustworthiness?
  211. Can you guess this prediction?
  212. Singer Aaliyah had a premonition about her dying weeks before ?
  213. Fucking weird dream about a crush?
  214. Over or under: Christmas Day Predictions?
  215. What does my dream mean?
  216. Prediction: Will some guy who visited me last week at my house ask me out on a date?
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  218. how do i get rid of dreams?
  219. Can a blind person have a dream.?
  220. What are your Political predictions for the year 2011?
  221. What are the predictions for cancer horoscopes in 2011?
  222. What is the prediction about my size in the future?
  223. Weird dream... what could be the meaning?
  224. same dream and premonition?
  225. I have psychic dreams, I think!?
  226. Scary dream interpretation?
  227. NBA Game Predictions?
  228. Prediction time anyone?
  229. One day many years from now fire and ice will rain from the sky, do you believe...
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  231. Why are Christians the last ones to realize that there is no difference...
  232. Getting WAAYY too much sleep paralysis?
  233. vivid life like dream about a wolf. reincarnation?
  234. Do prophecies have to rhyme?
  235. What are signs of The End? What things STILL need to happen (according to...
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  237. why do boneheads feel they can tell what the future holds?
  238. This guy told me we had a future, slept with me and then ignored me, what
  239. Can someone interpret this dream? Please help!?
  240. Zodiac: Cancer Marriage Prediction for the Year 2011?
  241. one can make predictions for certain events based on?
  242. What does your dream mean when you dream of a giant sea turtle in a pool?
  243. what dose my dream mean ??? i was looking for some thing?
  244. What does this dream mean?
  245. Why did I have a dream about my dead dog?
  246. What could this dream mean? And why would I dream this?
  247. according to the science the prophecies about the changes in the world in
  248. Prediction: Heat vs Mavs?
  249. 2012 elections predictions who will win?
  250. Have you played Deadly Premonition?