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  1. I've been on two dates with this guy, I can see a future with him, but how can
  2. why would a guy tell you what the names he wants to give to his future kids?
  3. Can you help me interpret my dream?
  4. what is your prediction for Internet speed in the future?
  5. Red Bulls vs Guadalajara, what's your prediction?
  6. what are your e3 2011 predictions?
  7. Bradley-Alexander TONIGHT: Predictions?
  8. one piece 485 prediction or discussion?
  9. Crazy dream last night?
  10. i dream about the same place?
  11. I was told I dont Ovulate, What does this mean for my future plans of having a baby?
  12. Can't fly in lucid dream?
  13. Psychics, please tell me something about me and my future.?
  14. Looking For Web-Bot Prediction Video.?
  15. Wired dream last night and I think I know what it means, but I want to hear what...
  16. What are some bible prophecies that have come true?
  17. Prediction: Who has the better All Star Team?
  18. What are some predictions in the bible about the end?
  19. what are your predictions for the royal rumble 2011 and who do you think...
  20. dying in your dream.?
  21. Could people who get premonitions possibly have some way of "tuning in" to...
  22. I had a dream that I was drowning but I wasn't afraid,?
  23. Help! Why is'nt this happening?
  24. What prophecies have been fulfilled?
  25. Final Royal Rumble Predictions, Let's Hear What You Think!?
  26. how do i tell future partners i have hpv?
  27. Why don'tmore people believe the bible since every prediction has come true?
  28. heart rate gender predictions with your babies?
  29. Partick Thistle v Dunfermline result whats your prediction?
  30. royal rumble 2011 predictions?
  31. Does the boy or girl gender prediction from walgreens really work?
  32. Super Bowl XLV predictions?
  33. Last time I fainted I seen a crash, I thought I was dreaming, is this...
  34. What could this have possibly been about?
  35. Did I have a lucid dream? Was I close!? Help?
  36. Dream about kissing a girl who is my best friend but both in a relationship?
  37. what does it mean to dream of a former crush from long ago?
  38. i dreamt i pulled out my tongue out of my mouth, what could it mean?
  39. Does your dreams have meaning to them?
  40. Auggg Please help it is 2:30 and woke up with the worst dream?
  41. If the Koran is the Word of Allah, what did it say in prophecy about 9-11, the II
  42. Did Nostradamus predict America's political future with his prophecy?
  43. Premonition...had a dream about this guy I've never met in my life and than.......?
  44. what does this dream mean?
  45. Einstein says we can travel into the future. Math tells me we can't. Only the
  46. Bible Prophecy/Floods/Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Natural Disasters?
  47. why do so few people in America believe in prophecies?
  48. Nba title this year? also, playoff predictions.?
  49. Same dream EVERY night? Is this a bad thing?
  50. Nba title this year? also, playoff predictions.?
  51. Nba title this year? also, playoff predictions.?
  52. Same dream EVERY night? Is this a bad thing?
  53. HElP PLEASE Had dream of dead grandmother lying next to me in bed?
  54. persistant thoughts/images of husband dying: premonition or irrational fear?
  55. Im staring to mix up my reality with my dreams?
  56. i need to tell my future inlaws the truth...what do i do?
  57. Nhl all star game team predictions?
  58. Im staring to mix up my reality with my dreams?
  59. How do you interpret the stars to tell the future?
  60. What is the title of the book about a girl who can see premonitions when she sleeps?
  61. FED EX Shipping Prediction?
  62. What is the title of the book about a girl who can see premonitions when she sleeps?
  63. How does self fulfilling prophecy relate to prejudice and stereotypes and...
  64. I have HPV. Do I tell my future partners even if I am not showing any symptoms?
  65. What are your allstar game score predictions?
  66. Running/escaping dreams?
  67. Is it strange that I bow my head?
  68. Hey Degrassi fans:Short video prediction?
  69. can decisions you make in a dream force you to wake up?
  70. What does this prophecy mean?
  71. I think I had a premonition dream?
  72. What are the prophecies that are supposed to happen before god comes.?
  73. This is really bothering me? What does it mean?
  74. I had a dream about being in a car with my ex's parents and aunt. PLEASE interpret?
  75. do you beleive in the predictions 2012?
  76. Wresltemania XXVII predictions. Rate and what is urs?
  77. Prediction Saturday: Kim Clijsters or Li Na?
  78. Why is it always my right ankle..?
  79. my dream is to get a porsche and a luxurious house but how i will get it?
  80. Dream meaning: 3 times I have dreamt that I went to get a job in the same...
  81. why do i keep dreaming i'm shorter than everyone, when im actually 6 foot 3?
  82. I had a dream of my EX's parents and AUNT. PLEASE have a look and interpret it?
  83. Could you explain this dream I had?Really scared?
  84. What does it mean to dream you are shot in the head?
  85. What is your opinion on the superbowl and my predictions?
  86. Why do I always dream that I'm trying to scream but I can't?
  87. What are your predictions for the NBA Finals so far?
  88. Where are we in the prophecy of Revelation?
  89. where can i find full quarantines about all nostradamus predictions?
  90. This is going to sound crazy?
  91. super bowl 45 prediction?
  92. How could Hebrew Text and NT (Moses to John) be altered and yet become
  93. gossip girl predictions for episode 12?
  94. Oscar noms are tomorrow, any predictions?
  95. second child prediction?
  96. Dreamt of dancing with my grandma?
  97. Ive had dreams of the grim reaper and i am wondering if there's any insight to it?
  98. Please can you explain the broken bed dream?
  99. Dream symbolism? Please help?
  100. ATHEISTS: What are some of the arguments against the Christian claim that 300 bible
  101. Bulls vs Bucks predictions?
  102. A dream with a table and the girl I like.?
  103. dream interpretation help?
  104. Can someone help me interpret a wedding gone wrong dream?
  105. My sister had a dream I died... ?
  106. Weird dream about spaghetti?
  107. 2011 MLB Predictions...?
  108. 2011 nfl standing predictions?
  109. In Acts 2:17 is this prophecy been fulfilled or is yet to come in our generation?
  110. Will there be a Millennium? All the prophecies were not fulfilled?
  111. Can you tell me your thoughts on Hydrogen Fuel Cells, good or bad for our future?
  112. Can you tell me your thoughts on Hydrogen Fuel Cells, good or bad for our future?
  113. How can I tell if he is serious about the future?
  114. How come my fiance wont tell future parents baby due date?
  115. The big one : Packers vs. Steelers.What are your predictions?
  116. Atheists and others:What are your thoughts about this 2012 prediction?
  117. my 2011 auburn football prediction?
  118. What is your prediction of the Wrestlemania 27 card?
  119. arsenal vs ipswitch predictions?
  120. Blackpool vs United predictions?
  121. Is Verses Isaiah 7:15-16 part of the prophecy mentioned in Isaiah 7:14?
  122. Inducing a dream state in seconds?
  123. Dream interpretation?
  124. How is it possible that people feel things in their dreams?
  125. I dreamt I was a girl?
  126. i keep having dreams about beating people up?
  127. do christians believe the book of revelations is talking our prophecies of our time?
  128. Mexico vs USA prediction gold cup 2011?
  129. Can someone interpret this dream or ghost encounter for me?
  130. lucid dreaming of the future?
  131. Crazy chase dreams... really weird?
  132. Is it normal that I had a sex dream about?
  133. What could dogs possibly dream about?
  135. Super Bowl XLV will be Steelers vs Packers, how does your preseason prediction
  136. can you believe peter kings superbowl prediction was right?
  137. What accurate prophecies Paul have made?
  138. My girlfriend told me she likes someone else but she loves me more and wants...
  139. AFC championship game predictions?
  140. Having trouble telling my mum about my future!?
  141. Please interpet my dreams?
  142. Do you like my afc championship and superbowl predictions?
  143. What does this mean....?
  144. jumping off ladder dream?
  145. How do you get out of the Bastet stones level on Egypt 2: The Prophecy game?
  146. how tall will i be, prediction please?
  147. Have Jehovahs ever disfellowshipped someone for making a false prophecy?
  148. Matthew 2:23 -- Self-fulfilled prophecy?
  149. I keep having scary dreams about my teeth falling out. any clue what they mean?
  150. What are your thoughts/predictions about the end of the world?
  151. What do you think about the whole "2012 End of the world" stories/predictions?
  152. NFL Predictions for today?
  153. AFC Championship final score predictions?
  154. Is this prophecy being fulfilled?
  155. What does this dream possibly mean?
  156. Does lighting have a significant meaning in a dream?
  157. good title for a novel about premonitions?
  158. What Does This Dream Mean?
  159. What accurate prophecies Paul have made?
  160. Jets/Steelers predictions?
  161. Are dreams the portal into another dimension?
  162. What are your MLB 2011 Predictions?
  163. What do you think this strange dream means?
  164. Stygian here is Cayces Nevada prediction?
  165. Predictions for what NBA players will do after this playing careers?
  166. India vs South Africa - decider ODI: your predictions?
  167. USA vs chile what are your prediction?
  168. I dreamt about delivering kittens from a lady?
  169. Is it normal? Dream of accurate quiz?
  170. Isn't it interesting that so many of Edgar Cayce land predictions are coming true?
  171. How is this Edgar Cayce prediction vague?
  172. How is this Edgar Cayce prediction vague?
  173. What's your MLB AL East predictions?
  174. mlb 2011 predictions?
  175. How to tell future daddy?
  176. Tell me about M.Com. students future...!!!?
  177. i had the most scariest dream?
  178. Scary repetitive wake-up dreams?
  179. what does my family murders and my rape dream mean?
  180. Dreaming that crystals were falling out of my hair?
  181. I had the most amazing yet weird dream. Though I wish it wasn't a dream?
  182. What are your predictions for the next 100 years?
  183. Wolves vs Liverpool? predictions?
  184. In what year were these predictions by leftist environmentalist whack-jobs made?
  185. Can I get into Northeastern? I'm a hs senior. Any predictions and insight...
  186. MLB 2011 Season and Playoff Predictions?
  187. Biblical prophecy about daylight?
  188. Biblical prophecy about daylight?
  189. dreams of driving my car into water?
  190. Why do Jehovahs take such a flippant attitude about the sin of false prophecy?
  191. Degrassi: In too Deep Questions.....Eclare predictions?
  192. I had a dream about a snake?
  193. Sometimes when i'm dreaming, i actually know i'm dreaming! I had a dream not
  194. I had a violent, confusing dream?
  195. okay,gimmee two simple ways to lucid dream.?
  196. What are your predictions for the two conference title games?
  197. What does my dream mean?
  198. what does my dream mean ?
  199. Can anyone interpret my strange dream about falling upwards?
  200. premier league predictions for tomoz, sunday, monday, tuesday.?
  201. why do i keep having this dream?
  202. Pat Barry vs Joey Beltran prediction 10 points for closet to result?
  203. Hominick vs Roop prediction 10 points for closet to result?
  204. Hominick vs Roop prediction 10 points for closet to result?
  205. Mitrione vs Hauge prediction 10 points for closet to result?
  206. Please read my astrology predictions of 9/11?
  207. Evan Dunham vs Melvin Guillard prediction 10 points for closet to result?
  208. Any games like Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit for PC?
  209. If Jesus fulfilled a prophecy by willingly going to the cross under the choreography
  210. Need help with making a prediction equation?
  211. Strikeforce Grand Prix early predictions?
  212. Royal Rumble Predictions?
  213. Interpret this dream I just had...if you like. // (First ...years ago I worked
  214. What do you guys think about this prediction?
  215. Had a dream that i witnessed 5 murders, and in the dream i was in the victim's...
  216. what's it mean to dream of the ark angel?
  217. can someone help me with this dream (don't answer if you say dreams have no meaning)?
  218. Accurate Prediction on marriage date needed ?
  219. meaning of my dream?!?
  220. I Dreamed about reading a Familiar Middle & last Name. Whom I know in Real Life?
  221. Does anyone have any tips in order to successfully incubate a dream?
  222. When you dream during sleep, do they involve images only, or images & sound?
  223. Really scary recurring dream?
  224. I dreamt about me and my friends...?
  225. Dream Cancer and death ?
  226. how does macbeth misinterperate the witches prophecies?
  227. I need to know if this prophecy that was uttered over my life still stands?
  228. Dream Cancer and death ?
  229. how does macbeth misinterperate the witches prophecies?
  230. For the past 2 months, I have been experiencing intense nightmares/dark...
  231. What are your 2011 predictions?
  232. Trying to read Warriors:The New Prophecy but should I read the original
  233. Predictions for Dallas Stars Up-Coming Games?
  234. I have been having weird fantasies?
  235. Predictions for NBA awards?
  236. I have been having weird fantasies?
  237. 1st WC ODI.. Bengal Tigers vs Paper Tigers... Your prediction?
  238. If, a prophecy say: a 10 FEET snow storm in the East. Will it happen?
  239. She dreamt i was dead?!?
  240. How to tell the difference between imparfait, imperitif, conditional and future...
  241. Have you ever seen any premonition dreams? was this one?
  242. Have you ever seen any premonition dreams?
  243. Two spider dreams...?
  244. Kissing a stranger(girl)?
  245. what does this dream mean?
  246. Can someone interpret this dream about a stranger dying please?
  247. what does dreaming about eating lots of food mean?
  248. A dream across time. i saved a girl in a school or public bathroom?
  249. What does a dream about a friend dying mean?
  250. What does my dream mean?