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  1. Where can I find some good statistics on the Planet Earth and the environment in...
  2. Does anybody here believe in Karma? i.e what kinda seed you plant is what...
  3. If a famous guy u like alot is 1 of ur friends on myspace & its his real myspace...
  4. Can anyone list a liberal position base on fact, not conspiracy theories?
  5. Barclays Premiere league predictions?
  6. The Mayan Prophecy or 2012?
  7. Is it true that nuclear energy is the best alternative energy for the future ?
  8. The Mayan Prophecy of 2012?
  9. For Catholics, the prophecy of Our Lady of Good Success
  10. Adventists: How does one find the large Spirit of Prophecy volumes that had 20...
  11. i was right about my prediction of Cm punk vs. JBL 8/11/08 guess the match
  12. Phsycics, can you make a prediction about August 13, 2008
  13. I havent had much food intake in the past two days, what should i do for the future?
  14. Is the payslip confidential? Is normal to reveal our prev employment payslip to
  15. How many people see world affairs through biblical prophecy and does that
  16. Anybody have Advice for a mother of future West Point Cadet?
  17. What does a flight physical for a future Air Traffic Controller in the NAVY...
  18. What is your MLB '08 playoff predictions?
  19. Who believes in the Kenneth Lay "faked his death" conspiracy...
  20. What is this, what does it mean, it's a prophecy?
  21. early raw predictions
  22. I was wondering what girl I will date in the future?
  23. Who is watching; Is It Real : "Nostradamus Effect" on NGC?
  24. Which of the following were tribes of Native Americans who lived in the future
  25. nintendo and sony future consolesf
  26. What do you think the future will be like in 200 years
  27. Housing market predictions
  28. Which future naruto char in mugen can do all 3 rasengans. please send me a link.
  29. Can you honestly say your preseason predictions are still holding up?
  30. Summersalm predictions
  31. predictions on Canada's medal count in 2010 winter games?
  32. Are there going to be other international multi-sporting events held in China in
  33. USB pregnancy test... haha...ladies, could this be the future of preg testing?
  34. What Ever Future Wrestler Wants To Know?
  35. If I resign from my job, what can my current HR manager tell future...
  36. Is the new cloaking the same that Nostradamus predicted 450 years ago
  37. do these girls have a future in videos
  38. How will single Conservative ladies in the future handle the development of...
  39. I want to track quotes for VIX futures contracts, how do I do this?
  40. IN 1976 What movie premiered with the slipper and the rose at radio city
  41. Give me your predictions on when,how TRIPLE H & UNDERTAKERS storyline will be
  42. Are there going to be other international multi-sporting events held in China in...
  43. Is there any Nostradamus quatrains for the year 2008?
  44. if you had to re-cast "back to the future" who would you hire?
  45. is it possible to receive messages from the future
  46. What preseason prediction makes you laugh the most now?
  47. Do you think robin should be in future Nolans Batman movies
  48. Future Employee Green Card Process
  49. How will a future with cheap energy, robot labor, and plentiful low-cost...
  50. think to the future or live for the now?
  51. Did you predict anything which turned out to be true? Do you believe in
  52. What does the future hold for poor manchester city??
  53. i have a big problem and want to solve it its about my future!!!
  54. WWE SummerSlam 2008 predictions
  55. Have any of you heard of a Rapture prediction for the upcoming Rosh Hashanah?
  56. Has anyone else seen the likeness of Paolini's "Eragon" to Edding's "Pawn...
  57. Who do you think will be in the future Nolans Batman movies?
  58. what's better the bourne conspiracy or bad company
  59. Do you believe in the 9/11 conspiracy theories?
  60. Spanish Help - Future Tense
  61. whats the future hold from illegal immigration
  62. Is the International Feminist Conspiracy Co. responsible for this?They want men
  63. Do you think the economy will improve much in the near future?
  64. How do I introduce my future stepson?
  65. What are the factors that will affect peoples standard of living in the future?
  66. How will our current "anything goes, fast paced, crazy" society affect...
  67. football team of the future..............................
  68. wat will be my relationship in future???
  69. is my future guitar hero list any good?
  70. Human evolution future?
  71. what exactly does filing bankruptcy mean and how much will effect me in the future
  72. Help me with my future career
  73. Horoscope Match & Future life
  74. Reuter's timeline says Georgia attacked first. Is Reuter's anti-semetic
  75. Will Russia invade Eastern Europe in the future?
  76. What shoes does Marty McFly wear in Back to the Future 1?
  77. How will single Liberal ladies in the future handle the development of life-like
  78. If God knows the future and the past with perfect certainty - Why
  79. Are there going to be other international multi-sporting events held in China in
  80. Nostradamus, The end of the world, and the way to use it?
  81. Adult Height Prediction?
  82. What conspiracy theories do you believe
  83. Crap...is that will be the dark future of the teenagers?!
  84. has a tarot reader told you a future event before?
  85. I recently lost my Florida Bright Futures
  86. ratchet and clank future
  87. what is the scope of business development in future
  88. Does everyone who gets married see their future husband in their dreams ?
  89. Early pre-season NCAA Top 10, make your predictions on how you feel these
  90. Does any body know on what episode of the TV sitcom "Friends" Pheobe meets her...
  91. What are the factors that will affect the position of women in the future?
  92. My SummerSlam Predictions and Why?top matches only!
  93. who is the future of wrestling from fcw
  94. past, future and current economy
  95. Does anyone get hurt in the nuts in "Back to the Future 3"?
  96. early summerslam predictions
  97. The Future of the Internet--and how to stop it
  98. receive holy spirit gift of prophecy
  99. What could Juliette do if she arrived in the future with a little electronic
  100. MY FUTURE! please read and help!
  101. I have a son name Ankit Sengupta,born in 16/12/01,not in good health.Kindly...
  102. Is it some type of conspiracy by the man
  103. Does anyone know the lyrics for the future by lonestar?
  104. Plans for the future?
  105. i am a freshman in high school and i need help with my future i want to play...
  106. I'm depressed, any one els fear for the future?
  107. I need some opinions on my future. :\
  108. Is it impossible for a teenage girl to have a future with a guy that she loves who...
  109. What do you think the future outlook for teaching English in China, Japan,...
  110. Which 9/11 conspiracy theorist should win the idiot prize?
  111. Text message recieved from the future
  112. do your dreams for the future really come true??
  113. I'm having difficulty deciding on what I should do for my future occupation... Can
  114. Do you agree with this prediction: Obama 322 McCain 216
  115. How popular do you think digital (computer downloaded) books will be in the future?
  116. Is their A Russian Conspiracy on Yahoo answers to Support Georgia as part of their
  117. Conspiracy theorists, exactly how have the American oil companies colluded to
  118. Your Opinion on Money of the future: What will it look like? What will it be?
  119. Which classes should I take in high school to prepare for a future career in
  120. i just did my own tarot, 3 card for past present and future, i got in
  121. Does anyone know why if there was a conspiracy to murder JFK that shooters didnt...
  122. the future? nothing seems to have happend yet
  123. What is future of MBA-IT? What one becomes after studying this? What is the pay
  124. how can i find when future skyscraper demolitions will occur?
  125. I like my friend alot, she feels the same way. I cant see anything between us
  126. Where can I buy Justin Timberlake's Future Sex/Love Show?
  127. MLB Playoff Predictions??
  128. bright futures calculating gpa
  129. Give me your Predictions for Tonights Hard Justice?
  130. Psychic, What is my career or health future?
  131. Text Message From The Future
  132. Summerslam Predictions?
  133. Guild Wars Prophecies collectors edition?
  134. Which of these 9/11 conspiracy theorists...?
  135. If a dog travels into the future and bites his own tail, when does he feel it?
  136. Survey: In your opinion, what future country do you think could beat the...
  137. In the future, will atheists build big walled cities and kick out anyone who...
  138. Will it ruin my future if i would want to have a successful job in the future?????
  139. Would you rather change your past or know your future?
  140. What do people think of "Max Headroom's" brief return 20 Years in to the future?
  141. Dreaming of the future ?
  142. Future Actors/Actresses:Do you want to star in my online series? Read!
  143. what the heck to do in the future? i have no plans, recommmend jobs if...
  144. Good names that fits my last name for my future kids?
  145. Gameweek 1 predictions
  146. Missus due today, points for best prediction of babys birth
  147. My parents hate my in-laws--how to deal with future kids?
  148. I found a letter my brother wrote 15yrs ago to his future self, Should I
  149. Where can I find that sound effect from "Back to the Future"
  150. Will my Chapter 7 affect my future husbands credit?
  151. Auburn vs West Virginia, is it all its cracked up to be, are these teams...
  152. Jehovah's Witnesses: Why all the false predictions?
  153. Do you think I will get any future contact from my ex?
  154. I am an Indian working in Australia (Perth) wish to invest in stock market in...
  155. future business like a juke box that saves peoples song requests
  156. Isn't it funny how 9/11 conspiracy theorists?
  157. Psychic how long should it be before i meet the parent of my future hubsand and
  158. what the heck to do in the future? i have no plans, recommmend jobs if...
  159. my future.. please help
  160. Help!!!what is My future Job??
  161. Why Do They Have Government Conspiracies?
  162. wat do u think about my chicago bears 09 predictions?
  163. Who was the person that changed your future?
  164. I'm 14 and would like some advice on my future jobs. could you suggest some jobs
  165. whats the different between future tense and future continuous tense?
  166. What has been your favorite anti-Obama conspiracy so far?
  167. Do you agree with my Premier League Prediction? What would you change?
  168. Psychic when will me and my future husband going to move in to a house? i don't
  169. Survey: Do you EVER read cards to consult what might be in your future???
  170. Which users are the future of the wrestling section?
  171. Didn't somebody say that Italy would have trouble in the future because of a
  172. everyone will be the same coulor in the future?
  173. Sometime in the future this planet will be destroyed. How do you think that...
  174. is it right to have my baby knowing that im alone and have no future is it fair to...
  175. Do you think troy smith has any future in the nfl?
  176. where should obama vacation in the future
  177. Predictions for the convention in Denver, in terms of protesters and discord
  178. Help with planning my future. =|
  179. future of study with Botany!
  180. Help me with my future career
  181. What is the best discipline to study Biomedical Engineering and what do
  182. What will be the future of two-dimensional animation or 2D, in the animated film and
  183. he break up with me because of my good future? guys help me plzz
  184. Deleting the PS3 text prediction
  185. Fellow 9-11 Truthers, why must we stop upon the conspiracy of the Twin Towers...
  186. What future can you see?
  187. will it ruin my future if i would want to have a successful job in the future?????
  188. Do your believe the new Hurricane predictions?
  189. Does anyone want to make predictions for 08/09?
  190. Hi would there be a Wii dance in the future? Because I can't dance for S**t.
  191. question about my dream tellnig me the future
  192. what do u think of the suns future
  193. What job should I do in future?
  194. What if I know this somebody that I know can kill me in the near future?
  195. Can Headphones (in-ear) Cause Future Hearing Loss?
  196. How will humans evolve in the future? very hypothetical ...read more
  197. whats the conspiracy behind the olympics if any?
  198. Is there biblical evidence that Jesus will return and complete the remainder...
  199. I'm thinking of going to japan in the future...
  200. Sometime in the future this planet will be destroyed. How do you think that will
  201. who wants to start the Prediction game?
  202. What are your Predictions of who will medal in Men's Basketball at the Olympics?
  203. svr 2009 roster predictions/spoilers
  204. what do you think the future m-16 will be ?
  205. future perfect,present perfect,past perfect tense
  206. How do you know your student is not the future Jon Kreese
  207. Carlito's future in WWE
  208. If you could make a super guess, which famous person will probably make a scandal
  209. The Prediction game by Cruz Azul 14
  210. If you had the option to see your own future, would you do it and what would you...
  211. questoin about my dream telling me the future?
  212. The Once and Future King by T.H. White?
  213. I really don't like my future inlaws at all
  214. Future Hall of Famer
  215. Precursor to the future?
  216. I Layered My Thick Curly Hair , And A Tiny Bit Of Thinning, Will It Grow Back
  217. What countries would likely be used as Olympic hosts in the future (AGES in...
  218. what time is the gymnastics on 2nite and in future?
  219. Worried About My Future!
  220. If the far left has their way, do you think that George Michael or Boy George
  221. NFL 2008-2009 Predictions
  222. what do you think this dream mean. i think it mean the future death of my aunt
  223. to those who watch conspiracy theories...
  224. Do you think the Chinese language will be a neccesity in the future?
  225. What are the candidates for the future summer Olympic games (2052 onwards)?
  226. Man I love a good conspiracy theory.
  227. I want to plan on getting pregnant in the near future but my husband doesn't...
  228. Is the future of the U.S. good, bad, or ugly?
  229. The Once and Future King
  230. if future x-men films are made. which villains do you think would be...
  231. my future.. what should i do?
  232. Do You Think Big Daddy V Is A Future TNA World Champion ?
  233. Tonights UFC Predictions?
  234. I want to work on the Olympics in the future, how do I do that?
  235. what do want to be?Think about your future.
  236. Making My Future Wife Sign An Agreement
  237. antique to collect for future years
  238. Is the Georgian/Russian conflict the start of ww3 in the future?
  239. HOw can I get started in coaching men's basketball for the future
  240. Will my Future Employer Have Access to My Planned Parenthood Records?
  241. Future Career????????
  242. Are there any O.T. prophecies that are not yet fulfilled that aren't...
  243. Back to the Future question...
  244. Dream about my crush...meaning future possibility?
  245. What should my future husband know?
  246. Do you think that the Chinese language will become a powerful language in the future?
  247. End of the earth prediction?
  248. Were the Olympic opening ceremonies filmed for a future doc or feature?
  249. NFL 2008-2009 Predictions??
  250. What job i should do in my future