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  1. If Dreams are a sight in the future - Whats the best thing you've dreamed that
  2. My parents dont support my dream?
  3. Dreams interpretation?
  4. Dream analysis help please!?
  5. Why do I keep having these dreams about cheating on my boyfriend?
  6. Christians: Do you think this prophecy will be fulfilled?
  7. How can you make yourself dream about a certain thing?
  8. help me figure out this dream?
  9. Are the Bibles prophecies to vague to really use them to predict the end times?
  10. Are the Bibles prophecies to vague to really use them to predict the end times?
  11. Can someone please analyze this dream for me?
  12. Do we dream when we are in deep or light sleep?
  13. What's your prediction for the new Superman movie?
  14. What's your prediction for the new Superman movie?
  15. What are some examples of dream manifests?
  16. Do you believe all the biblical prophecies have been fulfilled and Jesus is
  17. Help with what this means? 10 points for helpful descriptions?
  18. FA Cup Quarter Final Predictions?
  19. Tell me is Gaming Animation and programming is good and has future prospects?
  20. I keep having dreams about the same person..? Please read. <3?
  21. The dream I had, dunno the meaning, advice?
  22. i had a nightmare one of my friends from high school became a prostitute?...
  23. what does this dream mean car drifting ?
  24. Tell me is Gaming Animation and programming is good and has future prospects?
  25. I had a dream that I was at a Graduation!!!!?
  26. Rats have been in my dreams, what does it mean?
  27. I've been Having Dreams about my Ex-Girlfriend?
  28. What do you think of these NBA Playoff predictions?
  29. is it normal to have dreams of a person who just past away?
  30. Does anyone believe that Angels appears in your dreams?
  31. Book name (Eve, vampire , wearwolf, future telling)?
  32. I had my first gory dream last night!!!!!?
  33. I started having premonition after I met this guy and it never stopped?
  34. i want to know more about premonition dreams? Im 12 years old and have been having
  35. can dreams be premonitions?
  36. I stopped talking to this person, but I still have premonition?
  37. was this a premonition?
  38. Boy or girl baby gender prediction test by Gendermaker?
  39. Why did Jehovah's Witnesses make a failed prediction?
  40. Premier League predictions for this week?
  41. Did Karl Marx's prediction come true?
  42. If Muhammad is a prophet, what prophecies of his came true?
  43. Do u think that praying is a self-fulfilling prophecy..?
  44. Aren't prophecies a load of crap?
  45. A question for Christians about prophecy in the Bible and the Quran?
  46. Can you tell if a guy wants a relationship with you BUT only later on in the future?
  47. Can you tell if a guy wants a relationship with you BUT only later on in the future?
  48. Can you tell if a guy wants a relationship with you BUT only later on in the future?
  49. if your a teen but not having a baby can you tell for the future?
  50. Do you think in the future, telling your kids that "homosexuality is a sin and not
  51. How to tell the difference in a guy flirting with you and a guy who wants...
  52. i dream of dead people telling me about things in the future that happens to be
  53. Predictions for the Sharks/Red Wings game tonight?
  54. St totteringhams day predictions, anyone?
  55. Your prediction for Quarter final clash?
  56. Predictions for the Sharks/Red Wings game tonight?
  57. SVR 2012 Predictions. What is Yours?
  58. Diego Sanchez vs Martin Kampmann Prediction 10pts?
  59. The words of prophecy come on apace! Are you singing praise to God?
  60. dream interpretation? what is this?
  61. The Week after Elimination Chamber 2011 predictions. Rate PLZ?
  62. Extremely disturbing dream that I had last night?
  63. Do you think this is a good prediction for American hero Cody Ross's 2011 season?
  64. Predictions for Montiel - Donaire fight?
  65. What are you All-Star predictions?
  66. What does this dream mean?
  67. Predictions for who will be the final 8 teams left in the FA Cup?
  68. Predictions for who will be the final 8 teams left in the FA Cup?
  69. Muslims: Is the Quran silent on the unrest in the Middle East: What does it...
  70. Do you think I am selfish for telling my friend to not dream about marriage...
  71. Can you continue my dream?
  72. Is Pink Floyd's album named after the Hopi Prophecy?
  73. Man U vs Marseille predictions?
  74. Psalm 68 a prophecy of the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven?
  75. can a future landlord legally tell you about current tenants?
  76. Bright light in a dream? Visitors?
  77. Bright light in a dream? Visitors?
  78. Prediction about Justin Bieber, no trolling I am serious?
  79. can you please tell me if these are premonitions or not.?
  80. Please, give me ur predictions for me...?
  81. Does this dream mean anything?
  82. Prediction Poll: Which of these events is more likely to happen first?
  83. What dream are these people speaking about when they say Obama fulfilled it?
  84. What does it mean to dream you're driving a car you can't control?
  85. Couple predictions for WM27?
  86. What does this dream mean?
  87. The birth of Jesus was written in prophecy hundreds of years before his birth,...
  88. What does this dream mean?
  89. Man in white telling me my future in a dream.?
  90. Dream about ghost kids and one of them telling me.....?
  91. did i have premonition dreams?!?
  92. Please interprit this Creepy dream?
  93. Do most Christians believe Daniel's 70 week prophecy has 69 weeks already fulfilled
  94. Prediction For 2011 MLB All Star Game?
  95. I need to know my future, any psychic people able to tell me what they see in...
  96. is this prediction correct /....LIONS go 10-6 wild card and go up to confrence to...
  97. Please interpret this dream in which I was an old woman?
  98. Largest cities in the US prediction 2050?
  99. Largest cities in the US prediction 2050?
  100. How do u interpret this really weird dream?
  101. Are people with hsv1 genitally and orally obligated to tell future partners?
  102. Can dreams help tell the future?
  103. What's up with these new "end of the world" predictions for 2011?
  104. FS! Was this some premonition to next weeks game if Squillaci plays?
  105. Man u vs Man C score predictions?
  107. Can dreams tell you something about the future?
  108. Do you believe the prophecies in the Book of Revelations are "Inevitable" or...
  109. Can anyone tell me if future shop or any other shop carries this turntbale...
  110. For Sale:Apple iPod touch 64 GB (3rd Generation) NEW...$230.95
  112. how do u have sex dreams?
  113. what are ur predictions for 2011 ?
  114. How do current events in Egypt fit into the prophecy of Revelations?
  115. What does it mean when you have a dream that you see someone naked?
  116. What does it mean to have random , crazy dreams ?
  117. in percy jackson novels does percy jacckson die or nico and is the prophecy about
  118. Constant Dreams Of Someone I Used To Love .. OH , WHY ? !?
  119. Me and my boyfriend just recently broke up, how did i know this?
  120. Help me understand my dreams please! What does this mean?
  121. nfl next year predictions?
  122. I am having weird weird dreams?? help!?
  123. Christians who believe they have the gift of prophecy or a word of knowledge/wisdom?
  124. Does my dream mean anything?
  125. Who are the "prophets" fulfilling this Bible prophecy today and why will...
  126. Knicks vs Clippers Predictions?
  127. Am doing a prediction lab and i just want to find out. When Ethanol and...
  128. I've been having this weird, disturbing vision?
  129. Ezekiel 37:15-20. prophecy for the Book of Mormon?
  130. Did I have a premonition?
  131. Athiest...Isn't fulfilled Bible prophecy proof enough that the Bible is God's word?
  132. A dream with masks and colors?
  133. Any predictions about the new upcoming Degrassi episodes?
  134. what premonitions of disaster are there at the beginning?
  135. what prophecies from the bible have came true?
  136. Why is Mohammud called a prophet when he made no prophecies?
  137. Bleach 308 discussion or prediction?
  138. what does it mean to dream of black wolves?
  139. what does it mean to dream of black wolves?
  140. Are Jehova's Witnesses' false biblical prophecies proof that Scientology
  141. My husband told me he had no future with me and that I made him marry me?
  142. Anyone good at interpreting dreams?
  143. PoLL!!What Is Your Prediction For My Appeal Going Through Or Not?
  144. Was this Lucid Dreaming ?
  145. Sons of Anarchy Predictions?
  146. Ramadan: If a g.a.y muslim wants to repent and get married , do you
  147. HOW WOUld You feel if you were give this prophecy?
  148. Wrestlemania 27 Match Predictions! Do you like it?
  149. Can any girl out there tell me the idea look they want there men or future
  150. 2011 Degrassi Predictions ?
  151. What's your World Series prediction (details inside-->)?
  152. Dreaming about being raped, is this normal?
  153. Ladies: Would you tell a future husband ?
  154. Atheists: Why did no “other god” accurately predict and fulfill the prophecy
  155. Question about Bible prophecy?
  156. Isn't this a false prophecy of Paul's about Jesus' second coming?
  157. My Wrestlemania 27 Match Predictions. Rate from 1-5?
  158. i had a werid dream,?
  159. Name a game similar to fahrenheit(indigo prophecy)?
  160. Can former bosses tell future employers about your medical condition?
  161. have prophecies written in the old testament?
  162. did i have a premonition dream?
  163. i wanna find web sites with Japanese prophecies from Japanese prophets?
  164. What did Muhammad prophecy and how did the Qu'ran come to be written
  165. Tomorrow's(02/04/2011) NBA match predictions?
  166. Is there anyone here, who has a PhD in any science and believes in the...
  167. Would you call this a "miracle" or a "prophecy"?
  168. Is the prediction of the end of life on earth always wrong? or will we...
  169. Chelsea vs Liverpool predictions.?
  170. Jones vs Bader prediction 10 points for closet result?
  171. weird skeleton dream.. seeking interpretation?
  172. Hey people, any idea on what this dream means.. or nothing?
  173. Weird day to day thoughts and dreams?
  174. What does dreams about tarot cards mean?
  175. Hey guys do you no if this dream i had means anything or not?
  176. Last year there was a thing where you could make your own NCAA
  177. Chelsea v Liverpool Predictions?
  178. What's your prediction for Super Bowl XLV?
  179. Unusal dream about 4 things? Can you answer please?!?
  180. My friend had a vision.?
  181. 365 Prophecies fulfilled by Jesus!?
  182. spiders in dreams, what do they mean?
  183. strange dream.... help!!!?
  184. can anyone help with this dream meaning?
  185. can anyone help with this dream meaning?
  186. CHRISTIANS: Any prophecies soon to be fulfilled with Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan,...
  187. CHRISTIANS: Any prophecies soon to be fulfilled with Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan,...
  188. Super Bowl predictions?
  189. Egypt in prophecy today?
  190. Dream analyzing: Not seeing faces in dreams?
  191. DO you believe?That dreams are predictions?
  192. I had a dream about the devil, the dream was way too scary & surprising to be of...
  193. I had a dream about twins, interpretation?
  194. My identical twin and I had the same dream?
  195. Packers or Steelers? your predictions?
  196. Who on Y&A can tell me the meaning of Daniel 8:14, What is the date this
  197. Superbowl Predictions?
  198. How good am I at making predictions?
  199. Bulls vs Clippers predictions?
  200. recurring drowning dream?
  201. Are my nightmares trying to tell me something?
  202. Predictions tonights games?
  203. How accurate are the following Global "Warming" predictions from 2000?
  204. For those who don't believe Christ is the Messiah, what prophecy do u believe He
  205. Can dreams teLl the future ?
  206. Jehovah's Witnesses, which eschatological prophecies do you believe have...
  207. liverpool vs stroke? predictions?
  208. i need to conduct an experiment on tool life prediction.some one tell me, how can i
  209. i had this dream... help?!?
  210. Why has my dreams stopped?
  211. Predictions for LC 2011 Chemistry Paper?
  212. premier league predictions tuesday and wednesday?
  213. Is this Islamic end of times prophecy coming true:"The inhabitants of Egypt will...
  214. Tell me about my life and future?
  215. Can any one tell me " Whats the Future Of Open Source Software Technology"?
  216. Islamic nation Bible prophecy?
  217. I seriously seek to know which of the prophecies came true. Please help. Please
  218. interpretation of my dream were i get shot n shot back?
  219. uh... Breast Feeding?
  220. I had a dream about eating food in church?
  221. What is the significance of leeches,worms in my dream?
  222. Do i have sleep paralysis, or was it an OBE, or was it all just a dream. Help?
  223. I've dreamed about him countless times... Will I ever meet him?
  224. I had a really disturbing dream? What does it mean?
  225. I'm 14 and have had my first premonition at I think 6. And when i was that...
  226. Royal Rumble Predictions?
  227. what will be the score in the superbowl? predictions i mean...?
  228. Recurring dreams of tidal waves?
  229. someone help me achieve my dream belly?
  230. ok guys the royal rumble starts in 30 minutes predictions?
  231. What are your predictions for the Cavs losing streak?
  232. ANY last Predictions on whats gonna happen at the royal rumble 2011?
  233. How does this prophecy sound? (Poetry isn't my thing, but I tried my best)?
  234. christians? what is the difference among the prophecies of the book of
  235. Ever had a premonition?
  236. Keep having a dream of being stuck in bed?
  237. Can dreams mean something?
  238. What does this dream mean?
  239. Why do Jehovah's Witnesses tell future converts to use a Bible that has false parts?
  240. Royal rumble predictions + who do u want to win it ?? + BQ?
  241. Do christians believe the book of revelations is talking our prophecies of our time?
  242. Christians: Can you ask god to give his superbowl predictions.?
  243. Now that the offseason is almost over how about we do some predictions?
  244. how accurate is the intelligender gender prediction test?
  245. What should I do if my best friends told me and another friend our futures?
  246. What does it mean when you dream you kiss someonewho you dont even like?
  247. What do people think about Marx's prediction of a bourgois revolution? Is it...
  248. You Probably Have Dreamed About.....?
  249. What accurate prophecies Paul have made?
  250. Do you think I should go to Santa Monica beach with the weather predictions?