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  1. Is there any way to STOP having lucid dreams?
  2. Where can I find people that can tell the future (psychic?) ?
  3. Dream Interpretation?
  4. my unwritten chapter of a dream?
  5. whats a good site for nhl game predictions?
  6. Nostradamas Prophecy?
  7. Do you believe that you can see people's spirit or ever had a premonition?
  8. The Media Has Ignored Charlie Sheen's Politics. Here's Why
  9. Predictions on Japanese Yen to United States Dollar exchange rate?
  10. couldnt you tell what will happen in the future if you knew all the physics of the
  11. Tornament predictions:UCONN vs DUKE?
  12. Cannibal/Woods/Flying dream interpretation, please help!?
  13. How many of the 365 Bible prophecies have already been fulfilled?
  14. Name:bhojraj,DOB:-2-12-1989,at 8pm tell me my future like financial...
  15. DOB 12-1-1971,08.05 AM, Ahmedabad, pls tell me about my horscope and future?
  16. Coincidence? 2012 predictions?
  17. Quake prediction...........?
  18. What does my dream mean,?
  19. i saw an owl in my dream?
  20. Christians, and/or anyone religious, why do you think "prophecy" is fulfilled?
  21. In my dream, losing and finding your keys..what does it mean?
  22. Whats Your Gas Price Predictions?
  23. Was 666 prophecy as big as 2012 prophecy.?
  24. I had a dream that the boy I hate was the most amazing boyfriend in the world to me!
  25. Prediction for Champions League score?
  26. Your NL East predictions?
  27. Why doesn t people realise what s going on and we are at the end and all...
  28. Are you now a step closer in believing the prophecy of 2012?
  29. can someone tell my future ?
  30. What does it mean when a guy tells you about his future plans?
  31. Wierd dreams. Any one know what they mean?
  32. Can anyone else do this? All my friends think I'm crazy for saying I can.?
  33. Nightmare/Vision help please!!?
  34. Atheists, can all the "end times prophecies" be reduced to these things?
  35. I want to play black prophecy but my graphic card...?
  36. Male with cervix. How do I tell this to future partners?
  37. What do I tell future employers?
  38. Is it possible to tell the future? I've got feelings like deja vu?
  39. How many "End of the world" predictions were set for the year 2010 but never
  40. PUSHY OR OK....should i call my separated husband to tell him to come...
  41. I had a premonition about the earthquake in Japan, has anyone else ever...
  42. This dream was weird?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!?
  43. Does anyone (besides NDE/ARE) put any credence in the...
  44. Do you believe you can have premonitions in your dreams?
  45. Help me make a prophecy?
  46. What are your 2011 March Madness Final Four and Elite Eight predictions?
  47. Dream about eating broken glass?
  48. whaddya think of me final 4 predictions?
  49. AL East Predictions + BQ?
  50. Do Jehovah's Witnesses know about all the FALSE PROPHECIES their religion has...
  51. If a Christian church is not making much money, do they up the ante and
  52. If I say that on September 1, 2011 the world will end, is that a prophecy or what?
  53. did i have a premonition of the earthquake in japan?
  54. If the world is going to an end on 2012.12.12 as Mayan prophecy said.what will you
  55. What prophecies in the bible have been fufilled?
  56. what are the 33 prophecies that jesus fulfilled according to christianity?
  57. I'm trying to concieve and hsving weird dreams?
  58. What does a dream about getting married mean?
  59. Dreams of Earth rotating super fast, the moon falling, gravity coming and
  60. Who discovered astrology and how did they work out how to tell the future?
  61. can someone tell my future?PLEASE!?
  62. What predictions can you make about its vapor pressure and boiling point?
  63. NHL stanley cup predictions?
  64. Dream premonitions(20 char.)?
  65. Is this a premonition or just a coincidence?
  66. 2011 MLB predictions?
  67. Nostradamus' predictions of 2012 debunked?
  68. What are your trophy predictions this year?
  69. What does it mean to dream of killing animals?
  70. A dream that sequals another dream?
  71. I'am having weird dreams -_-?
  72. Have you already realized that Jesus prophecies are being fulfilled?
  73. Question about a prophecy I received?
  74. I have been hearing a lot about the prediction of May 21 being Judgment Day,...
  75. 2012 real prediction?
  76. wierd dream about an astroid storm and the sun exploding?
  77. wierd dream about an astroid storm and the sun exploding?
  78. How to deal with bad dreams.?
  79. are the maya prophecies true? do they have something of reality in their contents?
  80. Is that happened today a part of the end times and or prophecy? Jesus is coming soon?
  81. Do Jehovah's Witnesses know about all the false prophecies and many revisions...
  82. How to deal with the confusion after you realize that you had a premonition?
  83. Premonitions and dreams and things.?
  84. Do you believe dreams are our subconscious?
  85. What do Animal Dreams mean?
  86. How do they TIME TRAVEL in Premonition film?
  87. Who is the Great harlot called Babylon in the bible prophecy?
  88. 2012 Mayan Prophecy Predictions?
  89. Are we witnessing Bible prophecy been fulfilled?
  90. What is the signifigance of the "Third Temple" in end times prophecy?
  91. What is the signifigance of the "Third Temple" in end times prophecy?
  92. This is for serious students of Bible Prophecy!?
  93. I don't understand my dream. Can you help me?!?
  94. What's going with all the dooms-day predictions in 2011?
  95. Do I have to tell my future landlord I'm pregnant?
  96. burton prophecy's, mission's, or cartel bindings which to get?
  97. Ok can dreams tell the future?
  98. people i know always die in my dreams what does it mean?
  99. What does it mean to dream of death on a train ?
  100. What does it mean to dream of death on a train ?
  101. If someone marries without telling their future spouse they cheated on them, is
  102. How do you feel about predictions that 'The Rapture' will occur in May of...
  103. Uefa Champions league Barcelona vs Totanham April Predictions?
  104. Lakers @ Heat II. T.O.N.I.G.H.T.! Predictions?
  105. Meredith Whitney made a pretty good call on banks but her municipal bonds
  106. Do pregnancy dreams come true?
  107. Do pregnancy dreams come true?
  108. valor Dream slimline,burns weak yellow flame.and leaves sooty deposits?
  109. Another weird dream...is there a pattern forming here?
  110. What page of Harry Potter talks about Voldemort's reason for choosing Harry...
  111. What does this premonition mean?
  112. With i dose lucid dream are you supposed to fall asleep while doing it?
  113. Star wars prophecy help?
  114. Europa league predictions: pt1?
  115. 2011 NBA Playoff Predictions!?
  116. can some one tell if I have a future in novel writing?
  117. Psychics please tell me what you see in my future with preston. His bday is...
  118. I dreamt that the KKK was after my friends and I, even though I'm white?
  119. What does my dream mean?
  120. Predictions for Semi Finals, Cricket?
  121. Spurs vs AC Milian predictions?
  122. Super Bowl predictions?
  123. Isn't funny that Joseph Smith fulfilled one of his own prophecies? Read below?
  124. Isn't funny that Joseph Smith fulfilled one of his own prophecies? Read below?
  125. Do atheists understand how they are fulfilling Bible prophecy?
  126. What advice can a girl give me for dreams about a girl I don't know?
  127. Weird dream what does it mean?
  128. Please check this out, bad dream, or maybe not dream :'(?
  129. Why did I have a dream that I killed someone?
  130. I am totally pissed about the 2013 flare predictions.?
  131. Do you really firmly believe in the predictions made for 2012 by the...
  132. Dream about a dead, brown spider?
  133. Dream meaning (repeating dream)?
  134. I had a dream my cousin died, I can't forget it, it won't get out of my...
  135. i had a dream that everyone, including myself walked around naked but with
  136. i had a dream that everyone, including myself walked around naked but with
  137. 6 Bible prophecies you are seeing fulfilled!! ?
  138. Why do people keep saying 'the prophecies' are coming true?
  139. if we could record our dreams?
  140. Stanley cup predictions?
  141. does my dream mean anything bad?
  142. Could my dream be a premonition?
  143. My dreams are becoming so real that when i wake up i cant tell if im still sleeping
  144. what does it mean when someone dreams about a miscarriage?
  145. Bible prophecies you are seeing fullfilled ?
  146. Christians: Do you believe the prophecy of the coming kingdom as expressed in...
  147. Barclays English Premier League (EPL) Final table predictions.?
  148. what are your 2011 draft predictions?
  149. WrestleMania 27 Predictions?
  150. What are your Gold Cup 2011 Predictions?
  151. Why is Rush so right all the time? Like his 2008 prediction that obama would not...
  152. Why is Rush so right all the time? Like his 2008 prediction that obama would not...
  153. Predictions for FC Barcelona v. Arsenal tonight?
  154. Predictions for FC Barcelona v. Arsenal tonight?
  155. Rhh: sales predictions?
  156. Predictions on tonights game!: Arsenal v Barcelona?
  157. I had a dream about twins girls...?
  158. What does my dream mean?!?! (20 characters)?
  159. Scary dream, possibly about hell?
  160. ive been having vivid dreams?
  161. Could any one tell me if I could play Time splitters future perfect on a xbox360?
  162. What specific prophecies (nothing vague) in the Bible have come true?
  163. What specific prophecies (nothing vague) in the Bible have come true?
  164. I had a dream that came true.. Is it possible for dreams to tell the future?
  165. How to set up an xbox 360 controller on black prophecy?
  166. Pretty Little Liars prediction?.?
  167. What does this dream mean)!?!?!?
  168. Can you tell my future?
  170. I cant control my dreams but i can feel them what does this mean?
  171. Can somebody here give me a word of prophecy from the Lord or from some other faith?
  172. could any one tell me if I could play Time splitters future perfect on a xbox360?
  173. I had a disturbing dream? Should I be concerned?
  174. Lucid dreaming... Dreams seem to merge with real life.?
  175. Do you consider this vague or self-fulfilling prophecy?
  177. I"m having bad dreams. Help me!?
  178. I"m having bad dreams. Help me!?
  179. Really strange dream.. and ideas?
  180. What do beetles crawling on you in dreams signify?
  181. i had two dreams that need interpreting! please help!?
  182. OH ALMIGHTY YAHOO! ANSWERS... Tell me my future. WHAT DOES IT BEHOLD?!?
  183. Question about the AL East and all the predictions people having been making on...
  184. 2011 NRL Season Predictions?
  185. I know its early but, what are your predictions for the WWE Draft?
  186. i had a dream that my ex lover died then the next day i had a dream that my...
  187. Weird dream. Explanation please?
  188. I dreamed I was pregnant and I'm only 13?
  189. I dreamt that I lost my shoes?
  190. Any predictions for the next Monday night RAW?BQ?
  191. what do you think of my predictions ................. yo yo yo yo yo yo yo?
  192. What are these dreams tellin me ?
  193. Graphic dream about Birth and Death, your interpretations please?
  194. Dream interpretation: Getting stabbed in the thigh and wrist.?
  195. How can i lucid dream?
  196. What to interpret of these War Dreams?
  197. Dreaming of the same person frequently?
  198. what's the most meaningful dream you ever had?
  199. Really WEIRD things happen to me while I DRIFT OFF to sleep? THERE ARE
  200. If my school bag was frozen and found in the future, what would it tell...
  201. what should i do in life & in my future?but i have done my 12th and my age is
  202. Any ideas about why I dream of death so often?
  203. What does this dream mean?
  204. Ok i had this weird dream but also kinda funny? what could it mean?
  205. What does these dreams mean, and do they go hand in hand?
  206. Zombie dream meaning?
  207. why do i keep having the same dream?
  208. What does this dream about a restaurant mean?
  209. Predictions for the Heat vs Bulls game?
  210. Liverpool v Manchester United..predictions?
  211. 2011-2012 NFL Division predictions?
  212. May 21, 2011 prediction of the end, who is this guy?
  213. please interpret dream with dark chocolate?
  214. Dreams about toilets?
  215. please interpret dream with dark chocolate?
  216. Next Winter Weather Predictions In Uk?
  217. Recent Dream About My Crush?
  218. Last Chance predictions: Canelo Vs Hatton, who wins and how?
  219. What the heck could this dream mean? Caged mouse...?
  220. Dan Henderson vs Feijao Prediction 10 pts for closet to actual result?
  221. Predictions about aliens?
  222. Angel visits me in dream?
  223. What does this dream mean!?
  224. Why do I keep having sex dreams about my bandmates?
  225. Teens: do you believe in being able to tell the future?
  226. What are lucid dreams?
  227. cobra snake threatening my lil girl in my dream what doss that mean?
  228. drempt about a dog that turned into bird?
  229. Fellow atheists, is it even POSSIBLE for Christians to determine whether...
  230. Couldn't you consider these to be failed prophecies?
  231. I dreamt my future once, a real premonition dream?
  232. Rahul Gandi Become cabin ate Minister Next year in India ? Mahe Mahmood s...
  233. What do you say on Shane Warne's this prediction on today's match? Cricket?
  234. USA vs Argentina what are your predictions?
  235. WWE Extreme Rules predictions. Rate?
  236. Any couple married for whom Astrologer's prediction failed?
  237. First team All-NBA predictions, agreed?
  238. Dan Henderson vs Feijao Prediction 10 pts for closet to actual result?
  239. Any married couple for whom the Astrological Predictions failed?
  240. Could you please tell me anything about my future?
  241. How to tell the future?
  242. My mom just told me I'm going to be a failure in the future, what's your opinion?
  243. plz tell me about my future,job,career,marriage.where n when i will b...
  244. Fellow atheists, what is your take on the "prophecies" concerning the end
  245. Prophecy of the Sisters cover dilemma!?
  246. is the nation of Israel a fullfillment of end time prophecy?
  247. Fellow atheists, what are your opinions of the "prophecies" concerning...?
  248. What does this dream mean?
  249. Dream Interpretation?
  250. what does it mean dreaming of a black crow?