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  1. What.. "Lesbian? Her birthdays in March. I thought she was a Pisces." means?
  2. First gay kiss? Help?
  3. Do the majority of lesbians use dild0s?
  4. What percentage of kids with gay parents grow up to be gay?
  5. Fix & Repair Music Information Easily on Your Mac Computer
  6. Do you think there is ANY bit of possibility that you are homo/bisexual?
  7. Whats the best way to perfrom an exocrism on my gay son?
  8. Does a vertical labret piercing scream lesbian?
  9. Is it true that having a piercing on your left cartilage means you're a lesbian?
  10. What is the point in being gay?
  11. Why did Homo sapien sapiens survive and not Homo erecus and others?
  12. What does it mean if an ex that's now a lesbian...?
  13. Did ancient Homo sapiens have any religion?
  14. i crush lesbian and it that mean that i am lesbian too?
  15. should the Christian B & B owners have been ordered to compensate that gay couple?
  16. Why do I not feel weird or off-put from reading a story about lesbian love?
  17. How come my friends keep acting homo?
  18. Straight women are lesbians right?
  19. Because homo and heterosexuality isn't a choice, what about bisexuality?
  20. (I'm gay) I'm so in love with my exboyfriend. Now what?
  21. Where is this gay marriage video?
  22. Lesbian studs to talk to?
  23. Christians: If Evolution isn't true, then the Homo erectus never existed?
  24. Why is it that Tim Tebow was hated on for being a Christian, but Jason Collins is
  25. Do gay and lesbian people ever have regrets?
  26. Are there any gay male strip clubs in Nashville?
  27. Why do they teach the perverted deviant practice of Homo-sapiosexuality in school?
  28. Please help I think I might be lesbian?
  29. Since Christians hate gays, why shouldn't gays hate Christians?
  30. Does watching trib lesbian porn and masturbating to it make me gay?
  31. Was Jason Collins announcement of being gay worth President Obama & Michelle's...
  32. .........No homo.......?
  33. I think my son may be gay. What do I do?
  34. Voyager Homo Faber 1991 Film Saxophone Song?
  35. Is it a bad thing to be a lesbian?
  36. Is "Homo" a Derogatory Term?
  37. Does anyone have A.D.D, OCD, insomnia, Anxiety, and gay?
  38. Homo Erectus was...(M/C Question)?
  39. I really want to seduce my best friend for a nice lesbian experience..but...
  40. I used to be bi? am i lesbian now?
  41. Are you pleased that Rhode Island just legalized gay marriage?
  42. Are there any good homo comic books or Web comics?
  43. Please heelllppp? Lesbian kiss piggy chopps?
  44. Can Republican Hypocrits tell us why they Support Gay kids and abortions for...
  45. I came to know that my husband is a gay what shall i do ?
  46. Is there a gay/lesbian side for a stretcher?
  47. What are some definite signs that a guy is gay? No stereotypes?
  48. Why do people think I'm a lesbian?
  49. Did the homo in the white house flip his lid this afternoon ?
  50. Does sexually experimenting with a friend of the same sex make you homo-sexual?
  51. is she a lesbian with a crush cuz i like her and is she just hiding it or
  52. Why are domestic violence rates so high in lesbian couples?
  53. What is going on here? Scared to be a lesbian?
  54. What's it mean if a black guy says "Pause no homo" when he speaks? My sisters...
  55. How may we morally and legally ensure a rapid mass extinction of gays
  56. Rudy Gay is the best player of all time?
  57. The history and interpretation of the discoveries of Homo erectus in East Asia
  58. Homo protest! Where and how to start?
  59. Are gay men less likely to commit to marriage than lesbians or straight couples?
  60. Isn't it amusing how some people love to claim that gay people are 'shoving' it
  61. When did Elias Garcia Martinez paint the Ecce Homo?
  62. I was telling my boyfriend how I support gay people and...?
  63. How do I become a lesbian?
  64. How do you wax your unibrow (No homo)?
  65. Would this make me look gay.?
  66. Why do some people care if people are gay, lesbian, or transsexual?
  67. Am I A Full Lesbian Or Just Bi?
  68. Why do gay men keep hitting on my boyfriend? It's making him really...
  69. What is my sexuality? Gay? straight? bi?
  70. To which of the higher taxa listed below do humans (Homo sapiens) not belong?
  71. What does homo religious mean?
  72. is Mthobisi khulu gay?
  73. Is there a place for fat gay guys?
  74. Am I considered a lesbian if...?
  75. Not attracted to girls anymore, is this normal? (no homo)?
  76. gay guys! how do you do it?
  77. Were prehuman ancestors such as Homo habilis and Homo ergaster allowed into the
  78. Only for gay guys, help with sex tips?
  79. books, magazines, newspaper that have something to do with acceptance of...
  80. My best friend threw out her cosmetics, perfumes, stilletto shoes and Burkin...
  81. New to this lesbian thing.. help please?
  82. What is the relationship between: the genome, chromosomes, genes, alleles...
  83. Only for gay guys, help with sex tips?
  84. am I a lesbian or what?
  85. Straight girl attracted to gay guys?
  86. Where is a good place for a black lesbian poet to live in Philly?
  87. Bi people: do you swing between hetro and homo-sexuality?
  88. If Homo Sapiens (modern day humans) migrated out of Africa, where did...
  89. Friend who is Bi? Gay? Confused?
  90. Are we still homo sapiens and if yes, when will we evolve?
  91. I love gay circuit and rave events, do others get turned on by the really hot and
  92. If God believe everyone is equal then why can't we re-write the Bible to include
  93. Is homo-sexual used to describe a gay man and a lesbian woman?
  94. I'm 18 and I think I am a lesbian and I don't know how to come out?
  95. in the name Homo hablisis, which is the species?
  96. Is Louie Spence gay...?
  97. Older, Gay In a Small Town?
  98. My mom thinks I'm gay?!!?
  99. My question is for the gay and lesbian seniors who have something to say?
  100. when did you choose to be gay?
  101. What is your opinion on people being homo-sexual?
  102. can i be a heterosexual homo romantic?
  103. My friends think I'm lesbian?!?
  104. Why say God hates Gays and Lesbians?
  105. What should I get my (lesbian) girlfriend for Valentine's?
  106. Why say God hates Gays and Lesbians?
  107. Am i lesbian? and i have a boyfriend? Im confused.. Help.?
  108. Homos and lesbos, why do you claim you didn't choose to be gay but still...
  109. How do I prove im not gay?
  110. What should I get my (lesbian) girlfriend for Valentine's?
  111. What do my straight female friends think about me being a lesbian?
  112. Is the gay community more of a bully than mainstream society?
  113. Fellow religiously concerned Homo sapiens, read any good books lately (besides the...
  114. Am I HOCD or lesbian?
  115. I'm gay and wondering if it would be a mistake to move to New Braunfels, TX?
  116. Is it a sin for a girl or a guy to study Homo Erectus?
  117. How can I find out if I'm gay?
  118. Graphite and Diamond HOMO and LUMO?
  119. Why are so many gay women and men promiscuous?
  120. What are your thoughts on the Boy Scouts lifting their ban on gays?
  121. I'm a lonely lesbian what do I do?
  122. How do I know I'm Lesbian?
  123. Why are gay men so..........?
  124. How to blance homoes without medication?
  125. Why doe's Homer Simpson Sound like a Homo Sapian did he Evolve 50 th episode on late
  126. Why the right wing hindu parties in india have a problem with gays and lesbians
  127. people seem to look at me like i am gay (i am)like today i was sitting with
  128. The New Testament of Jesus tells us that compassion for all is essential where do...
  129. If church and state are separate, how can homos have the right to marry when...
  130. I had a lesbian dream but am straight?
  131. Am I gay? Last week my girlfriend ...?
  132. Why the right wing hindu parties in india have a problem with gays and lesbians
  133. In cali are there really hippies ....quirs?
  134. How did modern homo sapiens evolve differences?
  135. is it gay or quir if i straghtend my hair and im a guy?
  136. Best gay songs to cry?
  137. I had S+E+X thought on Kristen stewart in snow white (she s+quir+ts on 7
  138. How can I tell if the girl I like is a lesbian too?
  139. I flirted with a gay...?
  140. Is my ex gay? Confused and in need of help!!?
  141. I have a lesbian crush on my straight best friend?
  142. Why doe's Homer Simpson Sound like a Homo Sapian did he Evolve 50 th episode on late
  143. Advice for nephew who wants to join (Obama's gay) Army?
  144. (Lesbians & others :)Which names do u find cool on butch or soft butch lesbians?
  145. I Think I'm A Lesbian...?
  146. Girls,do girls avoid guys who LOOK gay?
  147. What do Creationists think when they see the fossilized bones of Homo Habilis?
  148. For those friends who know that you are either bi or homo, do you ever
  149. signs a girl is lesbian for you? lesbian girls especially please ?
  150. Why do people hate gay people so much and treat it like something to be ashamed of?
  151. Why do some taxonomists want to classify some Homo erectus specimens as Homo...
  152. I'm against gay male fathers, but not lesbian mothers....?
  153. You are more likely to be struck by lightning in a given year (based on...
  154. Will korean Lesbian join hands with members of "50 Cent Party" of great China?
  155. Why do conservatives want to hate on gays and then hide behind religion?
  156. Do you know why you are gay or why you are a lesbian?
  157. My friend came out to me, I'm not gay, now what?
  158. What would your slogan be? Liberal: handicaps and homos forever.
  159. Which of the following are features of Homo erectus? Check all that apply,?
  160. i just found out my brother is gay, what should i do?
  161. Is it weird that ive only made out with one girl and im a lesbian?
  162. If LGBT isn't just about gays then why aren't other people included to be part of it?
  163. Do you think there any homos besides homo sapiens left?
  164. Could the biodiversity of eidonomic features in the homo genus be explained as...
  165. I think i am a lesbian!?
  166. Can a gay/bisexaul guy maintain a platonic realtionship (bromance) with
  167. Do you think an average gay guy is more attractive than an average straight guy?
  168. Is Los Angeles a gay/lesbian city?
  169. Why do gay people tell everyone that they're gay?
  170. How big a homo is Romo?
  171. what do i say when a guy ask me if i'm lesbian?
  172. I had S+E+X thought on Kristen stewart in snow white (she s+quir+ts on 7 hobbits
  173. Is My Friend A Lesbian? If she is, how can I get her to experiment (sexually)...
  174. Is narcissim a homosexual trait, why do homos think they are way hotter than
  175. In cali are there really hippies ....quirs?
  176. I'm a bi girl and I have a crush on my lesbian friend how do I woo her heart?
  177. So there's this girl.. Young (homo) love :o?
  178. A Good Way To Ask If A Girl is Lesbian?
  179. Did Kobe get his first ring from Shaq? (No Homo)?
  180. Is San Pedro Calungsod gay and a traitor?
  181. I liked a femme lesbian does it mean i am a lesbian too?
  182. is the structure of the human skeleton optimized to suit the needs of modern...
  183. Would you say this girl is a lesbian?
  184. Why did homo sapiens born during the Pleistocene Epoch get for themselves,
  185. If I fell in love with a ghost, and the ghost happened to be gay, would that...
  186. Are Homo Erectus from Africa?
  187. why does status quo - dislike lesbians is he a rowdy fellow?
  188. Is my friend a lesbian?
  189. My brother is gay, but he does not want to tell our mom and dad ever?
  190. Can someone give me a high quality picture of the botched Ecce Homo?
  191. How to ask a guy to masturbate with me (no homo)?
  192. POLL: How do gay guys dance at a gay club?
  193. How should i tell my parents im a lesbian?
  194. Is wanting to ban gays from serving consistent with my wish for militarism?
  195. Have atheists as a group ever supported and fought for any other group other
  196. i came out as a lesbian, and my friend guessed that I liked her, now i have lost her
  197. im lesbian and i want to kiss my friend so bad?
  198. Is Oxygen (02) gay or straight?
  199. My best friend said she don't want to be my friend anymore after I called her
  200. Do you think this gay guy likes me?
  201. Am I a lesbian or what?
  202. Are Homo sapiens realted to Homo Ballius? How so?
  203. Why is being gay a sin, but touching dead pig skin or wearing 2 woven fabrics is not
  204. Do you think I should consider myself as a Lesbian?
  205. What does the discovery of the Homo Habilis mean in relationship to the
  206. My daughter asked about gay people and I told her it was wrong ....?
  207. How would we recognize it when and if homo sapiens evolves into a distinct species?
  208. Chick-fil-a gets rammed for its anti-homo remarks, and has a branch blocked from
  209. Gay Men, I need your advice!?
  210. Lesbian bars new york for wife and i?
  211. Whats the difference between Hemo an Homo?
  212. Comeback to ' you're a homo'?
  213. What do gay men think of gay women?
  214. Gays:lesbians:bi do you all think there are way more homo's then people
  215. We went to the gay bar last night and my butt hurts?
  216. Do you think I'm a Lesbian?
  217. Did you hear that Billy Graham (of Billy Graham Crusades fame) supports...
  218. How come some gay people can be intimate with a woman and even have children?
  219. Is a priesthood that only allows one sex homo- sexual?
  220. Homo Erectus ? abcdefg?
  221. What can I do to make people stop thinking I'm a lesbian?
  222. Gay - top, bottom or versatile, what's your preference?
  223. why is aj gay..............?
  224. Does this make me lesbian?
  225. Know any good lesbian moves....?
  226. is it gay or quir if i straghtend my hair and im a guy?
  227. How do you ask someone if they are gay/bi? Because I think this woman is
  228. How do you ask someone if they are gay/bi? Because I think this woman is
  229. How do you ask someone if they are gay/bi? Because I think this woman is
  230. Can Gay People Be Christians?
  231. Are we 100% homo-sapien?
  232. Does this iPhone case look "gay" to you?
  233. Gay, I had alot of unprocted sex lastnight with the same guy, worried what are...
  234. Lesbians/bi girls...do you find Asians attractive?
  235. Am I gay? Or straight?
  236. Should I be offended? Gay.?
  237. Who invented "No Homo"?
  238. Who invented "No Homo"?
  239. What is the species time frame of Homo sapiens sapiens?
  240. How can I get more involved in the gay rights movement?
  241. Creationists. Who are the Homos?
  242. How to deal with homo friend?
  243. How to deal with homo friend?
  244. How to deal with homo friend?
  245. Has anyone read the essay by Stephanie Fairyington, "The Gay Option"?
  246. Gay and lesbian bar in Berlin?
  247. Would there be a huge outrage, if all the gays in the US moved to a state and...?
  248. Why do lesbians get short haircuts?
  249. is there some evolutionary reason we homo sapiens engage in magical thinking?
  250. What is the most common age for gays, bisexuals, lesbians, etc. to realize...