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  1. it's too late to hide my sexuality, isn't it?
  2. Are any of you against gay marriages?
  3. If I like Michael Jackson's music does it make me gay?
  4. What do they mean when they say gay marriage advocates are trying to destroy...
  5. I'm learning i'm truly gay and it's from my straight best friedn?
  6. Can anybody reccomend me some good none gay ecchi or mecha animes with
  7. Jak sie masz! My name Borat. In Philippine, where do Philippino gays urinate?
  8. Is there a possibility that i am gay?
  9. Is there any evidence of other animals being gay?
  10. Im 17 male (BISEXUAL) from Temple Texas need help with guys?
  11. Gay-friendly, and/or large gay community colleges?
  12. Straight guys have you ever had a gay experience?
  13. To be bisexual do you have to like males and females equally?
  14. Bisexual/Lesbian women: How do u get over a crush who u have to be around?
  15. Gay-specific schools?
  16. Why do Republicans accuse gays of being "promiscuous" but won't allow gays to marry?
  17. Is It A Sin To Be Gay?
  18. About loving Jesus. To love another man, even your father, means you are gay.?
  19. Any gay/bi 13-15 year old guys in morgan hill?
  20. What do you think about gay people ? Be honest !?
  21. Serious question: could a gay guy physically have sex with a female?
  22. Survey; supporting gay marriage rights?
  23. Do straight people go to gay clubs?
  24. if the stereotype is not right about gays? then why do many gays are
  25. Which decade did you first come out as gay or bi?
  26. Is Miley Cyrus bisexual?
  27. Why is it considered ok for women to wear men's boxers, but when a man
  28. not born gay?
  29. is Damian Kulash from OK GO gay?
  30. At what age can you be sure you are gay or bi or straight?
  31. Can I get my husband to feel okay about me having a gay friend?
  32. I know that all women are either lesbian or bisexual, is there a chance
  33. How do you know if your truly bisexual?
  34. If God meant us to be celebate unto marriage than why did he create us
  35. can a straight men turn gay? can a gay man turn straight? what if a gay...
  36. i am gay and i have a wife help?
  37. what is acting on being gay?
  38. Is Michael Vartan gay?
  40. Sexuality help..Idk what's going on?
  41. female bisexual...is missing the touch of a woman a LOT but is very
  42. Do you have alot of masculine gay guy friends?
  43. Does the espression of human sexuality have something to say about all of this?
  44. I am desperate over my sexuality?
  45. Holy crap! An out Gay in NASCAR!?
  46. Poll: Are you gay......?
  47. being gay is just normal right?
  48. what is the border line between mutual masturbation and gay sex?
  49. Hiding/Lying about your sexuality for a job/your career: Yay or Nay?
  50. Why do many people feel shame for their sexuality?
  51. Is my husband gay?
  52. How come gay males have softer features?
  53. Only Christians!! Christians what are some good reasons to not support gay mariage?
  54. in nip/tuck where it shows christian and sean on a gay beach...?
  55. My friend is gay???
  56. are there lesbians that will date bisexuals?
  57. Is it gay to wear a watch that is textured with Ruby's ?
  58. bisexual guys in straight relationships?
  59. Why are muslim men so fixated on sexuality in their religion?
  60. Why am I not allowed to not like gays, bisexual, tree hugers, liberals,
  61. is he...
  62. LESBOS loses right to hold gay venue?
  63. What do bisexual thoughts mean?
  64. Bisexual Relationships, how hard is it?
  65. I just found out my mom is bisexual, should I confront here?
  66. Should I hang out with gay guy ???
  67. what sexuality am i?
  68. How to increase number of platonic gay/lesbian friends?
  69. What is the word you use when you dont like gay people?
  71. Bisexual Option?
  72. Bisexuals... Victoria or David Beckham?
  73. Spiritually speaking, Considering that sexuality isn't cut & dry or black & white...?
  74. Is my boyfriend gay?
  75. Is it true that one of the stars of the Jonas Brothers are gay?
  76. "That's so gay." What do you think?
  77. This gay dude won't stop hitting on me!!!!!?
  78. i'm.. how you say VERY comfortable with my sexuality?
  79. Im a straight guy but I like gay furry?
  80. how do i know if my cockatiels are gay or a mating pair?
  81. how do i tell my family i'm bisexual?
  82. i am gay and belive in god.?
  83. Why do you think gay men are such loyal fans to their "divas"?
  84. My sexuality is ruining my life?
  85. A question for full-on lesbians.... No bisexual women please. Do you ever...
  86. am i unconfortable wit my sexuality?
  87. Am I gay or bi?
  88. do most of the Lesbians or Gay's .. remain virgin forever ???
  89. Bisexual Poll : Men or Women?
  90. richard basham gay or straight ?? YOU DECIDE?
  91. Is he gay or straight?
  92. sexuality..?
  93. Bisexual/Lesbian females, do you prefer a girl thin/average/some extra
  94. I'm 15 years old. i might be gay...?
  95. A question for gay guys.?
  96. Why is God against gay people if he is full of love?
  97. IF someone said "Prove to me you arent GAY!".......what would you say and
  98. My friend Jordan has a problem he is feeling confuzed about his sexuality?
  99. Um, so I just made this poor kid question his sexuality...what should I do?!?
  100. i thought there were only ten commandments were is do not be gay?
  101. Do male anime characters look gay?
  102. Does this make me gay???
  103. i find it funny sumtymes when ppl call football gay..?
  104. Are there as many bisexual men as women just they don't admit it?
  105. Being gay for me is really hard cause not a lot accepts me so i wrote this song?
  106. Is there a diverse gay crowd in Michigan?
  107. Know of any Gay or Gay-Friendly Doctor(s) in South Florida area?
  108. do gay people feel more safe in world now than in the past?
  109. Hairy gay bi guys?
  110. Gay black men I want to hear from you?
  111. why do right wing Christians seem to hate gays?
  112. Do you think that any of the following robots were gay or lesbian?
  113. are there any gay female couples out there willing to have my baby?
  114. Why is being gay becoming more common? Or is it?
  115. Why is teenage sexuality so looked down on?
  116. How come girls like gay guys ????
  117. lesbians that refuse to date bisexuals...?
  118. Hetero males more sensitive to Gay males??
  119. Ladies, do you have any gay guy friends?
  120. How many normal (straight) guys here can honestly say that they could...
  121. Where can I find a good bisexual chat room, forum, or message board?
  122. Do gay men celebrate Easter?
  123. How do "gays" expect us to believe their sexuality is not a choice when...?
  124. I'm a gay guy, based on what I say, do you think you'd date me?
  125. Have you ever had gay fantisies about having sex with your brother or your father?
  126. I am gay and going to have straight sex, please does anyone have any tips?
  127. Are bisexuals just going through a phase or is it for real?
  128. is he metrosexual?
  129. Why does a Striaght married man suddenly have an attraction to men & turn gay?
  130. do you like gays:i dont?
  131. So....is the band Shiny Toy Guns like, a gay band or something?
  132. Are you Pro Gay Marriage or Againts ?
  133. What happens to old gays?
  134. does this make me gay?
  135. bisexual/boyfriend/bible?
  136. If christians want to stop gays from performing gay acts, why oppose gay marriage?
  137. Is it true that Jamie Foxx is gay?
  138. Your views on these thoughts about bisexuals?
  139. Why is it suddenly FASHIONABLE to be homosexual or bisexual?
  140. Ladies, do you have alot of gay guy friends?
  141. straight/bi/gay guys help?!?!!?
  142. My friend called me and told me that he's gay?
  143. do you think that i am bisexual or bi-curious?
  144. What was Jesus' sexuality?
  145. Are you gay or straight?
  146. We are born human beings some choose to be gay does it all boil down to human rights?
  147. If there is just one slot left in heaven, a good atheist guy and a thief gay
  148. Is George Bush gay?
  149. Is Steve Priest, from The Sweet, Gay????
  150. Is this same-sex marriage campaign secretly headed by gold-diggers, not gays?
  151. can anybody explain to me the difference between bisexuals, femmes and bifemmes.
  152. eeekk gay boys??help please?
  153. Did the conservative values of Dick Cheney turn his daughter gay?
  154. Does anybody find it confusing to be bisexual?
  155. Are/were you teased at school for being gay?
  156. Confused about my sexuality. Can you please help me?
  157. is it gay to shave?
  158. how do you feel about gays in the Military?
  159. Gay means child molester?
  160. For experienced bisexuals: Question about long-term relationships.?
  161. Wouldn't it be hard to find a mate for a gay black guy?
  162. Why Do Gay People Have A Sixth Sense and Where Does It Come From?
  163. Is it true that for some people love and sexuality are the same thing?
  164. should i just admit to my mom im gay?
  165. Gay couples, would a cheating lover do this?
  166. My dad figured out I'm gay. Now what?
  167. would you change your sexuality if you could?
  168. Why are some gay men so mean?
  169. Is this just a gay phase?
  170. I'm too good-looking to be gay?
  171. im bisexual but....?
  172. Are there any organizations to help a gay man suffering from Bipolar &...
  173. Christians, who do you hate more, Atheists or Gay people?
  174. Is my cousin gay?
  175. The Queen's Bisexual Uncle (murdered?)?
  176. Does anybody want to trade anything on pokemon diamond and perl, all trades r gay?
  177. Everybody at school thinks I'm gay.!? PLEASE HELPP!!!?
  178. Am I right or am I wrong? (Gay relationship)?
  179. Why do people tend to frown upon bisexuals more so than other members of
  180. Ladies-What makes you think well-put-together and well-groomed and what makes you...
  181. POLL: Do you accept gay people?
  182. Do I sound bisexual???
  183. Why Do Gay People Have A Sixth Sense and Where Does It Come From?
  184. Please Help! gay relationship trouble...?
  185. why am I angry with him if I love him? we're gay?
  186. what is the bibles problem with gays?
  187. Any gay guys strong enough to have ever dropped someone with a punch right
  188. for gay guy's?
  189. Have you ever heard of someone being gay but realized they wanted to be...
  190. Do bisexuals like....?
  191. Can you ever be gay for one person?
  192. What do you think of gay priests?
  193. Gay guys- do you find heavy metal homophobic???
  194. Hey Question For All The Bisexual and Lesbian Ladies?
  195. Except for the Village People, is there really such thing as gay cops, cowboys,
  196. Where is bisexual,gay,and lesbian Adoption Legal?
  197. Usually, do gay men appreciate the beauty of a man's private part more than women...
  198. Nice guy, gay, or just friends?
  199. Does anyone know anything about the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality?
  200. is being gay or straight about genitals?
  201. i think im bisexual....?
  202. Is David Bowie bisexual?
  203. I just found out my friend is gay, what do I do?
  204. Have they ever made a KY commercial with gays?
  205. Bisexual woman who needs advice?
  206. Am I Bisexual?
  207. A bisexual who hates homosexuals?
  208. Sexuality?
  209. Confused sexuality?
  210. Does Any Teen Need Help with Stress, Abuse, Drug Abuse, Gay (etc) problems??
  211. can u ask a straight guy to do stuff with you even know ur gay?
  212. What dos my job have to do with my sexuality?
  213. POLL: Are all gay guys metrosexual?
  214. Does anyone know if there is any Queercore / Homocore / Gay Punk scene in
  215. Please answer this question... very confused about sexuality!?
  216. Easy Hairstyles for guys. (I don't want to look gay or metrosexual)?
  217. Ladies what makes someone look rugged? What makes a guy look metrosexual? What...
  218. gay best friend?
  219. to bisexual girls..?
  220. I am a bisexual. I am about to marry a homosexual guy...?
  221. Questioning my sexuality again?
  222. Ventura County Gay's unite...is there anyone out here??
  223. The Queen's Bisexual Uncle. (conspiracy theory)?
  224. is miley cyrus bisexual? or a lesbian?
  225. Where is Gay Marriage Legal?
  226. is that true all your life can be confused about your sexuality even you are...
  227. Anyone...is it just me or do metrosexual men seem less manly?
  228. Could this guy be gay?
  229. I love Metrosexual men!?
  230. why is it ok for woman to experiment with their sexuality?
  231. im bisexual and in love with best friend who is a straight guy?
  232. POLL: (please take no offense!) how many on here are gay, lesbian, or bi?
  233. for guys and girls: would you date a fat bisexual girl?
  234. Lesbians and bisexuals! If an extremely hott girl just came up pinned you on the
  235. its really annoying how my parents are homophobic--how can i get them to accept gay
  236. Am I bisexual or a lesbian?
  237. Ladies, do you have any gay guy friends?
  238. in love with a gay guy?
  239. does your domnate hand datuman your sexuality ?
  240. For the experienced bisexual: question about long-term relationships.?
  241. are there other sexualities other then Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual?
  242. Ladies and gay fellas would you date a guy with a ponytail?
  243. major helpp. sexuality.?
  244. Am I a metrosexual?
  245. Dating Metrosexual men?
  246. How does someone know if they're bisexual, lesbian or gay? Just wondering...?
  247. I think my best friend is gay What should i do?
  248. Why do people think their is such thing as metrosexual?
  249. Hi, I'm a 15 year old gay guy who lives in Prague. Looking to meet other gays.?