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  1. Why do some people think that most people are bisexual?
  2. Does this make me bisexual or lesbian?
  3. gay bois 13-15?
  4. Would you ever date a bisexual man? Would you trust him?
  5. My squirrel is always eating nuts, is it gay?
  6. As a gay man I champion the rights of everyone. Why is it that I want to
  7. Ok? Gay or what?
  8. Why do you gay guys always have the good looking pretty boys? (pics)?
  9. Girls if you could give me a metrosexual makeover what would you do?
  10. I am not gay, but love my best friend/roommate and she's in a relationship with
  11. Why do some gay guys feel inclined to shave their legs?
  12. I'm attending my very first "gay" potluck and I'm nervous?
  13. why do some gay guys dress up like?
  14. How big is the gay theme in Torchwood?
  15. can we help being gay/lesbian?
  16. About bisexuals, do you believe any of these things?
  17. what negative thoughts did you have when you were dealing with accepting your
  18. I doubt my boyfriend is gay?
  19. If God hates gay people so much, then why did it get so sunny here for GLBTQ Pride
  20. Is this kid Straight, Bi, or GAY?
  21. im a new Bisexual?
  22. who else here thinks that "Mamma mia" movie is gay?
  23. my sexuality is scaring away my friends..?
  24. How to know if someone if Bisexual?
  25. Brooke Hogan's gay roomate (Whut's his full name?)?
  26. I am not gay nor bisexual, ok. I love wearing panties some kinds only
  27. is there any gay or bi teen in arizona?? (read inside for details)?
  28. Bisexual opinion needed!Please?
  29. Would you consider using a gay love coach?
  30. Straight people calling other straight people 'gay'...is it homophobic?
  31. im bisexual and i have a boyfriend?
  32. Any bisexual males 18-21 want to be friends (not hooking up or meeting)?
  33. Curious? Bisexual? Lesbian? Please help it's really getting to me. Honest...
  34. Transexuals and Bisexuals...... this question is for ya'll?
  35. Do you think a gay guys perfume can attract men ??
  36. Is it unfair that my ex husband, now homosexual wants to let our 7 yr old...
  37. Will Obama's admitted gay relationship at Columbia University or his
  38. am i gay? or am i just a plain queer?
  39. Am I bisexual?
  40. Gay-themed movie about straight guys falling in love?
  41. Any lesbians or bisexuals?
  42. Would kids think im gay if I wore Boxer Briefs?
  43. Not sure if friend is gay, What should i do?
  44. good gay teen chat rooms?
  45. Is "Fred" on youtube Gay?
  46. im lookin for bisexual guys...?
  47. bisexual ?
  48. does this make me BIsexual?
  49. is gay hereditary?
  50. Is Ben Cohen gay?
  51. Ladies, do you have alot of gay guy friends?
  52. if a guy is gay is it his father's fault?
  53. Why is it that a lot of gays don't want kids?
  54. Bisexual, curious, say what?
  55. How do I be more 'gay'?
  56. Any bisexual/lesbian girls in San Diego? Preferably North County?
  57. If 'Transgendered' is Not Sexuality - then why GLBT?
  58. What if science found a cure to sexuality?
  59. ...EVERYONE is bisexual...?
  60. Where can I find gay therapist or social workers tailored to the LGBT community?
  61. My boyfriend is gay.?
  62. Poll : Would Men Turn Gay Because of Their Bad Experience With Women ?
  63. How many people think black people hate gays?
  64. Does Anybody know Where Can I Find Any Gay Youth Groups In Brooklyn?
  65. How do I come out to my parents and family about being bisexual?
  66. What are some good books for a bisexual or lesbien teenage girl??
  67. why do gay people ask me out when i have a girlfriend?
  68. Outfit = too gay?
  69. Is There Gay Black Teens In The Brooklyn Area Lookin To Make New Friends?
  70. have you ever thought about being gay?
  71. If you were gay, would you be able to live the life of celebacy that you...
  72. dont u think being gay today is fashinable?
  73. Jack Marin gay?
  74. Girlfriend jokes about me being gay, do a lot of girls do this?
  75. Why do the christians have to bash gays???
  76. Should I come out as a bisexual to my family and friends?
  77. How to confront my parents and friends about me being bisexual?
  78. Is Xzibit bisexual?
  79. Poll: Why Are Straight Men So Defensive Of Their Sexuality?
  80. Am I Gay or Bisexual?
  81. Why do people have sexually suggestive avatars, then get mad if you comment about...
  82. Is it ture that the more older brothers you have you are more likely to become gay?
  83. Dont you agree that all persons are born bisexual?
  84. Most anti-gay state?
  85. is gina yashere gay?
  86. Can anyone tell me the names of lesbian or bisexual nightclubs/bars in WEST LONDON?
  87. bisexual uncomfortable around lesbians?
  88. i just told my mom im bisexual!?
  89. How do you know if you are bisexual?
  90. What is it like being a gay person in today's America?
  91. bisexual curious?
  92. Bisexual/Lesbian women: How do you get over a crush?
  93. what do you think about feminime gay guys?
  94. help my friends a bisexual!?
  95. hey i was wondering if i am bisexual or if i am bicurious?
  96. gay guys and thongs?
  97. Why do people ridicule bisexuals so much?
  98. what would happen if FREEMASON SECRETS was to get into the hands of the...
  99. Is this normal or am I gay?
  100. Sexuality problem...Please help!!?
  101. Are people open to discussing sexuality yet?
  102. Gay Pro Athletes?
  103. Am I bisexual?
  104. bisexual assumptions: how mad are you?
  105. Why does my husband want me to become bisexual for him?
  106. Is it true all Warriors fans are gay?
  107. Why don't gay people have a holiday?
  108. Question for gay/bisexual people: Coming out?
  109. I don't know whether I'm straight, bi-curious or bisexual :S?
  110. what is the procedure to unite gay couple in Belgium: one of them is not european?
  111. Does Obama seem a bit feminine and his mannerisms seem a bit on the gay side?
  112. Gay/Lesbian couples, who gets to have/make the baby?
  113. Kevin Jonas is gay?
  114. could you tell me famous people.. singers and actors who are bi or gay...
  115. I was questioning my sexuality but now think homosexuality/bisexuality is wrong.
  116. HELP!!!! my school is full of girls who are prostitutes the guys love it
  117. i know a bear is a gay guy but what does it mean?
  118. im 21 years gay and am i a pedophile if im in love with a 16 years?
  119. Do gay parents raise try to raise their adopted kids to be gay?
  120. Gay boyfriend please!?
  121. Is it a good policy to wear a badge, or some sort of flashing sign hat that...
  122. I Asked My Girlfriend If She Is Down With Having A Threesome With Me And...
  123. bisexual, bi-curious or normal?
  124. Has anyone else notice the similarities in kids with autism and gay people?
  125. does god frown upon gay divorce?
  126. Is my sister gay?
  127. what is better to use on service call jobs gay tarps or awesome slip on bootys.?
  128. Am I gay or being rediculous?
  129. Is ruki tuki gay?
  130. Am I gay?????
  131. why are so many young teens bisexual?
  132. if you could change your sexuality for a day would you?
  133. How to ask if he is gay?
  134. Am I bisexual?
  135. Do you think that everyone has a little gay in them?
  136. Is my dog gay?
  137. If the people of Sodom and Gomorrah weren't killed for being gay, then
  138. Is my colleague's KFC addiction turning him gay?
  139. Can anyone tell me the names of gay nightclubs/bars?
  140. who is gay and proud?
  141. lol Is it normal sometimes for girls about gay guys??
  142. help? sexuality?
  143. im Gay and a vocalist (christian songs). peopl love me and love my songs
  144. Spiritualily speaking How many people in here are Gay?
  145. ok i am 13 and bisexual but i am looking for someone to go out with....???
  146. How do you class someone as gay?
  147. My psychologist told me first sessions being gay is not a choice, but after...
  148. This is a silly question but does anyone think Lucas and Ness (Super Smash
  149. have you ever heard if a bisexual stud or butch etc...?
  150. Why is God OK with Incest but not Gay sex?
  151. how can i make people love our gay people?
  152. am i bisexual.........?
  153. any bisexuals/gays wanna chat??
  154. Gay men and women? are there hidden signs?
  155. Is it wrong to not trust people because they are of a CERTAIN sexuality?
  156. do guys like girls more if their bisexual?
  157. what would happen if FREEMASON SECRETS got into the hands of the GAYS?
  158. My Sexuality what should I do?
  159. Do you think sexuality is limited to three forms (heterosexuality,
  160. "Female sexuality is threatening." Please explain!!?
  161. girls would u go out with a metrosexual guy??
  162. Should I say I'm gay, or not?
  163. gay guys would u hit on a metrosexual?? even if u thought he was gay??
  164. gays seducing straight guys?
  165. Am I Bisexual?
  166. Female sexuality is threatening. Why???
  167. How does a bisexual woman in her 30's meet someone?
  168. how do u tell wether my brother is gay??
  169. What's the best way to stop being gay?
  170. How to handle a gay man?
  171. Are gays and lesbians an abomination to 'God'?
  172. If people can be born with both sexual organs...how come they cant be born gay?
  173. is it smart to tell in a job application form that you are bisexual or lesbian?
  174. Wtf is wrong with me? I want to be a gay guy??
  175. Does it make me look gay if I were to get a pedicure with my female best friend?
  176. does watching gay porn mean anything about a persons sexuality?
  177. Gay men.How did you first meet your boyfriend/husband?How did you know he's also gay?
  178. My friend seems gay?
  179. When are the Jonas Brothers gonna fall off? will it be drugs? alcohol? gay
  180. What are some examples of movies with forbidden love in them? whether its racial...
  181. What age do you think is appropriate to say that you are gay/lesbian/bisexual and...
  182. Those who are discreet would knowing that a person is openly gay make you avoid
  183. What is the age of concent for a Gay Relationship? M/M?
  184. In love with best mate who is gay?
  185. do gay actions as a child help indicate i might be gay as an adult?
  186. Question for gay tops...?
  187. gays/bi guys only!?
  188. why do people hate bisexual, lesbian, and gay people?
  189. are there gay or bi men here? how do you live your health? do you fee
  190. Would you still consider me a bisexual?
  191. is there a dating site for people like me , im a serebro hermaghrodite aka...
  192. If an openly Gay person wanted to believe the Gospel, would a Christian say, 'No,...
  193. If you found out your baby was going to be gay, would you abort it?
  194. Where can i find a lesbian, bisexual website?
  195. "Female sexuality is threatening." Please explain!!?
  196. If I am gay, then how do I come out to my family?
  197. Do you think Spongebob is gay... or is his character like that to entertain children?
  198. Is there really any evidence that gay people are child molestors?
  199. Girl loves me but im gay! how do i get her to figure out were FRIENDS?
  200. why is it that you gays claim that you are not into GROOMING but it is listed...
  201. whats the most gay thing youve ever done?
  202. how do i get into the gay porn?
  203. what are the indie gay films in the philippines?
  204. What would you do if you had a son who was gay?
  205. do you say to everybody that you are gay or bi?
  206. im gay....are you?
  207. Why do i hate gays, lesbians and transgenders?
  208. Are there people who accept gay marriage over innerracial marriage ?
  209. When was the last time a "GAY" knocked on your door and tried to convert you?
  210. Why did my kitty look at me STRANGE when I told her I was Gay?
  211. I beat my best friend up for being gay but now I have fallen in love with him - help?
  212. My 16 year old is gay?
  213. is my brother gay?
  214. Gay Porn? (please only answer if you watch it)?
  215. Why is it okay for a girl to be bisexual, but not a boy???!?
  216. should i get a kx 100 or modifie my gay crf150f?
  217. Flamers And Gays?
  218. Is Kevin Jonas Gay?
  219. Gay men and women? are there hidden signs?
  220. is it normal for a teen to test sexuality?
  221. Does anyone know the gay version name of united states of whatever?
  222. whos gayer?
  223. how do i know im not straight & maybe Bisexual.?
  224. are gays ok with the bible?
  225. I have never loved a boy, and do a girl, am I GAY?
  226. I'm i bisexual?
  227. PoLL:Which Jonas Brother Seems The GAYEST!?
  228. why are most gay guys?
  229. is jo in sung has past girlfriends?? is it true that he is gay??
  230. What do cherries mean, I work at school and a lot of bisexual girls wear them ?
  231. Is Europe tolerant of gays?
  232. is twizzlers a gay term. are there any other you know of?
  233. Gay guys! I have a question..?
  234. Why are straight men hotter than gay men?
  235. I a gay or lesbian marrage...?
  236. Is my Rainbow Colorful theory of ALTERNATIVE evolution consistent with Gay
  237. Can you put down your like or dislike for the gay lifestyle to: Some people like
  238. Is It A Sin To Be Gay?
  239. How do gay guys have drive by shootings?
  240. Bisexual and/or Gay guys can you help me out?
  241. How do I forgive some that lied to me about his sexuality.?
  242. Religiously speaking, do you think that Homosexuals are born gay or that...
  243. if you have the chance to born again would you change your sexuality and gender?
  244. Best friends, more, possibly gay?
  245. Is KevinJ gay?
  246. As a gay person, do you object to being lumped with other sexual types?
  247. Why do many lesbians seem to dislike bisexual women?
  248. Am i gay or not?
  249. Where's the science behind being born gay?
  250. Why are people so gay?