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  1. What's the guy's name that looks a lot like Zac Efron, but is gay and won...
  2. Who do you think is the hottest gay celebrity?
  3. What is my sexuality if I am sexually attracted to females, but only
  4. Gay and bi Men and Women who are you're celebrity crushes?
  5. do you like gay or bi people.....do you accept them as normal?
  6. Any gay teen boys in Northern AZ?
  7. Are they guys from the medric droid gay?
  8. I'm bisexual, what do you think about that?
  9. is it normal for "straight" asian guys to find gay caucasian guys attractive?
  10. Boy help, twin boys might be Gay incest, need help as a concerend father
  11. Are films made by bisexual directors allowed in Muslim countries?
  12. Do all straight men question there sexuality at one point?
  13. If gay pride accepts everyone, why aren't groups like Exodus International
  14. My boyfriend (we are gay young couple) denies the idea of being gay by
  15. buddhist question: how do i transcend my sexuality without repressing it harmfully?
  16. Is it gay for a guy to listen to Breaking Benjamin or Papa Roach?
  17. What to say to people when they call you "gay"?
  18. confused about sexuality
  19. Do you think a person can become bisexual/homosexual
  20. How do I get a gay penpal?
  21. Bisexual Females in Dallas and Fort Worth area?
  22. Help! my AIM is being gay?
  23. Sexuality Question - Confused?
  24. If you are a hetrosexual girl and make out with other girls at parties,
  25. Does the UK allow Muslim Gay men to work, is there anything stopping them...
  26. Is it unusual to be unsure of sexuality at age 17
  27. How about bisexual marriages? :D
  28. Any ideas on my sexuality?
  29. Okay so im going to 9th grade and im Bi but very close to gay and i wanna find a
  30. is there any websites gay teens can chat to each other without my family
  31. How can you tell if someone is bisexual?
  32. As a homosexual/bisexual individual, what do you think of...?
  33. any songs about a bisexual girl and her girl? at all?
  34. if confused about my sexuality!!
  35. There is a married bisexual 19-year-old who wants a "monogamous" relationship...
  36. What is Spongebob's sexuality?
  37. Why do some bisexual men seem to be against full for equality for gays and see
  38. How many women have bisexual husbands or boyfriends?
  39. How do I tell my parents I am gay??
  40. Is it a good idea to be open about your sexuality in college?
  41. Why don't people check out my profile and IM me ? I would have put this
  42. do you think fake bisexuals will ever regret following the fake bisexual trend?
  43. How Do I tell my family that Im bisexual?
  44. Confused about my friend's sexuality.?
  45. I'm a bisexual... i recently seeing a stripper... is it bad? im a girl a good
  46. I am a HUGE christian and love God but think I mite be gay & I dont want 2go2...
  47. [poll] gay guys -- King Louis XV, Duc de Choiseul, or Comte de Vaudreuil?
  48. Should gay couples be given the same legal rights as heterosexuals in...
  49. Wasn't the Authorized Version (King James Version) authorized by King James, a...
  50. Do u guys think its gay for a guy to use ttyl in a text???
  51. Gay People: Is Fag*** just as bad as the n-word??
  52. Whats a Gay Bar like is it just a pick up place just like every other bar?
  53. Why are gay guys 18-30 so mean, cold, and shallow towards someone, even in their...
  54. Is Keng off Channel 7 Kids Playhouse gay!?!?
  55. would you say this guy is gay?
  56. Is Tom Ford Gay, The press says so?????
  57. Do girls think a guy might be gay if he has a big butt?
  58. Are there bi married men and women? how do you live your sexuality?
  59. Do you like being whatever sexuality that you are?
  60. How do you stop pretending you're not gay once you're out of the closet?
  61. Are you Gay, Lesbian, Straight, or Bisexual?
  62. Why do people say, Thats so GAY, when describing something bad?
  63. is it right for a bisexual girl to have a bf and a gf?
  64. any hot bisexual girls out there? hit me up!?
  65. Does it do emotional/psychological damage for a gay person to be told that
  66. why can't people be honest about their sexuality?
  67. Why do people call christians ignorant because they don't accept gay marriage?
  68. Have you ever had a gay experience?
  69. Signs of gayness, bisexual, or am i just at that age?
  70. I'm Bisexual!!!!!?
  71. How important is your sexuality to you?
  72. People from australia? I would like names of gay and bis very famous from
  73. Any other gay guys here that were in scouting?
  74. Am i gay? or not?
  75. I am very confused about my sexuality! please help?
  76. should I disclose my sexuality to the Army to be free to follow my boyfriend
  77. i think im bisexual but i dont like to have sex with guys im so confused what am i?
  78. is it odd that there are no gay people at my school?
  79. bi -gay?what should i do?
  80. Did you guys here that the Chicago White Sox team are all a bunch of Bisexuals??
  81. are there bi married men and women? how do you live your sexuality?
  82. idont want to be gay?
  83. How is it possible to finish relationship as a bisexual?"?
  84. Am i bisexual if I like a certain girl?
  85. Advice about sexuality and friends??
  86. How do you know if you are gay?
  87. I am mexican and I would to live in australia because they are tolerant towards
  88. This guy is driving me insane, I need to know if he is gay/bi.?
  89. does gays be excuted and stoned?
  90. what is a metrosexual?
  91. If Katy Perry is gay?
  92. could i be gay?
  93. am i bisexual?
  94. Do you think gay marriage would also be a good idea for two straight friends
  95. HEY DEMS! How about this compromise for gay marriage?
  96. Whats it called when someone is not bisexual, they just love everyone?
  97. bisexual or lesbian girls - do you think i'm hot/attractive? sorry, i...
  98. Is Obama metrosexual? Or just outright homosexual? How would you classify McCain?
  99. I need help i don't know if im bisexual or not?
  100. What's the difference between bisexual and bi-curious?
  101. TV shows like "Queer as Folk" seem to be exploitative and degrading. Are there
  102. Do you think Ryan Seacrest is gay, metrosexual, or str8?
  103. I don't mean to be ugly but why is it that gay man are obsessed with sex?
  104. I think I am bisexual or at least bicurious. Should I tell my wife?
  105. I think I might be bisexual?
  106. am i bisexual or what?
  107. women's sexuality sites?
  108. how can you tell if a guy is gay or bi?
  109. Why is it that on TV shows, the general public is ok if a male character is gay?
  110. I'll be a college freshman in the fall and my roommate is Bisexual?
  111. does it hurt a guy when he has gay sex?
  112. Do you know anyone who has suffered personally from gays getting married?
  113. mike adamle is gay?
  114. Is there an excuse for being gay?
  115. Bisexual relationship question?
  116. Black women vs. white women in terms of sexuality?
  117. Are there alot of male professional athletes that are gay and in the closet?
  118. Are there any really good gay movies that I can watch in parts on youtube.?
  119. gays, lesbians, and bisexuals ONLY I NEED ADVISE!?
  120. (for girls only) Metrosexual?
  121. Could I be Bisexual?
  122. How to take pride in being bisexual?
  123. not gay but i act like it?
  124. what's your views on gay marriage?
  125. jonas brothers lovers (they are not gay!)?
  126. how do you feel about bisexual and,gay lesbian people?
  127. am i gay or bisexual?
  128. Is sexual experimenting okay, or is sexuality something you should already know?
  129. bisexual?... bisexual girls please help!!!?
  130. Is it stereotypical to say that gay people are a creative bunch?
  131. Is Obama really bisexual, or just deep in the closet?
  132. gay men what do you think of heterosexual men who prefer back instead of her front
  133. Am I too metrosexual? Is this a normal routine for men?
  134. Why do girls go gay?
  135. Am I bisexual? Or a lesbian!?
  136. what would you say if your gay friend told you that they have feelings for you?
  137. Is there a name for this sexuality?
  138. Bisexual Fiction?
  139. who causes more drama: girls or gay guys?
  140. transvestite bisexual man...cant move on?
  141. am i bisexual?
  142. How do I know if Im gay,bi or straight if im a virgin?
  143. why do fans say the Jonas Brother can't be gay?
  144. I dont know if im gay or not ?
  145. As a closet lesbian/gay, how do you deal with..?
  146. I'm not sure if I'm bisexual or straight..?!?
  147. Why is Straight excluded from Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Pride isn't...
  148. LGBT: what are some funny gay jokes???
  149. Is my Best-Friend Brittany gay?
  150. For lesbians and bisexual women?
  151. I might be bisexual...I'm not sure.. and live in Intolerence, AL..?
  152. do you think it's easier to be gay or straight?
  153. Am I becoming gay?
  154. Why were the lesbian/bisexual women on Tila Tequila so negative and
  155. Rudolph Valentino was not gay!?
  156. Am i BISEXUAL?
  157. Would it help a candidate if he were out-of-the-closet bisexual?
  158. Gay. Guys, have you ever been startled to....?
  159. how do you know if a guy is straight or gay?
  160. am i bisexual?
  161. is Alecia moore (P!nk) gay?
  162. Has LIl Wayne responded to people calling him gay?
  163. Are there any gay players currently in the MLB?
  164. what is a good free singles website to find bisexual men?
  165. Is my sisters boyfriend gay?
  166. what would you do if your gay/bi/lesbian friend confessed their feelings to you?
  167. Bisexual? How to tell her without making her uncomfortable?
  168. is Pauly Shore gay?
  169. what is up with the bisexual fad?
  170. how do i tell my family & boyfriend that i'm bisexual?
  171. How do i tell my boyfriend of 2 years im bisexual?
  172. do you think i am gay?
  173. Bisexual Girlfriend and Her Best Friend...?
  174. is it gay?
  175. Bisexual? Gay?
  176. Feminists: If all sexuality is socially constructed, then how do other...
  177. If Satan were to exist, Do you think he would be gay?
  178. Joker gay..?
  179. If you're secretly gay/bi, how do you meet people?
  180. if a boy gets his right ear pierced does it mean he is gay?
  181. for those who understand sexuality..?
  182. I'm labeled bisexual right now, but am I turning gay?
  183. liberal and conservative views on gay marriage?
  184. WWE Superstars Gay??????
  185. is he bisexual and does he like me? i'm gay?
  186. my gay brother?
  187. Bisexual Bars in Chicago or burbs - any suggestions?
  188. Do gay people get hungry?
  189. can someone become straight after having gay affair?
  190. What is it like being a gay activist?
  191. For gay marriage?
  192. Why do feminists fear male sexuality?
  193. Are there alot of masculine gay men?
  194. Lesbian and Bisexual Chat rooms?
  195. Poll for bisexuals?
  196. How does watching alot of porn affect mens sexuality?
  197. is my cousin ...gay ???
  198. gay question?
  199. I'm straight and no lesbian has ever come on to me. What gives? What
  200. How exactly is coming out as bisexual supposed to be easier then coming out as gay?
  201. i need help? am i bisexual or am i just curious?serious answers only?
  202. What if one person in the relationsip is bisexual and the other is gay?
  203. Amman, Jordan...any bisexual/lesbian girls?
  204. Female sexuality??
  205. I am STILL confused about my sexuality...help, anyone in my situation?
  206. Do the anti gay trolls in here almost choke when they chant the line Deliver
  207. bisexual songs?
  208. How to you use your sexuality to get what you want out of life?
  209. i need help. am i bisexual or just bi curious. please help?
  210. Why do gay men relate so well to straight women, and yet lesbians hate straight men?
  211. Is Bill Clinton Gay?
  212. is there a confusion about being gay or bisexual?
  213. If you were to make a gay version of monopoly, what would you name the properties?
  214. Did I have a gay sleepover?
  215. Is my ex gay or straight?
  216. How to be sure that a guy is a complete male virgin ,fresh and not secondhand if...
  217. religious rights trump gay rights?
  218. i am bisexual, and i am curious as to why some gay and bi people say they...
  219. Is my friend gay?
  220. Question, he says he's doesn't think he is bisexual?
  221. Is Jenna Jameson bisexual? Lesbian?
  222. Im not a homophobe or a repressed gay but I hate graham norton and ppl like...
  223. I'm too good-looking to be gay? What??????
  224. What is my sexuality?
  225. Im gay but I am always hiding it, is that hurting me mentally?
  226. McCain/ Obama, Black/ white, natural/ illegal, rich/poor, gay/ straight, Liberal/...
  227. Bisexual? Hetrosexual?
  228. Sex, sexuality and sexiness of every variety have been captured and
  229. Have you ever met someone who has pretended to be Lesbian, gay, or bisexual?
  230. Are my birds gay?
  231. I would just like to let everyone know that i came out to my parents today...
  232. Why do you think there are so many gays today?
  233. not bisexual...what then?
  234. Gay Friends?
  235. How to turn my straight friend gay ?
  236. Is Gerard Way from MCR gay? or bi? Because he kisses Frank Iero and this...
  237. Ladies (and gay men) do u think men with long hair are hot?
  238. confused about my sexuality, bisexual?
  239. Gay, Lesbian , Bi Girls. what do u think?
  240. ask about a game that have sexuality or not.. right or wrong?
  241. bi or straight (confused bisexual men).?
  242. Girls how many guys do u know who use fake tan or sunbeds or dye their hair,...
  243. Sex, sexuality and sexiness of every variety have been captured and commoditized...
  244. Atheist where the first gay people?
  245. For a guy, hanging out with many girls, does that make him gay?
  246. i think i am bisexual but i am not sure. How can I tell!?
  247. Someone asked If you can change your sexuality for day would you?
  248. i think i am bisexual but i am not sure. How can I tell!?
  249. I Think Kevin Jonas Is Gay?
  250. Gay Guys....?