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  1. am i bisexual???????
  2. Have you been noticing more rainbows now that gay marriages are legal in California?
  3. is that true many gays feel anxiety or depression for being gay?
  4. Who herel oves being gay and could not imagine being straight?
  5. Is disagreeing with a point of view any different that disagreeing with a sexuality
  6. How do I ask my gay best friend to practice making out with me?
  7. Help With sexuality issues?
  8. Read the description and tell me if you think I'm bisexual (I'm a 14 year old guy)?
  9. Gays who don't know it? I don't get it but...
  10. Heterosexual Christians, do you believe it's possible for you to change your
  11. I need girlfriend help!! bisexuals, lesbians, gays or people who know one...
  12. questioning my sexuality?
  13. I Need Gay Friends Who I Can Talk To, Can You Guys Help?
  14. were the smurfs Gay?
  15. Any Book Recommendations About Bisexual Girls?
  16. Do gay guys get embarassed when they go to the #2 at a gay club?
  17. Am I bisexual, bi-curious, straight? Not sure!
  18. Where in the bible does it say that its wrong to be Gay...?!?!
  19. Kobe Bryant is gay.........
  20. is this beanie hat for gay men? it says its for men but also says gay/int at
  21. Why two meanings for gay
  22. At what age did you have your first gay experience? What was that like?
  23. unsure and totally confused about being gay
  24. Did you "turn" gay, or always?
  25. Am I straight or bisexual?
  26. my bisexual friend has a bf AND a gf; isnt that cheating?
  27. Girls, would you marry a bisexual?
  28. my gay best friend took pictures when he went to the gay bar, for his
  29. Why do people use the word 'gay' as an insult?
  30. Advice on Sexuality?
  31. Why do all the anti jonas ppl think that they are gay?
  32. What do you GIRLS think about Bisexual guys/girls??
  33. If the jonas bros were gay
  34. Now that the leading political metrosexual, John Edwards, has fallen into
  35. i love the gays i think they are amazing people and they keep me laughing...
  36. Am I Bisexual? I need help here.
  37. Is Aaron Rodgers Gay?
  38. are there any lesbian or bisexual teens in southern new jersey
  39. Gay Guy - superhero that is....
  40. is it true that a lot of greek men, are bisexual?
  41. Sexuality and Politics
  42. how do you know that your gay or bisexual
  43. what do you think about gay marriage?
  44. my bestfriend is bisexual and i neva messed with a girl but before. but we...
  45. can you help me define my sexuality
  46. If gay marriage ever becomes legal, who will be the first to propose
  47. Why do people ask your age when discussing sexuality?
  48. Is this gay? or maybe just a tad bit weird?
  49. People say gays shouldn't marry because it's against the bible, but the...
  50. Is my friend gay? He went drinking and was hitting on this hot
  51. how can i tell if the guy i like is gay?
  52. Have you dated someone to hide the fact you're gay?
  53. Can you choose to be gay?
  54. Do you ever wonder about your sexuality? Are you surprised by some of your...
  55. my girlfriend told me she was bisexual. what do i say??
  56. Help me! I can't be gay...
  57. Is the term 'metrosexual' an example of sexism in today's society?
  58. Would making out w/ a chick and leaving her hickies automatically rule out being gay?
  59. I'm 19 and I think I might be bisexual?
  60. Do you believe there is a 'sliding scale' of sexuality?
  61. i might be bisexual, i'm not sure, but i need help
  62. When ever some one wants to talk about my sexuality, I find it hard to talk about it.
  63. How can I get married to my gay partner?
  64. Two New Jersey gay guys wanna elope in Massachusetts?
  65. Is there anything you truly hate about being homosexual/bisexual?
  66. I know a lot of people have asked, but how do I tell my mom I'm bisexual?
  67. What do gay and straight people think of bisexuals?
  68. Shouldn’t Katy Perry, bisexual chic, faux lesbianism make women sick?
  69. How can someone tell if they are straight, bi, gay or lesbian?
  70. my friends family thinks im Bisexual!
  71. is lil wayne gay? cos i heard he was...and he doesnt seem like it cos hes gangsta?
  72. Would it bother you if the person you were seeing admitted that s/he was bisexual?
  73. How can I feel better my youngest son told me he was gay?
  74. anybody know of any good gay romance novels?
  75. will there be a national referendum on sexuality if a female is ever nominated to...
  76. Should I be ashamed that I'm Bisexual?
  77. Would you think it was gay if
  78. What's so scary about a bisexual
  79. why is snickers so anti gay??
  80. can you help me define my sexuality?
  81. Was Alex right to wonder about Mo sexuality ?
  82. How to find out if the man is gay or just too friendly?
  83. where are the the gay guys?
  84. If im bisexual and i want to date a guy and they dont know about it..
  85. Does this mean im bisexual
  86. POLL: Why do gay people enjoy
  87. To all lesbians, bisexuals, hear this song =] ?
  88. Bisexual guy in need of advice...
  89. Girls: When dating another girl, do you prefer lesbian or bisexual?
  90. Are there any gay strip clubs in New Jersey?
  91. Why do some people still think being gay is a choice or lifestyle?
  92. Why is it that so many young people claim to be bisexual these days?
  93. How come cricket is so gay???
  94. How did you know (bisexuals only please)
  95. Why is Zoo-sexuality Illegal?
  96. all you gay blokes answer this!!!!
  97. How to know if I'm bisexual?? help
  98. For Shigeru Miyamoto: Why there is the "UR MR GAY" in the Super Mario Galaxy?
  99. does it sound gay for a guy to commet on earings?
  100. How can I be gay but having feelings for this man?
  101. am i still a lesbian like i thought i was? sexuality confusion
  102. What state has the highest gay population?
  103. Is it normal for a girl under the age of 14 to be confused about their sexuality?
  104. Ladies, please do help a metrosexual dude?
  105. How do you know for sure if your bisexual?
  106. Is Fall Out Boy a gay pride band
  107. Me and my brother are both bisexual... Help!
  108. Is Joe Jonas Gay, Bisexual Or What? I'm Not insulting Him In Anyway.
  109. Can you have NO sexuality?
  110. Would you destroy your gay son's relationship with you by telling him he's...
  111. Would you stop spanking if you knew it could warp your child"s sexuality later ?
  112. Whats a metrosexual???????????
  113. How do you feel about the arguement comparing gay marriage to incestuous marriage
  114. How can you tell if your wife has bisexual tendencies?
  115. Am I possibly bisexual?
  116. am i bisexual or not?
  117. is thair a law for a 28 year gay to keep a 14 year old female out at 3,amin...
  118. is this not super gay?
  119. Has any straight guy made out with a gay guy and enjoyed it? Would a straight guy...
  120. i am gay but this girl i know REALLLYYY turns me on. but i am definitely not...
  121. What piece of clothing does every gay man need in his wardrobe?
  122. is this normal, young sexuality?
  123. sexuality is fluid?..................
  124. Why am i confused about my sexuality? (serious answers only pls)
  125. my very complicated gay life, I need help.
  126. I am wondering what my sexuality would be classified as...
  127. can somebody tell me if am bisexual or is this normal?!
  128. Bisexuals... what attracts them?
  129. Japanese male Sexuality
  130. I'm Bisexual and I want to find someone and I sort of wanna break it to my parents
  131. What is the gayest "Queen" song?
  132. I think I might be gay, what should I do?
  133. If there was an option to put your sexuality on your driver's license, would you?
  134. Am I bisexual? Opinions/help please!
  135. i have a question 4 sexually active gay men...please answer((i'm just tryin 2 get...
  136. Are bisexuals "looked down on" in today's society?
  137. If someone was having a relationship with their Dog would they be part of the Gay
  138. im not gay bt sometimes....
  139. Cons, do you feel like your own marriage would become meaningless if gay marriage...
  140. Polka Dot Dress Katy Perry wore in "Ur So Gay" Music video
  141. American gay guy here, really want to visit Australia, what is it like?
  142. Little brother gay? Or just "Experimenting"?
  143. ok i need to know if i am bisexual or curious?
  144. Is it true that everyone is a little bit bisexual? I know I am, but......
  145. How does human sexuality vary across cultures?
  146. Is he gay, and was he hitting on me
  147. am i becoming bisexual or am i curious
  148. How should I procede with my sexuality?
  149. John Cena is gay in real life
  150. Could this guy be gay?
  151. How would you Feel if a Disney Star Was Bisexual?
  152. Am I straight, gay, bisexual?
  153. Should we get rid of sexuality labels?
  154. I am a 23 year old bisexual/lesbian coming out after breaking off a heterosexual
  155. Straight men- hot or not? (a question for gay men)
  156. Do you ever get confused with all the different words describing sexuality and
  157. I'm straight but my 2friends r gay? is dat k? what should I do?
  158. does anyone know where i could get a t-shirt with an arrow on it saying
  159. Anyone see BBLB stating that Lisa is going to be gay icon?
  160. how is a capricorn girl and taurus guy sexuality
  161. What is my sexuality? I'm so confused...
  162. i'm confuse about my sexuality?
  163. i'm a straight girl who's lookin for an emo/bisexual boy...
  164. How do you feel about the gays?
  165. gay relationships? Sex?
  166. OK gay veterans - is the hanky code still used?
  167. How does the visual constitute normalizing practices? Focusing on gender and
  168. Help!!!! I think my bf a bisexual !!!
  169. A Pastor's son is a gay and he came out.
  170. How do I let people know I'm Bisexual without actually TELLING them
  171. gay marriage??????????????
  172. My husband asked me to entertain his boss and his wife. They are a bisexual
  173. How many categories of gay people exist?
  175. Okay, so I think I have my sexuality figured out, but what is it?
  176. My bestfriend is bisexual. I have never messed with a girl but me and her have...
  177. do you support the institution of the gay parade?
  178. Metrosexual women? Help me!
  179. If most of the world was bisexual instead of being straight, would love work...
  180. Im getting Crap about being Bisexual is that bad?-.-
  181. my friend doesnt know if shes gay or bi
  182. is my friend a bisexual.
  183. Could Christian Parents Please Tell Me Would You Totally Reject Your Gay Child??
  184. For bisexual women, regarding romance and sexuality:
  185. i have a industrial ear piercing, both nipples pierced,is it considerd gay
  186. Gay cruising in Kuwait?
  187. How would a gay couple react to this?
  188. POLL: Are gay people ashamed?
  189. is it good to be comfortable with your sexuality are a young age?
  190. what does metrosexual mean?
  191. Feminist take on sexuality
  192. This question is for gay Christians-
  193. help i need to know if i am bisexual
  194. Why do people say that being gay is a choice?
  195. i have this friend who thinks he is gay how do we find out he has tried
  196. Christians, Question Concerning Sexuality
  197. What are some good GAY teen fiction books?
  198. so wat about gays and the iris robinson scandal?
  199. why do a lot of girls decide to be bisexual? and what causes a girl to want to be
  200. Since when is Lindsey Lohan Gay??
  201. What are your views on gay marriage?
  202. am i bisexual or is this normal for my age?
  203. If I always check out muscular guys and get turned on, does that mean I'm gay?
  204. Is Channing Tatum bisexual?
  205. Bisexual women lifestyle choices. Why?
  206. Gay Men Please Help!! For Sum1 who says hes gay he makes a great effort 2 be
  207. My 13-year-old nephew has just admitted that he’s gay…
  208. I need help about my sexuality.
  209. do I sound gay? read on and let me know.
  210. Gay men: Do You Feel Pressure to be bigger from the gay community?
  211. Lesbian/Bisexuals... what is your "type" ?
  212. Im not sure bout the sexuality of this guy i like i mean he says hes straight...
  213. why does my mom think being bisexual is the devil?
  214. what is the cliche "clique" name for someone who hangs out with...
  215. Why would employer want to fire someone for being gay?
  216. i don't know if i'm bisexual or not.
  217. colorado springs Gay friendly?
  218. Is it possible to make a gay guy doubt his sexuality?
  219. same sex marriage, don't you think it's a violation to God's plan for sexuality
  220. Can any1 help i need to no if im bisexual
  221. What do girls think of bisexual guys?
  222. have you ever thought about going to those gay conversion therapies where...
  223. My 18 y.o step daughter is gay and she has invited her girlfriend over to stay...
  224. is joe jonas gay or bisexual?
  225. gay marriage and straight marriage
  226. If two gay men are dating and one gets a sex change to be a female, are they...
  227. am I really bisexual?
  228. Is wearing a jeans with a vest over a white shirt a gay thing? Or is it a
  229. Serious question about my sexuality
  230. does any family member have a problem that you are gay
  231. I feel bad about being bisexual, why does it have to be this way??
  232. I'm Gay they know it, But whats with the Qs.....
  233. What can be learned from falling in love with someone that's not gay?
  234. How do I know If I A Gay, Straight, or Bi?
  235. Straight ladies, ever get a crush on a gay guy friend?
  236. I'm starting to question my sexuality? (it would be awesome if Elektrisk...
  237. Question about gay marriage?
  238. Was it hard for you to accept your sexuality?
  239. What is wrong with our Youth?!(Topic:Sexuality)
  240. Why is hockey so gay?
  241. Confused about sexuality (a first)?
  242. could i be a little bisexual since because i enjoy hooking up with a girl?
  243. Is the Turkish popstar Mustafa Sandal gay, bisexual or straight?
  244. 13 . possibly bisexual?
  245. Am I bisexual/gay...?????
  246. Do girls find bisexual men less attractive?
  247. I am a boy who wants to experience with boys, am I bisexual?
  248. Bisexual or Bipolar?
  249. How To I Get My Dad To Acept Me For Wat I Am Not Gay But A Goth???plz Help
  250. I have been with guys in a gay way because I can't get a girlfriend. Does...