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  1. i think my brother is gay? how do i ask him about it?
  2. I'm a woman. Can a gay male be into me?
  3. is there another word for bisexual?
  4. Why do guys so often over-value a woman's sexuality, thereby raising the 'price'?
  5. If god is real, will he still love me even if i'm a bisexual atheist?
  6. hey is their any maybee bi/ gay guys i can talked to iam confused?
  7. should i hit on a suspected gay?
  8. Religiously speaking how many of you Christians have thought about killing
  9. Would it be gay to answer this?
  10. Would you give a gay man a wedgie for his birthday?
  11. My friend is gay, help!?
  12. I just so happen to be rather effeminate. How can I be openly effeminate and
  13. Is GOD bisexual?How come there were gays on the Old Testament? ?
  14. Why are most gay men feminine?
  15. im still not sure that in any state two gays can get married or not? legally?
  16. Why do Christians always tell us that gay people have a choice with their sexuality?
  17. I often dream that i am engaging in gay sex or w/a cheating...
  18. its hard to be 15 and bisexual?
  19. As a gay person im sad to see ?
  20. How do I know if Im bi. (bisexual)?
  21. I have 4 attractive women who treat me as their 'gay best friend' although I'm
  22. my girlfriend is bisexual!?
  23. my girlfriend is bisexual!?
  24. If you're against gay marriages, can I ask you why?
  25. Why do some people think bisexuals are sluts?
  26. Is it gay for a guy to wear ugg slippers?
  27. Girls/Guys.. I'm BEGGING you for your help. I'm not sure if I'm bisexual or just...
  28. Gay Friendly church in West Tennessee?
  29. Is this girl bisexual or just curious?
  30. Why are most gay people into cultural and yuppy things?
  31. gay relationship i need serious advice ?
  32. Are you against or for gay/lesbian marriage? BE HONEST!?
  33. As A gay man I have to admit I am ashamed?
  34. What celebrity is gay/bi?
  35. Is Ryan Seacrest gay?
  36. i am gay and i am desperate for a boyfriend?
  37. Why are people Gay, Dunno ?
  38. Is it normal to "experiment" with the same sex and not be gay?
  39. Am I really a bisexual?
  40. If you decide not to be Gay anymore?
  41. What do you think? Am I gay?
  42. If you get turned on by your naked reflection in a mirror would that mean that you
  43. are you gay? answer i want your opinion..if ur straight still answr please?
  44. where are some places that gay people can hang out? not like bars or glbt...
  45. are you gay, bi, or straight ?
  46. If he acts Gay, is he really Gay?
  47. Are there gay any animals yes or no?
  48. Is it right to be offended when a guy thinks that by 'lesbian' you mean 'bisexual'?
  49. are you proud of your sexuality to the point you are open about it ?
  50. Against or for gay marriage?
  51. Why do religious people say that if a gay guy has sex with another guy they
  52. Where are the gay people?
  53. what is the perfect birthday present for a metrosexual guy?
  54. Windows movie maker is going gay on me! :@?
  55. I may be gay.....help.?
  56. omfg stupid gay comp!!?
  57. GAY GUYS - How much do you spend monthly on underwear and what kind do you buy?
  58. Im a bit confused about my sexuality.Can you help?
  59. What do people think of my SHORT 30 SECOND video about GAYS lol Note:I am...
  60. when would be a good time to tell a new friend that you're homo/bisexual?
  61. I'm confused. I don't know which sexuality I am. Help?
  62. I am 21. And I don't want to be gay.. I cry all night and day?
  63. Kelly Tilghman......Gay?
  64. How can you tell if someone is a closet gay or a just a metrosexual?
  65. What's wrong with being a metrosexual?
  66. whats the gay pride symbol in chinese?
  67. How do you know if you're gay/straight/bi?
  68. Gay marriage anyone?
  69. I'm gay but my coach is a homophobe! He might kick me off the Badminton team!...
  70. I told my bff i was bi back in january ... but know i think (know) i'm fully gay ?
  71. 16 and struggling with my sexuality?
  72. Could it be possible that my pitbull is gay?
  73. Question for bisexual people?
  74. to the ones that use "cant reproduce" as a reason against gays?
  75. I'm bisexual but don't associate in the gay scenes?
  76. A sexuality? What do you think?
  77. How and where could i test my sexuality?
  78. Sexuality and Dating...?
  79. gay diversity..what do you think?
  80. whats good price to charge for editing porn? (all sexuality's)?
  81. Do you know of any young women who are in popular social groups for any reason other
  82. what should i do i think i'm a bisexual & i don't know how to treat this situation ?
  83. sexuality"\!@#@#"$|##?
  84. WHY are men turning metrosexual on us - were going to have no real men left soon?
  85. MEN? Are you a retrosexual or metrosexual?
  86. A question for bisexual people?
  87. Help with my Sexuality?
  88. What is the gay capital of Adelaide?
  89. Bisexual - Is It Still Cheating?
  90. How can I avoid from being a Metrosexual ?
  91. Can someone please explain to me the definition of metrosexual??
  92. What is Metrosexual?
  93. Are there any hot, bisexual girls anymore? ?
  94. Any ladies out there who fancy dating a 19 year old bisexual black girl from the UK?
  95. is it really possible for men to be bisexual?
  96. If being gay or bisexual is a sin.?
  97. Are all pathaan/afghani men gays?
  98. tomas daley (very hot)(I'm a bisexual boy)(15)?
  99. London Question: Why the big gay scene in Finchley?
  100. why do some gay guys specially effeminate like to harass straight males?
  101. How do you know if a metrosexual guy is into you?
  102. Now that the leading political metrosexual, John Edwards, has fallen
  103. if a straight guy harass in a sexual way to a gay guy? he could be gay?...
  104. Jbl is gay????????????
  105. Question about gay marriage in California?
  106. I need to tell my mom that I'm bisexual!?
  107. when did you know you were a lesbian/bisexual?
  108. Can you name another cause that Christians have for fought as hard as they have
  109. who sings metrosexual man?
  110. what would u do if ur son or daughter told u he/she was gay?
  111. Gay Poll :):):):):):):):):):):):?
  112. Do men turn gay in the army after only being around men?
  113. If you like metrosexual, would you be considered gay?
  114. What if You were Bisexual?
  115. What do I do if I am Christian but I find out I am bisexual?
  116. my friend confronted her bf about being gay?
  117. MEN? Are you a retrosexual or metrosexual?
  118. What are the stereotypes for bisexual guys?
  119. What does the word "Metrosexual" mean? easy 10 points?
  120. Q about gays and lesbians?
  121. What do I do if I am Christian but I find out I am bisexual?
  122. What are some good comebacks/ disses for people who are dumb gay and retarded?
  123. Am i a lesbian or bisexual?
  124. Do you know of any young women who are in popular social groups for any...
  125. Am I Really Bisexual?
  126. Bi-Sexual, A Sexuality?
  127. Bisexual people- do you ever feel that you can't be with someone
  128. Bisexuals with which of the sexes do you find it easier to have a relationship?
  129. Gay Girls--Know any good clubs/Bars in charleston, wv?
  130. Poll/Survey Has anyone ever been mistaken for being gay or bisexual when
  131. I guess I really am Gay?
  132. LOTR.....do sam and frodo have like this weird gay lover friendship going on?
  133. what is a homophobic is it because it is a fear of own sexuality or narwo mined ?
  134. How can I avoid from being a Metrosexual ?
  135. If this was your son's sexuality issue what would you do?
  136. Where to find gay guys my age?
  137. Am i gay? straight? bisexual? or just bi curious?
  138. sexuality question??
  139. Am I bisexual? (HELP!)?
  140. Women - how and when should I tell a girl I'm bisexual?
  141. I'm unsure about my sexuality??
  142. Am I bisexual?????????
  143. Was Gary Cooper bisexual?
  144. Fear of Gay Bashing?
  145. how do you respond to people, in real life, who insult you cause of your sexuality?
  146. I am quite confused about my sexuality ?
  147. What does the word "Metrosexual" mean? easy 10 points?
  148. (bisexual gurls n straight guys) what do u look for in a girl?
  149. Have you ever been worried someone would think you are gay..?
  150. Is she gay,bisexual, or straight?
  151. How do I know if I am bisexual (female)??
  152. Men and Women: About flirting and sexuality...?
  153. Do gays beileve in god?
  154. Does anyone think Keanu Reeves is gay or bi?
  155. I see men hugging each other at the Olympics. Isnt it gay for a guy to hug...
  156. im questioning my sexuality! please help!?
  157. My sexuality is 'illegal'. What do i do?
  158. Should I disclose to my professor that I am a gay? He is a ver soft hearted person ?
  159. how should i tel my parent that im gay/bisexual?
  160. 2 Q's: when you like someone..do you HAVE and when do you know youre bisexual?
  161. What are some questions concerning sexuality that you wish...?
  162. What's wrong with being a metrosexual?
  163. Christians:Do ALL gays go to hell?
  164. How/where to meet gay/bisexual guys in Ocala, FL?
  165. If i want to date gay men like myself in the Marines how do i go about finding them?
  166. Was Joan Crawford a lesbian or bisexual?
  167. a question for Bisexuals .?
  168. People think i'm gay becuase i'm never been with a woman. or never had a girfriend?
  169. Do you think i'm bisexual?
  170. Sexuality? Your opinion...?
  171. What to do about my girlfriend's sexuality?
  172. Am I bisexual or bicurious?
  173. Where does it say in the last book of Harry Potter that Dumbledore's gay? i
  174. Why is female sexuality looked down upon?
  175. I think I am bisexual? And I like my bisexual best friend!?
  176. WHY are men turning metrosexual on us - were going to have no real men left soon?
  177. My boyfriend does not show ANY signs of being gay...but I keep that in the back
  178. If gay people are confident in their sexuality why ?
  179. I don't like girls nor guys does that make me gay?
  180. Looking for another beautiful bisexual women?
  181. Why do girls seem excited about gay or bisexual guys asking them out for lunch often?
  182. POLL: Do you support gay marriages?
  183. seriously questioning my sexuality..am I bi-curious?
  184. MEN? Are you a retrosexual or metrosexual?
  185. ehh...need advice for gay relationship?
  186. I may be bisexual! Please help me, nobody has answered my question and it
  187. am i bisexual or what ?
  188. I am confused about my sexuality...help me??
  189. Do You Think My Friend Might Be Gay???
  190. Sexuality thoughts. Are they Stright? Gay? Bi? Is Bi gay? IIs stright gay sometimes?
  191. what are your points of view about teen and pre teen bisexuals and homosexuals?
  192. Can someone please explain to me the definition of metrosexual??
  193. Will I meet any lesbians or bisexuals in college? College parties?
  194. odd question - are there gay car mechanics??
  195. is it true that gays die in their 50s and are 11 times more likely to molest...
  196. How many friends do you have that are gay?
  197. I'm stuck in between my gay brother and my homophobic brother - help?
  198. My parents know I'm bisexual, but. . .?
  199. help me .... sexuality issues?
  200. Bisexual or just experimenting? What kind of relationship did we have? How do we
  201. A possible bisexual?
  202. Are you gay? (use at least 20 letters ugh!)?
  203. I don't know if I'm gay or not....?
  204. How do you know if a metrosexual guy is into you?
  205. Questioning sexuality...?
  206. confused about sexuality please help?
  207. could i be bisexual?!?!!?!>!>!>!?
  208. Am I a lesbian?Or maybe I'm bisexual?
  209. where are gay men on live video?
  210. What is Metrosexual?
  211. Is my boyfriend a Cheater/Bisexual?
  212. where can i meet bisexual guys in Dublin age 16?
  213. Would you sleep with a famous person outside of your sexuality?
  214. why do you gays claim that what you do is normal when you many of you do these
  215. Does anybody think Doug Collins is gay?
  216. Confused about my sexuality.?
  217. 13 years old, bisexual, question about my sexuality?
  218. Why Can't Society Accept Bisexuals??
  219. If you like metrosexual, would you be considered gay?
  220. No Gay in the finals?
  221. my best friend is a in the closet gay who...?
  222. Bisexuals,Is there a difference?
  223. What's your view on gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans gender/etc people?
  224. what is the origin of gays?
  225. If your a Les or Bisexual woman, tell me what i need to do?
  226. what should i do if my boyfriend gets mad when i hang out with my guy best...
  227. How do you lead a bisexual to christ ?
  228. Why are most emo guys gay?
  229. Why do people associate 80's new wave music with gay guys?
  230. I am gay, when will you find a cure to my disease?
  231. Johnny are yo gay? lyrics?
  232. i need sexuality help?
  233. Why is homo-sexuality becoming 'socially acceptable', should this be allowed?
  234. am i bisexual? does this mean anything?
  235. What sexuality are you. (its for a quiz)?
  236. friend keeps onbring up another friends sexuality???
  237. Is it normal to question your sexuality while eating a foot-long hotdog?
  238. if someone has desires about being with the same gender? he or she will be
  239. Is he gay or BI? Does he like me?
  240. Can being confused about your sexuality lead to Depression?
  241. Do You Think He's Gay?
  242. am i bisexual or what?
  243. Can My Workplace Be Sued For Telling An Employee To Get His Gay Ass Upstairs?
  244. How can you tell if someone is a closet gay or a just a metrosexual?
  245. Bisexual guy becoming way too attached to me...?
  246. Generally, does *society feel women are more valuable in their intellect or their...
  247. Is the band the ting tings gay?
  248. Am I gay or bisexual?
  249. i love men and i'm attracted to men but i like watching women have sex im i gay?
  250. Is my boyfriend bisexual or gay - or am I just wrong for him?