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  1. Why did natural selection make room for gays?
  2. This is a sexuality question.?
  3. I'm gay and can't stand gays?
  4. Gays & Lesbians, I need your take on this? (Prettty please)?
  5. Assuming the gay gene exists, does this mean...?
  6. Why don't lesbians like bisexuals? What about gay men?
  7. please suggest a few lesbian?gay films (non porn)??
  8. A question for Gay Bottoms?
  9. How come every gay guy I meet just wants to get in my pants and nothing else?
  10. a bisexual man can be attracted sexually to woman but emotionally to men? how...
  11. What's Up With Club Pink? Detroit Gay/Lesbian Bar?
  12. How can you tell if he is gay??????
  13. Im a gay teen and I found someone on myspace that I want to meet but he lives far...
  14. did you know that choosing to go against the word of God is the same as
  15. experience of realising you are gay?
  16. Bi,women and men, gay,tranny,lesbian, sexuality poll?
  17. My friend has some "sexuality" issues...?
  18. if u are a Bisexual enter here please and answer this question?
  19. ................is cojo gay?
  20. IS my boyfriend BISEXUAL ???????????
  21. How can someone seem gay, but says they are not?
  22. when you gay guys want some hot and spicy sex do you eat a few tacos&then...
  23. Christians, do you have any problems with gay celibate men?
  24. I'm obsessed with gay guys. :s?
  25. would a straight guy get skinned down if he accidentally went into one of them...
  26. Poll: Would you still be bestfriend with your friend if they were gay?
  27. is it gay or weird for a guy to live with two girls (roommates)?
  28. Is there a website for Gays and Lesbians to meet and marry for convenience?
  29. Why should gays and lesbians settle for a "civil union"? Why not just allow them to
  30. Friends question my sexuality I try explaining but they don't seem to understand,
  31. What to do when all the good non gay disease free working black men are taken?
  32. Why does the film making industry put so much in your face sexuality in movies...
  33. what would be your perfect gay/les fantasy?
  34. Am i metrosexual? am i ?
  35. gay people talk funny?
  36. Can a person be gay and a Christian?
  37. I am a gay. How to live my life?
  38. What to do when your best friends tells you they are bisexual? ?
  39. i recently bought woman express skinny jeans and im a boy u think thats...
  40. pls sumbdy tell me is Matsumoto Jun gay?
  41. What's My Sexuality ?
  42. Many boys are introduced to sexuality through the internet how does this shape
  43. am a bi or a gay and i want a serious relationship,,,why is it hard to find?
  44. Spiritually speaking, do you think there really is such a thing as a bisexual male?
  45. Questioning my sexuality, how do I know for sure?
  46. How do people know that children who were adopted by gay couples will have a...
  47. What gay rappers were outed from this book?
  48. Question about my sexuality?
  49. Was anyone here already married (heterosexual) when they figured out they were
  50. Which ear is the "gay" ear to get pierced?
  51. I'm 14, and I'm gay. What can I do to find someone my age to have a serious...
  52. If God would allow someone to be born with a mental illness, why not be born gay?
  53. POLL: Do you support or oppose gay marriages?
  54. katy perry ur so gay?
  55. Not sure of my sexuality?
  56. have a huge crush on my friend and I'm not sure if he's gay or bi?
  57. Why do I always fall for other bisexual guys?
  58. Parents, how far do you let your kids go (ie behavior, sexuality, clothes,
  59. How come hurricanes have sexualities?
  60. have a huge crush on a friend of mine and I'm not sure if he's gay or bi?
  61. Ladies-Have you ever had a crush on a gay guy?
  62. How would a 14 year old girl tell her friends and parents that she's bisexual?
  63. How do I become bisexual?
  64. TEENS, do you support or oppose gay marriage?
  65. where can i find local gay/bisexual teens to hook up wit?
  66. how can i know if im bisexual or i have hocd or hormones? not long question?
  67. how can i be a more manly gay guy? w/ info?
  68. Does This Make Me Gay?
  69. am i bisexual/hormones/ or ocd? basic info.question isnt long please help?
  70. okay so my friend is gay what do i do?
  71. Why is it that gays are sometimes compared to aliens?
  72. do i have hocd or am i bisexual or is it hormones? please help?
  73. I'm Bisexual does this mean I'm going to hell?
  74. do i have hocd or am i bisexual or hormones? long but need help thanks for any help?
  75. confused on sexuality?
  76. help.. I dont want to be gay.. I dnt want to ruin my moms life?
  77. Why is there a distinction made in labeling gay guys and gay girls?
  78. Does it appear that Obama is a gay man?
  79. sexuality question?????????
  80. Can 15 years old go in gay bars?
  81. Obama should be Republican. He likes gay parties.?
  82. Gay marriage in Ca. Can my spouse be denied medical benefits if my company...
  83. Is it possible to go from Bisexual to lesbian?
  84. POLL: Do you think i'm gay?
  85. Why in 2000 George Bush himself called McCain gay, mentally ill, drug
  86. Am i gay? [serious read]?
  87. So iam gay. and iam 100% sure iam gay. so which aspect of chart makes me
  88. hi all, im 16 y.o and i live in bluffton sc, im bisexual and need help?
  89. Did you always know you were gay/lesbian?
  90. Is Obama's VP pick, "Den" bisexual?
  91. Has anyone ever found the gay Gene?
  92. Does this mean i'm gay? please read?
  93. i barely find out that I'm gay and i don't know how start... any help?
  94. is being gay a Choice or something ur born with?
  95. POLL:Do gay people have an accent?
  96. am i pretty am i gay?
  97. Why does Michael Jackson look like a gay?
  98. is the men's washroom at a gay bar?
  99. what's the best site to meet lesbian or bisexual teens?
  100. why are male hairdressers effeminate or gay?
  101. How are gays and lesbians perceived in the media today vs. how they were in the past?
  102. for the bisexuals out there...?
  103. What are the difference between a closet gay guy and openly gay guy?
  104. What does being comfortable with my sexuality mean exactly?
  105. What do (gay) men look like in Tahiti and are they mostly friendly toward new...
  106. Is Hollister gay for a 15 year old male?
  107. Bisexual or bi curious?
  108. Do you know any songs about falling for a gay guy?
  109. Has anyone found that they were "gay" later in life?
  110. What makes gay marriage different from incest?
  111. Can the doctor tell if you're gay?
  112. Gay men: If you were raped by a female, how would it make you feel?
  113. there's this guy that says he is engaged to a girl, but I'm getting intense gay
  114. What makes a gay person gay or a bi person bi?
  115. Can one be pro-gay AND pro-life?
  116. I am a gay. My gym trainer is so hot. Plz help me?
  117. How can I tell if I'm gay or not?
  118. How do you lose gay mannerisms? ?
  119. how do i find another gay boy in my communitie?
  120. Does anybody know if they have any gay under 18s night in birmingham UK?
  121. Senator Obama says he is a "Born Again" Christian, yet he believes in...
  122. how do u know if your bisexual or just curious?
  123. Based on their outfit, which superhero do you think has the gayest outfit?
  124. Do gay people have as sucessful relationships as straight people?
  125. I go for boozing with my friend. During boozing I get aroused and wanted...
  126. I feel so gay about asking this but what would you rate me?
  127. What's my sexuality?
  128. i hear that if you put an ankle bracelet on your left ankle it means your gay or
  129. did God/Jesus really wipe out a city full of gay people?
  130. would you figt a gay person?
  131. How to find a gay BF?
  132. Are there any meanings for rings in different fingers for gay guys? thumb?
  133. Can you join the police force or the armed services if you are gay.?
  134. is it oky to be gay as an ismaili ?
  135. is it possible to petition a gay lover from a diff country? ?
  136. (open to anyone) confused gay, bi, trans males who like comics or manga?
  137. Can a gay man admire a woman so much he actually thinks he's in love with her?
  138. How much do gay male strippers make? (stripclubs)?
  139. Are people born a-sexual or are they born gay or straight?
  140. Do you think life is easier on lesbians then gay men?
  141. How did/does your sexuality affect your religious/spiritual beliefs?
  142. Can ppl actually sense ppls sexuality?
  143. am i gay, and do i like my bff?
  144. am i gay ?i need help please any other gay teens?
  145. What are the positive and negative impacts of peer influence to Sexuality?
  146. Are you born gay.....?
  147. Angel wings tattoo on a guy too gay?
  148. best way to do a gay truth or dare game?
  149. Gay Teens: Have you ever been harassed in school because of your sexual orientation?
  150. Is Chris Brown Gay??
  151. Could all boys highschool possibly make you gay? ?
  152. what are the difference between a closet gay guy and openly gay guy?
  153. Are there any logical reasons to be against gay adoption?
  154. Has anyone ever found the gay Gene?
  155. is that true the gay male brains are similar to straight women?
  156. if a straight guy is wanting to hang out with me is he gay?
  157. Lip Ring trouble. What side means your gay or not...?
  158. iam a gay 16 year old and .............?
  159. What are the symptoms of hyper sexuality?
  160. Please i need help..Can my husband be Gay?
  161. I'm bisexual and in a relationship with a girl. Now I've come out to most of
  162. Does this make me gay?
  163. Prostitution, Marijuana, Gay Marriage?
  164. Are These Signs That He Is Gay?
  165. Do you think you can be bisexual in high school?
  166. my best male friend is gay ?
  167. my families so gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  168. tell me a site where there is a video of a muscular man/gay who is shirtless?
  169. i keep thinking im gay ?
  170. McCain's new VP opposes gay marriages and anti-abortion LOL (source)?
  171. So im bi and i had a gay guy flirting with me?
  172. Do you think they say gay people go to hell because ?
  173. should i use my sexuality?
  174. Bisexual coming out?
  175. Has McCain succeeded in turning this once again, into a presidential decision on
  176. omg am I BISEXUAL?????!!!?
  177. Do you think that I am bisexual?
  178. Confused about my sexuality, like guys but act like one?
  179. Gays are welcome in my religious group. We worship Lord Yezu (Christ). We are the
  180. Where can I meet bisexual girls my age?
  181. Are you aware of the Dangers of Homer Sexuality?
  182. my dad's gay. But why hasn't told me.?
  183. Not sure if im lesbian or bisexual?
  184. What are the dangers of homer sexuality?
  185. Gays Only: How many of you guys exhibited gender nonconfomist behavior as children?
  186. why do majority of masculine gays or bi are in the closet? why do
  187. gay masculines? have you ever confessed your sexuality to someone and he or she
  188. If a guy doesn't have a girlfriend hes considered gay?
  189. Gay Male Teen problem? Gay Teen Guys only!?
  190. If you're bisexual do you lean more towards the same sex or opposite?
  191. i'm gay and i have such an extraordinary life but?
  192. Gay Kid Won't Leave me alone.?
  193. 'why are people proud to be gay'?
  194. Are we born gay? ?
  195. Are you surprised when you find out that one of your contacts is bisexual???
  196. do bisexuals also feel bi-gendered?
  197. Should i hit on a suspected gay?
  198. Gay,Lesbians , LGBT -What should we do ?
  199. Okay...here it is..I'm Gay!?
  200. Has any of you gay guys or lesbian girls ever liked a straight guy or girl?
  201. what do gay guys look for in a guy?
  202. POLL: Do you support gay adoption rights?
  203. If a person is Pro-Choice, pro gay marriage, but anti safe haven & anti government
  204. i have a friend that i recently found out was gay what do i do??
  205. Personal question for gay males...?
  206. Moving to a Gay Community?
  207. My mother thinks I'm gay?
  208. My mother thinks I'm gay?
  209. do gay people..............?
  210. Some people think i'm gay, because i dress and what i wear, how can i play on this.?
  211. What are the presidential nominees' opinions on gay rights?
  212. GAY tour guide in Bangkok?
  213. School computers are so gay i could really use help on how to get on blocked
  214. Do gay porn magazines have good cup-cake recipe?
  215. why are you gay????????????
  216. If a man wears short-shorts does that mean he is gay?
  217. Is Val Kilmer gay? ?
  218. Is it right for my gay friend to flirt with my straight friend?
  219. Do you think people who claim to be Bisexual are just GREEDY??
  220. is there a Religion that doesn't hate gays?
  221. I am a gay & I had a crush on my professor ;& he maybe leaving after a...
  222. I HATE BEING GAY. what can i do!?
  223. I'm gay but i don't know how to tell my parents because they are againsts...
  224. Why do people at my school say wrestling is gay?
  225. do gay people watch barney or tellitubbies when they kids?
  226. Dude, when'd you realize you were gay, bi, trans or str8?
  227. Parents 'OK' with me being gay on their terms?
  228. Will we ever have a gay black woman midget in office?
  229. gays n lebienz answer this plz?
  230. Is Chad from Alltell gay?
  231. What do you do when you think your best friend is gay?
  232. Christians, would you still be Christian if it came out the Jesus way gay?
  233. am i Bisexual or just curious?
  234. i have this fantasy. am i gay?
  235. People who are Pro life and anti Gay marriage?
  236. bi-identity versus gay identity question?
  237. why is it that gay's is very much discriminate in the community?
  238. i hate being gay. I hate my life. I am going mad.?
  239. Any good books with gay main characters?
  240. could you tell me a gay or bi male who is famous around the world and he is...
  241. Are a lot of Aquarians open towards sexuality?
  242. GAY GUYS - Do you feel you gave up too early on sports because you knew you were gay?
  243. I was reading a story about a mother who has two sons and one of both is gay?...
  244. Is the character Conner on the Nickelodeon Speed Racer cartoon gay (or just very...
  245. Which wrestler would have the biggest gay following?
  246. Are bisexuals indecisive or just plain greedy?
  247. Any women out there have "gay" male mannerisms and tastes?
  248. Is there different 'types' of gay?
  249. My husband has a big mouth and told our kids someone in our family is gay..?
  250. embarrassed about sexuality?