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  1. i want to open my own business, like a gay/lesbian store. what do you think?
  2. not bisexual, but can girls still find girls attractive?
  3. How did I go from thinking I was bisexual to lesbian?
  4. What are some stereotypical things people say about lesbians/bisexuals that...
  5. I like a bisexual guy, and I can't tell how he sees me....?
  6. How to deal with a gay lover? Help please!!?
  7. Does anybody who is not a home-schooling, anti-gay, anti-abortion,
  8. Should you stay with your husband if he is Gay?
  9. am i gay, bi straight?
  10. My friend likes to watch gay porn (2 men) is this weird?
  11. Im a 13 year old lesbian and i really like this girl but i dont know her...
  12. Is it gay that I'm looking forward to seeing what Sarah Palin will be
  13. Bisexual teens; really bisexual?
  14. What do you think about bisexuals? for religious people?
  15. Taylor Swift's sexuality?
  16. Gay Marriage...?(what do you think, give me LEGITAMITE REASONS)?
  17. Is it wrong if i go to a gay club tonite without my partner?
  18. Are you born gay or is it a choice?
  19. Im confused about my friends sexuality?
  20. How do i find bisexual girls?
  21. Why was a gay male prostitute visiting the whitehouse over a hundred times and
  22. Am i bisexual?! helpppp?
  23. If I like some gay people but still think it is major sin to have gay sex...
  24. What signs do you notice in a women that looks straight is actually gay or bisexual?
  25. If not for society, wouldn't we all be bisexual?
  26. Do a lot of girls have bisexual tendencies?
  27. I want a gay best friend?
  28. Is it 'okay' for some gay people to support a poltician who pro-civil union...
  29. What is the McCain / Palin position on civil unions for gay couples?
  30. do American gays or bi support the democratic party?
  31. How do I help my friend who thinks they may be lesbian/bisexual?
  32. How can i tell or ask if he is gay?
  33. What program gives free and quickest downloads for gay movies?
  34. I can't tell if I'm gay or bisexual or even straight?
  35. What is sexuality like in Spain?
  36. Don't you hate it when you're madly in-crush with a guy that's probably gay?
  37. Are there any gay member from the Philippine Army(Scout Ranger)? ?
  38. Could my close friend be bisexual?
  39. First gay date tomorrow...?
  40. am i gay? or just scared of a relationship?
  41. Can a gay guy and a gay girl fall in love with eachother?
  42. Drop Dead Gorgeous/ Full Blown Gay?
  43. A question to all the gay people out there?
  44. Is he Gay or Bi? Does he like me?
  45. is we are the champions a gay anthem?
  46. Im confused with this boys sexuality?
  47. Should I send e-mails to him? I met a 62 year old gay gentleman while in Stockholm...
  48. Why is it that younger teenagers always make jokes about being gay and act as if...
  49. Heterosexual, Bisexual, Homosexual....?
  50. im gay how do i flirt with guys??
  51. gay hollywood male actors?
  52. Has any actress turned gay because of a gay role?
  53. Palin = Gays can't marry but unwed teens can get pregnant?
  54. Am i gay?? someone help?
  55. Straight women and homosexual men: is a bisexual man more or less appealing than...
  56. why are the number of gay men with AIDS/HIV so high 86.9% of them in the USA have it?
  57. If i finger myself does that make me Gay?
  58. Im confused with his sexuality?
  59. Why does Mika keep hinting that he's gay?
  60. Gay Americans........?
  61. I am so confused with this boy's sexuality?
  62. Who remembers when 'The Gay Gordans' was a dance lol?
  63. bisexual / lesbian video'd?
  64. What's my sexuality then?
  65. How do I tell my parents I'm bisexual?
  66. My boyfriend is bisexual...?
  67. Where do gays get their new members?
  68. What do you think about kobe's sexuality? Is he hiding something in his closet?
  69. Are Republicans obsessions with "drilling" for oil a metaphor for their pent up
  70. My husband is looking at Bisexual and transsexual websites. What do I do?
  71. Ricky Martin just had two kids but without even having sex with a
  72. How to Find Other Gay People?
  73. Has male sexuality become villainized?
  74. How to teach children about sexuality? Intelligent answers please.?
  75. i think I'm gay, but i'm not sure help !?
  76. Where can ? find Gay/Bisexual Arabic/Middle Eastern Men?
  77. were you just as disappointed as i was when you were watching the last gay pride
  78. I really feel bad. I'm 18 and gay there are no gay boys were I live so I'm on my own?
  79. Why is being gay so wrong?
  80. Serious question to homosexuals and bisexuals, can you get aroused off of yourself?
  81. Is being ambidextrous a sign of being gay or bi?
  82. What do you think (as a Muslim) about other gay Muslims?
  83. The Gay spectrum meter. What is the name of the study that suggests such a...
  84. How do I fix my sexuality problem where I have no self esteem and take
  85. Would you still accept your friend if he tells you that he's gay?
  86. Is Yung Berg bisexual?
  87. Do You Think My Friend Is a Gay Prostitute?
  88. gay question in locker room?
  89. If people believe that human sexuality involves aspects other than the
  90. Is it wrong that a bank teller, who knows I'm gay, told me my account needed..?
  91. How do I know if it's mens or women jeans (Gay question indeed)?
  92. question for you gay guys that were groomed into being gay?
  93. could i ever be happy living the straight life even though i am gay?
  94. What should I do (for gay and lesbian people only)?
  95. What percentage of ALL guys in bisexual - anybody know?
  96. Do you think John McCain Gay?
  97. is being gay worth being sent to burn in hell for?
  98. Am i bisexual................?
  99. What sexuality am I?I edited it again.?
  100. Whats the point of gay people "outting" themselves?
  101. questions about sexuality?
  102. How To Find Gay Guys When Shy&Ugly?
  103. Why do most gay guys have a lisp??
  104. I'm attracted to both sexes. But as for kissing, I'd only do this with women....
  105. are bisexual men attracted to normal men ?
  106. man i need girl advice imma (boy) not gay ?
  107. I say let the gays marry! They can't do much harm considering the 50% divorce rate!?
  108. so am i straight or bisexual? serious answeres?
  109. Why are so many atheists and gays on R&S pushing the gay agenda?
  110. Auden, love, lust and sexuality?
  111. i don't know whether i'm gay!?
  112. Why is femdom categorized under lesbian,gay,bisexual and transgendered in many...
  113. im a 16 year old male and i dont know if gay is my way?
  114. When we have a Gay man for President...how will that go with Muslim Nations?
  115. against gay marriage?
  116. Bisexual friend!? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
  117. If you were to create a myspace for gay people aimed at 13-35 yr olds
  118. Are gay people Atheist?
  119. Do gay men find Jeff Lewis of "Flipping Out" sexy?
  120. Is Emily Osment Bisexual because if so i wanna date her because im bisexual also?
  121. Can a bisexual person be fulfilled?
  122. Is claiming all bisexuals are pansexuals the new bierasure? ?
  123. If Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were gay? ?
  124. Did Obama have a gay fling while in college?
  125. what are some good gay movies?
  126. Will gay or bisexual people go to heaven?
  127. is bisexual another word for undecided ?
  128. boyfriend? bisexual?
  129. my parent belive that gay rights are bad?
  130. Went to the movies with 5 girls. (Im a 13 year old GUY) AND IM NOT GAY?
  131. Why must we deal with our sexuality?
  132. are giraffes bisexual or gay?
  133. do police arrest people in lebanon because they are Gay?
  134. When did you first realise that you were bisexual?
  135. What should I do about my girlfriends sexuality towards me?
  136. does this make me bisexual or horny?
  137. Why Is it that many artistic people are gay?
  138. Bisexual spots and hangouts?
  139. How can I find out if he's gay?
  140. Christians: If dogs are allowed to get married, then what problem do you have with...
  141. Why are these Obama-bashers on Yahoo-Answers so uneducated and gay?
  142. What's the difference between a pretty boy and a Metrosexual?
  143. do i sound bisexual?
  144. why do people say its not a choice to be gay when it is?
  145. I Think My Fiance Might Be Gay?
  146. How to fix being gay?
  147. Wear with my uniform at work yes im gay too?
  148. I know I'm gay, but I don't want to be. Every time someone even mentions the
  149. My Family Can't Accept My Sexuality. What Can I Do?
  150. who is gay here and haven't had a gay experience but you know you are and...
  151. Do you think gay people are smarter on average?
  152. should i use my sexuality?
  153. I'm gay! What is your sexual orientation? How many times have you been rejected
  154. Why is it that if we say were bisexual...?
  155. Is it normal if a boy prefers a little sister and not lil bro (is it gay)?
  156. Do bisexuals have the right to GAY PRiDE?
  157. Why does everyone call each other "retards", "gay", and "fags"?
  158. Am i gay straight or bi???
  159. Bisexual Catholic...?
  160. I'm bisexual yay! Can you believe it ??
  161. can a gay man has sex with a lesbian woman?
  162. How do I help my friend who is confused about his sexuality?
  163. Can any lesbian or bisexual help me out?
  164. I think women like Angelina Jolie are attractive, does that make me bisexual?
  165. First gay experience...is this bad?
  166. How many of you out there think they can control their teenage children's sexuality.?
  167. sexuality didnt know it was so easy ?
  168. evil gay vs. good gay!?
  169. How do I know if I'm bisexual?
  170. Is my friend GAY? (or bisexual?)?
  171. can anybody give me any advise? my son is gay and being bullied but wont
  172. What did Jesus teach about sexuality?
  173. Does anyone else have the feeling deep inside that being gay is wrong?
  174. So I have come out as bisexual but could I be a lesbian?
  175. I'm bisexual and I'm in love with a boy and a girl?
  176. am i a bisexual but i dont think am a lesbian?
  177. is it gay to horse around in the rain with a bunch of guys and change
  178. I don't know if I'm gay, bi, or straight?
  179. Any comments on King David's sexuality and today's homophobia?
  180. Is Stewie gay?????????
  181. is sean willaim scott gay?
  182. in love with bi/gay guy?
  183. Are there any gay friendly parts in Bakersfield, CA?
  184. god, gays, sinners, vegetarians, HELP!!!?
  185. How do I tell my parents that I am gay?
  186. Are US gay marriages recognized by the EU for immigration purposes?
  187. how do you write "you are gay"in Korean?
  188. What's with the new fad of being bi or even gay to get attention?
  189. I'm gay and i have a really good straight friend, recently i have fallen for
  190. what are some bi or gay chatsites for either just males or males and females.?
  191. am i sinning by reading books about gay romances?
  192. Do you have good gaydar? Do you get gay vibes of him?
  193. I have a question concerning bisexuals?
  194. Apparently Charlie Haas is gay from the WWE?
  195. Do white men fear black male sexuality?
  196. What can i do to impress a girl unknowing their sexuality?
  197. Please read my theory about gay/lesbian people? Do you agree or disagree?
  198. should i ditch my friend because he's gay?
  199. what people think about using gay as an insult?
  200. I recently accepted that I'm gay, but don't know how to come out?
  201. I'm not sure if I'm bisexual or not... please help?
  202. Im gay, what do I buy my boyfriend for an engagement ring?
  203. Bi or gay friends to talk to...!?
  204. is dj ashba gay? ?
  205. Will the world be 100 percent gay in the future?
  206. I like to eat M&M's with the brown ones picked out. Am I gay?
  207. do gay are we weak? we are exposed to be hurt or injured for anti-gay people?
  208. do i have hocd or am i bisexual? help..?
  209. Do you think Stewie is gay???
  210. Where can I buy a Hard-Gay bobblehead in Tokyo?
  211. If girls like chocolate, and girls and gays both like guys, do gays like chocolate?
  212. What gay movie is this?
  213. Is it really wrong to be in a gay relationship?
  214. Do you know any songs about falling for a gay guy?
  215. What do you do when someone questions you being gay??
  216. phoenix gay love scene?
  217. My dad is gay and he is making me wear girl clothes please help me!!!!?
  218. Is letting my friend whove iv known for for a couple weeks jerk me off, does that
  219. Serious gay question: Do you like the way Sarah Palin does her makeup?
  220. What do you think of bisexuals?
  221. Women or men; straight or gay- Have you been in or are you in a...
  222. are most male cheerleaders gay or bi?
  223. I might be bisexual..but i dont want to date girls?
  224. Am i gay I'm a bit confused?
  225. for lgts who do not date bisexuals: may i ask why not?
  226. Question about being born gay and the "gay gene"?
  227. If it's a sin to be gay, what do hermaphrodites do?
  228. why do black people on average hate gay people?
  229. Help. Am I Gay??????
  230. Does anybody know where to find gay wiggers??
  231. What is my sexuality?
  232. What if there were no gay people in the world?
  233. OMgosh is this like the unofficial gay anthem?
  234. Are all Humans born innately bisexual?
  235. do you think gay people are more open minded than straight people?
  236. lesbian word comes from lesbos but I can't understand the word became gay
  237. Why do gays ask more than lesbians?
  238. can anyone advise me on finding a gay or bi sugar daddy ?
  239. how should i tell my male friends that i'm a bisexual?
  240. I think i might be gay or bi?
  241. how can i truly know wether im bisexual? how did you know?
  242. what should i do about a gay class?!?!?
  243. whats a really good gay guy msn name with the word fierce in it?
  244. how can i know if i was truly bisexual?how did u know?
  245. is it ok for man to hang out with gay?
  246. Can you be gay and just not realize it even when you're in your 20's?
  247. A desire to cross-dress? Am I gay?
  248. Is the third brother always gay?
  249. What is your opinion about gay marriage?
  250. do i have hocd or am i bisexual?