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  1. do you think someone can be bisexual?
  2. Am I bisexual or just bicurious?
  3. Lesbian/Bisexual women in the [American] Air Force?
  4. Lesbian/Bisexual Women serving in the American Air Force?
  5. Gays are more probably to suffer depression and anxiety for coming out and the
  6. Gay Rights and a Bigoted Family Member!?
  7. I got into a fight with a gay guy? Are you allowed to fight back?
  8. Would you say my avatar is metrosexual?
  9. Sims 2: Gay Marriages?
  10. gays and transgendered feeling unsafe at school now they're demanding to have
  11. Does A Bisexual Man Like Me?
  12. Serious Question: Was Abraham Lincoln really bisexual?
  13. Is being gay wrong(it requires me to have more than 19 characters)?
  14. Connecticut Supreme Court Okays Gay Marriage ?
  15. If sexuality is a choice, then this almost must be true, right?
  16. Identical twins different sexualities?
  17. Ladies who do gravitate towards more, men strong in personality or men strong
  18. Why doesn't Y!A have a category for sexuality and related questions?
  19. Brain imaging studies on sexuality have demonstrated that the _ is/are
  20. Am I a Metrosexual??
  21. Am I gay for skinny dipping?
  22. have you ever questioned your sexuality?
  23. Is sexuality ever a choice in any way?
  24. can it be a bisexual man effeminate?
  25. Am i a bisexual am what if i was a bi i mean how my life will change?
  26. am i gay or not?????????????
  27. My boyfriend wants me to get a bob, is he gay?!?
  28. How can one be bisexual and Christian at the same time?
  29. I'm so confused about my sexuality right now!!! plz help me?
  30. How do I avoid having gay children?
  31. Why do many parents hate to have gay sons?Why don't they accept their sons'...
  32. I am totally in love with my bisexual best friend!?!?
  33. I am gay, with an illegal boyfriend. If we get married in California, can...
  34. Unsure of my sexuality?
  35. are sponge bob and Patrick gay?
  36. What would you like to ask?What role (if any) does sexuality plan in
  37. Are bisexual men rather masculine like a normal guy, or are there feminine
  38. my parents are starting to hurt me because of my sexuality?
  39. How does someone know if they're a lesbian or bisexual?
  40. gay please answer my question please???
  41. Do you truly believe in bisexuals?
  42. i work in a pet store and I noticed that many gay man couples are buying a
  43. could i be bisexual? help please!?
  44. Am I bisexual or just bi curious?
  45. Can you enjoy somebody's sexuality without having sexual intentions toward them?
  46. PLEASE READ! please!! i beg you!! this is about bisexuals! im confused please!?
  47. Do you think this girl is bisexual?
  48. There is this person who is gay at work. Now i have said?
  49. to all gay men into bdsm...........?
  50. lesbian/bisexual girls please answer?
  51. what do you think about all the lables people aply to their sexuality?
  52. My Dad and brother are planning to hurt my younger gay brother.?
  53. If Sarah palin wanted to ban books on gay subjects and touchy subjects like gay...
  54. Gay 15 and full of problem?
  55. Do you think many parents know their son's sexuality even though the son is
  56. How can you tell a girl is Bisexual Or Lesbian?
  57. Sexuality - Scared - Help!?
  58. I need help with my Human Sexuality class. please let me know what you think
  59. was jeffrey dahmer always gay?
  60. Is it pssible to be open abot your sexuality without having the whole
  61. I am confused about my "gay" friend!! plz give me your opinions on this!!?
  62. Bisexual but scared...?
  63. im bisexual nd i have a problem?
  64. Anyone else see the irony in modern feminism when it comes to young women's
  65. Is my best friend Bisexual?
  66. How can I tell if he's Bi/gay?
  67. I'm bisexual, and I have a girlfriend?
  68. Im depressed with my sexuality.?
  69. is high school wrestling considered gay?
  70. Is Hurricane Ike God's punishment on Texas for California allowing gays and
  71. I really like a floor mate and I think he likes me too but If I misread his...
  72. Bisexuals, what type of guys and girls do you like?
  73. Serious Question about Gay Marriage and obama?
  74. Bicurious Jock Or Straight and Confused? Maybe BISEXUAL?
  75. am i bisexual please help?
  76. Sexuality? gay, lesbian ,straight, bi, oppinionions & choices?
  77. Gay Men: What Is The Look Everyone Seems TO Want?
  78. Muslims why so much hate towards Gay/lesbians?
  79. My husband is having bisexual fantasies. He wants me to humiliate him & "make"...
  80. Why won't men admit they're bisexual?
  81. I went to my first gay pub and hated it?
  82. Is this true about gay people?
  83. Who tend to be cuter: Gay men or Straight men?
  84. Am I Turning more to the Gay side?
  85. Any have any good qoutes on female sexuality?
  86. Is God hitting the Red States with Hurricanes because conservatives let gay
  87. Is Jessica Biel secretly bisexual?? Do you think?
  88. Would I be considered bisexual?
  89. Do many gay men afraid of being hit on by heterosexual women?
  90. When were you comfortable with your sexuality?
  91. omg, is chris brown gay????????
  92. am i bisexual or what is up with me?
  93. Seniors: How do you feel about gay people?
  94. Am I still bisexual if I'm not attracted to effeminite gay/bi men?
  95. how many people think Choice Point is Gay?
  96. when bisexual femenine tenagers get bored?
  97. Gay-Straight Alliance Question?
  98. Has a friend ever lied to you about his sexuality EVEN AFTER you came out to them?
  99. Can 2 gay guys just be friends?
  100. Why are people so immature when it comes to other people's sexuality?
  101. For us Christians: gays loving each other is not the sin, but the sin is the...
  102. Ladies or gay guys...?
  103. What does the Bible say about Homosexuals/bisexuals?
  104. What do i do when my mom is gay, but is so against me being with a girl?
  105. Do Bisexual men like men or women better?
  107. If men's sexuality was better understood, would more men potentially have male
  108. where do my husband and i find a bisexual girl that is willing to join?
  109. Genetics are the reason why your gay, lesbian or bisexual?
  110. How can I help teens struggling with their sexuality?
  111. is it possible that a tomboy-girl isnt bisexual or gay?
  112. If men's sexuality was better understood, would more men partner with other men?
  113. My best friend is gay?
  114. Why are gays seem to be growing in number?
  115. Sexuality in relationship.?
  116. Am I gay? or suffering with OCD?
  117. A personal question for anyone who is gay?
  118. Am i gay because of this?
  119. Sexuality and Sign Compatibility?(not tolerant, don't read)?
  120. Bisexual female...........?
  121. who rapper do you think is gay?
  122. I think my boyfriend may be gay.What can i do?
  123. My sister is bisexual...?
  124. Does it make me gay when i listen to boy bands such as backstreet boys, westlife
  125. Why do gay politicians hide their sexuality ?
  126. When did you first realize that you were gay?
  127. How do I know if I'm gay, straight or bi?
  128. Can anyone recommend a book to help me deal with issues regarding sexuality?
  129. Do you think this person is bisexual?
  130. so i was at this party this girl said she'd hook up with me if i made out...
  131. Do you think that abortion and gay marriage are part of the "big issues"?
  132. I am a bisexual woman but i'm more attracted by men. In the last few years...
  133. Why would anyone just comment on my sexuality while I never even mentioned it?
  134. What is a 'metrosexual?'?
  135. What would you do if sodomy (aka gay sex) became illegal again?
  136. Who was gay in the "olden" days?
  137. Are hermaphrodites gay no matter what, in the eyes of the lord?
  138. What would you do / say if your son told you he was bisexual?
  139. is this webste which is for music is speaclly made for gay or bisexuals?
  140. I'm bisexual, but I need some help.?
  141. ...Sexuality !??helpo?
  142. Bisexual-V-Bi-curious. What's the difference?
  143. Don't you think Simon Cowell's gay?
  144. do NFL players realize how gay they look?
  145. What is McCain's view on gay rights?
  146. I have an experianced older bisexual girlfriend and im just starting out..? ?
  147. What are some good quotes which relate to gay marriage?
  148. Gay Men - how do you feel about the recent statement...?
  149. I'm a guy that likes Paramore...am I gay?
  150. Gay/bi guys that's not out with their sexuality?
  151. Lip piercings determine sexuality?
  152. What made u decide u wanted to be gay/lesbian...?
  153. I'm pretty sure that I'm bisexual, is this the right way to go?
  154. Gay life in Bloomington Illinois?
  155. How can i meet teen lesbians/bisexual girls?
  156. have you any lesbian/bisexual experiences?
  157. Is my older sister GAY????????????????????
  158. how do i tell my family that im bisexual???please help!?
  159. Why is wrestling and its fans gay?
  160. How do I know that I am bisexual?
  161. What should I do? I want a woman but I don't wanna tell her I'm bisexual as she
  162. sometimes i have my girlfriend put her fingers in my A**, does that make me gay?
  163. im bisexual and i dont know how to tell my parents?
  164. Will Sarah Palin insist all U.S. gays be converted to straight - as her Alaskan
  165. girls that have a feminine or gay male as a best friend?
  166. Gay marriage in California?
  167. How do you feel about bisexuals?
  168. Does this give them the right to call me gay? (I'm not gay btw)?
  169. How can I help teens struggling with their sexuality?
  170. What do lesbian and bisexual girls like in other lesbian and bisexual girls?
  171. Do I have a problem with sexuality?
  172. i honestly think that i am bisexual. but i am not sure.?
  173. l've heard of straight to gay , but gay to straight?????? ?
  174. Why have gay politicians been so cowardly about secretly hiding who they are?
  175. Questions about my sexuality.. Very confused?
  176. I want to start a gay straight alliance in my school?
  177. Is it gay for me to put this song on my myspace?
  178. any bisexual girls that want a girlfriend?
  179. Gay Independent and Republican Mother?
  180. bisexuals..do you ever feel guilty about cheating on your other?
  181. 14 year old questioning sexuality?
  182. Based on your sexuality, are you completely liberal in your view on rights?
  183. What are the causes of a person being gay and what effects does it have on the
  184. Do gay men tend to have bigger penises then straight men?
  185. How do you know if your bisexual?
  186. My grandfather told me all gays and atheists are going to hell?
  187. do you think this guys is gay?
  188. Do you think Daniel Radcliffe is Bisexual?
  189. Can U re-enlist in the Armed Forces after receiving an honorable discharge for
  190. I need a gay or bi guy friends?
  191. Metrosexual guys this is for you?
  192. should i tell my parents I'm gay?
  193. I think Im bisexual but I dont know.HELP ME! ?
  194. Is Barack Hussein Obama Gay?
  195. Is there a chance that a gay/bisexual become a straight guy again?
  196. Gay clubs in houston with better music?
  197. Does the world hate bisexuals?
  198. i think i could be turning gay.?
  199. bisexual girls, what atrracts you to a girl? tomboy/lipstick?
  200. How can I find local hangouts for bisexuals in Minnesota? Is there a social...
  201. gay or not?!?!? so confused?
  202. Some gays choose to live a straight life. Why do people think it's...
  203. Oh I'm not gay, I just like having sex with men (being the top)?
  204. bisexual?? help...im confused?
  205. dose this new hoodie make me look gay?
  206. I am a guy...is it ok to kiss my friend who is a guy also but we are not gay? ?
  207. so im 14 and bisexual, and really need help.?
  208. Soulja Boy Gay Pictures!?
  209. Gays and Lesbians: Are You Or Do You Somebody Who Is Gay And An Only Child?
  210. does a female co-worker think I am bisexual?
  211. Does Anyone Know Of Any Gay Vampire Romance Anime?
  212. Where can I find silicone Rainbow Gay Pride bracelets for fundraising?
  213. I Pretended to be a gya guy online in a chat room, because I feel in love with this
  214. I want to watch Tokyo Godfathers with my friend, but he's gay. There is
  215. the gay guy with the gay cap is gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!?
  216. I'm starting to question my lesbian sexuality?
  217. Why did gays ignore hiv while hetero Christians started the first AIDS clinics and
  218. wat is the gayest game for?
  219. For girls only unless guys out there r gay or i would like to hear what guys
  220. ARE MY BUNNIES GAY? or is this normal?
  221. Why is it okay to have a section for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals and not one
  222. I am wondering if my boyfriend is gay?
  223. Can gay people wear straight jackets?
  224. the third gay date with a boy?
  225. why are gays gaysssssssssssssssssssssssss?
  226. Gay Parents and Custody Battles?
  227. I'm christian and my boyfriend is Agnostic and he believes in Gay
  228. I'm scared of going to a gay club because i dont want to be rejected?
  229. Heterosexual men and lesbian/bisexual women, who would you rather spend the
  230. Are you against Gay marriages?
  231. If Gays are offered Civil Union type marriages one day, should Hetro couples be
  232. Like me, were you called gay when you were little?
  233. Im a 13 year old lesbian and i really like this girl but i dont know her
  234. Fellow gay men, what is the sexiest sounding name you know about?
  235. If my doctor says I'm bi-polar, does that mean I'm a bisexual polar bear?
  236. ok twns...very comlicated... gay but he says both?
  237. Married gay couple moving out of state.?
  238. i am a bisexual i need help pls ENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  239. i think my friend is gay, how do i tell her?
  240. I'm in love with a person but don't know their sexuality or if they feel the...
  241. is seann william scott gay or bisexual?
  242. Jonas Brothers Are Gay?
  243. Is this considered bisexual?
  244. I like this guy who thinks he might be gay, and i don't know what to do! Help Me!?
  245. What's wrong with this guy? Is he gay or what?
  246. Should I tell my gay friend?
  247. Am I a bisexual if I...?
  248. gay date to the cinema?
  249. Sometimes I think i'm bisexual but I just can't accept it! Motivation?
  250. Whoa. I think I'm bisexual...?